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Chat log from R2 of 2018: Fremantle vs Essendon

Chat log for Fremantle vs Essendon, R2 of 2018

J.Worrall: FURL looks far to happy for my liking …
ReggieOz: tipped Freo
JockMcPie: Same here Reggie
StuL: Silly jumpers. At least make it so you can see the stadium
Pokerface: P plate brayshaw?
Pokerface: come on sandi have a field day
boo!: cmon ryan
Apachecats: Pokerface Bellchambers ahead on every measure.
valkorum: awesome tackle from Luke Ryan
Pokerface: at the moment. Sandi should dominate HTAs, which is all he needs.
Raspel31: Just home-game on it seems!
Chelskiman: They said tagging was dead. Everyone one of my mids seems to have been tagged this weekend.
NewFreoFan: WE never have anyone front and center, or at the release out of packs. Concerning
boo!: noice qtr ryan
DrSeuss: Neale – starts like a house on fire then falls asleep
LuvIt74: Fyfe will have to score 110+ for me to kreep him otherwise he will be traded for Danger. Fyfe no longer is life.
Raspel31: Same Luvit-hung in . But let’s wait and see what Danger does.
Hannibal: i love the smell of burning trades
JockMcPie: Mmm i agree Hannibal
Pokerface: yeah id be unhappy with 110. all my players need to average 140 or they are gone
Raspel31: Yep Pokerface-the minute a rookie doesn’t get 130 they’re dropped-good call.
DrSeuss: Come on Neale FFS
Apachecats: When Daniher is good he is very good …
JockMcPie: To be fair if a player can’t average as much as Danger they’re gone
banta: umpires are csuckers, so dodgey, always favour the home team. so corrupt. that was holding the ball. so corrupt
frenzy: Most teams would have a rotten egg to get rid of this week
banta: daniher so overrated. hack
wadaramus: B.Ellis, rotten egg.
JockMcPie: Only person I’d consider trading out from my team would be Andy Brayshaw
FordyHawks: Lol, moustacha overrated and a hack?… oook then
frenzy: What ever turns your crank wada
banta: that deliberate rule is a sick joke and ruining the game
DirtyDawn: Evening all
banta: bornw and hartley useless, couldn’t catch a cold. spuds
PureSwag: Joey came like 3rd or 4th in colmen last year and still not in prime and his overrated. okay
wadaramus: Howdy.
DrSeuss: Come on Zerrett
Raspel31: Evening Dirty-a pleasure as always.
LuvIt74: Granted its just R2 but Fyfe wasn’t cheap at $600k, prior to GAJ shoulder injury it was Pendles & Fyfe that were our
LuvIt74: top midfielders and also Swan.
banta: freo cheats paying off the umpires. when was the last time the free kick count was even over there?
NewFreoFan: You’re an angry unit, banta
Raspel31: From a man who traded T Lymch after round 1 and he got 180-sigh. Don’t panic.
Umpirespet: Happy as always Banta I see
FordyHawks: Banta needs a snickers
the worm: bribing umps is cheaper than paying a skills coach
JockMcPie: Free kick count is in Freo’s favour because bombers are panicking under pressure
koolkatt: cant even watch my own team, gets me so wild
Umpirespet: Banta needs his Bitty
Yelse: why isn’t brays haw getting game time
Pokerface: what are you babbling about Luvit. Fyfe was a bargain. A proven scorer over a number of years.
LuvIt74: @Banter when & why should a free kick count be even, thats absurd. I dont care if its 50 frees to 5
LuvIt74: As long as they are consistent thats all that matters
banta: lol
FordyHawks: He was a Potential bargain. Needs to avg around 110
Umpirespet: Banta u related to Santa?
LuvIt74: @poker read my comment mate thats exactly what i just stated he was a proven scorer in “Previous years”
Pokerface: right, and you have a reading of what.. 2 games after this one to base that on. sounds statistically significant
Pokerface: good grief. last year he spent half the year injured, came home like a bull.
LuvIt74: Poker we don’t know if he is Fyfe is a potential bargain this season at $600k
Pokerface: fyfe is one of your few genuine captains options every week, let alone a keeper
Pokerface: sorry luvit you are right. i take it back. you should trade him.
Pokerface: get rid of underperformers like fyfe.
FordyHawks: Yep exactly. If he averages 115+ then he’s a bargain. If he averages under 100 then not a bargain
LuvIt74: Poker your speculating that he is going to be a top 8 midfielder, yes he might end up being one but if Danger comes out
Ash777: he’s on track for 120
Pokerface: if danger averages under 80, he is not a bargain.
wadaramus: I wanted to trade him after last weeks 75, but I refrained.
Pokerface: no im agreeing with you luvit. you need to trade him.
FordyHawks: Lol, if danger averages under 80 then Geelong won’t make the 8
LMartos: Walters should be on more
LuvIt74: Scoring !30+ in his first 2 or so games, bloody oath i’ll be trading Danger in.
Roksta: Cats will win the flag with the little master
Pokerface: but luvit, you are speculating danger is top 8.
