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Chat log from R3 of 2018: West Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for West Coast vs Geelong, R3 of 2018

BigChief: Cats going in without a ruck? Strange move.
wilzy89: Esava Ratugolea is a R1?
Pokerface: my opp with nic nat is looking a whole heap better 🙁
AngryRyno: i’m calling 140 for Nic Nat
Pokerface: jelwood, sselwood, shuey.. playing for the ducky cup today
Yelse: Luke Ryan or do I take fritsch game is only about 10 to 20 difference from winning my league games
amigaman: Hope Nic Nat ups his game time today
Yelse: I mean Liam
Apachecats: I’d go Ryan Yelse.
Gotigres: A quiet one today thanks Ablett and Danger
TheOnyas: onya bewsy
BigChief: Ryan will top 80 Yelse
Jackwatt$: Wow gaz going at 45% yet SC almost double his DT. CD in awe of him again
AngryRyno: Gaz 100% DE what are you on about
BigChief: Gaz going at 100% @Jackwatt$
masterhc2: Lol where the hell are you pulling 45% from he’s had 2 possies
DrSeuss: Yeo and Kelly – fantastic start
Pokerface: love people who complain about stats they don’t understand
BigChief: and then look like a complete fool @Poker.
Jackwatt$: Back to game please
AngryRyno: Clangerfield returns
poolboybob: Game has started, Yeo
JockMcPie: Ono Danger use the ball…and Kelly, well he was due
BigChief: Keep going Gaz you 100% DE star.
JockMcPie: Fanfooty changed the mobile display from DE to TOG, so mobile users might get confused…cut him some slack
Erich1036: @BigChief what are you on about? Gaz is going at 78%? yet SC almost double his DT? CD in awe of him again
Umpirespet: As long as Danger doesn’t reach his BE nothing else matters
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly,lift man
Pokerface: turn it up jock, the fanfooty mobile site hasn’t changed since he began.
Pokerface: jackwatts had a whinge about nothing and was called out on it.
preki1: fuck yeo seriously
JockMcPie: No they tweeted something about earlier this week right @m0nty?
JRedden: need menegola to go huge, make up for his pathetic first two efforts
lukefield9: Actually @pokerface they did change it from DE to TOG, look at the symbol
Pokerface: i looked on my mobile and its exactly the same. and the full site has both as it always has
poolboybob: Yeo looks like he’s just playing key defence
masterhc2: Good waterman
FordyHawks: You’re right Jock
Pokerface: pooint is if you complain about sc scores you look like a fool
BigChief: @lukefield the symbols show same as they have since I joined. No change on my screen.
Pokerface: its not some big conspiracy, so i aint cutting anyone slack who complains about them
SilverLion: Danger had a mare of a qtr. Watch him still go 130+ though.
BigChief: I guess m0nty doesn’t want to post my replies to Erich.
JockMcPie: Fair enough, CD know what they’re doing
poolboybob: Clock for Nic Nat
FordyHawks: Never seen the little clock before, it was always a target thing
Pokerface: no, im sure you know more about their scoring than they do jock
Burnsy03: wait whats cd?
FordyHawks: Is Olongo a chance to play at any stage this year?
Pokerface: both are on the full site
scrappers: to be honest i preferred the target stats! here is a thought how about both?
Pokerface: @burnsy champion data. jock tells me they don’t know their own scoring system
m0nty: yes the single-column view now has TOG instead of DE%
Pokerface: @fordy. zero chance. 100%
JockMcPie: CD = champion data @Burnsy, the dudes in charge of SC scoring
StuL: Watching danger and hoping he comes good is like it was with Dusty
Pokerface: i stand corrected. my mobile version only has sc and dt.
JockMcPie: Nah I said they DO know what they’re doing, I don’t get why people complain about them…
StuL: Won’t happen
the worm: there’s betting on supercoach, so there is no way in the world it can be rigged in any way
FordyHawks: Alright, lol cheers, just kinda followed the crowd with selecting loopman olongo
the worm: just like boxing and horse racing
Pokerface: @worm heh 🙂
scrappers: gee i wish i lived in your world worm
FordyHawks: Lol worm…. there’s no way that something being bet on can be rigged? 🙂
the worm: absurd to think cd and betting agencies collude to make money
Pokerface: wasnt duncan meant to be back this week?
