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Chat log from R2 of 2018: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, R2 of 2018

cusch1: Gold Coast on top of the ladder, GWS in second; who said test tube teams couldnt make it!!!
koolkatt: gws should make light work of this game
Gotigres: Greene out.
ReggieOz: it’s March dude!!
Haydo: have kelly and murray in this game
Umpirespet: Nothing else matters than losing
Haydo: should i cap kelly gawn titch or fyfe
luke394: Toby Greene out love it!
ReggieOz: As Collingwood don’t take kelly
Wends: Kelly RDT captain after Dusty VC snafu.
Wends: I mean Kelly VC, but won’t be able to get his score.
Wends: And I mean SC… I’m confused.
Haydo: damn just locked out before i was about to captain him reggieoz who next? im thinking titch
frenzy: No finlay Haydo
Wends: #Scully off a step and around the body from 30. GWS goals.
mardyb: phil davis is a knob. fakes when he gets hit then bumps guys over the boundary. jog on ya flog
ReggieOz: Geelong publicly said they would tag him this week
Yelse: pies disposal geezzz when is it gonna change
cusch1: How has Darcy Moore not received any flak for his mophead joke of a haircut
Wends: Feels wrong not starting a season with Pendles.
mardyb: cos his haircut is still better than his footy…
BigChief: Pies disp better than Blues and Saint Yelse
ReggieOz: lol @mardyb
RGriffen: biggest issue for Collingwood is the guys who can kick the ball rarely get it besides Pendles
BigChief: Broomhead injured after kicking post.
RGriffen: see ya Broomhead ouch
valkorum: That did not look good for the Collingwood player. I suspect a broken leg
original: daaaammmmmnnnn
cusch1: That could be season over in 5 minutes for Broomhead
Yelse: broken leg injury curse for pies continues
ReggieOz: what are they going to do now without a sweeper
the worm: bigchief, you make it seem like being better with the footy than the blues and saints is an acheivement
BigChief: Blame Ben Reid for being a late out. Broomhead wouldn’t be injured if Reid played.
Gotigres: It was with the thick padding on the post as well
mace485: side by side? gws players were the ones who called the medics
mardyb: put ur brooms out! terrible for the bloke!
Umpirespet: How many whistles do u do?
Apachecats: GWS gotta get a ruckman ,don’t know why they don’t give Dawson Simpson a go ,was good in pre-season.
MarchingIn: that was the last straw
PureSwag: Not watching the game, h=what happend to Mr Broom
Apachecats: SC scores gone beserk Monty
MarchingIn: that was the last staw
Roksta: Broomhead struggled to get a handle of it
cusch1: Wrapped his leg around the goal post Swag. Horrific injury
Umpirespet: Not Lobbs tho
MarchingIn: he got handled
Roksta: Broomhead cleaned up… by the post
the worm: such a terrible brush with tragedy
Stuart88: All u flogs making broomhead jokes have a good look at yourself
Umpirespet: That’s why I always use a Dyson
MarchingIn: looked like it would have been a long sweeping kick
original: any chance of langdon getting some game time ffs. chose to go him over garletts 36
MarchingIn: surprise surprise. wonder why carlton supporters have no sense of humour today. lol
Apachecats: Zac Langdon in rooms with hand injury.
MarchingIn: same reason we didn’t yesty
cusch1: Which is a surprise MarchinIn, considering that Carlton has been a joke for the last 15 years
Raspel31: Well, I’m the duffer who traded out Tom Lynch who got a mean 180.
original: smh thanks for update apache
feralmong: take full responsibility for coniglio. adjustment trade in.
Chelskiman: Come in, Crisp, don’t stop now…
Umpirespet: Shame Raspel that’s a deportation crime
MarchingIn: that’s gold cusch1. they are just coasting along nicely.
RGriffen: why did you trade a bloke out who played in the water polo last week. He is a key forward was obviously gonna be bad
Apachecats: Zac getting ready to come back on original.
