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Chat log from R3 of 2018: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2018

SilverLion: Gunna be interesting to see how Titch goes today.
heppelitis: Lambert you are hanging on by a thread..lift
BigChief: C’mon Hawks. Bury these pretenders.
lukefield9: Don’t be surprised if THE HIG gets 150
Chelskiman: Only took 57 seconds before we gave away a fifty.
runt: Mitchell won’t be fazed by a tag
Raspel31: Ah, the one we’ve all been waiting for…
Hadouken: 3 votes C Judd
Chelskiman: Ump is fifty happy today, now we have one, lol.
pcaman2003: Mitchell v Martin,what a cracker this should be.
Chelskiman: How did the Hawks get away with that? Two of the worst kicks I’ve ever seen and it still results in a goal for them.
BigChief: Because Cyril is a genious.
FordyHawks: Because of Cyril magic
circle52: Lambert will go 100 because I traded him this week.
Raspel31: Go Titch-finally committed.
duckky: Ofcourse I put O’Meara on the bench and fielded Armo … the universe hates me
AngryRyno: wouldn’t that be a good thing @duckky?
duckky: Only for my opponent given JOM’s start
SilverLion: Rance holding there
th3rio: Not watching atm, titch going well even with the tag? Yay
FordyHawks: Silverlion, correct
FordyHawks: The Big C on Stratton’s mullet
Raspel31: Atta spirit th3rio- we stuck by our guns-fingers crossed.
Burnsy03: th3rio dont think theres a tag
TheOnyas: onya shorty
runt: O’brien nearly took mark of the year before, blacked out he got so high and couldn’t complete the mark
teachrtony: Stay down Dusty
th3rio: Haha rasp lets do it mate! Im still spewing over fyfe and oppt went dust
Raspel31: Graham theoretically tagging Burnsy.
th3rio: Ahhh saw the padlock and assumed burnsy, nice 🙂
Burnsy03: hope has has 140 hae the c on him after grays 103 vc
Burnsy03: oh ok rasp, i still think hes to good to tag
th3rio: He is burnsy hehe
AngryRyno: Higgins playing forward?
BigChief: m0nty give Titch the gun already.
FordyHawks: Nank 110+, dusty under 70, Titch 150+ thanks
SilverLion: I have a man crush on Titch
AngryRyno: prepare the hulk icon that’s for sure
lukefield9: @AngryRyno high half forward (pretty much wing)
Jackwatt$: Mck Malloy, Jeff Kennett, m0nty & Dean from MAFS are all @ the G today. A-list
pcaman2003: Go Captain Mitchell.
Jackwatt$: A-listers everywhere!!!!
AngryRyno: cheers luke
Burnsy03: only way to stop his is when heson the bench
Hadouken: i have naughton and 8 points vs higgins. stay down higgins !!! mwahahaha
Chelskiman: lmao, Nank nearly butchered that.
SilverLion: Different rules for Martin? Obvious push
Fatbar5tad: Nank with the classic ruckman goal
Burnsy03: chels i thought it was more side
BigChief: OMG butchering the ball from half back.
Burnsy03: titch fell in a hole for the end of the qtr
AngryRyno: he’s been on the bench most of the time @Burnsy
SilverLion: Quack quack Poppy
Fatbar5tad: Stop it Poppy. Clarko doesn’t like that.
Chelskiman: Would have been annoyed if they had scored there because surely that was holding the ball against O’Meara in the lead up
FordyHawks: The duck queen is still selwood, lol
Lewysport: O’Meara to end up with 64 from here, halves his score each quarter!
Burnsy03: yeah needs 80 by 1/2 time to ton
the worm: titch 13 touches in a quarter, hawks down by 3 goals
teachrtony: Houli been ordinary so far
Raspel31: The bummer of a Bulgarian girlfriend-off to orthodox easter and vodka. Enjoy lads and carn Titch.
kano22: Ihave Dusty so no complaints but his SC score is absurd
man0005: The bummer of an imaginary* Bulgarian girlfriend
BigChief: Why do you say that kano? 3 goal assists.
pcaman2003: Lift Hawks! Don’t think,do.
kano22: Butchered it. The bloke is an absolute gun but CD dont need to suck his balls when he’s not playing as well as usual
Brad_J: Titch for PM
th3rio: Danger is worse, he went from 121 to 141 from two handballs last week
m0nty: #freegoalrichmond
Chelskiman: LOL, that was almost Greg Williams-esque.
