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Chat log from R3 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Fremantle, R3 of 2018

the worm: just arrived in gold coast, hope i can get a taxi to the game in time for the first bounce!
BigChief: By a long taxi ride since the game is in Perth.
Pokerface: $ Banfield and Holman
Chelskiman: Opponet has Fyfe. I have Zorko. FMDT.
Raspel31: Fyfe rather looking the money eh what?
DarkLegend: Fyfe is everywhere
Chelskiman: Fyfe is going to get Zorko’s score in the first quarter at this rate. šŸ˜
thorgils: vc Fyfe looking aight
Raspel31: If Fyfe does well I can forget Titch/Dusty dilemna and bench them both.
mattmac24: So many people traded out Fyfe after R1.. Tsk Tsk
amigaman: Looking really good @thorgils šŸ™‚
th3rio: So pissed. Couldn’t loophole because stef martin and gawn played. Only hace ruck loop
DrSeuss: Great choice starting Neale and Beams this year….
Raspel31: I couldn’t work the loop either the3rio
DarkLegend: in fairness Neale has had two kicks go to him that have gone over his head. should have 12 more
Haydo: Far out walters
gers: Free kick count seems even
valkorum: IF Sandi had of kicked that goal I would have lost my shower
DrSeuss: Needed that one Lachie. Keep building son
Haydo: Cape ready for fyfe monty
SwaggyP: Walters pls, don’t do this to me
Rush: My opponent has Fyfe, i have Brayshaw šŸ™
th3rio: Bloody rucks rasp šŸ™
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Neale – good to see Crowden making money on my bench
Pokerface: wharfie time!
RGriffen: freekickdockers on track for 40 frees for
Raspel31: Ah-no Stef th3rio?
valkorum: cape for Fyfe please
PICCOLLO: Fyfe is lyfe
Nuffman: Think it’s safe to lock in the VC fyfe already
th3rio: Rasp, could we have looped if we had non playing player on field before rucks played? So confused lol
lukat: Aaron Hall what a POD pickup for myself
Pokerface: purple superman please.
Erich1036: @th3rio you sure could have, I know I did šŸ˜‰
Haydo: Isnt it a purple cape for freo players??
Pokerface: thats what we thought about Crouch this time last week šŸ™
SilverLion: I VCd Cripps instead of Fyfe. Oh boy.
valkorum: Mundy is my POD
Pokerface: oh lukat.
Raspel31: No the3rio- that was my problemo.
th3rio: I thought the benched player had to play after the vc? Ie martin and gawn played for me, fuck haha
circle52: @th3rio I have it permanently set where I have Olongo on field and Gawn as e
circle52: then if required c goes to Olongo. He has been C for first 3 rds
Erich1036: @circle same, it’s just common sense really
circle52: Weagles have quite a lot of late games.
Rush: Captain Olongo has been my star play the first few rounds
Raspel31: But not if they’ve played before.
Erich1036: Sorry but you’re wrong Raspel. Source? By doing it for the first 3 weeks and last few years šŸ™‚
AngryRyno: Hall rubbish again… cold as ice
m0nty: yay purple cape!
Burnsy03: hall lock icon, being tagged by banfield
frenzy: Can we get a wheelie bin for players like Walters
th3rio: I was also under the impression the E’d player had to play after the non playing p
Chelskiman: Michael Johnson has to be the 2nd oldest player in the comp, right?
Erich1036: @the3rio nah 100% not the case mate, at least you know for the future now!
frenzy: Geez Iā€™m good at getting em up
th3rio: Thanks buddy
Raspel31: Think about it th3rio-it serves no purpose. You still have to choose your v and it limits your options.
DrSeuss: Crowds on my bench – out scoring Banfield and Brayshaw put together
th3rio: Yeah i know, just spewing i forgot to field lavender as i had fyfe pocked outngor vc on fri
thorgils: Come on Fyfe 90 at half time !
GOD: why not 100?
thorgils: I’m not greedy šŸ™‚
Burnsy03: hanley bandage- shoulder issues
Jackwatt$: Nice gesture with the purple cape m0nty. A great tribute to one of freos past and current best players
Snarfy: I put the “C” on Fyfe on Thursday :] I must be phsycic! The Suns will win by 3 goals!!!
Jackwatt$: I do think a normal Superman cape wouldn’t do justice to Fyfes game. Superman should have a Nat Fyfe icon!
thorgils: vc Fyfe loophole looking okay so far….
Ben_Gogos: @Jackwatt$$that was @Koss with the purple mania!
Nuffman: wtb more from Brayshaw
SilverLion: Clock for Brayshaw. Only 58% TOG
SilverLion: Brayshaw to Crowden next week is definitely on the cards.
lukat: Aaron Hall big half coming up i feel it
circle52: agree Silver Lion
TheOnyas: onya fyfey
LuvIt74: What a flop Brayshaw is
TheMessiah: Anyone have Brayshaws BE?
LuvIt74: Messiah -3 mate
AngryRyno: Brayshaw will start losing cash next week
LuvIt74: Just move him on next week mate. I’m glad i didn’t purchase top price rookies apart from Naughton.
TheMessiah: Thanks Luvit!
DrSeuss: In about 7 leagues – Brayshaw is my unique player in all of them. Gotta love it
LuvIt74: I held on to ZGL even though he’s out for 4 weeks, was concidering bringing waterman in but didn’t do it
LuvIt74: DrSeuss all the higher priced rookies have done nothing compared to the cheaper options…
devize: Is hanley out?
