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Chat log from R3 of 2018: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R3 of 2018

BigChief: How long before Davis stages for a free kick?
cusch1: Hop on the bike M0nty! I don’t see any pedalling!!
boo!: montys pedalling hard for me
carlton_99: Hasn’t Parker had 4 possies?
cusch1: He made a solid comeback, and is looking at a gold medal now lol
BigChief: That was dumb by Cameron.
cusch1: Reckon LC will give him more than a handful of laps for that stupidity
boo!: shaw + extra cash trade looking better than simmo atm
Apachecats: Shaw back after his year off.(or off year)
BigChief: Shaw had to step up with Wilson gone and Williams injured
DrSeuss: Come on Lloyd
boo!: loving my callan ward pod
Ash777: taking the vc fyfe over martin
cusch1: He pulled up very sore after a contest midway through the qtr too Boo
BigChief: Which Lloyd Doc?
DrSeuss: Haha the one that is playing below average 😉
MONEY TALK: plz stop cong
boo!: thanks cusch, that explains it…
Beast_Mode: had coffield in beofre rd1 took him out when not named, looks a good cash cow addition in a few weeks
Beast_Mode: sorry wrong game
SilverLion: Cogs is a gun
boofjb57: I think you’re beast. A few have cropped up in this week’s games.
gingjok: Sorry Whitfield owners .. I brought him in this week.
cusch1: My issue with Coffield is that his price will rise before our existing rookies are ready to trade
boo!: parker…..another sc pod for me…hoping for a cape from both soon
Fatbar5tad: Come on Parker and Taranto
cusch1: Lobb down
Torz: Should’ve kept Crouch, would make as much as Whitfield this week!
PowerBug: Lobb in big trouble, looks like an ankle
cusch1: Knee PowerBug.
PowerBug: Maybe a knee actually, couldn’t jog it off. Definitely the left leg somewhere haha
PowerBug: Big loss for tonight if he’s out for the game. Patton will have a big job ahead of him
sammyo7: had to trade kennedy to parker didnt i
Nuffman: Menegola -> Cogs this week was an inspired trade!
DrSeuss: Finlayson going backwards and Jake Lloyd nowhere near it
cusch1: Lobb getting strapped up and coming back
MONEY TALK: sack the ump, holy crap
MONEY TALK: wrong chat
stuballs: Taranto…. M8. Has Hopper taken his role or something?
Fatbar5tad: Nope. I traded him in. Sorry stu.
BigChief: I was about to say the same thing Stu
biggs2dujj: I traded him in stu. Blame me
original: treloar has stats like conig every game but would be on 25sc hehe
BigChief: Except Treloar doesn’t tackle.
colin wood: Treloar doesn’t tackle? Lol…
wadaramus: Taranti you fuvking HACK.
stuballs: Hmm, hardly got a sniff that quarter. Bonner backfired and really don’t want to regret this one too.
Chelskiman: Zorko to Conigs next week I think.
Fatbar5tad: Fucking Parker
pcaman2003: Finlayson clangers hurting me in this game
Jackwatt$: Is Johnny Patton an option if he is going to be ruckman going forward?
Apachecats: JackW of the lower price ruckmen ,why go past Sinclair?
Jackwatt$: @apachecats yes good call, there is certainly a spot for cheap fwds who are playing ruck due to fwd premuims not being G
boo!: are rucks in the wafl called ruckwoman
Jackwatt$: Outside Robbie Gray not sure who can Ave 100, maybe Heeney
Jackwatt$: @boo not sure good question. Does Hannah Mounsey play in the ruck?
DrSeuss: WTF Lloyd and Finlayson?
BigChief: Why would they be called that boo!?
Nuffman: Had to make the decision as to which backman to take out for Murray’s score.. I chose correct
Yelse: this is a very low scoring gave
dipstick: lachy sh!tfield and spuddy wanklin not doing much for my team
Fatbar5tad: Bullshit deliberate
original: jpk where u gone
Lodgy: @boo! and others. i see what you did there but the wafl is the WA league. the AFLW is the womens league
colin wood: Love how Coniglios score keeps going up with his terrible disposal. 2018 CD lovechild by the looks
dipstick: some man has won the right to play womens footy too
BigChief: Is Josh Bootsma making a comeback @original?
BigChief: Ooops I meant @dipstick
StuL: If yo
circle52: Both these games have low scoring SC scores so some hefty adjustments may be coming.
Fatbar5tad: Taranto muppet! FFS
PowerBug: It’s Kermit time!
Ben_Gogos: Taranto takes the mark in the goal square, plays on and is tackled! Outrageous muppet!
StuL: If you traded Hibberd out 5he correct answer was Savage or maybe Ryan. Not Heater. Simo may be OK still.
Torpedo10: What’d Taranto do? Ha.
circle52: Spudly putting in one of his spud games was on 47SC points at half time.
stuballs: Taranto ffs
Apachecats: Swans shouldn’t lose this now.
original: jpk should be higher. and yes i am biased lol
Jackwatt$: Swans won’t lose because Giants leading poss getter keeps turning it over, but CD don’t care cos he is their M6
Jackwatt$: Don’t you hate when you type something and just when you go to click CHAT the page uploads?
Apachecats: Yes JackW I hate it when that hap
Apachecats: pens
m0nty: junk it up Lloydy
Fatbar5tad: LOL @apache
PowerBug: No page refresh when you have premium
TheMessiah: How do I get premium PowerBug?
Nuffman: can you use your premium status to make Heeney do something?
PowerBug: Reid muppet
original: kermit time
PowerBug: Good question Messiah. I know I got it when it first came out, was meant to be a 1y thing but never been asked to renew
Ben_Gogos: Reid the latest muppet for that miss from 20 with no one in sight.
PowerBug: And that was 3 years ago now when I paid the $10, m0nty would know exactly what the go is
TheMessiah: All g, I will search for it 🙂 TY mate
cusch1: PowerBug is probably about to be sent back to Povo status after that admission
original: shocking call
PowerBug: Not entirely wrong there cusch
Breezey: Big night from the General
Lodgy: umpire tipped the giants
Chelskiman: fuck off, Franklin!
original: everyone’s thoughts on gibson on special comments?
BigChief: 9 tackles from Patton is huge.
the worm: not watching, but couldnt be worse than bt
PowerBug: Oh Buddy that is lovely
banta: umpires are crook. never fair.
Beast_Mode: keep going buddy!!!
banta: how far did he run there?
Nuffman: SC was looking good at 3/4 time… now Buddy decides to start playing… bleh
original: jpk deserves 100. do it lol
frenzy: Heater worked out well

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