Umpirespet: Feral I have conig to all my players are duds this week
Stuart88: Where not the drug cheats cusch1 but all good. I just think making fun of someone who’s season could be over is poor
arbel: Bandaid for langdon. Did he get cramps from sitting too long on the bench?
Raspel31: Because I’m obviously an idiot RGriffen.
Apachecats: Taylor Adams pfft!!Getting the axe ready.
RGriffen: can we get a bandage for Treloar he is way under done no wonder he didn’t train
MarchingIn: yes clean up your act cusch1. lol
Umpirespet: He was injured Apache
cusch1: Youre right Stuart, I shouldnt make fun of Carlton either, as their season was over before it began
a1trader: Treloar Capt may not havce been the best choice
DrSeuss: Stephenson, G-Langdon, Finlayson and Murray in this game – so far so good….
RGriffen: why capt a bloke who didn’t train all week he shouldn’t even be playing
koolkatt: dam that broken leg is hard to watch
Apachecats: thanks Umpirespet
Raspel31: But you’ve got a loop a1trader? Easy when vc on Dusty.
original: heath shaw is BACK boys hehe
feralmong: only 5% have treloar and 1% have adams. says a lot.
Chelskiman: Opponent has Kelly and Coniglio, so I’ll take this start. Still expect them to both ton up though.
Umpirespet: GWS look off
StuL: Taranto break out in year 2?
RGriffen: Scully gone
cusch1: Darcy moore looks like the Hamburgler from McDonalds
Umpirespet: Taranto played well last week was in everything
StuL: Prepare another tombstone for Scully
Umpirespet: Another broken leg by the looks
NewFreoFan: Am I watching the footy or an episode of RPA Emergency?
feralmong: gonna be a bad week for injuries.
RGriffen: looks like we will get a cross over between both games starting tonight
Beast_Mode: long 1/4
stuballs: Whattttt the flubble dubble is going on here? Greene out and his starting emg injured? Wtf did I miss??
feralmong: 2 stretchers beast.
NewFreoFan: broomhead with a big smile, geez those green whistles do some hard work for pain relief
Apachecats: Plenty been going on Stuballs.
Apachecats: Wonder what the record for long first quarter is?this one will give it a nudge.
DrSeuss: Is G-Langdon on the ground??
Raspel31: Longest quarter ever?
feralmong: all players should have a green whistle pre game. how good would that be.
PowerBug: has there ever been a 40 minute quarter?
cusch1: Went 39 minutes
NewFreoFan: Is Coniglio even out there?
Apachecats: Yes he returned to the ground Dr Seuss
feralmong: unfortunate for scully but now conigs and kelly might get some.
Raspel31: Those trading Coniglio in will be saking their heads-this from a man who traded T Lynch out-groan.
cusch1: Did someone say earlier that they captained Treloar?
Apachecats: Coniglio one of the biggest trade-ins this week New Freo
m0nty: record quarter length is supposedly 40 min 39 sec
Apachecats: Yes cusch ,think he has gone to the bar.
m0nty: that quarter went 39:06
Chelskiman: Kelly did nothing that quarter is still on 24. God dammit.
feralmong: guilty of the conigs trade in. the numbers were just too convincing vs what i had.
DrSeuss: Cheers Apache – he is just not getting it!!
feralmong: He’ll have a 50+ qtr now and fix it up.
Apachecats: Heater is on my never again list after last year.May have to reconsider that.
cusch1: So we can safely blame you for his poor score today Feral?
feralmong: yep i’ll take one for the lads.
cusch1: Is that a new icon for Tomlinson?
NewFreoFan: Sigh. Started the season with Coniglio and Whitfield. Typical everyone trades them in and curses them the next week
Raspel31: As a cheapie bencher, Finlayson cutting the mustard.
feralmong: now i do get credit if he goes big from here. and he’s starting.
duckky: Conig just doubled his score
StuL: Murray and cogs, lift!
