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Chat log from R4 of 2018: Adelaide vs Collingwood

Chat log for Adelaide vs Collingwood, R4 of 2018

BigChief: Crows to win by 28 and Gibbs as my VC
Costanza: worst song eva
Yelse: i think with the weather and the tall forward line for crows pies could win this
feralmong: did kelly owners keep him with the unknown groin status.
Umpirespet: Yelse the wind is going to be a bigger prob here it is gale force
cusch1: Kept Kelly, traded Zerrett to Titch Feral
th3rio: Whod everyone go liam ryan to?
feralmong: cool. had titch already but was spooked by the groin. So went to gibbs.
feralmong: th3rio i’m against kpp but i went hogan. wacky year. lol.
frenzy: still got him
cusch1: Crowden. Not much else to go to
Tree Fiddy: VC Pendles! fingers crossed
Hannibal: thinking henry th3rio
th3rio: Nice feral, you mustve been loaded in the bank lol. Cusch, a lot are going henry, hendo and harry t wont be back for a w
circle52: Went Henry as I can see him in cats defence for a while due to their injuries
Gotigres: sc doesn’t like Seedsman
feralmong: yeah i’ve still got 610k left th3rio.
th3rio: Nice call. Will do same or wait for giles lang
Chelskiman: Would love it if Crisp can back up his ton from last week.
feralmong: I guess i’ve got a couple less premo’s than others.
BigChief: Phillips has started well.
Wends: Evening all, @Feral I went Kelly->Titch in RDT, but held the trade in SC.
Gotigres: Seedsman went from -8 to 3
feralmong: but my current ranking in SC is about 49k so i’m not doing much good. honestly cbf this year.
Costanza: Cox rises. DeGooey not far behind
Ash777: got laird as my vc n dustin as my c
feralmong: took 8mins for a cox innuendo.
Torpedo10: Is it just me, or are efficiency stats not coming up?
feralmong: they are there torp but if you reduce page its TOG showing.
stoo: You lairgend
BigChief: If you’re on a phone they don’t show now @Torpedo
JockMcPie: Farqen maynard…
feralmong: monty adjust the view?
JockMcPie: Good cox
cusch1: Colingwood actually putting up a fight here
Breezey: Well done young man
frenzy: sloane dont like tags
boo!: lift sauce
BigChief: Good thing Sloane is not being tagged then @Frenzy
RGriffen: Laird cost crows 2 goals already haha
cusch1: Great smother by De Goey’s dog to set up the Varcoe goal
JockMcPie: Sidebottom with Sloane at stoppages, semi-tag
casey22: Big Cox
th3rio: Love when i choose bonner over murray fml
Wends: Lairgend, that might just stick.
Chelskiman: fuck you, Crisp.
boo!: lift Crisp Brown Cox
casey22: Laird is amazing, no way he should get so much ball
Wends: Nobody here except Crows fans mind @RGriff… VC’d him in RDT but not SC tho 😐
Chelskiman: Of course this is the week I bench Stephenson.
JockMcPie: Carn the pies
cusch1: Same Chelsk
Fatbar5tad: Go Pies
Breezey: You beat me to it Chelski. Exactly what I did this week
cusch1: Might loophole Fritsch off via Higgins though if he keeps this up
Apachecats: Leave Cox alone boo!,he is lifting.
Wends: It’s the week we *all* benched Steph Chelski
Chelskiman: Really need Crisp to lift. Not the best of starts but can still push for a 90 which I’d gladly take.
Sixty656: Kicked 2 wont do anything for the rest of the game… crows to win by 4 goals
a1trader: How was that not a throw??
Costanza: this Crisp ain’t making me thirsty just yet
boo!: vc laird looking good…lift cox
Yelse: which way is the wind blowing
Costanza: bottom right to top left of screen mainly Yelse
Wends: Ben Reid has gone from choir boy to Bulldog the Bruiser with that shaved head 😮
Costanza: Sloane 5 handballs at 40% eff – impressive
BigChief: Treloar’s DE is double his normal output. Mudrunner for sure.