Gotigres: Confusion at the mcg
SilverLion: 3rd ump pressed the wrong button
duckky: Puopolo doesn’t seem to have been hurt by his Coach ratting him out
FordyHawks: Poppyyyy
pcaman2003: Tigers getting too much free space. Hawks need to tighten up.
SilverLion: Another push by Martin not paid
FordyHawks: CD and that umpire have the C on Dusty
pcaman2003: Wow,Dusty score jump.
FordyHawks: Sling tackle
pcaman2003: No free Breaust? WTF ump
Gotigres: Should have dumped Armitage rather than o’meara
SilverLion: They definitely took the advantage there
FordyHawks: Duryea….. no comment
AngryRyno: Titchell TOG only 76% today, much lower tan 92% and 92% in his first two games, weather perhaps?
pcaman2003: Mnaged because of the heat no doubt
Gotigres: Do something Martin
Chelskiman: We’re getting murdered in clearances.
FordyHawks: Hawks just not making them pay
Fatbar5tad: Richmond have a ruckman and a key defender.
SilverLion: Roughead going off for most of that qtr hurt
FordyHawks: Langers and Duryea…. I think you’re meant to be playing against Williamstown
Chelskiman: We’re 19 up and we can improve a lot. Getting belted in clearances and Dusty has been quiet.
pcaman2003: Rance killing our forward line.
carlton_99: Lambert is such a disapointment this year
SilverLion: @Fordy Duryea will be when Sicily comes back I’d say
FordyHawks: Lol, we’re 19 down but we can improve a Lot. Need to convert some of inside 50’s and Rough has been quiet
FordyHawks: I wanna see Mirra and Worpedo get a go
thorgils: If the hawks click and the forward line gets it structure right they might be a chance.
intergaze: Hawks are a good chance but surely Richmond will get the clearances under control a bit
FordyHawks: There you go Rance, Roughy isn’t a skinny little man like o’br
pcaman2003: Flower off Rance.
Chelskiman: Hawks are going to run over the top of us here. Look so much more dangerous at the moment.
pcaman2003: @Chelksiman. We’ll need better disposal first.
Umpirespet: Titch takes a contested mark and effective kick and gets 3 points cmon CD
kano22: Duryea is the mole
SilverLion: #TheRiewoldtFinger
Chelskiman: We needed that goal! Hawks were coming hard. We can’t let them get the instant reply like we have a couple of times.
Apachecats: Anyone else put C on Martin over Mitchell ,woe is me.5 opponents went Titch.
pcaman2003: Bloody Duryea yet agin stuffing it up.
SilverLion: I swear the measuring tape is shorter in the forward 50
StuL: Yes put the c on martin but don’t have titch.
th3rio: Looking good on tithe rasp 😉
Apachecats: Anyone want Townsend ,free to a good home.
th3rio: I don’t mind as much for stuffing up my Fyfe loop now
thommoae: Yup. Count me in the Martin (C)lub. Aargh.
FordyHawks: Lol JRoo, little bitch
DragonLass: Dusty will still get 100-110 from here
Apachecats: OK so forget about the good home bit .
SilverLion: Blatant push by JRoo there
Gebs: @dragonlass. HE is renowned for some junktime stats
zadolinnyj: Is something up with Martin?
SilverLion: That woulda been deliberate at our game
pcaman2003: Frawly lucky there
Apachecats: Dusty cut over eye
FordyHawks: I’m sure I saw a Richmond jumper under Duryea’s Hawks jumper
AngryRyno: the better Martin played yesterday
pcaman2003: C’mon Titch. 150 today please
th3rio: Keep going captain twitch geet me a 160
th3rio: Need to close the gap on Fyfe lol
Apachecats: Dusty forcast 132 SC ,Townsend 82SC.I’m sunk.
