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Chat log from R2 of 2018: Carlton vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs Gold Coast, R2 of 2018

JockMcPie: Should be a good game…go Cripps
RGriffen: what is the longest gap between first and second game in the AFL?
Lawls: Was tempted to change my tip to GC due to no Kreuzer
luke394: i put Garlett on field instead of Fritsch :/
cusch1: Vintage Carlton opening 30 seconds there
frenzy: I put Frits his on instead of naughton
duckky: Another Ump dominated game?
RGriffen: lol wtf was Lynch doing but free 100% there
MattyZ: Byrne is looking to be one of the worst supercoach starters I’ve ever picked
cusch1: well that was the weirdest passage of play …
cusch1: Ducky every free has been there so far??
BigChief: Witts will get 200 SC today.
RGriffen: hahah Ainsworth
JMC23: that would have been harder to miss then hit that kick
StuL: The new improved Carlton looks to be gone again.
Umpirespet: Carlton the next St Kilda
duckky: Its just I feel that the umps seem more intrusive this year that last
cusch1: Understandable ducky, but I feel that we all just criticise umps, even when they do well.
RGriffen: they always do early in the year imo
cusch1: Curnow looks a little uncomposed when he gets the ball in open play.
frenzy: Cmon Holman, you one week wonder
Umpirespet: Haha Frenzy I have him to
BigChief: 4 blatant frees missed against Suns in the Blues fwd line.
RGriffen: Holman isn’t playing water polo this week he doesn’t get a chance to tackle
Wends: Could be wrong but I thought ABC Holman had to get repairs to a cut over his eye?
RGriffen: yeah he did Wends
duckky: Holman and Garlett sgh … but at least didn’t Jump on Simpson
Wends: *thought I heard ABC say….
BigChief: Under his eye Wends
RGriffen: he just got back out there
Snarfy: Got Holman and Garlett playing today. Don’t have to scan very high up the list to find them atm!
StuL: The dockers rookies I benched will no doubt ton up this week.
RGriffen: I reckon Brayshaw is a chance
Snarfy: Just great. Now Manhole will also be one eyed!
Haydo: yes cripps
Wends: Nice little welcome back from his ex team mates then…
MerleDixon: Holman 57 percent gametime??
Haydo: hopefully hes on for me rgriff
cusch1: Not sure if Carlton are yet to show up, or it isnt all doom and gloom for the GCS experiment
RGriffen: not that Perth stadium is subi like but he should get some outside ball tonight
BigChief: Weitering looks even more lost up fwd.
duckky: Early days, but Marchbank doing OK this year
Umpirespet: Holman looks like he has a big black eye
vamos77: Get amongst it Paddy Plow
StuL: Holman tag
BOMBRBLITZ: Spud Garlett
frenzy: Put Garlett on you muppet
cusch1: Carlton players just have to touch a GCS player and blues fans are booing for a HTB…smh
Haydo: far out cripps is being tagged by holman
PureSwag: So True @cusch
pcaman2003: Holman 1 kick but no DE recorded?
Wends: Of course this is the first time in a couple of years I didn’t start with Lynch in SC
Umpirespet: Same Wends
duckky: I normallylove donuts, but not when its my man Garlett
JMC23: how did he go last week? SC
circle52: Gee skills rivalling yesterday afternoon.
Wends: Yeppp, Umpires pet 🙂
koolkatt: happy with holmans first quarter, was looking a bit bad at the start
cusch1: scored more points that quarter than he did last week (77)
BigChief: Carlton seem to be playing 25 today.
Umpirespet: Lynch on pace to get 280
MattyZ: Carlton are looking like their shoes are made out of lead
Pokerface: pumpkin garlett
luke394: Loving having Garlett on field right now
Kernahan: Rubbish Blues! Sack Bolts (lol)
Wends: Anyone else change their tip from GC to Blues bc they bought in to the ‘heavy legs’ theory?
JMC23: I bought him in last year right before a run of 40 odd scores…. bit sour on him still
Gotigres: Garlett not good enough to be my emergency
Snarfy: Big Call. Holman to ton up today. Tagging Cripps will keep him around the ball. 10 tackles maybe?
