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Chat log from R2 of 2018: Brisbane vs Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs Melbourne, R2 of 2018

Yelse: nat or martin to replace ryder
TheMessiah: Only got Gawny and L Taylor in this one
Hadouken: nat
Hadouken: might be 10 – 20 points difference, but 250k…. take the cash!
Hadouken: zorko, if this is a repeat of last week, youre fired.
J.Worrall: Agreed, Hado
th3rio: Nic nat limited game time and could be rested any week.i webt stef
J.Worrall: NicNat has always scored better on 50% or so game time …
Haydo: gawn, tracca, fritsch, hibb and martin in this game
hinsch: I am looking at Witts from GC doing OK so far
th3rio: Hows he score when he doesn’t play though
koolkatt: u dont wanna be running to many players from these teams
J.Worrall: “How” is an irrelevant question – all that matters is that he does!
Umpirespet: Put the C on Oliver ….Dunno hey
Ben_Gogos: Harmes is looking much stronger within stoppages this year.
bones351: He doesnt when he is rested J.Worrall
BigChief: Hinsch I wouldn’t take too much from today’s game with Witts. He only scored 105 against no ruckman.
th3rio: Which is what i meant. Thank you @bones
J.Worrall: Correct guys – I thought you meant ToG …
J.Worrall: … which was included in your post, thSeo
th3rio: You didnt answer my question then lol
Beast_Mode: rayner you spud lol
bones351: All good boys, just clearing that up
NewFreoFan: Wish my Carlton J Garlett scored like this J Garlett
J.Worrall: lol?
DrSeuss: My ruckus cancelling each other out in this game
Haydo: same drsuess
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
the worm: carlton fans wish they still had this j garlett…and betts, waite, gibbs, henderson…
StuL: I can guess but anyone know why Melb has gone back to their loser blue?
AngryRyno: Sauce Jacobs and Tuohy wouldn’t hurt either
korza: I’m still vomiting, my dream team scores smashing the S/C scores
ReggieOz: and Doull
the worm: even mitch robinson and tom bell at this point too…maybe judd has a year left in him?
Umpirespet: Don’t be mean to Carlton they are our feeder club
MattyZ: Helps me a lot being colourblind @StuL, think that’s what they want in night games
scrappers: Malthouse was a disease we are still recovering from!
StuL: I used to tell Carlton fans they ate the future Melb. Worse. They’re Fitzroy.
AngryRyno: big Bayley off to a nice start
scrappers: still the most successfull club in the afl!
poolboybob: Starting to think the Lions will not win the flag this year
carlton_99: Cant lose the faith after one poor game. We actually did well stat and gameplan wise. Just our execution was poor and GC
StuL: Nice save Fritschy.
carlton_99: to there credit punished poor execution. But we cant judge on one bad game
the worm: this is going out on a limb, but the fwd line of betts garlett waite yarran was more enjoyable than casboult and jones
StuL: So were South’s in the NRL until taking 5 decades to win a flag.
carlton_99: Jones is a defender not a forward and casboult played ruck today.
StuL: Don’t understand Carlton’s trading at all.
scrappers: jones is a backman
Haydo: come on gawny and stef nice hibb, fritsch and sorta tracca
gers: Mayes 1 handball, 1 clanger, 100% efficiency? What am I missing?
carlton_99: @Stul the only trade out of those mentioned that i regret was Betts.
the worm: was talking about the last few years under malthouse
frenzy: Prob free kick
scrappers: have to agree 99
Umpirespet: Really Sauce hasn’t missed a game for ages
carlton_99: @scrappers. Our supporters cant lose faith because of one bad game. We have a good young list finally and a solid coach
carlton_99: and gameplan
carlton_99: Jacobs is a gun but I dont think we could have played kreuz and jacobs in the same team
scrappers: yea forgot about sauce regret losing him too with kruz injured so much
Umpirespet: Not sure on the coach yet 99
RGriffen: lol blues are crap
Umpirespet: That’s true 99
frenzy: Cedric factor killen Martin
the worm: i liked that carlton team that knocked the tiges out in 2013… 8 play for other clubs now
carlton_99: @rgriffen. Wow you are funny
m0nty: back on this game please
J.Worrall: is this the carton chat forum?
carlton_99: @umpires pet/ I think Bolton is going in the right direction his gameplan is great. Our execution he cant control and is
carlton_99: what killed us today
J.Worrall: only I had a few things to say about todays game
J.Worrall: like accuracy
the worm: I’m still confused as to why I have beams in my team
Stuart88: Looks like Rayner isn’t going to be a cash cow more just a cow 🐄
TheMessiah: Playing Garlett over Fritch is gunna hurt 😐
korza: Salami, no7 draft pick. Sack the recruiter
J.Worrall: and relting on 3 or four guys to win it for you …
BigChief: Not sure what any of this chat has to do with Bris v Melb.
