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Chat log from R4 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Fremantle, R4 of 2018

AngryRyno: big one from Whitfield today thanks
Hadouken: knock knock
Yelse: who to start banfield or brayshaw
jaypeee: banfield
Hadouken: @yelse kellya and holman ๐Ÿ˜‰
AngryRyno: bloody Josh Kelly ruined those plans @Hadouken
BigChief: Griffen could be damaging today.
Hadouken: but banfield would be my pick
Hadouken: haha i could understand that. is unfortunate
jaypeee: i brought Coniglio in what’s the bet he gets a 50 odd
frenzy: welcome back Griffo
TheMessiah: Hi guys!
Hadouken: @jaypeee hopefully you havent broken him for us all!
BigChief: @jaypeee nope he will get 65
Hadouken: big games from taranto, coniglio and neale would be gr8
jaypeee: knowing my luck Zerrett will get 140 plus
DangerousD: Montes comment Adelaide Is A Hole, you sad little boy
TheMessiah: VC Fyfey, Walters and Conigs – Big game from all would be great ๐Ÿ™‚
Hadouken: @jaypee hopefully not, id like him to drop another week or two before i welcome him in
AngryRyno: jumped off Neale in fantasy, he’ll go large today
circle52: Mucked my loophole with Banfield on field so go big son.
jaypeee: Hadouken, I have a feeling with Essendon being too slow he could get tagged out most of the year.
jaypeee: unlike last year. Who knows??
Hadouken: know hes capable though. so even if he had a lower avg, you know youll get some great scores here and there
Hadouken: and at that price….. so tempting. sub 600k ill say after this round in AFL fantasy
BigChief: Can Deledio be effective in SC anymore?
jaypeee: yep true…. I just need to decide on my VC option, Not sold on dusty in the weather
Chelskiman: Nice start, Neale!
DrSeuss: Letโ€™s go Finlayson – you too Banfield
TheMessiah: Was very close to tradinf Neale out in my draft league
Stu7: Whatโ€™s going on with TOby Greene?
hinsch: maybe should have left Greene on the bench
Gloryhound: Greene holders must be spewing they held…
Hadouken: Messiah you have to keep him. i held treloar also
TheMessiah: Come on Walters!
TheMessiah: @Hadouken…. I will hold.. Was trying to trade him for another Prem though
th3rio: Wooo go bandit
Snarfy: I think Brayshaw might be getting the urs soon!
JRedden: dockers could actually play finals this year.. what a turn around
th3rio: Or banfield*
Hadouken: taranto you rippa !
Snarfy: Don’t play Taranto on the wing Cameron. Play him in the guts and this is what you get!
StuL: Taranto making up for last week. Relief if you took the risk.
Torpedo10: Don’t speak so soon everyone, as a Taranto owner I’d wait until the end of the game before being content just yet.
TheOnyas: onya taranty
Gloryhound: Taranto leading the tackles – take a bow.
the worm: every player in the fwd line is a risk, there are no good options
Gloryhound: Torpedo don’t Torpedo our excitement ๐Ÿ™‚
RGriffen: the goat kicking the first goal <3
Haydo: i have fyfe walters banfield and coniglio with brayshaw on the bench
Yelse: if canfield gets over 80 or 90 do you bench kelly or holman
Haydo: oh and finalyson
RGriffen: Griffen to kick 10
luke394: Toby Greene 7 points for a handball boom
th3rio: Holman yelse
anthsill03: So what were u saying about greene? Coming good
RGriffen: Greene the spud learn to kick
Snarfy: I’m not watching the game. Whats going on with Luke Ryan?
Torz: Really glad I brought in Whitfield two weeks ago.
frenzy: Brayshaw will lose cash this week, Lol
luke394: Griffen looks like a girl
luke394: @snarfy he copped a big knock early
Haydo: happy with fyfe vc
oc16: wow whitfield is killing my team
frenzy: tomlinson knee to the back snarfy
RGriffen: great goal by Brayshaw
Snarfy: Thanks luke394. Is he still on the ground?
Yelse: taranto lift
Hadouken: taranto having a snooze?