AngryRyno: why would you start Townsend?
Chelskiman: Higgins! <3
the worm: whose forecast?
Apachecats: Going to be handy 3/4time break for Tiges Chelks
pcaman2003: Can’t see Hawks coming back now. Tigers too good
FordyHawks: Might as well rest dusty now Tigers 🙂
Apachecats: Not by choice Angry ,got toby G and ZLangdon on bench.and wasn’t able to trade Townsend out.
SilverLion: Titch 2 points for 2 effective handballs hmmm
StuL: Martin 90 something, c fail. Shouldn’t really ever happen with two bites at it.
AngryRyno: that doesn’t answer the question, why would you start him?
Apachecats: Dusty will come our for final 1/4 dressed as a mummy and will have a 60 pts 1/4.
Chelskiman: Nice fight back from us. Thought the Hawks were looking really dangerous but we bounced back hard.
Fatbar5tad: Captain Danger looming.
DrSeuss: Jack Higgins on my bench (AF) outscoring Dusty
SilverLion: StuL he’ll probably junk it up to 100+
thorgils: Richmond forward press just too goo
Umpirespet: Hope Danger has a quiet one can’t get him in for 2 weeks
th3rio: Nice call @pet, same
JButcher: 3 rounds in and already there is no clear premiership favourite
SilverLion: Butler just trying to make it look harder than it needed to be
Haydo: Roughies goal just landed a metre infront of me
pcaman2003: Hard to win fumbling like that Hawks
Hooks: Dusty lay a tackle you flower
AngryRyno: titchy boy! much appreciated
m0nty: new icon
pcaman2003: Mitch 7 tackles Dusty 0
Burnsy03: what is that icon
DMS774: Atlas
Gloryhound: Titch quickly becoming the must have SC player ytd.
pcaman2003: Titch will go past Danger
FordyHawks: Dusty’s sc score is total bs
Fatbar5tad: Clarko umpire whine = hawk free kick count win
SilverLion: Quack quack Poppy
FordyHawks: 3 bitch Tigers jump on Cyril, Cowards
TheMessiah: Please tonne up Captain Dusty…
Umpirespet: Why wasn’t that 50 against grimes? Was unnecessary
Gebs: 11 contested and 5 clearances bump his sc up
pcaman2003: 50 metre?
SilverLion: #TheRiewoldtFinger
Umpirespet: Poopy had the free and grimes then ruffed him up which lead to melee
TheMessiah: Come on hawkers!!
SilverLion: What a lair Butler
FordyHawks: Lol, tigers needed Benny hill musif there
Chelskiman: Muppet for Butler. Wtf, just take time off the clock, son!
FordyHawks: Is it possible for Titch to get the 3 votes today?
Fatbar5tad: Muppet for Richmond if they cough this up.
DragonLass: no reason a player on the losing team can’t get 3 votes though it’s rare
Gloryhound: totally agree pcaman2003
FordyHawks: Rance you flog
pcaman2003: Rance the mongrel
SilverLion: Dog act by Rance. Almost reportable
DragonLass: could be a chance though nobody from Richmond you would say is a standout
Chelskiman: We’re gonna bottle this. We don’t do well in this situation.
th3rio: Thank you captain titchhh
BigChief: Caddy suspended last week for the exact same act. Rance has to go as well.
AngryRyno: what else would you expect from Rance
Chelskiman: Cotch for the 3 votes. Titch will get 2.
FordyHawks: Rance definitely has to get a week
pcaman2003: Thanks captain Titch
FordyHawks: Looks like that 2nd qtr where Hawks wasted chances is gonna cost them
Fatbar5tad: Cya Rance
GOD: GOD has the C on T. Mitchell today!
Fatbar5tad: This is like the Easter Monday game but the roles reversed for the Hawks.
Apachecats: Get some new material GOD
Hadouken: need naughton to get 46 to win lol
AngryRyno: 50pt DT quarter from titchy to close, cape that man
intergaze: Shame you missed Grundy earlier in the round GOD

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