Umpirespet: Carlton making saints look good
Pokerface: @wends tipped blues originally because of it. theory worked so well yesterday…
JMC23: Hope so Snarfy… on field
Wends: Probably alot in the same boat JMC, frustrating year holding him.
bones351: Holman is good, went off with a blood rule for a while but came back well
cusch1: Carlton have had 3 more inside 50s… thats a telling stat of how poorly theyve played compared to last week
MONEY TALK: all those ppl who laughed at me about ben jacobs last week
BigChief: Saints looked like superstars compared to Carlton.
Smurfman: Umps can suck a fat one
Umpirespet: That wasn’t htb
Wends: So annoying @poker!!
a1trader: Carlton, look like they are a good chance of another wooden spoon for the cabinet
Umpirespet: As a crows sup I hope so
cusch1: Any reason as to why one of Hampson or Lobbe arent playing for Carlton? Injury or just poor team selection?
StuL: 22nd year of a 5 year plan and they produce this?
Snarfy: a1trader – they sould use their wooden spoons and go into business making soup!
Umpirespet: Yeah but they won the Gibbs trade that was more important I keep hearing
Smurfman: Wait, did you just say hampson? Lolz
BigChief: Weitering is not a fwd’s backside.
Umpirespet: Lobe injured atm
a1trader: lol Snarfy!
BigChief: Ummm Hampson is at Richmond, so that’s why he isn’t playing. Lobbe is injured.
circle52: In the back seems to have gone out the window for both sides.
cusch1: woops, meant Phililips hahaha
duckky: Time for Weitering to stand Lynch, Jones cooked
cusch1: Liam Jones is pathetic
BigChief: Jones has gifted Lynch all 5 goals. Swap him and Weitering.
a1trader: pretty happy to have Lynch in my Supercoach side. Shame he’s not in the Fantasy team also
RGriffen: why do they keep bouncing it
Wends: Tonne up Lynchy…
koolkatt: come on holman..
Umpirespet: Hope u VC him a1
PureSwag: TBH Lynch isn’t a good pick, he will have games like this but then games where he scores 50.
a1trader: no, just in the team
luke394: Tom Lynch wow
Umpirespet: So does buddy Pure
PureSwag: Yeah thats why i don’t like picking key postion player.
PowerBug: 50? He gave 30s last season 😛
grossn: Garlett so close
PowerBug: I disagree though, even though he was ‘poor’ last season he still was up there among fwds
BigChief: Garlett just dropped a car if they still gave 1 that is.
luke394: God damn you Garlett
frenzy: Holman doing a good job on cripps, but don’t care, need points
cusch1: What in the actual
a1trader: LOL, maybe Kade Simpson has Lynch in his Supercoach team too!
original: wheres the kermit symbol
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Simpson’s hospital ball sets up Lynch’s sixth goal!
PowerBug: Rip Kade. Still glad I have him in my SC though, getting plenty of the ball
Umpirespet: What’s the highest sc single score?
BigChief: 240 odd I think.
original: ablett went 250ish one day in 2009
koolkatt: dunno, but im fairly confident i remeber ablett getting 250
Haydo: holy flower lynch
cusch1: Wasnt it 230 odd by a key forward? Might have been Jonathon Brown. Probably wrong on that
lukefield9: Jonathan brown 281 in 2006
Umpirespet: Hope he gives it a shake
Umpirespet: Holy moly 281
lukefield9: 262 not 281 my mistake
koolkatt: so it is actually 262 by j.brown
BigChief: Only 1 cape for Lynch m0nty?
FordyHawks: I thought Buckley has the highest score, 260 something
TheMessiah: So glad I have Garlett on the field 🙁
koolkatt: will be happy if holman gets 80+ tbh
Wends: Was intent on Jacobs, but Witts tracking pretty well; held off replacing Ryder to see how Rd 2 went.
penguins00: Found one saying Buckley with 267 back in 2001 round 13
proudyy: N Buckley 267 in 2001 highest score ever
ReggieOz: When Ablett got 250 he was 150 at 3/4 time!
Sloan4Pres: weitering, worst number 1 pick in history
koolkatt: wow, 100 in last quarter :O
Fatbar5tad: @kool, yep 80 would be fine for Holman. Wish Dow could get a kick. A pricey flop so far.
cusch1: What’s the lowest score ever?
koolkatt: did they even track supercoach scores in 2001 but
koolkatt: there have been negative scores @cusch
TheOnyas: onya lynchy
Umpirespet: I was wondering that Koolcat
Wends: Ask Tadgh Kenneally @Cusch…
morgs640: Weitering will be alright.