Pokerface: @worm the amount you are allowed on doesn’t come close worm.
BigChief: I don’t think he was named Poker.
amigaman: Never thought I’d see Dangerfield 12% DE
Haydo: Who did scoot selwood come in for??
gloryboy: What’s up with Yeo Yo?
Pokerface: stanley
BigChief: Stanley @Haydo
Haydo: Haha ansaered ur question with another question poker
DrSeuss: YoYo on the down swing this week obviously
Haydo: Kelly playing forward??
Pokerface: $ kelly, half the eagles?
gloryboy: Danger 13 SC and 38 afl fantasy. Not looking good
FordyHawks: Is there a way that I can see the full fanfooty page on my mob?
gloryboy: So Yeo is actually on the ground? Interesting
gloryboy: +1 in @fordy’s question
DrSeuss: Yeo, Beams, Sicily, Zerrett, Devon Smith, Billings and Dusty – will be lucky to get 1800 this week.
masterhc2: anyone else got waterman on the field? loving this
JockMcPie: And that’s why Nic Nat is so valuable
StuL: Totally useless. Go Scott now.
colin wood: Jock he was lucky because it actually deflected off a cats hand. Technically not an effective hit out but CD will reward
StuL: It’s like Danger has forgotten how to play.
Gotigres: Yeo just got a kick!
stuballs: Structures, disposal, inexperience, all woeful. Gonna be along few weeks before we get some players back
TheOnyas: onya gaffy
Pusti: Yay! Yeo has finally got himself up to zero.
Hadouken: lol @ yeo
masterhc2: Bottom end of your 22 at the moment is as bad as anyones unfortunately stuballs. Far too many non contributors
Haydo: And another one @gotigers
SilverLion: Gun for Gaff
JockMcPie: Danger building, good to see
SilverLion: Building ya reckon Jock? He’s playing shower. So is Ablett, but he keeps getting cheapies out the back
Fatbar5tad: Unhappy Catters today. Fucking shithouse
SilverLion: Like I said though, Danger will probs still get to 130+, because thats just what he does.
DrSeuss: Huge 30 points from Kelly and Yeo – keep it up fellas
Hadouken: wow menegola complate turnaround from last week
RGriffen: watch CD get Danger to 100 SC
Umpirespet: Don’t worry Danger plays in Geelong next week so will get 200
Umpirespet: Yeah Had only just got rid of him to
Burnsy03: is cd champ data?
SilverLion: I snapped up Menegola for Lambert this week in draft. Pretty happy so far.
Erich1036: Nah burnsy, cd is the abbreviation for compact disc…
Umpirespet: Yes Burnsy
SilverLion: Also m0nty, Hutchings is on Selwood, not Danger.
Pokerface: SL that a trade? or was Menegola a FA?
BigChief: I think I have figured out why Carlton are losing. They know they can’t win flag now so they are aiming for the most woo
BigChief: den spoons.
SilverLion: He was a FA PF, someone delisted him this week.
SilverLion: I was just happy to get rid of Lambert lol
Pokerface: delisted him. Wow.
Pokerface: haha, yes. and for menegola. top get.
original: we all traded menegola out yeh?
LuvIt74: I sure did, He will be inconsistant as hell so im not too peturbed.
AngryRyno: nah mate we weren’t stupid enough to pick him to start with
BigChief: Can’t trade who you don’t have original.
LuvIt74: Fair call Ryno – Wish i didn’t bring him in…
Waspy79: Outrageous overrule by the video review
jddd: overrule was disgusting
GOD: Well done VAR
Waspy79: The video ump needs to be sacked and stripped of his cats membership
Pokerface: $waterman, kelly and fogarty
th3rio: Is yeo at the right ground ?
poolboybob: Will Geelong hit the front in the third or fourth quarter?
penguins00: Stewart touched it but then it was kicked for a goal afterthat happened.. it shuold have been a goal
GOD: Q3 with assistance from the VAR
Pokerface: and venables i suppose
poolboybob: Yeo to Simpson rage trade incoming
boo!: parsons im glad you are a 2017 distant memory
LuvIt74: wish i fielded ryan over Frictsh and kelly is killing me
scrappers: junior 29sc for 3 touches?
