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Chat log from R3 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Essendon, R3 of 2018

duckky: Zerrett needs a good game
amigaman: Hopefully back to his best today
AngryRyno: go well Big Billy
Burnsy03: carn the dogs
duckky: only 21 on the Bomber’s teamsheet
SilverLion: McLean is coming into my side this week 100%
Apachecats: Thought we’d been hacked for a minute Darius
duckky: Brown is missing
Apachecats: Is it tooearly to put the mare on Goddard.
AngryRyno: Ed Richards putting his hand up as a cow for next week, don’t have any drop candidates down back though
TheMessiah: Need Zerrett to prove his worth today..
duckky: Saad having a mare too
NewFreoFan: Can every dogs player kick 1 point?
MrGmax: JJ, you bell end.
JRedden: 1.8 … we are the worst in front of goal
MrGmax: Muppet for sure.
duckky: I almost dont want to watch this garbage from both teams
MrGmax: wtf
MrGmax: A goal!
Burnsy03: good friday round 2
tommy10: Are you playing Bont?
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Smith pick it up please
StuL: Don’t trade Zerret they said. Don’t listen to the phantom.
BigChief: Who gave Jong the shiner?
Hadouken: need naughton to get 46 to win lol
Burnsy03: Hurley punched the ball into him at then end of the qtr, accidental though stul
pcaman2003: @Hadouken. Good luck. Could be very tight.
cammo92: @BigChief – Copped a stray elbow from Tim English last week
boofjb57: I will be stul in 2 weeks when his price has dropped 100k
BigChief: Thanks cammo
DrSeuss: What is with Zerretts TOG?
StuL: I would never have started Zerrett if I knew about his head knocks
SilverLion: Richards looking good
Chelskiman: I picked Zorko, Hibberd and Merrett as ultra premiums. They’ve been anything but.
MrGmax: It’s going to suck when Richards leaves for the Pies.
Chelskiman: Oh, and Billings.
SilverLion: Took him out at the knees there
th3rio: So glad I traded naughton out. Don’t even care about the burned trade
StuL: Oh and Chelsea, chelskiman
DrSeuss: Zerrett back on the bench – WTF
Chelskiman: Yeah, Chelsea suck this year too. What a horrible year it’s been so far. 🙁
Fatbar5tad: Fucking Wallis. Averages 110 when I don’t have him, 60 when I do.
th3rio: Devon smith lift brother
kangawalla: JJ’s muppet needs to stay tbere for the entire match, imo
boofjb57: Did Mark vaguely gain 200mt for 1 posession to get to 21
PieCannon: heppell 95% eff but is getting murdered by Supercoach ???
Erich1036: @PieCannon learn to read mate, he has 55% eff
gers: Do you mean 55% eff for Hep…
AngryRyno: Heppell only 55% disposal efficiency
SilverLion: Get a touch Hurley
Burnsy03: nah continue on with this oppo has him
Hadouken: come on naught dawg
CBeezDeez: Don’t think you really want us to look at stats sheet do you Essendon FC?
AngryRyno: Naughton going reasonably well in SC, got Brayshaw covered already
circle52: Armo to Wallis may be on the crads – Just hope Wallis does not reach his B/e
Burnsy03: i took murray above him happy with the 95
SilverLion: Umps love Bont
th3rio: yay Smith quick boost
Burnsy03: what are my odds of winning, i have bont and 423 vs gablett(c), yeo,nicnat and ryan
duckky: Careful Circle – Wallis won’t play the bombers each week
BigChief: So does CD SilverLion
Fatbar5tad: Don’t get Wallis. Crab. Burnt me last year.
th3rio: Going to Be extremely close burnet, if gaz nuts your done for
mickelo: starting to have mixed feelings about my last minute trade from English to McLean
The39Steps: @Burnsy – you will win by single figures.
tommy10: One of the worst performances I’ve seen from Bombers. FFS
StuL: You’ll win burns.