MontyJnr: Jono Brown 262 in 2006 highest ever. SC started in 2005, so anything earlier doesn’t count.
duckky: Worst #1 was Lounder at Richmond in 1987. Only 4 games and delisted at end of first year.
original: brown was only 248
lukefield9: lethal leigh 38 kicks 11 goals and like 1000 sc in 1973
MontyJnr: @cusch1 lowest SC score ever was Michael Gardiner in 2008 with -19
Umpirespet: And 3 reports Luke?
StuL: Simo looks like he could go off this year with no Doch.
a1trader: Toby Green late out
Wends: Toby Greene a late withdrawal.
frenzy: Heaven
RGriffen: lock in another 6 goals for Cameron
Umpirespet: Bugger bought Greene in this week in Dt
cusch1: Thats a stiff 50
TheMessiah: Need atleast 50 from Garlett…
RGriffen: for the crowd giving it to the umps the whole game so far they lead the free kick count
a1trader: CArlton are pathetic, they can’t even handball to each other
cusch1: Maybe they aren’t booing the umpring, theyre booing the dribble their players are dishing up
JockMcPie: Cripps cmon gotta kick those…
Umpirespet: I have heard people with gastro moan less than this crowd
cusch1: Carlton Boos
original: if lynch doesnt score 200 he i s%#t hehe
BigChief: Just like the crowds in Adelaide hey Umpirespet?
Umpirespet: Na we are classier
TheMessiah: Wish I didnt have Weitering in my draft league 😕
RGriffen: crows fans are bad but not this bad
BigChief: Why would you have him Messiah?
BigChief: Bowes in trouble or the free enough?
TheMessiah: Was my bench Defender and Vlastuin is out so had to run with him the week
RGriffen: blues getting everything now
BigChief: No one better in FA?
circle52: Yep getting head highs which were not paid to either side in first half
Umpirespet: Gil just rang and said let Carlton win we need the money
BigChief: That was tough on Curnow. He handballed that.
TheMessiah: Im gunna have a good look after this round @bigchief
kano: Terrible umpiring, worse crowd
PureSwag: These Blues fan, smh.
cusch1: SPS has been Carltons best for the game
RGriffen: blues getting a free ride now
StuL: Bad miss. Give Lamb a roast.
RGriffen: how good is Jack Martin
PureSwag: Pun intended? @Stul
Yelse: t. green and reid out from gas pies game
Umpirespet: Dew has done a good job with GC far more competive
original: how good has the bouncing been today… makes it perfect for witts
TheMessiah: Is garlett getting much TOG?
PureSwag: How good has the umps been for you @origina
PureSwag: How good has the umps been for you @originak
circle52: Yep Blues getting the rub of the green no option but HTB given on Martin
BigChief: Moore will have to play fwd now Reid out.
PureSwag: 74% TOG, that about normal @TheMessiah
RGriffen: umps should have just stopped bouncing it at ES. Deck isn’t suited for it
StuL: Blues getting gifts from the umps and still uncompetitive
PureSwag: Just shows how bad they are @StuL
TheMessiah: @PureSwag – Thanks mate! Urghh was hoping it would be low
feralmong: hi folks. 2nd week in a row can’t loophole dusty. forgot to put C on coffield.
feralmong: But Titch is captain. Can he do it for us again.
TheMessiah: Would you guys take Goldy’s 123 or try with Titch/Fyfe?
Gotigres: Keep going Holman
PowerBug: Take it and run Messiah
koolkatt: what is the skill level of this game like? like yesterdays?
pcaman2003: Reckon Titch will be tagged for sure.
feralmong: i’d be greedy this end of the season Messiah
Umpirespet: 123 is good to me
frenzy: Holman I tell ya
koolkatt: id roll titch.. im a gambler 🙂
MattyZ: Titch I’d go with messiah, 130’s been my bar with VC against him
RGriffen: take it imo. Its safe points could have a Merrett or Crouch situation
BigChief: Weller doing his #2 draft pick swap justice.
cusch1: Remember when GCS gave up pick 2 for Weller
BigChief: @koolkat worse by Carlton for sure.