wadaramus: GAJ is completely unchecked, its buffet footy, help yourself Gary!
boofjb57: What happened to cockatoo? Another Hamstring?
seanfc99: Need Ryan+144 to beat Danger x2, will be close…
penguins00: cocky icing his knee
DrSeuss: So many potential rage trades this week. Billings, Zerrett, Yeo, Beams….FFS
LuvIt74: only on 2206 and just got kelly to go so on 2236 right now
penguins00: the back of his knee
Pokerface: @seuss ouch. that’s ugly
boofjb57: Thanks penguin. I think menzel passed on his injury bad luck to him
boo!: tom has a sister called em
penguins00: It doesn’t look too bad he was trying to run it out but eventually has just iced it up
BigChief: Looks like the Eagles thought they had this won at half time.
pharace: Go Yeo
RGriffen: very harsh on Kelly. Wait for his 110 next week
jaxx: found me old yo yo today too
boofjb57: I don’t have him was just curious as he has injured himself and been on the sidelines since his debut year
boofjb57: Every year
portsie: is yeo on 0?
poolboybob: Good move keeping all-Australian Yeo deep in defence so he can have zero impact on the match
Apachecats: Yeo 4 touches for 4 kermits ,could be a record.
Waspy79: Can be we scrap reviews and scrap replays of contentious touched decisions please
LuvIt74: @portsie he may as well be on 0
boofjb57: They will give him a week off Griffen. A regular occurrence with geelongs newbies
colin wood: Yeo is on zero guys
portsie: not wrong there
pharace: Better if he was a late out
pcaman2003: And with 91% TOG. Unbelievable!
BigChief: Breaking new…. Yeo has 0 SC points.
RGriffen: Danger going 140 SC by the looks
LuvIt74: that is phenominal i didn’t even take notice of Yeo’s TOG – Must be a record low
amigaman: SC is fast becoming a waste of my time this year
StuL: Yeo could drop to free and I still wouldn’t want him.
wadaramus: Carn T.Kelly, big last quarter.
LuvIt74: Cockatoo hamstring if i heard right on the news just now
Umpirespet: Can’t scrap reviews crowd booing is fan engagement
boofjb57: Not surprised luvit. Same every year for him
stuballs: Never in doubt lol. Cocky is made if glass dead set
seanfc99: If danger has a 35pt+ quarter I lose. Wowee.
Umpirespet: Wow the umps want Geelong to win
Gotigres: OMG deliberate called against Yeo
pcaman2003: Free kick Geelong.
Yelse: why is nat still only getting g half the quarters in TOG
Chelskiman: Harsh to say Kelly has hit a wall. Can still get a 65-70 which is perfectly fine for a rookie.
JockMcPie: Yeo Yeo No
snake_p: geez Yeo -8 SC ouch
Waspy79: The fix is in
colin wood: Yeo lol this is record breaking stuff:)
CBeezDeez: If Yeo goes 0 or minus doesn’t the emergency score come into it?
JockMcPie: Ablett done a hammy
Gotigres: Ablett gone!
BigChief: Gaz gone.
Umpirespet: Ablett done
original: ping WOW
Gotigres: No CBeez
Umpirespet: Their goes the holy trinity. What do we call them now?
amigaman: No it doesn’t
duckky: radio has it that he didn’t use interchange gate. Is that the case?
Yelse: need nat to beat danger by 5 points to win
mickelo: No CBD he is playing, score counts
boofjb57: If west coast can’t win now, Carlton might have half a chance for a win this year
FordyHawks: They’re just called #freekickgeelong
pcaman2003: I feel for the poor Yeo owners.
jaxx: First player to properly ping a hammy and not reach back and grab it
Burnsy03: gaz down helps me but fell bad, oppo has ryan nicnat yeo and gaz(c) im up 529
Jackwatt$: @beezdeez No you’ll get Yeo’s score. Years ago a zero would trigger the E score but not anymore
Beast_Mode: lol gaz, getting injured..can’t say i’m surprised
Apachecats: I reckon you’re right CBD ,thats how I read the rule ,he’s got to score at least 1 point.
