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Chat log from R4 of 2018: Richmond vs Brisbane

Chat log for Richmond vs Brisbane, R4 of 2018

AngryRyno: big game from the debutant thanks
m0nty: double Martin damage please!
Chelskiman: Got the Martins, Christensen and Zorko in this one. Big Tiges win and monster scores from all four would be nice!
Chelskiman: What was that, Dusty!
TheMessiah: Just Dusty in this one. GO big, but under Fyfey please!
th3rio: Gooo dusty, vced u over fyfe
DrSeuss: Nice start from Beams and Dusty, Stef not so much.
th3rio: Ffs taylor give stef his kick
StuL: I think I’ll be watching the other game. Tigers fans can’t even be bothered.
blashtroko: christensen in the mid?
TheMessiah: @th3rio… Stef will come good
th3rio: Looks like it blash
th3rio: Hope so my man
th3rio: Switched over 5 mins ago still havent seen dusty:/
Hadouken: wonder how many people brought in stef this week ?
TheOnyas: onya grimesy
circle52: Put whistle away umps too peadntic 11 frees in 10 mins ridiculous
JRedden: why does zorko suck so bad this year
DrSeuss: Haven’t seen Dusty or Beams in a while.
Chelskiman: Need Dusty in the mid. Spending too much time forward lately.
th3rio: Didnt even see him fwd..
runt: Lions sloppy as a lady of the night at about 3am
DrSeuss: Robinson going to Dusty in the middle, looks like
Chelskiman: Nice one, Dusty!
BigChief: That’s disgusting @runt
circle52: Our handballing was always going to get us in trouble against a top side
circle52: and no hold paid on walker was there
DrSeuss: Anyone seen Beams??
circle52: Where was the free to Zorko there BS umpiring
Chelskiman: Yeah, that should have been a free to Zorko. Not even I can say otherwise.
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week I leave Rayner on the bench…
runt: BigChief I agree. The Lions cant hit a target though they are trying
DrSeuss: What is Beams TOG? Literally haven’t seen him
circle52: and another goal coming from turnover – Mayes you suck
RGriffen: is Zorko okay? Went limping after the Nank tackle think he got a corky
BigChief: C’mon Beams get a kick.
circle52: BS how aws that blocking get your black and gold glasses off umps.
circle52: Tigers do not need umpires help.
runt: Leones opus finis male
cusch1: Softest free kick for Rance
runt: Lions players not at their best
th3rio: Stupid call against stefs mark of course a gift to rance
runt: I’d be looking at the hotel food
BigChief: No HTB against Ellis? What a joke.
Apachecats: Loopholing Dusty in as captain right now.
circle52: Yep umpires really have back and gold glasses And no push in back to walker
Fatbar5tad: Block lol
AngryRyno: no one takes you seriously when you whinge every week Ringo
th3rio: Hahaha
Apachecats: Lions backmen getting plenty of opportunities.
BigChief: This is the worst biased umpiring I have seen in a very long time. Richmond getting so many soft/ non existent frees
cusch1: Surprised Berry didnt give away a free kick for jumping and taking a legal mark there
snake_p: #freekickrichmondagain
TheMessiah: Slow down a little bit Dusty… Please
TheBoy89: Hugh mcCluggage was a bad pick
runt: jesus
circle52: But I have reason this week angry
circle52: So you call taht block BS
cusch1: Brisbane player just stood there thats pathetic
lysp: block again?? lol
Fatbar5tad: Block is bullshit. Only bobbed up a few years ago. Invented crap.
circle52: But you can block a player going to tackle
pcaman2003: Go Christo and dusty. Get moving Caddy ffs
Fatbar5tad: Free kick Lions and these idiots boo.
TheMessiah: Caddy will stop after halftime
cusch1: How was that not fifty against martin??
bones351: Brandon Ellis would have to be one of the dumbest afl players. So many terrible decisions.
th3rio: Need a big 2nd half.from big stef
BigChief: Brisbane robbed of 50m penalty there.
circle52: and no 50s paid in last 2 minutes 50 any other day of week,
luke394: both ruckman going average
th3rio: Even commentators ripping into the umps lel
AngryRyno: only 15 hitouts between the two rucks, neither will be scoring hugely
Manowar: Brisbane bad no goal half time..
runt: Lions lack of scoreboard pressure is hurting them
SilverLion: I actually don’t know what I’m watching.
SilverLion: And agreed circle, 50 every day.
Chelskiman: Zorko is a super spud this year. What a fall from grace.
Terlob: super spud? He got 100 last week ya muppet
Terlob: in round 2**
brent_007: a single 100 doesn’t make you a DT superstar. Did you see his other scores?