RGriffen: The Weller trade was just to make up for what Dockers gave suns for Bennell
RGriffen: because atleast Weller plays AFL
TheMessiah: Thanks all – Its literally 50/50 haha
BigChief: Weller v Brayshaw? Brayshaw everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.
feralmong: cusch1 remember when the dogs gave away everything for boyd. they won a premiership. too soon.
StuL: What a rabble. Richmond must have been hungover. They should have demolished the blues.
feralmong: Lyons is a win for them.
DrSeuss: Might have to trade Dow –> Holman this week
cusch1: And how did they go last year? and last week? Its ok to win it once, but the good teams challenge year in, year out
TheMessiah: Blues would have won this 1 with Kreuz
BigChief: @StuL or Richmond are not that good.
Umpirespet: And last year Jones was as good as Rance haha
FordyHawks: Hawks should win on Monday so Titch should score quite well
StuL: I’m hoping the tigers are one hit wonders too.
Beast_Mode: lol listen to you lot. teams that win the flag give zero fucks about round 1 and 2 the next season
feralmong: i think we might be Stu. We only have the one trick. We used it. need to fast track some talls in.
frenzy: Good boy Holman
TheMessiah: Tiges will finish top 4 IMO – Def not 1 hit wonders
feralmong: Witts backing up last year. Went Goldy/Gawn but was tempted by Witts.
Umpirespet: The Fog loves Richmond
TheMessiah: My gut is telling me that Guthrie will run with Titch
StuL: Be optimistic feral. You’ll be better than the dogs anyway.
JMC23: Id be happy for dons to be considered a sht team… or hungover… if it means we get a flag…. any year
feralmong: its a good trick to have though. holds up most of the time.
bones351: 10 tackles for my man McPherson
a1trader: Messiah, the blues wouldn’t win this with Jesus
bones351: Afew more possessions would be nice
feralmong: thought it was a bit rich the fist pumping walker. what he win R2?
StuL: I’d take 123 whoever said that. Get dusty in asap. Don’t rate titch or fryfe
Jackwatt$: Witts is one of the best ruckman Collingwood have ever had? Good call, bad call?
FordyHawks: Tigers were convincing in all their finals games, Dogs scraped through most of them.. extremely lucky
BigChief: Witts on 83 only? That’s shocking against nobody.
StuL: McPherson could be the pick of the f5ish options.
Umpirespet: Where have u been feral he had the week from hell
TheMessiah: I have Dusty, just went Goldy VC over him cause I am a complete knob
RGriffen: its a dry day less chances to get clearances for Witts
TheMessiah: Hope Garlett Kicks 3 late goals haha
cusch1: Adel leadership have copped it all week, and Walker has copped it since GF day. That goal was turning point for him
Jackwatt$: @messiah are you taking Goldys score?
feralmong: honestly don’t read the news much anymore. cbf. so wouldn’t know.
BigChief: Griff he has played against a dud in Casboult all day. Should have bee close to 125 by now.
Jackwatt$: I’ve got Cripps vc. Should I take it, or Titch, or Kelly
TheMessiah: @Jackwatt$ I have Olango as C atm but i’m really not too sure….
TheMessiah: Options are Titch, Fyfe, Zerrett or Gawn
RGriffen: he wasn’t going to have 25 possies again lol
Umpirespet: The fat Blue lady is now singing
TheMessiah: I would 100% take it if it was 130+, so really I shouldnt risk it over 7 points
Jackwatt$: I like Fyfe. Risky though
circle52: I di @Messiah but with Gawn playing later have set up just in case I need it with Fyfe into Mitchell.
cammo92: Cripps looks like he’ll get 120, I’d probably take that.
LuvIt74: Any idea if Menagola will play as he is still on the extended list?
StuL: Gawn. Titch is the safe option. He just rarely goes huge. So may as well take Goldy.
feralmong: 8 goals from 3 marks. Lynch at the ground level must be having a blinder
Apachecats: Wooden spoon any one? Saints,Freo or Brisbane for me.
pcaman2003: Holman a keeper for m8
DrSeuss: O’Shea, you are a bench warmer – but at least try to do something
duckky: Gartlett junk time?
Apachecats: Glad I didn’t fall for the PDow hype.
BigChief: Apache Carlton have the spoon wrapped up.