Jackwatt$: I once had Fevola captain and he scored -7 doubled to -14
LuvIt74: yeo in negative territory lol
Gotigres: Kelly scoring ok now for a rookie
stuballs: How’s the wet toast degenerates cheering a hammy. All class
Burnsy03: menzel tackles is beautiful
JockMcPie: At least in SC, emergencies only count if a player doesn’t play. Negative scores will count
Apachecats: Guts effort if geelong land this.
Waspy79: Yeo score counts even if it is zero.
Apachecats: Classic Jack W.!
Wends: Evening all, Kelly chipping away at that wall…
mickelo: No Apache, he took the field his score counts
MattyZ: He took to the field, it counts as a score no matter what stats he gets
stuballs: In what universe is slipping over the line deliberate? Good lord.
BigChief: Did you expect anything else from them Stu?
boofjb57: Yep Stu. A lot of people thought Adelaide supporters were the worst. West coast supporters take the cake.
CBeezDeez: Ouch! I knew I preferred the “old” system.
Umpirespet: Stu he ran 30m to the line then fell over it
mickelo: Could maybe replace wall on Kelly for $
the worm: GOD has the C on Yeo
Umpirespet: Na Essendon sups are by the way where are they all today?
Apachecats: Yes Mickelo ,just had another read of it.You are correct.
LuvIt74: Should be the dollar signs next to Kelly
Yelse: put nat please need him to beat danger by 5 nooo
AngryRyno: strip Kelly of the wall, he’s stepped up
TheMessiah: What the hell is happening with Yeo?
stuballs: Momentum then clearly took a legitimate slip. Certainly wasn’t deliberate but is what it is
NewFreoFan: The Freo in me wants the eagles to lose, my tipping wants the eagles to win
Keeper27: hey Worm, does that mean you get -8 since its 2x
Gotigres: Kelly goal!
Torz: Kelly not happy with his wall treatment.
Apachecats: M.Cox to Esava for me.
JockMcPie: I agree @Ryno, especially after that goal
Gotigres: haha worm
penguins00: and just like that Kellys had a good game
jaxx: There we go, nice change for Kelly
LuvIt74: Massiah, Yeo went to visit Antartica…
Apachecats: Kelly will ton up.
LuvIt74: Carn Kelly u beautiful beast
Junktimer: This Kelly wall is the worst icon in the history of icons, Paul.
BigChief: Yeo can’t even get a cheap disp.
kano22: Crows fans far worse than essendon
Burnsy03: give the wall a rest its gone now
Gotigres: yes Keeper
mickelo: Doesn’t a double negative equal a positive???
runners47: Yeo, like a yo-yo, going up and down in the same spot all day…
duckky: Jacobs blowfly is worse Junktimer
original: where is the wall breaker icon hehe
amigaman: @kano22 who do you follow?
CBeezDeez: Pies fans the worse I have seen with what they used to do over the players race @ Vic Park!
tankin: collingwood fans are worst
Gotigres: Kelly an outside chance to ton up
RGriffen: Danger 98 SC what a load of shit
mickelo: Kelly gets the $, now for the ton!
poolboybob: Brick wall for all of the Eagles
frenzy: cmon Danger junk up
JockMcPie: Hawks supporters are just about the worst I’ve seen recently…even worse than us
BigChief: Blue moon for Yeo?
DMS774: mickelo -4×2=-8 it’s not multiplied by -2
Burnsy03: two touches and a mark?!!
Gotigres: Yeo a mark and effective kick
JockMcPie: Yeo in the positive!
Umpirespet: So it seems we are all bad sups lol
runt: University supporters back in the old days trumped all
Chelskiman: Superman quarter for Yeo!
Umpirespet: Yes to ton up
runt: There were 5 of them and they were all perma drunks
LuvIt74: Yeo to ton up
Umpirespet: Yeo * bloody ipads
runt: This is where Natanui usually takes a speccy and kicks the winning goal
Umpirespet: Thanks Luvit
Gotigres: Yeo moved to midfield and is on fire
th3rio: How the duck did danger ton up and what happened to gaj
jaxx: how long did he take to move yeo
GOD: Ablett jnr stuck on 101
kano22: Tom Stewart is a really good player now
luke394: @JockMcPie totally agree mate! They are shocking
Torz: Eagles are silly not to play Yeo as a pure mid. Gets stuck playing roles.
