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Chat log from R3 of 2018: Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Melbourne vs North Melbourne, R3 of 2018

BigChief: Majak to ton up.
frenzy: Let’s see what two weeks of back man training has produced with Maj
TheMessiah: Goldy to go 130+ and North to win
TheBoy89: Hibberd to go massive 120+
BigChief: Nice hit Majak.
duckky: Does anyone know what the points are for hitouts and hitouts to advantage?
the worm: did i hear right during the week that the dees havent beat north for over 10 years?
frenzy: Correct 17 straight
BigChief: 17 games in a row Dees have lost to Nth.
FordyHawks: Hope hibberd gets under 70/80, traded him out πŸ™‚
th3rio: Same fordy hehe
BigChief: Harmes rucking?
TheLegend6: If it wasn’t for a couple of outs, I would’ve traded Hibberd. Hopefully he doesn’t spud up again…
TheMessiah: since 2006 @bigchief
poolboybob: Petracca get the ball you dud
BigChief: Yes Messiah which is 17 in a row.
Yelse: hibberd and petracca you disappoint me
mjdub: hibberd’s gone for me next week. Definitely didn’t pick him to be playing a lock down role
feralmong: Roos lookin alright. Not the basket case commentators called.
th3rio: Not used to seeing Oliver down there
TheMessiah: I tipped the roos and put $250 on them @$3.40
CamT: Anyone with the Oliver, Petracca, Hibberd combo ?
TheMessiah: @th3rio…. he is my draft Captain…. LOL
TheMessiah: @bigchief.. was just saying the year as it suprised the hell outta me mate. Thats all.
BigChief: Olivr has Jacobs on his butt and will have all day.
BigChief: Very long streak indeed Messiah.
FordyHawks: Traded Hibberd for Geary so next week brayshaw will be dusty
Rush: Glad i traded out Hibberd this week
Rush: Still got Fritsch and Petracca on field so any time they want to extract the digit would be great
TheMessiah: Urghh no I didn’t.. I had it in my account but didnt confirm it πŸ™
oh_lol: Traded out Salem and he’s going off. Classic.
Chelskiman: I can’t wait to rage trade Hibbo.
BigChief: Is Hibberd the biggest disappointment this year?
amigaman: Agree
TheMessiah: Glad I traded Hibbo to Savage right before round 1
the worm: he’s only dissappointing if you selected him.
DrSeuss: Come on Fritsch – at least a 60 today please
BigChief: Maybe Dees will save you $250 Messiah
luke394: I can’t wait to get Hibbo at 400k once everyone has punted him πŸ™‚
Yelse: why has hibberd dropped like this where is he playing
duckky: Gawn is a nice C
mjdub: Hibberd’s playing mano e mano at the moment it seems
TheMessiah: Goldy having a bad day πŸ™
Beast_Mode: lol you muppets should’ve traded hbberd last week, now he’s lost a shit load of value
biggs2dujj: I had to trade Menegola, Lambert, Rioli, Omeara, Hibberd, Kreuzer etc. Wish I had 10 trades this week
The39Steps: Are North really fantasy relevant?
The39Steps: Or perhaps….are North really relevant?
biggs2dujj: Haven’t had a Norf player in about 5 years
TheLegend6: Goldy
Rush: Wish i kept the VC on gawn
BigChief: Only Norf player I looked at was Goldy, then went Gawn and Sinclair.
frenzy: Lol Biggs, u picking trash below
colin wood: relax with hibberd guys hes coming good
biggs2dujj: Hibberd has pulled his finger out of his bum
biggs2dujj: Yes, Frenzy, my life is pretty bad atm
Yelse: hibberd making a move
PureSwag: Hibbo.
colin wood: just need caitlyn oliver to come good now
cusch1: surely they could have called that back…play had stopped
TheMessiah: What a muppet!
RGriffen: McDonald hahah
thorgils: Hibbo about to payback the true believers
biggs2dujj: Hibbo will need a 175 to pay us back
th3rio: Ffs lift petracca
cusch1: Eddie McGuire is a horrid commentator
PureSwag: @cusch so true
th3rio: Good pet lol
StuL: You may call football Mr Eddie, but you are no commentator
BigChief: Hungry Melksham.
runt: Maguire tries too hard
TheMessiah: Goddam you are luck th3rio….. I ask and they go backwards
cusch1: Daw takes standard chest mark and its brilliant work, all undone by his smothered shi*thouse kick
th3rio: Oppt has danger bro, need all the points i can get haha
biggs2dujj: Gawn missing
StuL: Nice Tracca
runt: Hogan never looked like kicking that
DrSeuss: Good Qtr Fritschy
cusch1: Hogan’s work rate looks to have improved this season
runt: Has there ever been a goal that didn’t need to be kicked?