JockMcPie: My only two players both top scoring, that’s a good feeling
lukat: Only question is Dusty or Titch for C
JRedden: zorko better be huge 2nd half, hes been shocking
Apachecats: Zorko has done well ,playing with a corky.Give him a break JRedden
DrSeuss: What is Beams doing? Anyone watching?
th3rio: Nice big stef
circle52: Nice push in back by Dusty missed another goal to umps.
circle52: He doe not seem to be near the ball.
Chelskiman: A 50 odd and a 70 odd to go with that 109, ya muppet.
BigChief: OMG Beams got a kick.
th3rio: Lukat wait to see if dusty hits 140+ would be the most obvious answer
Hadouken: poor brisbane….
StuL: Don’t trade premo they said. If I had beams or Zorko I think I would have jumped off.
Chelskiman: I have Zorko, Merrett AND Hibberd.
the worm: after some serious thought, i have concluded that brisbane are off to a slow start
lukat: my first draft had zorko and beams bahahah
anthsill03: This scoreline is embarrassing.. lift martin
StuL: Hibb will be OK and so will merret but maybe not for a while.
BigChief: I wouldn’t speak too soon @anth. Carlton have not played yet.
circle52: Disgraceful Hodge called deliberate and then Richmond touched on the ground HTB any day of the week
anthsill03: I already admit we are no good mate… but brissie hasnt scored a goal its embarrassing
Chelskiman: Pretty sure Carlton will score a goal inside 2 and a half quarters.
circle52: Bad enough we are playing crap without BS umpiring as well
RGriffen: Lions will win next week dw
pcaman2003: Christensen gone very quiet
BigChief: In the rain, cold night of Hobart there might only be 4 or 5 goals kicked in the whole game.
Manowar: Brisbane still no goal…lol
luke394: I’m happy with 75 at 3/4 time @pcaman2003 they are getting flogged
pcaman2003: @Chief. Might only be 4 or 5 people there too
Pinkman: carlton will have 3 goals inside first 10 minutes. then lose by 50
pcaman2003: @Luke. Not complaining really,just having a quiet qtr.
BigChief: What did Graham do to get reported?
circle52: Shouldered Zorko after he kicked it,
th3rio: I needed stef to kick that… wtf
Gloryhound: @BigChief: Jack Graham: Reported for rough conduct with a late elbow to the head of Zorko in Q3
StuL: Zorko back from. the dead.
JRedden: zorkos tackle numbers are way down this year, needs to be more active at stoppages
pcaman2003: Caddy hardly sighted. Needs to lift
Chelskiman: Need a big quarter from Dusty. Would love a 120.
RGriffen: Tony capt 4 weeks in a row
Chelskiman: Good start!
DragonLass: There’s still nearly 1000 SC points to be allocated, gonna be some scaling I reckon
m0nty: nominations for star please
ReggieOz: Cotchin
boges11: Why is it saying full time? Have the AFL implemented a mercy rule?
boges11: Nvm, timer fixed
RGriffen: even though I could have done what Castagna has done he has been bloody good. Cotchin star imo
barlowlove: Dusty
Pusti: Zorko for the star for saving the Lions from total humiliation.
StuL: We’re the Fox Footy team and say everything is ripping!
Chelskiman: Is 9 frees for a record?
th3rio: Zorko spot on with that call lool
BigChief: Umpire 24 for star.
Chelskiman: Slow down, Robinson. Opponent has him and he’s gone nuts this quarter.
th3rio: Ill be happy if stef tons
pcaman2003: @Chelksiman. Until Duckwood plays next.
AngryRyno: 21 touches and a major for Rayner, don’t have him but he’s quietly getting better by the week
the worm: next goal wins
pcaman2003: Is Caddy tagging himself. Can’t touch it!
RGriffen: so many SC points <3
DrSeuss: Decision of the week – Bailey on field – Rayner on the bench.
th3rio: Please go 140 so deciding between looping isnt a head fuck this weekend
JRedden: nice quarter zorko, -3, you suck
Chelskiman: Dusty with 6!
lukat: hahaha th3rio- i think i may be asking my question again
th3rio: Dusty loop bang
mardyb: and with that we all bring on olango
luke394: gotta take Dusty VC?
th3rio: Decision made lukat 😉
hinsch: Olango been the best Captain so far this year
th3rio: Def luke. Wouldnt risk an extra 10 to 20 from titch or danger… well i wouldn’t
LuvIt74: @luke bloody oath i willl be
Stu7: Bloody benched Rayner 😩
StuL: Ditch the new wuss song tigers.
Fatbar5tad: Lowest ever Lions score
AngryRyno: raise the bat Stefan
DrSeuss: Stu7 – Benched Rayner as well, even worse I took the punt on Zac Bailey on field 🙁
Fletch91: Stef seems to have been hard done by in SC
Fatbar5tad: Colongo
Stu7: DrSeuss – feel your pain 😩

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