Pokerface: he only was in previous years
Pokerface: if he averages under 80 this year he is not a bargain
LuvIt74: Yes im speculating Dander will be top 3 not top 8 at $750k
Pokerface: see now how silly it sounds when i use those same words you use about fyfe?
Hannibal: just burn those trades, burn them all…moohooohahaaarrrr!
FordyHawks: Hence the word ‘potential’
LuvIt74: Poker Danger hasn’t had a serious injury mate, big difference
FordyHawks: I’d say most people would pick Titch, Dusty and Danger as the 3 highest scorers for the year
valkorum: I took a risk and put danger on the bench last week. He is on the field this week
Roksta: Hamstring missed rd1
Pokerface: im picking fyfe in there fordy
TheMessiah: Come on Fyfey!! Put the C on him in the end 🙂
Pokerface: luvit fyfe came back from that injury well and truly in the second half last year. but you should trade him.
LuvIt74: @Fordy right there mate and i have Dusty & Titch and believe Danger will be top 3 midfielder come season end baring inju
TheMessiah: I reckon Port are going to be the suprise packet this year
Hannibal: I’d trade him if I were you
Raspel31: Got the other 2 Fordy but I’ll wait a week or 2 before I jump onto Danger-hammies are tricky.
FordyHawks: Big chance, I hope so
stuballs: People doubting Danger, especially Hawks fans after last year. Did you guys learn nothing?
LuvIt74: Poker keep up the sarcasm mate it makes great commedy
Pokerface: noone is doubting danger. does noone see i was just using luvits silly words back to him?
Pokerface: so does you trading out fyfe luvit.
FordyHawks: Stu, I don’t know many Hawks fans that doubt Danger
anthsill03: trade him luvit, 30 trades is plenty for the year
stuballs: I don’t know many that sleep with the light off anymore tbh 😉
stuballs: “Dangers gonna get me!”
Raspel31: Chill lads-and funny anthsill.
Pokerface: why would you even pick him if you are going to react like that after 1 game
LuvIt74: @Poker your missing the point, Danger thus far hasn’t had a injury issue, Fyfe has and for his price he needs to averag
FordyHawks: Only if he gets ‘injured’ and goes forward, lol
LuvIt74: 110 minimium
Hannibal: sometimes logic just isnt everyones cup of tea Poker
LuvIt74: Poker im just making a point that fyfe needs to lift inorder for me to hold him only because i have danger out
Pokerface: in what universe is more than 110 not expected as his average?
StuL: Get in the phone 39 if it’s not too late. Worth a tenner at least
stuballs: So pumped for Monday @fordy. May the best team win
Pokerface: lol Hannibal
LuvIt74: If Fyfe does well he stays in my side
Jackwatt$: Only comes relax Danger won’t score that much. FWIW I reckon he will score about 90. And then the 2nd half will start!!
StuL: Oops wrong game
PureSwag: Danger is the only playing who you don’t want to get slightly hurt, cause he will go forward and kick 6 goals
StuL: Martin is scoring danger like. You can perma Capt him until you get danger.
FordyHawks: Definitely Stu 🙂 work is gonna suck on Tuesday
Raspel31: So boring-everyone knows Danger is a cut above. But I for one want him to prove himself with a game or 2.
Ash777: the reason not to go danger is because his ave will drop being more forward regardless of how good he is
Snarfy: In relation to the game above, I am going to trade Brayshaw out after 3 for Cerra. This kid looks good!!!
LuvIt74: Thats the big query, if danger does go forward then its a massive concern. He’ll drop dramitically
LuvIt74: I think gaz will more likely spend time fwd
Ash777: see where he is being played for the first couple of weeks.
LuvIt74: if gaz wasn’t in the cats side this year, i would have started with Danger despite him missing R1
StuL: Come on bombers. Win might flog.
Raspel31: Well, a perfect 9 pick last week-lucky if I get 5 this week. Footy eh?
Ash777: I think you’d find that gaz n danger will be 50/50 foward/mid
Ash777: what a muppet kick
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Tippa smothers a Stephen Hill kick in for a big goal!
Ash777: LOL what a fail that was.
TheMessiah: Walters 70 sc is a bit rough
AngryRyno: Mundy has been exceptional tonight
TheMessiah: Nead a 50 point final quarter from Fyfe!
Roksta: Stringer on the burgers. 17yo cheeseburgers
Pokerface: if he doesn’t get a 50 point q has to be traded
LuvIt74: Stringa’s first season with the dogs was amazing, it got to his head way to fast. He’s now a dud
valkorum: S Hills kicking has been off, hopefully its just a bit of ring rust
ReggieOz: Stringer has been hopeless for 2 years now…It’s a shame
Hannibal: didnt think you’d be around today TheMessiah, expected you more tomorrow!