Yelse: will Luke Ryan beat 56 from fritnz or do I keep fritsch
circle52: @ducky Wallis is one of the mid pricers on my watch list.
The39Steps: Too late for Luke Ryan – Liam Ryan will do it.
circle52: just need to sort whether to do a down and up or use cash reserves
Hadouken: good move getting wallis in before anyone else in draft league !
circle52: @yelse toss a coin but he has the capabalities.
Yelse: meant Liam lol
duckky: yeah but 12 (nearly 14) of the dogges are on track to crack a SC ton
SilverLion: I’m kinda hoping Hurley can score exactly 100 for the third week in a row
Pokerface: don’t think it looks good burnsy. nic nat going big today
BigChief: Keep going Hurley.
masterhc2: Langdon to Gowers (who is on the field for T Greene) is working well for me
DrSeuss: What is Zerrett doing? Not watching the game, is he even near it?
LuvIt74: amazing how good the doggs look today compared to their first 2 games
BigChief: Prob still concussed doc.
LuvIt74: wallice looks like a must have in our forward line if he tons up next week
LuvIt74: wallis
DrSeuss: Playing on the Ball Chief??
Hadouken: naughton going to make me sweat it out until he hits 46….
pcaman2003: @Hadouken.Yuo got there. He made it.
JockMcPie: I think they’re playing Merrett more up forward this game unfortunately
Umpirespet: Lol Essendon have had the ball and Bonts score keeps goin up
SilverLion: Hurley still on track for a third exact 100 in a row haha
thommoae: Fanfooty site keeps dropping out here; complains of ‘improper configuration by site co-ordinator’. Any thoughts, Monty?
LuvIt74: stringer is a legend make a fallen star icon just for stringer.
Pokerface: stringer never a star
JockMcPie: Stringer most overrated player in the AFL
BigChief: Sounds good LuvIt, but I don’t think Stringer ever was a star.
duckky: Witches hats please for most bombers
BigChief: C’mon Hurley Lift ya scoring.
Hadouken: @pcaman aft dt points, not SC unfortunatly 🙁
Hadouken: afl*
LuvIt74: @BigChief They were comparing Stringer to GAJ after his first year or two…lol
BigChief: @LuvIt yeah what a joke that was.
Burnsy03: just on que, was about time fora touch tbh
Burnsy03: how does scoring work if somebody hits a kick that too short?
BigChief: Surely they can’t lose this.
JockMcPie: 3 goals, 6 minutes
Hadouken: ffs naughton, 46. 46 is all i needed. fired.
BigChief: Muppet for Green and Daniher.
JockMcPie: Oh Daniher, that’s why you’ll never be as good as Buddy, no matter what the biased commentators say
TyCarlisle: Green did nothing wrong there. Daniher handballed the ball a metre behind Green.
Burnsy03: hadouken what do u play on?
Hadouken: just afl fantasy @burnsy
Hadouken: i should give SC a crack one year
Burnsy03: ok was thinking u were stupid bc i was looking at his sc
JRedden: hunter is the biggest seagull
RGriffen: flower off Bont
Hadouken: lol burnsy “thinking you were stupid” haha, cheers mate
circle52: Bont gets his B/e so may survive another week
RGriffen: that SC BE way different to the one on the SC site
LuvIt74: what was that free paid for?
RGriffen: BE is 175 according to HS
SilverLion: Cmon Hurley/Smith ton up
Pokerface: lol burnsy
Burnsy03: what is it on the sc site
RGriffen: also he is owned by more tha 0% of teams so I think it is wrong here
Pokerface: there is no way bonts BE is 110. Thats under his price and he hasn’t been averaging his price yet.
Hadouken: wow, he got 10 points real quick. win !!!
circle52: Yep just checked with SC 175 is correct.
mickelo: lol Hadouken, how you like him now?
SilverLion: Nvm, didn’t realise was that close to the end haha
Hadouken: @mickelo still gone. looks like i can afford yeo!
mickelo: Yeos price is gunna drop by quite alot

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