JockMcPie: Ooft Stephenson showing heaps
Wends: His mother was a mudder.
cusch1: Stephenson what an effort
frenzy: cape
a1trader: Best game I’ve seen Cox play
Fatbar5tad: LOL Milera puts Dunne down
Gotigres: collingwood wow
Chelskiman: I’ve given up on Crisp for this game. Expected so much more.
Fatbar5tad: Pendlebury doesn’t seem to have the time he used to
circle52: Regretting going Sloane over Gibbs
BigChief: Gibbs was always going to be great going from Carlton’s rabble to Adelaides good side.
Torz: Sloane can’t even tackle. Doesn’t look right.
StuL: Bucks was just bluffing for 7 years. He’s really a master coach.
Hannibal: crisp certainly isnt penske material @costanza
colin wood: Crisp is playing a role guys.
RGriffen: Crisp following Lynch. Other than one kick he’s having a ripper game hence his SC
Yelse: nothing wrong with 40 at HT from crisp. he can still tone
pies13: Go you pies!
J_Herer: Where is Treloar’s kick right before the siren, go son!
JockMcPie: Same scoreline as last year, Friday 13th, please not again…
pies13: Hope not jock but still good to rag on me mates, from Adelaide there all quite at the moment haha
BigChief: Everyone but Collingwood fans hope it happens again @Jock.
Costanza: protege material even. Looks good, hard at it but work/roles temper. A 60 here and still at avg 80ish and top 10 def
feralmong: So this week I put Stephenson on the bench. And not E. Of course this happens.
a1trader: I traded Shephenson for Waterman and Treloar for Walters….:(
poolboybob: Man what is with Seedsman’s SC
Wends: Fog lifting!
BigChief: 5 clangers and 41% DE
frenzy: a1trading
Hadouken: said to a mate treloar would get 120 tonight. so far so good. then i remembered i have no mates.
pcaman2003: Went Armitage > Gibbs this week. Mmmm!
Ash777: I dont think Adelaide showed up at all tonight
Costanza: no tackles for Sloane says the most.
Wends: Worst start to the season ever for my tips… unless we’re mazaire
StuL: Oppo had Seedsman last week. He could have done this last week.
StuL: Sideys fine society of hair has rapidly gone.
JockMcPie: Young Jaidyn’s a gun
StuL: Oh has Stephenson this week. As if you’d have him.
Sloan4Pres: Pies played their one good game for the year, back to being mediocre next week
Burnsy03: i went armo > brown got 157k in the pot
Wends: @a1trader, heard quite a few trading out Steph this week
feralmong: Rubbish Murray went for the ball. Gov is a tool.
Ash777: murray in trouble
JockMcPie: Umps trying to get the Crows back into this one
Breezey: Last two goals for the umps
Yelse: both goals a joke
feralmong: Should be a free to Murray
DirtyDawn: Evening all
a1trader: How do you get a free kick for running into someone? Shouldn’t even have been a free kick
StuL: Murray’s been a gun. P weak if he is but I bet he is. He was just going for the ball. McGovern misjudged
JockMcPie: McGovern peaked when he took that mark last year, he’s soft as now
The39Steps: Evening Delta.
wadaramus: Should be play on.
Wends: What a goal Gibbs 😮
feralmong: That was weak by treloar. Cost a goal. Went safe.
pcaman2003: Thanks Mr Gibbs,needed that one.
Wends: Would you hold off on trading ryan to Henry/Crowden to take Steph’s score??
BigChief: Here come the Cows
The39Steps: Crows $18. Pies 1.002. I am putting a lazy mustard on the Crows.
Yelse: this is the umps doing
TheLegend6: They won’t but geez I hope Crows win
StuL: Yes wends
feralmong: Lol at ultra tune ad. Nice airbag deployment on the ladder.
circle52: Sure would Wends
circle52: Means you miss those 2 though but others may come alomg. ZGL next week maybe trade back on
Breezey: Treloar 10 tackles.
circle52: Reports Betts has Hamstring troubles on bench now.
th3rio: Murray lost a possy but goes up 4 points makes sense lol
th3rio: Ignore that fixed
bongidongi: wtf is with seedsman SC?