JockMcPie: Stringer and Daniher gotta be the most overhyped players in the AFL
LuvIt74: yup he could have been anything, after his first season they were rating Stringer as the next GAJ lol
ReggieOz: lol Danahim still cannot kick
dipstick: @McPie Huh? Danihers numbers are comparable to Franklin
Ash777: freo have a good bunch of kids. just need to get a new coach
ReggieOz: like Carlton?
proudyy: remember when stringer was compared to ablett sr.
proudyy: the media is excuse me monty fucked
DrSeuss: Be lucky to get 2000 this week at this rate
The39Steps: Spot on #Ash777. Great kids, focussed on offense. Pity Coach is a dropkick.
NewFreoFan: Thank god we dropped Pearce and Sutcliffe
TheMessiah: @pokerface…. huh? I have him as my C mate
ReggieOz: @dipstick what numbers?
dipstick: yeah but Danihers 2017 stats are bascally identical to Buddies in over 20 catergories
pcaman2003: Have Hurley,Smith,Fyfe and Walters. Happy so far
StuL: Come on Bombers. This is rubbish. I need SC points.
JockMcPie: Idk I think he’s a decent player, and will be a gun, but the commentators/supporters talk him up like he’s the best ever
anthsill03: do u think i should trade fyfe… he is only on 97
koolkatt: daniher has been the potential gun for that last 4 years.. still waiting
RGriffen: can we get something on Sandi. He’s cooked
RGriffen: was on fire last week now this
dipstick: like I said, Danihers stats are basically identical to Buddies in 2017. All depends what you think about Buddy now
wadaramus: Ifhe doesn’t ton up I am trading him.
StuL: Stringer looking like a good signing. Should be playing suburban footy at this rate.
proudyy: @RGriffen heard ross said sean darcy in next week sandi checked out.
BigChief: Sean Darcy will play next week.
the worm: trading who?
TheMessiah: Merrett gone missing?
Hannibal: lol anthsill03, it has been the great debate
wadaramus: Fyfe, oh, there you go, he just tonned up!
Raspel31: Tipungwuti worm-I think.
koolkatt: well from a bombers perspective this is one to forget
dipstick: where’s my wheel barrow??? Almost time to load up on Bitcoin 😉
Umpirespet: Wow every free is going to Ess
TheMessiah: Hoping Fyfe beats goldy’s 123
TheMessiah: Dev Smith has looked good tonight
koolkatt: d smith the only one who has looked good for bombers
Raspel31: I think it’s his new shorts Messiah.
Hawks_13: Any guesses on who will score more. Dangerfield, Selwood or ablett
pcaman2003: i’m getting happier by the minute.
the worm: i thought smith looked really ordinary last week, seemed a bit lost around the contest
m0nty: nominations for star please
dipstick: @messiah Did you Neale at Parish? You watchng Shepphard tomorrow?
koolkatt: no star
JockMcPie: Blakely star
RGriffen: Mundy
koolkatt: munday prob the star tbh
TheMessiah: Mundy for the star
The39Steps: Walters – 7 tackles and 24ps.
vartic: Give the star to the whole Essendon team, absolutely instrumental in winning the game for Freo tonight
TheMessiah: Haha dont be a dipstick
Breezey: Walters
Umpirespet: Griff didn’t u start with Blakey?
Raspel31: Great question Hawks-why I have none till I see it play out.
Roksta: Fyfe
koolkatt: mundy did it when it counted for sure
RGriffen: nah backed out Cogs so worked out well
The39Steps: Tabs almost becoming SC relevant before next week.
Hawks_13: I put the c on Ablett
wadaramus: No star.
frenzy: Gotta get Ryan in my team
Raspel31: You don’t have Dusty or Titch Hawks?
koolkatt: one of the handfull of wins freo will get for the year..
RGriffen: cherry for Walters, Gun on Fyfe, Star on Mundy
Beast_Mode: like i said, dons are rubbish. glad i put cash on this one.
RGriffen: dockers to play finals
Hawks_13: No
coldog: Stringer!!
RGriffen: junk for Neale. 40 point last quarter
dipstick: Long weekend.. no Package delivery this week
original: merrett -4 just then, why?
koolkatt: lol dockers will be bottom 4
Ash777: now that the game is over stringer feels like playing lol
wadaramus: Well played D.Smith, proving to be excellent value for 400K.
RGriffen: yes Fyfe
valkorum: so who is trading out Fyfe?
wadaramus: Glad I didn’t rage trade Fyfe after last week.
Ash777: lol fyfe
Roksta: Fyfeislife
dipstick: baaa ahahaha Fyfew
the spud: good call on the star, mundy been great. umpires might go fyfe or walters though
the worm: all you fyfe owners must love having fyfe as your POD
RGriffen: do the home team get a light display here when they win? Suns will enjoy that next week
koolkatt: mundy should get at least 2 votes
NewFreoFan: Epilepsy warning lol
JockMcPie: PODs are for after the byes, I pick the best players, not the least owned
Roksta: Epileptic nightmare at the new stadium
StuL: Stadium looks nice. Would be better if it had a soul.
Ash777: epilepsy warning much?
Raspel31: Now off to watch Liverpool-carn Pool.!
wadaramus: They’re already down a goal Raspel 🙁
Pokerface: fyfe has to go
the spud: keeping daniher to 0.1 pretty good
dipstick: pronounved Liverrrrr…Pooo…L

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