BigChief: @cusch I think he has been training with the midfield all preseason.
mattmac24: stephenson on field over Fritsch, whoops
the worm: i started fritsch over ryan. hope it pays off
runt: Brown staged that
BigChief: Brown should be reported for staging.
mattmac24: Garlett and Fritsch benched over Stephenson and Ryan, Ryan needs a big game!
colin wood: Oliver πŸ™
billnats: Got convinced that Oliver is the man to replace Crouch… regret
runt: All ruckmen worth their weight push and shove and we all accept it
colin wood: billnats i did the same thing πŸ™
mattmac24: I told everyone, Either Oliver or Cripps for Crouch.. I went Macrae myself
Yelse: oliver will be fine every other week. jacobs will do a number on all premiums he tags
biggs2dujj: Gawn VC. Hibberd pulling his finger out. Fritch not a bitch. Love it
BigChief: Need to think longer than 1 game with Oliver.
mattmac24: I agree Yelse
Yelse: ok hibberd back to playing again and finding the pill
frenzy: Good boy Browny
pcaman2003: Goldie and Gawn stopped scoring.
Raspel31: Yep-Gawny no points this quarter??
frenzy: Hogan’s heros
mattmac24: What’s going on with Goldy though? And North’s ruck situation in general?
Apachecats: Gawn was 80 SC at half time.So minus 8 for 1/4
Pokerface: goldy had a fight with his new gf?
thorgils: Keep going Hibbo!
Ash777: crap last week I said I would bring in hogan but forgot πŸ™
StuL: Not allowed to take a mark umps!? Needed those Fritsch points.
Fatbar5tad: Maggots keeping Roos in it.
Number 8: CD up to usual tricks, reversing points and frustrating coaches
m0nty: new icon
Fatbar5tad: No free for Petracca. Dead set cheating now.
Pokerface: in this game m0nty?
SilverLion: Gawn alright guys? Too busy nearly having a heart attack over the other game…
Number 8: Bayley’s scoring is giving me the Fritsch
Burnsy03: jacobs on the bench, hoping kelly and holman do better
poolboybob: Waite seems pretty dumb
MONEY TALK: all those ppl who laughed at me when i said jacobs for brownlow
frenzy: Are still laughing
Raspel31: I missed it monet talk-I’m laughing now.
mattmac24: Ben Jacobs for the brownlow? You’re kidding..? right?
BigChief: Sam Jacobs might, Ben Jacobs won’t get a vote.
Burnsy03: only 200k with -15 be
MONEY TALK: ben is a jet, look at him rack those points in, give him the star monty
MONEY TALK: exactly burnsy
frenzy: And done a number on Clarry
mattmac24: Yes.. Because they look at SC/DT for the brownlow
Pokerface: you actually think he is getting votes today??
Haydo: Fritsch for a 3rd 60??
MONEY TALK: do ur self a favour and put money on him
BigChief: Hogan, Gawn, Jones, Kent, Salem, L. McDonald all better than the scragger.
StuL: Fritsch robbed of a goal in the 3rd. That’s going to cost him par.
Pokerface: whatever odds you’ve been offered, ill double.
cusch1: Eddie thinks commentating a football game is the same as hosting a game show. Absolutely no enthusiasm and talks dribble
BigChief: C’mon Poker at least offer 10x what he got.
MONEY TALK: just kidding we all know paddy mccartin will win the browlow and kikc 150 goals mark my words
Raspel31: Rather chuffed with my rucks today eh what?
cusch1: You aren’t even a good troll
frenzy: Trash can Oliver
BigChief: McCartin will struggle to kick 150 goals for his career.
duckky: Are those scissors on Oliver Monty?
BigChief: Hey Messiah. Good thing you didn’t put that bet on.
mattmac24: I’m amazed that Oliver scraped together a 76 in SC
Number 8: Gawn has been doing it in ones since he was 90
Pokerface: its a shovel i think duckky?
frenzy: Ur a disgrace Goldy
cusch1: Hope Fritsch gets scaled to 60
frenzy: Bring in Preuss
duckky: No – its a blowfly! Special symbol for Jacobs.

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