Haydo: holman doing pretty well
Umpirespet: Garlett just junk
StuL: Carlton Apache. Just for fun.
Haydo: @apache not saints due to north not being as bad as everyone thinks because of gold coast being decent
Gotigres: Time to ton up Holman
BigChief: @feral 3 goals from free kicks
LuvIt74: Thankfully its the last game so if Menongola doesn’t play, i’ll trade him for Sicily and pocket $150k
Apachecats: They’ll be better when Big K gets back @Bigchief.Saints were dreadful might go for them one out.
feralmong: tks chief.
feralmong: Blues fans if u were offered Lynch for a curnow and Weiter would u take it.
Apachecats: If North had kicked straight it would’ve been over 100 pts yesterday.
LuvIt74: All of the high priced rookies haven’t done much
Umpirespet: Menegola in Geelong reserves team I saw ..check tho
PowerBug: Yay another ton for the pretty unique Kade Simpson 😀
StuL: I still think Brayshaw (dockers) will be worth it.
Pokerface: kouta would have kicked it
original: dont say that about menegola please!
gers: Freo should be paying $1.05 for the spoon. Wayyy too many players under 50 games
Apachecats: Thanks Umpirespet ,did you notice M O’Connor ?
StuL: Scott loves dropping Menegola. One so so game and he’s out.
TheMessiah: Need 120 from Cripps and 50 from Garlett
BigChief: Carl are that bad. They can’t beat a side that has played 2 games already in torrential rain and are on the road.
Umpirespet: No in reserves to
Umpirespet: Plz check as it may change
feralmong: I don’t have holman. missed that one. correction from dow to holdman next week looking likely.
Apachecats: Menegola would get a game at any other club ,but Danger ,Ablett ,Selwood ,Duncan make it a tough break into.
koolkatt: cripps and holman in this one, happy with that
StuL: He’d still be handy as a fwd. I’d pick him.
Umpirespet: I have the same koolkatt
Apachecats: Same Koolkatt
frenzy: I better not need that score Garlett
StuL: Ton for Holman and 10 for Lynch please
cusch1: If Lynch kicked that…wow
Apachecats: Langdon or Rayner on for Greene anyone?
LuvIt74: Yeah i think i’ll trade Menegola to Sicily if he isn’t named this week, and next week even if Menegola is named ill trad
RGriffen: lol Carlton spuds
BigChief: Rayner for mine.
frenzy: Think CD has Cripps in this
PowerBug: Menegola made the cut
Umpirespet: T Mitch or Parker for C as vc gone?
LuvIt74: Just got Cripps & Holmes in this game
koolkatt: what is everyones thoughts on fyfe, do we hold onto him if he has another bad game
gers: Lyons has compiled a lovely under the radar game here
Umpirespet: Thanks Powerbug for confirming
gdshifty: Paddy Dow you are the weakest link – goodbye!
TheMessiah: @koolkatt.. Fyfe will go huge this week
LuvIt74: @Power cheers mate yeah Menagola is playing this week, so ill trade him out next week for sicily if he scores average.
Haydo: without the 10 clangers cripps score would be soooo sc friendly
lukefield9: menegola made the cut for AFL or VFL?
RGriffen: Top of the ladder!
Pokerface: yawn frenzy. 20 contested possessions. he is a beast
LuvIt74: koolkatt I will be upgrading Fyfe to Danger next week if he scores under 100, even if he scores a 99 ill make the trade
Umpirespet: Afl luke
Haydo: take cripps vc or titch or fyfe?
luke394: fuck you Garlett you rat, Fritsch surely tonnes up now
boo!: no duigan no carlton
Haydo: or gawn
bones351: Traded Dow to Bonner before the game.His DE is not good. Hopfully Bonner backs it up.
BigChief: You waste that trade LuvIt
koolkatt: yeh luvit, im think the same thing
PowerBug: I think I need to get Cripps, he’s good
bones351: @luke hope you are right on Fritsch
Hannibal: i love the smell of burning trades
feralmong: Thats 10 clearances Haydo. only 3 clangers.
Pokerface: might trade gawn to goldy if gawn has a low game today
frenzy: 10 Clanger thou
Haydo: who should i cap???
LuvIt74: @BigChief I’m happy to waste the trade as Danger will score 130 to 150+ each week, where as Fyfe wont

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