Gotigres: Same here Apachecats. Also Franklin.
DrSeuss: Giles Langdon do something FFS
LuvIt74: @Apachecats my sentments exactly, im considering the same.
JockMcPie: Flower me Treloar is shite, wish Richmond had picked him up instead
Gotigres: Where are you Murray?
Apachecats: Jees we stirred Coniglio up.
Apachecats: At his current price he’s cheap Luv It.
original: can u please stir giles langdon
Raspel31: Did we what Apache-wow
Umpirespet: Finally Apache
luke394: Here comes Coniglio the beautiful bastard
mace485: i know this is the oldest joke in the chat, but i legit have treloar as my captain :'(
Raspel31: Um-pleez get a bit stirredup Mr J Kelly
JockMcPie: Pick up Treloar after the bye for about 300k
feralmong: jeez mace its not ski fantasy. bad call. lol.
NewFreoFan: Lol, there’s officially 2 choices as captain, and both their names start with M
ReggieOz: you should be banned!! lol
Umpirespet: Pies,fans spitting their false teeth out
vamos77: Have Doedee, Holman & Finlay on the bench
original: finlayson wonderful
feralmong: lol monty. lustily booing pies fans. never heard of it.
BigChief: sidebottom unusally quiet.
Haydo: suck vamos
Bulky: G-Langdon might struggle to beat Broomhead and he’s got a broken leg
vamos77: Do you remember the time when Treloar said he was going to Collingwood instead of Richmond because they had a better lis
feralmong: she who must be obeyed has the spag bog on the table. bbl. go big conigs.
wadaramus: Carn Murray, get into the game man.
Raspel31: Indeed wada, indeed.
Raspel31: Bit early for dinner feral…
Hadouken: hi everyone, wow treloar, what the??
wadaramus: As Finlayson racks them up, such a lottery trying to pick which rooks to start each week!
Hadouken: good day to have langon on field…..
vamos77: Is there a bigger Pinata in the comp than Treloar
Raspel31: Think prediction for Finlay was 28-glad I put him on Wada.
BigChief: Treloar will still get 70. He always get junk points.
DrSeuss: Cape for Langdon – not a possession but close to the ball.
the worm: ah yeah, the coniglio trade regret
duckky: Cape for Coniglio
Haydo: Finlayson is an absolute jet
Yelse: so adams playing forward peddles in the ruck geezzz talk about mids taken out
NewFreoFan: Coniglio all is forgiven. Whitfield and Murray, your turn.
Stuart88: Langdon got a touch
Haydo: too bad murray is being a spud
Gotigres: Gee Finlayson looks good. Pity he’s my midfield emergency
BigChief: Butcher was trying to centre that.
wadaramus: Well played Raspel 🙂
Chelskiman: Conigs has gone nuts this quarter. 🙁
Hadouken: gee wizz, both injuries look horrible. Just say footage. wow.
pcaman2003: Glad i started with Holman and Findlayson this week
wadaramus: I think after a two week sample size, Doedee and Finlayson will be my starting defensive rooks.
original: kermit for 5 gws players there
Lawls: Fielding Murray over Finlayson is going to hurt
pcaman2003: @Wadaramus. I think so too.
Yelse: geez umps not giving much to the pies
DrSeuss: Langdon has gone nuts in the last 10 minutes…there is hope yet
Raspel31: Me too Wada-and Barrett from Port-fingers crossed.
RGriffen: got kissed in SC. Looped Doedee score on the field meant I had to bench Murray
wadaramus: Still time for Murray to get to 60 odd, but would prefer to have Finlayson on field!