StuL: Gee glad I got Walters. Had a feeling he would suck this week though
batt: brought Ryan in this week… looks to be on Greene
runt: Is Whitfield concussed or something?
Manowar: Yeah, got KO’d
th3rio: Did everyone go crowden or henry for liam ryan?
luke394: Whitfield lol
TheOnyas: onya taranty
Hadouken: tarantoooooo
Hadouken: @th3rio i brought in mr Esava !
th3rio: Nice hadouk, still cant decide but he looked fresh last week!
luke394: did people who picked Whitfield really think he’d be a top 8 mid?
frenzy: fyfe? wtf get a kick
oc16: nope i picked whitfield coz he is going to be a top 6 def in fantasy
Hadouken: fyfe on que
Hadouken: cue*
runt: great goal in that wind by Fyfe
luke394: Fyfe what a kick, yeah @oc12 I was only thinking SC
TheMessiah: Come on VC Fyfey
AFL Blues: It’s not “cue”, like, a “pool cue”. It’s actually “queue”.
TheMessiah: @Stul – Walters will go 90+ today still
J.Worrall: “on cue” is a stage term
the worm: no ,its actually “on cue”
the worm: like “cue the music”
batt: nothing bothers me more than incorrectly correcting someone haha
TheMessiah: Hahaha – The corrections are queuing up
StuL: Hope so Messiah.
AngryRyno: cue-rections
th3rio: I hope banfield goes 90+ lol, stupid armo
TheMessiah: Come on Fyfe! Need you to outscore Dusty
SilverLion: Nice $$$ for Crowden
SilverLion: My oppo has Taranto, oh boy
Lowrider: Brayshaw 50% TOG, anything wrong with him?
TheMessiah: Where is fyfe…..
AngryRyno: Brayshaw TOG always pretty low, don’t think there’s anything out of the ordinary going on
AFL Blues: No, it’s queue.
Apachecats: Tossed up Lyons/Coniglio ,went Lyons ffs.
AngryRyno: Coniglio goal, another BOG performance in the works
SilverLion: Be nice if Finlayson could get a touch
Apachecats: Don’t think he’ll catch Dusty now Messiah
pcaman2003: Yeah! C’mon Finlayson and u 2 Walters
Ben_Gogos: Right on cue @SilverLion
TheMessiah: @Apache – Yeah I think it’ll be captain Titch!
Torpedo10: Where has Heater gone?
SilverLion: Ikr Ben haha
wadaramus: He’s gone to get in the queue.
Nuffman: Ryan can’t hit a target today…
the worm: really miss queued that one
Apachecats: Delidio the quiet achiever here.
wadaramus: Skewed off the end of the cue.
pcaman2003: No high fend off free against Cameron then.
the worm: really looking forward to the Cue Clash next week
pcaman2003: Walters gone very quiet this qtr
PowerBug: Cmon Toby get to 90 for me
Yelse: is hogan worth bringing him in and maintaining his 100+ SC
AngryRyno: goal to Banfield thanks for coming
lukefield9: @Yelse really depends if he keeps his utility-type position or goes back to soul FF
poolboybob: Clock for Brayshaw
TheOnyas: onya nealey
frenzy: is SC frozen?
StuL: Walters you show pony. Millionaire at home. Rubbish anywhere else.
jaypeee: Hadouken, Did you pick Banfield or Brayshaw?
AngryRyno: another last quarter fade out for Cogs
m0nty: Heater is a big garbologist this year
PowerBug: Tobias! ๐Ÿ˜€
pcaman2003: @Stul. Walters very poor this game.
poolboybob: Finlayson you beauty
ReggieOz: He’s not gonna make his break even of 74 , very poor!
Torz: Neale has reached 100, so his sensor has gone off to stop getting the ball.
anthsill03: Is walters injured?
Gloryhound: Impressed with Finlayson quietly ranking up the points. Looked like having a quiet game
Brenno_173: are u injured?
anthsill03: Who u talking to brenno
CamT: Yes, Walters had a hand injury from last week, anthsill03
m0nty: wowee Finlayson junk time!
anthsill03: Thanks cam

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