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Chat log from R4 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Carlton

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Carlton, R4 of 2018

th3rio: Lads who we fielding over garlett fritsch and henry
Yelse: garlett or fritsch
frenzy: henry if I had him
mardyb: thierry
th3rio: Lol mardy
wadaramus: I’m gonna play Garlett.
oc16: a bit hard for jacobs to be tagging murphy given he isnt playing
RGriffen: Murphy out btw M0nty
th3rio: Ahhh go away jacobs
Breezey: I brought Murphy in this week and made him captain. Fair flowerin dinkum.
NoneyaB: what happened to murphy?
wadaramus: Damn, that hurts Breezey, who’s VC?
th3rio: Ankle issue
TheOnyas: onya wrighty
BigChief: Seriously? They have Brayshaw commentating a North game?
TheBoy89: i bloody hate taggers just piss off
Breezey: Coniglio VC. Banfield as cover
TheBoy89: just play the game how it should be played
th3rio: I dont think hes preso anymore chief
the worm: seriously they have brayshaw commentating any game?
th3rio: Agree boy
CBeezDeez: Hate em also @89! Unfortunately umps let em get away with a showerload!
RGriffen: he isn’t North pres anymore just a fan like Russell (Port) Huddo (cats) etc
mardyb: im pretty sure dow just runs around in circles
StuL: Brayshaw is a fake/celeb commentator though like Eddie.
Jukes82: lol at the muppets that started garlett
BigChief: Carlton would not win against an under 9 team anywhere.
the worm: i love brayshaws traditionl afl phrases
boofjb57: He’s commentating because they couldn’t fill the position with someone else. Really don’t blame them. Who would want to
the worm: like “catches the pill at the touch line and kicks a major”
buddy4pm: if you handball to yourself is that effective ?
runt: Weitering start to the season has been as ugly as any highly rated player in recent times
StuL: You would think Carlton were playing a good team.
vamos77: Carlton should be banned from all Fri/Sat night games. Sunday 4.40 is there time when footy is irrelevant
BigChief: Where is anth? This is more embarrassing than Brisbane.
StuL: Bolton had a plan, didn’t factor in this his team is totally uncompetitive.
SilverLion: Jesus Big Brown
Breezey: Is Brisbanes total of 17 in danger from Carlton
HawkTalker: kreuzer… you’re killing me, mate
SilverLion: I hope so Breezey ๐Ÿ˜›
the worm: give carlton a break, they only have one player and he is being tagged
Stuart88: What Ben Browns BE in SC heโ€™s gonna smash it
the worm: i predict waite will outscore his old team by himself
BigChief: donut for Kennedy and witches hats for all Blues.
Costanza: these two should merge
StuL: Real good Goldy.
boo!: carlton worse than the dim sims at my local bp servo
original: Spins 360, hits the ground, waits on the ground finally handballs. Not holding the ball???!
BigChief: Weitering is a joke. Can’t even beat a 35 year old
Gloryhound: Can only imagine what Scott’s “rev up talk” to Goldstein was like… Maybe Goldie needs his hearing checked?
runt: Weitering is too serious, he needs to lighten up
frenzy: Geez I hate Turner
Breezey: Is this the fastest ton up ever from Ben Brown
wadaramus: Lift Garlett you hack!
BigChief: Fisher didn’t even move then. Simpkin jumped over him.
StuL: Weiters wad OK in his first year. Being a Carlton player has sucked his soul away.
StuL: Warner got a ton before lunch once.
runt: I dont think his wad needs to be discussed
Breezey: That was pre sandpaper days Stul
korza: The worse game by the CFC in 15 years. I’m ashamed
the worm: this media beat up on weitering has everyone in a tizzy
CBeezDeez: Did he scruff that new ball up also did he?
Manowar: Umpires cheating for North
NewFreoFan: Lol Manowar, yes this performance is the umpires fault
RGriffen: lol blues fans blaming the umps. Your team are crap
boo!: carlton fans leaving already….
Manowar: Umpires still cheating for North!
circle52: @Korza sympathise with you today was the worst lions game for me fir 2 seasons
runt: I hope Weitering doesnt venture too close to the rail on the Spirit of Tasmania. He may get a nudge or 2
the worm: curnow cripps fischer weitering silvagni is a pretty reasonable future
boo!: jo silvagni is one hot milf
The39Steps: I reckon Jo would get more ball than her son.