Chelskiman: on
Chelskiman: Naturally Treloar goes off when I play someone who has him. I have Crisp. My DT year just gets worse as the weeks roll
SilverLion: That’s it, I have to field Murray next week
Wends: Had thought of hanging on a few weeks anyway for loophole, hopefully it won’t come back to bite.
Ash777: whay score should I take Laird at for vc over dustin?
circle52: @bongidongi 42% D/e and 10 clangers will do that for Seedsman
th3rio: Same silver
TheLegend6: 130 i’d take
RGriffen: is Betts coming back on? Did a run through before and then sat back down
JockMcPie: Glad we got rid of butcher Seedsman, don’t need the extra butchers at the pies
th3rio: General rule is 130+ id say @ash
RGriffen: ice on Betts hammy. Line is through him
circle52: @Ash I would take anything 125+
a1trader: Are Collingwood better than everyoneI thought they were or are Adelaide just having a real bad night?
Burnsy03: collingwood werent rated enough
Burnsy03: and crows have no depths
circle52: Pies just seem to be adapting to the conditions better
Ash777: the latter
TheLegend6: Probably both. Hard to gage when it’s wet.
JockMcPie: @a1trader, they are too inconsistent to be rated high or low
Breezey: Get around him boys. JDG
StuL: Crows may have fluked last year.
Yelse: we got a lot of players out and i don’t even know what our best 22 is
poolboybob: Is someone taking the piss with Seedsman’s score?
Wends: Hmm wonder if Bucks will get as much love for a win as vitriol he cops for a loss?
TheBoy89: Um I’m sorry but Grundy should have star
poolboybob: 46 on 23 disposals at 87% efficiency
TheLegend6: Murray ton up thanks!
AngryRyno: Grundy the clear BOG
BigChief: Look at all of his stats @poolboy not just the disp and tackles
AngryRyno: Seedsman has 10 clangers, that’s the reason for his score
circle52: 10 clangers at -4 hurts as well,
Ash777: mcgovern back murray is safe
Erich1036: Seedsman has 52% DE and 10 clangers, wtf are you on about poolboybob?
JockMcPie: Classic mobile users can’t tell difference between TOG and DE
poolboybob: Lol I was looking at time on ground. Whoops 😂
RGriffen: Poolboy probs on phone. Different look now has tog not DE
SilverLion: Wth they took advantage
JockMcPie: No worries, not the first time someone made that mistake
the worm: dogarty again
Wends: …… that’s the sound of people reconsidering the concept of correctional trades…
Breezey: There’s ya Rising Star nom this week
TheLegend6: Glad I held Stephenson!
Raspel31: Well, lordy lordy-just home .A Stephenson in the hand better than a Ryan in the bush. Quel surpris.
LuvIt74: what are the crows doing damn
TheBoy89: That’s report worthy for flogarty
pcaman2003: Go Gibbsy!
SilverLion: Be nice if Doedee could get to 65
the worm: what does it matter what doedee gets?
circle52: Murray on pine and Doedee on field will get the right playing rookies one week.
akbal: So I guess now is the time to trade out Sloane..
Breezey: Dunn still out there. Remove the Red Cross
Wends: Mais oui Raspel. Bonsoir!
Rush: What kind of sides are you guys running if you don’t have 2 rookies on field in defence?
Raspel31: Ey alors-la meme Wends. Allez Stephenson.
Hadouken: @rush, i have 4 lol
circle52: I have Bonner, Doedee Finlayson D3 -6 Murray on bench
Breezey: It’s Titch Sidebum
AngryRyno: so much for a Dunn injury he’s still out there
th3rio: Same here circle
Hadouken: i still have naughton unfortunately. upgrade next week.
Rush: Fair enough circle. I have Doedee, Finlayson and Murray on field. Naughton on bench.
Breezey: Get ya Pies. Get ya Hot Pies
th3rio: Its too hard to choose who ro field over bonner, murray, doedee and finlay etc
luke394: Anyone know how to zoom out the stats on an iPad?
Costanza: Cox bottoms out
Wends: Espérons que ce n’est pas juste une lune bleue pour Stephenson..
Wends: Espérons que ce n’est pas juste une lune bleue pour Stephenson.. Raspel

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