Stuart88: Bang Langdon 4 touches in 5 min hes alive
original: shaw robbed
proudyy: come on
pcaman2003: Murray disappointing half. Big improvement next half please.
vamos77: Lift
cusch1: Coniglio was on 9, I went away for dinner, and he is 63. What is this
stuballs: How’d Taranto get injured? Was pretty keen on him
wadaramus: This is good cusch!
cusch1: Yeah, im gonna go have a second and third dinner now so he can keep going.
vamos77: It means you take too long to eat cusch. Bite and chew like a man
cusch1: Ill cop a few extra kilos over easter for his fantasy performance
circle52: @wadaramus agree picking right rookies hard I have Murray on field with Murphys 80 on bench,
StuL: Finlayson!? K’ching!
Raspel31: Cusch is only 11 vamos-why he’s eating so early. Give him a break.
original: lol cusch
Pokerface: why is everyone having seniors meals for dinner tongiht?!
cusch1: You try and eat a wog easter saturday dinner Vamos!! I reckon mum could have cured world hunger! hahahahaha
circle52: Anyway enjoy the rest of the game may be back later as off to the Gabba
StuL: I’m not force feeding myself a steak at 4.30 just to save a couple of bucks.
original: cusch +11
wadaramus: Enjoy the footy circle.
cusch1: Still confused as to why people think im 11 but sure
Gotigres: Pendles doing some rucking.
Apachecats: Greene hamstring 3AW
BigChief: You were 11 last year right cusch? That would make you 12 this year 😛
TheOnyas: onya dunny
cusch1: I’m actually 11 and a half, theres a difference
cusch1: But in all seriousness, still not sure why hahah
Yelse: moore out too now lol
the worm: maybe its the hahah on the end of sentences?
JockMcPie: Treloar had a good few minutes
RGriffen: Collingwood always turn up against GWS
BigChief: If Moore is out because of a finger injury he is soft.
Apachecats: cusch ,could you go and have a small bite to eat for S.Murray.
cusch1: That was 2 perfect kicks by GWS. Centimetre perfect
Lawls: What happened with Moore?
Chelskiman: Gonna have to trade Crisp next week. This is pathetic.
vamos77: Moore or Grundy, first out the closet? NTTAWWT
JockMcPie: Probably moore
gers: Moore was just about to wasn’t he? Then got cold feet
JockMcPie: Farq this is what happens when you don’t have a forward line, rebounds straight up the other end
Yelse: goldsack elliot greenwood reid fasolo cox and moore out what can he possibly do bucks
cusch1: You dont have a backline either…Howe playing as a key defender today
JockMcPie: Yeah exactly, and Chris Mayne isn’t AFL material…
BigChief: Buckley is the problem at Collingwood. Great player, shower coach.
vamos77: Yelse, he could start by playing their best forward in How’s in the forwards
Chelskiman: Opponent has Kelly, Coniglio and Grundy. Ouch.
J.Worrall: So the Pies have a ruck v all of GWS – I’m not one-eved
brent_007: Yeah, watching your game chelsk. Must be hard to watch them get the ball every second
cusch1: De Boer couldnt get a game at Freo, but is vital part of GWS
Torpedo10: Carn Lobb, this is getting a little ridiculous.
BigChief: Please AFL ban the centre bounce ffs.
Yelse: if we put howe forward we screwed at the back
cusch1: Collingwood supporters will call for that Howe mark to be Mark of the Year
boo!: that howe mark was mark of the year
vamos77: Back flanker types grow in trees, natural forwards don’t
JockMcPie: I mean it was still better than Danihers…but he’ll do better
J.Worrall: Howe do you like being screwed in the back?
BigChief: Moore and Grundy do
proudyy: why do you say that @cusch1?
Nuffman: because, realistically, it’s all Pie supporters have to look forward to haha
Umpirespet: Rory knob not doin well Griff
Gotigres: That’s it Murray. Keep plugging away for a 60+
buddy4pm: Missed Dusty. Should I take Goldys 123 or Buddy or Fyfe as Capt?
J.Worrall: haha is the new lol
buddy4pm: Missed dusty. Should I take Goldys 123 or Buddy or Fyfe as Capt?
