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Chat log from R4 of 2018: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Chat log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R4 of 2018

JockMcPie: Lets go Nic Nat, 70% game time and 150 please
CBeezDeez: That and YoYo to get a good run at it… Not like last week.
Gloryhound: Has Holman set up a picnic rug and sitting down a spot of high tea?
DrSeuss: Upswing on the Yeo-Yo this week I hope
CBeezDeez: Wonder what NicNat would score with 80+% game ToG?
Chelskiman: What’s up with Holman? Just saw his score (well, lack of).
hinsch: Earth to Holman come in Holman lucky his BE is still a minus
BigChief: 86% TOG for donuts Holman. Lift ya game boy.
JockMcPie: Only thing Holman’s done was knee Ainsworth in the back of the head…
wadaramus: Holman keen for some delicious sprinkled donuts…mmmmm
StuL: Lucky that everyone has Holman
Breezey: Only compensation for me is that my opponent has Holman also.
m0nty: not everyone is starting him though
JockMcPie: They’re playing Holman as a small forward, they need to get him in the guts
SilverLion: Oh boy Holman haha
wadaramus: Holman on the bench for me.
wadaramus: Mmmmm…donuts (insert drooling Homer here)
CBeezDeez: I got enough rubbish already clogging my team without HoleMan adding to it!
wadaramus: HoleMan, lol CBD, good one!
CamT: I was honestly hoping for more from Holman.
the worm: nice to see rioli adequately filling the void left by liam ryan
Snarfy: Even Sexton’s got a kick!
wadaramus: He’s too busy filling himself up on pink sprinkled donuts Cam!
korza: I have Macpherson and Holman
BigChief: was that a HB? Nope he threw it LOL
Fatbar5tad: Holman off the mark
wadaramus: Both on field korza?
Snarfy: If Manhole keeps this up his price will still rise, but probably only by 50cents!
BigChief: CD must have felt sorry for Holman, they gave it to him.
Ben_Gogos: Holman attended that CB. Would still think he can do a 50 from here if they give him a bit more mid exposure.
duckky: Holman on the ground for my opponent almost makes up for Fisher on mine.
wadaramus: He’s off the mark, one handball πŸ™‚
StuL: Yeo might be back. Gun across half back, spud anywhere else.
Rush: i have both fisher and holman @ducky
wadaramus: Dollar sign for the Whole Man!
Fatbar5tad: Hol lotta love
hinsch: Got to luv my hol-man no stopping him now
duckky: Sorry Rush…
StuL: You’re listening to hol man in the morning. Hol man was saying boo urns.
Raspel31: Yep, me too Rush and others I’d rather not mention.
wadaramus: WHoleMan had his fill of pink sprinked donuts, time to get some possessions!
the worm: what?
Fatbar5tad: But he was using his hol ass
korza: *Yes both on field
wadaramus: What song are you referencing StuL?!
tdarian: thank yeo
tdarian: one of the clever ones who didn’t rage trade him lolz
wadaramus: The quality of the footy helps define the quality of the footy talk πŸ™‚
wadaramus: That sucks hard korza.
StuL: Simpsons. Molman in the morning.
wadaramus: Love it StuL, massive Simpsons pop culture fan!
StuL: And Molman was responsible for the famous “boo urns ” comment.
Apachecats: Is this the same Yeo that was playing last week? Can’t be.
runt: GCS have had a nice little holiday in WA at least
Chelskiman: One of my opponent’s has MacPherson. Trouble is I have Waterman.
wadaramus: Shannon Hurn getting smelly.
the worm: i started the year with hacksaw…then traded him out
m0nty: I need an icon for a reverse pumpkin
the worm: some kind of carriage?
SilverLion: Blue Moon @m0nty?
SilverLion: Slightly better qtr from Holman at least
wadaramus: Reversing beeping truck full of pumpkins
m0nty: hmm, have an idea
CBeezDeez: Peter Peter? The pumkin eater?
the worm: glass slipper?
Snarfy: Create a Haemorrhoids icon m0nty
CBeezDeez: Country Bumkin? With the wart upon his pumkin?
wadaramus: Reverse pumpkin = haemorrhoid?!
boofjb57: A baboons bum for reverse pumpkin
the worm: i thought a reverse haemorrhoid was a pumpkin?
runt: Holman is, it would be fair to say, not setting the world on fire tonight
Snarfy: A bunch of grapes according to Rodney Rude
SilverLion: 7 GC players are less than 14 SC
m0nty: tried doing a hands clapping gif but v. hard in 10×10 pixels
CamT: I Holman’s place in the team guaranteed ?
CBeezDeez: Is HoleMan playing a diff role? Avg 10 tackles 1st 3 games. Zip 2nite!
pcaman2003: 4 players with 20pts between them. Shite!
the worm: @camT Gold coast are so loasded with talent nobody’s place is safe
Torz: I always put the wrong one out of Venables and Waterman on the field.
Umpirespet: Geez Venerables, Holman and fisher not a great w/e
cammo92: Venables on track for 75+. Youd take that for sure
Umpirespet: He just got carried off cammo
SilverLion: Dog act by LeCras
Burnsy03: and before he drops a fat 60
cammo92: My bad. Ive been watching the borefest on channel 7
vamos77: The China game should be next week, I don’t think GC have travelled enough so far this season
Snarfy: Also get the China game out of the way before WW111 breaks out!
SilverLion: TV for LeCras if Ainsworth doesn’t come back
Umpirespet: The Leyland bros would be proud of the suns
SilverLion: Yo-Yo at it again… the man needs an icon
Burnsy03: holman wall
Stu7: Ben able son track for the stretcher @cammo92
StuL: You’re gay for Hol man. Nobody is gay for Hol man. You’re gay for Hol man.
Stu7: Venables that is
StuL: Gay
StuL: G a y for hol man
BigChief: Surely Barlow gets a game next week.
the worm: would you like some attention stu?
TheBoy89: So much for me getting yeo cheap he’s nearly broke his be
SilverLion: Last few times they’ve kicked it to Holman they’ve completely burnt him
Stu7: Holman is in a Hole-man!!!!!
poolboybob: Brick wall for Holman
oc16: blue moon for masten
bones351: If McPherson kicked that goal he would have scored over 50. What does he do? Out on the full!

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