Burnsy03: yeah done for the day
duckky: Gold Coast go alright at home
Snarfy: Have they brought him back too soon?
Erich1036: @duckky it’s at Perth haha
Fatbar5tad: No shit Eric šŸ˜‰
AngryRyno: still wharfie time for nat
duckky: And Ive put the Mozz on them as well
SilverLion: Atlas for Fyfe
devize: Kenw they should have waited another week for him. Rushed him
Apachecats: Darcy in for Freo next week.
DarkLegend: surely Blakely gets back status again
boofjb57: Haha duckky
AngryRyno: Holman hasn’t touched it this qtr, get involved lad
Apachecats: What chance fyfe 180 SC?
Nuffman: @angryRyno: same as Ryan
BigChief: C’mon Nick need more tackles.
boofjb57: High chance apache since the margin isn’t that big, they won’t rest him in last qtr
LuvIt74: @Apache its looking good m8
wadaramus: Locking in the Fyfe VC right now!
Haydo: Wow went off at qtr time when walters was on ten
Apachecats: Yes Boof was worried about his high B/E ,not now though.
spudaroos: Jeez Walters, 48 to 99 in 10 minutes šŸ˜€
DrSeuss: Neale decided to disappear again this quarter?
Apachecats: This may have already been discussed but how come freo is the away team in this game.
Seb78: @Apachecats good chance get to 180+
Haydo: Far out i thought i was going well then realised i fieded brayshaw over banfieldi
TheOnyas: onya fyfey
rebird: Gold Coast home team due to commonwealth games
snake_p: apachecats Comm games Suns sold home game to Freo
Breezey: Gold Coast brought it to Perth because they have no Home games until Comm Games are done
BigChief: I think round 11 is 1st game at Metricon.
cusch1: Anyone else make the mistake of fielding Brayshaw and benching Banfield?
Pokerface: luvit you need to trade fyfe to dangerfield
Apachecats: thanks everyone ,bet a lot of people in tipping contests didn’t realise though.
SilverLion: Nice lift by Holman those last 5 minutes
Tez: Fyfe is back šŸ˜€
DrSeuss: Played both Banfield and Brayshaw and Stephenson – Dow and Rayner outscoring them on the bench
Apachecats: Benched both of them cusch1
Nuffman: @cusch: yes
Apachecats: Holman got going late that 1/4.He was on 40SC with about 8 mins to go.
SilverLion: Down Arrow for Witts? Clock for Brayshaw?
Pokerface: 9 muppets. come on sandi, play properly
jfitty: Butcher for Neale too
cusch1: Waiting for people to start asking if they should take Fyfe VC or roll the dice on Martin
BigChief: Surely you roll the dice cusch.
circle52: Should I take Fyfe VC score or role the dice on Titchell hha cusch
Apachecats: Fat lady warming up.
cammo92: Walters might be the best field kick in the game. Should average 100 this year
Burnsy03: i dont have nat but surely u dont risk it
Burnsy03: who else has walters here? other than me
BigChief: Great defence Dockers
Rush: This game has been brutal. Picked Brayshaw over Banfield, and my opponent has fyfe and walters
StuL: What the hells wrong with Brayshaw?He looked ready made in JLT. I’ll be putting the E on Banfield from now on.
DarkLegend: Neale ffs
StuL: Who else had Walters then didn’t take him? Doh
BigChief: Better question Burnsy is who doesn’t
Burnsy03: brayshaw to ton up next week now
Burnsy03: 90% of ppl kicking themselves
AngryRyno: need a ton Neale, get cracking
wadaramus: Carn Fyfey, cash in and go big!
Nuffman: everything Ryan touches is gold
DrSeuss: Neale promises so much at times – then just fades
AngryRyno: atlas for Lyons
Snarfy: Ryan delivers the ball by foot just beautifully!
Breezey: Call this unbelievable but my brother went Lyons as his captan this week and Dusty VC.
frenzy: Blue moon McCarthy
BigChief: Mine went Stef VC and Fyfe C. Took Stef as you would.
Nuffman: woulda liked a goal or 2 there Brayshaw lol
PowerBug: Brayshaw had a good couple of minutes there. Shame he didn’t convert either shot at goal
AngryRyno: great call there PowerBug, well done making it to the game in time to see the pear win today
feralmong: Oh yeah just got in got the vc on Fyfe
cusch1: Is Hunter Clark playing tonight lads?
RGriffen: what was that free for?
PowerBug: negative cusch
Snarfy: Whats the story with Aaron Hall?
feralmong: Thx for getting suspended Sicily I can loophole.
Beast_Mode: roughly what will brayshaw Sc breakeven next week be?
valkorum: snarfy, he has been tagged out of the game by Banfield
BigChief: @Snarfy he can’t handle a tag
cusch1: Hunter Clarke will be awarded the captaincy in my team for the first time. Congratulations to the young man!
Snarfy: Do they get recognition in Supercoach for that valk?
DarkLegend: Yeah hard tag on Hall. Put him to ff to try and break it. Can’t believe they persisted with that tactic all game
cusch1: Wait I had LDU as emerg in the midfield so the lower score gets taken doesnt it?
BigChief: Uh oh Walters hurt.
BigChief: Yes cusch.
cammo92: @beast mode – I think about 30
Beast_Mode: ok cheers buddy
cusch1: No loopholing Fyfe for me then
boo!: dusty gunna be 180sc+
valkorum: snarfy dont think so
thorgils: 25 contested for fyfe wow

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