CBeezDeez: Good old home town decisions for weagles as always!
runt: Would like to see Ryan climb onto natanuis shoulders and kick the winner
Umpirespet: WC should be infront but that review
luke394: hes had 31 touches 12 contested @th3rio are you watching the game?
stuballs: Tom Stewart is basically our best defender only in his second year. Fast becoming my favourite player
Waspy79: Cmon Eagles
Raspel31: Just home and won my league by a country mile. But what happened to Gablett?
Pokerface: same way shuey has i guess?
th3rio: Nah I’m not luke, I meant it as in wow how has he toned up from 38 at HT
Chelskiman: Hopefully Ryan is fine.
NewFreoFan: Wasn’t a climb on NicNat, but maybe the winner from Ryan
pcaman2003: Go Ryan!
luke394: happy I didn’t get Liam Ryan now
poolboybob: Red cross for Ryan 🙁
Gotigres: Ryan goal and ankle injury
NewFreoFan: And has done his knee…
runt: or slide along the ground and kick the winner
AngryRyno: Ryan gets it done for the fantasy owers
BigChief: That is cruel for Ryan.
CBeezDeez: The Domain of Pain!
th3rio: Fml he looks in major pain
GOD: Go Eagles! don’t let VAR Cats beat you
FordyHawks: Eaglesss! Nice work 🙂
StuL: Season over.
runt: The noise in that stadium is amazing
Ash777: looks like he did his hammy bad
TheLegend6: Hopefully Ryan is okay but we can trade him to Higgins next week now if we need to.
pcaman2003: Noooo! Not Ryan
Gotigres: ton up please Nic Nat
luke394: kills you in the last 5 minutes when you have 3 blokes out of the game
poolboybob: Imagine if Nic Nat could play more than half the game
Ash777: oh it was ankle
Umpirespet: It does luke
LuvIt74: Poor buggers that brought in Ryan this week, I had him but many got him this week.
pcaman2003: Wow! Great comeback by WC
circle52: Keep going Kelly – Ryan and Ablett now losing points need to stay above 2400
RGriffen: Sheed xfactor
JockMcPie: Why wasn’t Simmo playing Yeo in the middle all day…he’s killed it in the last quarter
Yelse: Nat nat natttttt
NewFreoFan: Yeo just been resting all game to get it done for them in the last term
penguins00: Yeo in the middle has completely changed the game around
Raspel31: Sadness for injuries-not just us but more importantly them.
LuvIt74: Wish i bloody traded out Langdon and got Waterman
runt: The crowd has won it for the Eagles. The support is like a giant needle of adrenaline straight to the heart
Apachecats: Massive last 1/4 from Yeo
AngryRyno: will be anxiously awaiting the Ryan injury report 1-2 weeks and he’s definitely worth keeping
BigChief: Yeo has gone berserk.
boofjb57: Looks like one trade has been decided for a lot of people
Umpirespet: Shepherd has been good to
Apachecats: GAJ gone down 4 points.Must have fallen off the stretcher.
LuvIt74: Ryan might miss a few but gotta hold him unless he’s out for 6+ weeks
NewFreoFan: be interesting to see what epilepsy light show they put on for the eagles
Pokerface: what’s the icon for sheed?
Yelse: omg nat beat danger by 9 i win win win… well better stay like that
DrSeuss: Yeo always wins the ball in the middle. Take note Coach.
SilverLion: Danger will get the 100 on scaling
BigChief: That is disrespectful from the stadium people. At least wait until the game is actually over.
JockMcPie: Downhill skiing
LuvIt74: Massive Kelly, he needs a Ned Kelly mask icon…
stuballs: Do we even have any players left? Seriously scary times ahead
boo!: booooooo wet toast
Pokerface: i guess after trading fyfe to dangerfield you do need to conserve them now
LuvIt74: Danger will drop to $600k by round 6 to 8 i reckon
penguins00: that’s the best 26sc game I’ve seen

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