Umpirespet: Sorry M0nty didn’t know Ben was pedalling
StuL: OK, Brisbane’s list is still worse than Carlton.
the worm: rayner was an awesome cash cow, i already cashed in
ReggieOz: Look how good McCartin turned out
Umpirespet: BigChief u big suck
the worm: someone said J.Garlett, and then it just went on a carlton nostalgia tour
Stuart88: I’ll be trading him out next week for a low cheaper cash cow that will make money
Umpirespet: Oliver get the ball!!
ReggieOz: Rayner will come good later in the season
boo!: this chat heating up, gunna pull up a chair
Stuart88: Need him good now not latter won’t make me cash 💰
the worm: dont knock the melbourne recruiters, salem might be ordinary, but at least they got Toumpas
DrSeuss: Martin and Gawn getting outdone by Fritsch
ReggieOz: Please don;t mention Toumpas – We Should of had Oli Wines
banta: martin??
luke394: I feel ya @themessiah Garlett what a flog
Haydo: petracca stopped
boo!: petracca never started
Haydo: when fritsch is your highest scorer 🙁
Ben_Gogos: Garlett is having some type of match here
banta: martin a spud of his former self
StuL: Come on Tracca
frenzy: Pits when he plays with cox
frenzy: Its * Ferkin tablet
DrSeuss: Beams & Martin just stopped??
boo!: will hogan outscore lynch
banta: martin is quite soft. no intensity
Haydo: gonna need a big second half cus none of my players are looking like a ton
circle52: Zorko being tagged again.
Raspel31: Holy cow poo-just home. That all you got S. Martin?
Umpirespet: Yeah circle Vince on him
penguins00: It’s hard to score as a ruckman when you’re against Gawn
Raspel31: I know penguin-but they’re my 2 rucks, sigh.
original: cmon stef
penguins00: same Raspel it’s not much fun when your ruckman go head to head
stuballs: Taranto for Rayner, lock it in, Eddie.
DrSeuss: WTF Beams….get a touch
Apachecats: Sorry wrong game.
Haydo: whats the news with fritsch bandaid?
Raspel31: Is Frisch Gawn?
StuL: Flower off Christensen. I didn’t pick you.
The39Steps: Fritsch back on.
Ben_Gogos: Nope @Raspel he got back on the field
BigChief: Is Beams being tagged?
Hawks_13: Hodge should have retired. He looks slow.
luke394: Zorko owners hating life right now
AngryRyno: has Beams touched it this qtr?
Apachecats: Pederson -2 SC for the quarter.
DrSeuss: Beams hasn’t touched it since the first quarter.
Raspel31: Wow-low scoring game. Nobody in in-except for the 2 rucks,sigh.
Ash777: bringing in hogan
The39Steps: Lions are $13 to win this. Four goals down but Melb tiring in the humidity?
TheMessiah: Oliver is an absolute gun!
original: plz martin plz
penguins00: Lions are so much better this year
StuL: Get on the phone 39. Won’t be $13 now
AngryRyno: did ya get on @39?
Umpirespet: Cmon the lions
Umpirespet: Think the dees needed our training camp
TheMessiah: Come on Taylor… another 25 please mate
pcaman2003: Go Christo you good thing
StuL: Melb, soft as butter. Always have been
pcaman2003: Hibberd dropping off again
DrSeuss: Anyone watching this game? What is Beams doing?
The39Steps: My lazy $20 could buy me a few schooners and a seafood platter at the Newport Arms tomorrow!!
Beast_Mode: another choke job
TheMessiah: Great pick @39
AngryRyno: your shout mate
StuL: Beams on the ball just not getting near it.
Yelse: whats petracca doin
StuL: Tracca and Hib, bust.
The39Steps: Mmm… looks like water and a salad. But hey, the best news is that Kayle Kirby looks like he is going to be OK.
TheMessiah: The Zork is back… Still cant forget the 32 though
DrSeuss: Thanks StuL – was all over it early – then just nothing
Umpirespet: 20 more Oliver for C
Raspel31: Where you gawn Gawn and Martin too, sigh.
JockMcPie: Zombie for Garlett
Apachecats: Same old Petracca.
the worm: good to see petracca being his usual self
Yelse: petraca getting much mid time?
luke394: Happy I didn’t waste money on Hibberd he’s gonna drop heaps
GOD: GOD has the C on J. Garlett tonight!
ReggieOz: I went Howe in front of Hibberd ’cause the pies have noboby
the worm: dont worry, petracca will get 100 next week for sure
ReggieOz: Oh..nad we taught hi every thing he knows lol
Roksta: Thankyou christ enson
kangawalla: GOD…if you had the C on Garlett, you know nothing about fantasy footy!
Pokerface: clearly he does as he had the top scorer tonight! Well done GOD
Ben_Gogos: Late gold from Fritsch!
Raspel31: God does not exist Kanga
pcaman2003: Well done Fritsch for goal at end.
Pokerface: Christ ensen really is reborn this weekend
kangawalla: If J.Hunt swapped places with J.Garlett, GOD would have the C on J.Hunt. Mondays expert is GOD
frenzy: Cheap Hibberd any1
JockMcPie: Hibberd…to rage trade or not to rage trade, that is the question

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