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Chat log from R3 of 2018: St Kilda vs Adelaide

Chat log for St Kilda vs Adelaide, R3 of 2018

th3rio: heres hoping armo gets some decent game time …
Breezey: Need Seb Ross to go big.
BigChief: Billings and Laird go huge please.
Breezey: Happy for Billings. Opponent has Laird
DrSeuss: Laird and Billings – nothing surprises me this weekend
th3rio: what the fuck is billings doing
Beast_Mode: billing is an inconsistant spud, what did you expect?
PowerBug: Is he playing fwd so far?
BigChief: Billings and Treloar from the same butchers table.
th3rio: looks to be mid / half fwd which is even more annoying
Hooks: Everyone that traded fyfe HAHAHAHA
th3rio: i dont get why armo gets fuck all TOG, he looks decent when hes on.
runt: If mcCartin is the big hope for the Saints then they are stuffed.
amigaman: Fyfe, my captain my captain
PowerBug: Bryce Gibbs scoring nicely, might have to look at that one
MONEY TALK: i guess he isn’t fully fit
Hooks: Who said Laird nothing?
missmagic: mccartin to swans next year for a fair deal,where he will become a star and buddys heir apparent
BigChief: Poor tank th3rio
Beast_Mode: had coffield in before rd1 took him out when not named, looks a good cash cow addition in a few weeks
carlton_99: Is Steven ok?
Hooks: We must wait a week on coffield
missmagic: and never again will a key position or a ruck be chosen as #1 draft pick
DarkLegend: Steven back according to Lingy
MONEY TALK: yea steven back out
m0nty: Steven in the centre for start of Q2.
Ash777: Hogan was kind of a #1 draft pick
PowerBug: Sauce has come chasing to do for me. Gotta go close to the popular Stef and Grundy picks in AF
MONEY TALK: marshall looks good
Ash777: there needs to be a super cash cow symbol for doedee
runt: Coffield and Betts have kicked the same amount of goals this year
Breezey: Justice for crappy decision
MONEY TALK: we r playing crap, but geee umps pay something in our favour
BigChief: Stupid rule, but Saints player did run straight past McGovern.
cusch1: There is always one person who has to blame the umps.
pcaman2003: Silly me getting Armitage. Should’ve known better
MONEY TALK: its been pretty shitty both ways
DrSeuss: Billings needs to kick and tackle
circle52: @pacman I have had Armo since Rd 1 – he has got his B/e so will get a bit of a rise
Breezey: Prett6 conclusive Not
Ash777: the score review guys must have 8k vision
MONEY TALK: no idea how that was touched
Burnsy03: ngl very happy have laird, savage and doedee
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
MONEY TALK: same burnsy
The39Steps: Why wouldnt they start these games 30 mins apart so there’s continuous action all night?
heppelitis: because that would be common sense
cusch1: Because that is what the fans would want, and we all know that they couldnt care less about us 39steps
Pokerface: did billings get his cape yet?
Apachecats: Got the V on laird ,will bank that if he gets 130SC
boo!: billings cape is at the cleaners….
LuvIt74: Think im gojnna regret not trading out Armitage for Cogs now…
heppelitis: Acres in this week..Lyons in next…happy days
the worm: you still have time to get cogs for 2 weeks before he snaps in half
Jackwatt$: If Brownlow medals we’re giving out in the JLT Armitage would have taken Woewodins title as worst player to win one off
pcaman2003: @Luvit. Think I’ll trade Armo to Gibbs. Have plenty in bank and Gibbs going great
LuvIt74: I chose Hibberd to Simpson & Menagola to R Gray. I could have went Armitage to Cogs & Menengola to Curnow
DrSeuss: Billing’s cape? I would be happy if he could earn a scarf
Jackwatt$: Fair enough Armitage doesn’t care about my SC team, but he probably should at least care about St.Kilda and it’s fans
LuvIt74: @pca yeah he’s looking good m8
the worm: first choice was best luvit, two keepers there
th3rio: Bit hard when armos tog is like 55 watts 🙁
Apachecats: Geary gone back to his true form.
Jackwatt$: Must be dropped for Steele. At least Steele can offer more than just inside mid
colin wood: Douglas would have to be one of the most underrated players in the comp.
pcaman2003: th3rio. That’s the problem. No TOG to get decent scores. Not sure why exactly.
SwaggyP: burger for armo, looks awful.
DrSeuss: Is Billings even on field? Not seeing him anywhere
boo!: billings and armitage at kfc
BigChief: Laird and Billings where art thou?
Manowar: The T button has your name written all over it Billings! Loser
pcaman2003: Saints players generally SC poison.
Apachecats: Laird lucky to get to 100 at this rate.There goes my loop.
colin wood: Armitage and billings lift.
dipstick: shane almost as savage as gordon ramsay
Yelse: why are the sc scores so low in both games
PowerBug: because it’s 3qtr time…
Gotigres: Bye bye Armitage
DrSeuss: Is Billings in a different role this week?
Jackwatt$: No kidding just seen Armitage on the bench checking his Tinder profile. Does he care anymore?
Yelse: armitage to danger next week
Breezey: I think Armo knew he was a cheap pice too. He didn’t put himself in his own team.
SwaggyP: You’re a pig Armitage.
pcaman2003: @Swaggy. I second that.
banta: pathetic st kilda…again. should be ashamed
jfitty: Cherries for Savage? Started well and put a nice score together
MONEY TALK: yes sir, all we can do is butcher a ball forward
pcaman2003: Armo sc ave 109 in 2015. What the f happened?
cusch1: St Kilda probably regretting their banner now
Chelskiman: Three weeks ago I was excited by the prospect of how my team looked. Now I want to trade half of them out.
Breezey: Armo was injured 🤕 for the whole of last year. Only 3 games back from that.
TheMessiah: Please hit 70 Billings – Nice Savage!
BigChief: You’re dreaming with Billings Messiah.
circle52: not alone there chelkisman
pcaman2003: @Breezey. So was conigs. How’s he going?
The39Steps: A.R. will go before Bucks.
SwaggyP: Unsurprisingly Billings goes missing against a quality oppo, Chief..
th3rio: Billings and armo have killed me, dogs.
BigChief: Could not agree more Swaggy.
TheMessiah: Glad I went Armo to Cogs this week!
Breezey: Conigs played last year and there’s a class difference as well.
circle52: A goal and some more junk points will do Armo
Breezey: Also do you know who they play for. One runs around for GWS and other plays for this mob
BigChief: That really is a crap rule.
DrSeuss: Haven’t even seen Billings this quarter. Need to put him in the middle
banta: st kilda are disgusting
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Maybe he should have another year off Smell worse than Pepe Le Pew
SwaggyP: St.Kilda should be excused from the comp for 2018, they are trash.
Pokerface: apparently billings is a top 2 forward this year

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1 Comment

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