BigChief: @boo don’t you mean was?
boo!: @bigchief, nah – she about 47…perfect…
duckky: Fisher making a run on his score
wadaramus: Come on Garlett, get some ball!
runt: I dont know why Carlton dont just go to the shop and get some confidence like the Lions did
runt: was just informed confidence was sold out and they gave them jam donuts instead
korza: Enough !!!
runt: whopping great bag of jam donuts
TheOnyas: onya browny
hinsch: LDU was going to be the pick of the year????? lucky I left him out who would have B Brown in their team
The39Steps: Both games are crap. Best we jettison incompetents like Carlton, GC, Roos, Lions and Saints and go to EPL-style league.
Raspel31: Golly, between this and the other game, I’m dropping 200 points-whoops.
wadaramus: Good idea 39, reduce the number of teams and play proper home and away season!
The39Steps: Yep, 12 superleague teams with proper home and away.
CBeezDeez: Back to a 12 team league would be great!
RGriffen: then half of the vic teams would be gone
anthsill03: Stop blaming the umps.
Stu7: FFS fisher touch the ball, fall on it at least!!!!
runt: The39Steps Up yours knobhead
BigChief: You are a muppet 39. Go back to the bar.
runt: If there is a superleague there is no way in hell Richmond would be in it
wadaramus: It’s the only true equitable competition, proper home and away season!
The39Steps: Pies, Bombers, Tiges, Cats, Swans, Lions, Crows, Port, Eagles, Hawks, Tassie and ACT.
runt: scratching out 1 flag in 37 years reeks of incompetence and ineptitude
StuL: Horrible game.
BigChief: Until last year Richmond had not won a final for 17 years. Get rid of them
Pinkman: horrrible game for us blues supporters, but for f*** sake Goldstein, your sacked
SilverLion: Shoulda started your super league when you couldn’t win a final @39
wadaramus: Sadly, the AFL wants to be a nation wide competition, but in reality it is still predominantly the VFL.
anthsill03: Its so cold at the ground. Worst game of footy ive witnessed
StuL: Goldy can’t even share with Daw. He looks cooked.
Seb78: How can ben brown be on 100% efficiency if he’s kicked a behind?
RGriffen: tigers one flag in how long. Lions would make it before they would
StuL: Still far more national than the NRL. As long as we keep them in the shade.
Raspel31: He was aiming for a point to save Carlton’s feelings Seb.
Migz: 2 wa teams. 2 Sa teams. 2 NSW teams 2 Qld teams and 4 Vic teams would be the only fair system
anthsill03: Lions wont win a flag for a while. All there good youngsters leave
BigChief: Richmond finished 5th and Carlton 9th and you still couldn’t win a final in 2013
wadaramus: What about Tassie Migz?!
RGriffen: nah best tigers final was when Cotchin kicked into the wind at AO
The39Steps: Please Lion supporters don’t pretend you wont gifted three flags from the AFL who turned a blind eye to sal cap rorts.
runt: The live ladder has the Blues on the bottom at present.
wadaramus: For as long as we have a 22 round “Fixture” and the GF is always at teh MCG, it will never be a true national comp.
wadaramus: Lol RGriff.
Migz: We’ll take one of the Qld teams for tassie
SilverLion: Whose pretending anything lol
BigChief: Name 1 other ground that is capable of hosting the GF wada?
runt: The39Steps Yeh , I remember that scandal. Cost us another 3 flags.
wadaramus: I think any ground could host it, only 30K of each club supporters get to go anyway.
hinsch: Maybe they could have the AL GF in Tassie that would work
runt: Poor Martin Pyke got shafted though. He saw none of it!!
StuL: GF shouldnt be at anyone’s home and it wasn’t once. But AFL is all about the money.
wadaramus: Don’t get me wrong, the G is a great stadium, I was there in 97 and it is a great memory, but it is just not fair.
korza: Ziebell on 92 is a joke with 3 fa
BigChief: The only other ground with the seating is crappy ANZ stadium which you would never use.
pcaman2003: Just came back from dining out. Carltank,lol!
RGriffen: have the GF in NT. Half the ground is standing room so unlimited capacity ๐Ÿ˜‰
hinsch: Got Simpson in DT this week what a bargain that is
korza: Another no1 draft pick on its way. Woo Hoo
wadaramus: Agree bigchief, ANZ sucks arse, but how do we make it fair and equitable?
wadaramus: Last year, the Crows had to play Richmond on their home ground.