RGriffen: yeah uselss in SC. Fine in DT still
TheOnyas: onya howey
Umpirespet: Taranto will be a serious thought next week 2 good weeks in a row now
Hawks_13: I’ve got a feeling, if Collingwood hit the front, they will shoot away
stuballs: Taranto straight into the mighty FuttBuckers next week
Apachecats: Yes umpires pet ,cheap mid fielder 100+ average and $365K.
StuL: Taranto getting a bit of mid time. Plays inside, Supercoach friendly.
StuL: I’ve got a feeling Chokewood will have a Stevie J moment again.
Umpirespet: And only 2nd year player so plenty of upside
JockMcPie: Flashbacks to last year…still gives me nightmares
Yelse: moore done a hammy
BeastMode: Doubt it at the G StuL
NewFreoFan: Whitfield you’re bloody useless
TheMessiah: Just finlayson in this one. Happy so far!
TheMessiah: Arma > Taranto?
RGriffen: trade Dow in SC to Finlayson next week by the looks
banta: clear cheating by the umpires favouring the pies. so crook
RGriffen: keep Arma he has been great
Umpirespet: Yep umps won’t give GWS a free now
RGriffen: this is a joke. I want Collingwood to win but getting gifted gold here
ReggieOz: Armo has ran out of gas..few more games and he
NewFreoFan: Reid’s effort was huge then. Massive play 1 on 3
AngryRyno: thought everyone bringing in Cogs would curse him, but he’s too good for that
RGriffen: Cogs again
Umpirespet: Onya conigs
pcaman2003: Conig and Fin doing okay,but C’mon Murray.
snake_p: cogs = gun
feralmong: wow well done pies. showing some grit.
AngryRyno: oh my Cogness, too good
banta: umpiring so crook. homeground advantage
NewFreoFan: Yes finish strong Whitfield
feralmong: happy cogs and kelly owner now.
mace485: how eggcellent
feralmong: ton up finlay
NewFreoFan: Patton really looks lost out there
Umpirespet: How many frees to collywobbles this qtr
Haydo: very happy with the rookies so far this week, holman finlayson dodee and murphy
pcaman2003: Fin tonned up.Yeah!
Apachecats: Z.Langdon a keeper ,playing with one hand.
NewFreoFan: Ffs kick that one Whitfield
penguins00: Good boy Langdon
TheMessiah: Finlayson making up for putting Garlett on field 🙂
Apachecats: Sheil was 74 SC at half time.
Haydo: get to 60 murray and ill be happy with this game, kelly finlayson, murray with giles langdon on bench
PureSwag: and now his on 75.
J.Worrall: Langdons first goal was 10 or 11 SC, that one was 29!
the worm: sheil needs t be sponsored by Band- Aid
StuL: Go pies. Hit the front and blow it in the last minute.
J.Worrall: oops 18 I mean
feralmong: i’ll take the 60+ stephenson and murry. $$.
Hadouken: langdon 60 is a good effort considering early on….
JockMcPie: Love Murray’s bursts from standing start, can see why we traded for him
banta: that’s effed umpire you cheat
J.Worrall: Murray found some go!
RGriffen: how is that not deliberate
Chelskiman: God I hate tackles sometimes. 14 tackles from Kelly has ruined me today.
frenzy: Bye bye Frisch hello Langdon
StuL: All over.
NewFreoFan: Come on umpires this is getting blatant pies support
Perry95: bank giles-langdon or roll dice on english?
the worm: roll dice
RGriffen: bank
circle52: Murray has lifted since i left home now for a lions win
RGriffen: geez how about the last quarter from Whitfield
NewFreoFan: My boys Cogs, Whitfield and Finlay 🙂 I’ll take that
JockMcPie: GWS didn’t deserve this
Apachecats: English will beat 65SC Perry
the worm: conigs most poss and goals for gws…. only 119
original: shaw is back boys
pcaman2003: Fat lady singing

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