BigChief: Build bigger stadiums in each state. Only way you can pass it around
hinsch: Korza Brisbane are not out of No1 draft pick just yet
wadaramus: Youcan kicka footy from Punt Road into the MCG, how is taht fair on what should be equal?
SilverLion: Don’t be so sure korza haha
BigChief: @korza and the #1’s you have are superstars.
Breezey: You are seriously struggling when Atley is going over 100
mardyb: how about the fat that the interstate clubs have distinct home advantage 11 games a year? fair much?
mardyb: fact*
Umpirespet: Get the ball Fisher
circle52: @korza Rd 18 may be the Draft Pick Match
RGriffen: and have to travel 11 times compared to vics who travel 5 or 6..
Umpirespet: RGriff u couldnโ€™t have the GF in NT Victorians would get sunburnt
wadaramus: We have to travel 11 games too mardy? Vic teams don’t?
BigChief: Carlton won’t beat Brisbane, not on form from both teams this year.
StuL: At this rate the blues should lose by 200 at some stage.
runt: Why doesnt anyone talk about University anymore? The AFL pretends they never existed
korza: @BigChief, it was said in jest, you noob
Umpirespet: How many games do hawks get at the mcg and Tassie Mardy?
mardyb: my point is, everyone is looking for ‘fair’ these days, but youre never going to get ‘fair’
BigChief: How can it be in jest when it will be fact that Carlton get the #1 pick
CBeezDeez: How many clubs actually train on the “home” grounds?
wadaramus: Lets face it, AFL footy is mostly awesome, but it is nowhere near an equitable competition, not unless we play 34 games!
StuL: Plenty of Vic v Vic home games have negligible home advantage too.
BigChief: The only Vic team who train on their own ground is Geelong.
mardyb: fact is the crows are just trash. many interstate clubs have come to the G and won flags.
RGriffen: my club doesn’t even get to play at a home ground and have to travel what bs
mardyb: crows just showered the bed on GF day
wadaramus: LOL mardy, indeed they did ๐Ÿ™‚
the worm: are people actually discussing why a team in a full rebuild is crap?
Umpirespet: Who do u follow RGriff GC?
BigChief: Griff they should have played at Gabba. At least it would be close to Metricon.
wadaramus: Look at the record though mardy, interstate clubsthatface victorian clubs on GF day mostly lose?
The39Steps: I wouldn’t worry about Carltank getting pick one. They are unlikely to pick an ace given recent history andSOS in charge
Umpirespet: Hopefully Carlton our feeder club picks up lukosious so we can get him back
runt: rebuilds are crap. When did the Swans, Cats or…….okay just those 2 undergo a rebuild?
CBeezDeez: I think an 18 team league is too many. Look at game quality tonite alone.
BigChief: They don’t need to tank, they are bad enough.
BigChief: Agreed CBD should have stayed at 16
mardyb: its not that skewered. recent history is though, ill give you that
Breezey: 8-2 to Newcastle in the ALeague if anyone is interested
circle52: Personally would like to see extra teams come in and split into 2 Conferences with the 2 Confernce winners playing GF
mardyb: but go back to 90’s and early 2000s and crows eagles and lions make a mockery of the arguement
NewFreoFan: Benny Brown still beating the Blues
wadaramus: Fair call mardy, the new teams had major concessions.
buddy4pm: Do I need to do Goldy to Grundy. He seems cooked already
vamos77: Majak GOAT of the spuds
Umpirespet: Cripps is wasted at Carlton
wadaramus: thinking the same thing buddy!
wadaramus: That might work circle.
CBeezDeez: Every new team since to 90’s have been given tons of concessions to try and grow the game
Breezey: Ziebell DT compared to SC. Geez
CBeezDeez: Few have made them work but most have not.
Bails81: Witches hats for the whole team
The39Steps: There’s 500 SC points between these two. That is outrageous.
circle52: We only had a cost of living allowance whiuch was taken off us after our 3 peat
circle52: and then we saw what happened with go home factor.
Breezey: Only 4 witches hats.
wadaramus: Thanks for the healthy discussion peeps ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m out.
BigChief: Ben Brown has beaten Carlton on his own.
runt: Like a good but not too bright friend the Blues have extended a hand and lifted the Lions off the bottom

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