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Chat log from R2 of 2018: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for North Melbourne vs St Kilda, R2 of 2018

Snarfy: Are you guessing that Jacobs is going to tag Steven or has it been mentioned in the media?
J.Worrall: Its a fair bet …
raffa: what do you think
SilverLion: So I’m able to log in on Chrome but not Firefox. Not sure what the issue is.
SilverLion: Also, need Arma to play well to make up for Crouch.
SilverLion: P Plate for Uniacke as well?
th3rio: Hope not, got a bet on Steven for 30+
Apachecats: Mine goes OK on internet explorer but FF gets my Nortons a bit riled up sometimes.Calls it a suspect page.
th3rio: Also hope armo has a huge one! Starting on the pine I think 🙁
Umpirespet: saints by 60+ and guaranteed nap by 1/2 time
AngryRyno: Jacobs started with Ross
frenzy: False start lol
TheOnyas: onya waitey
th3rio: goldy chilling
pharace: Must be blowing a gale across the ground – mt bad, it’s North and Etihad
cobrakai00: This is like watching AFLW
StuL: Better see a rush on Waite.
the worm: i didnt know anyone watched aflw
TheMessiah: Billings and VC Goldy looking great :-/
th3rio: hahah Messiah, your VC woes
SilverLion: Nice start Arma and Savage
duckky: The standard of ths game is an advertisment for banning footy on Good Friday
TheMessiah: @th3rio… so annoying. Gunna back titch in for 130+
BigChief: The skills today are shocking.
Chelskiman: Missed the first quarter, anything up with Billings or just not been able to get the ball?
BigChief: playing 95% forward Chelskiman
th3rio: Titch would be your best bet, back him in
SilverLion: @Cheslki Hasn’t been down the Saints forward line much.
pharace: Srarted with a -3
the worm: I think north’s talent will start shining through in the 2nd half
BigChief: Norf has talent?
pharace: Think he meant North has Tarrant
the worm: i see you have cleverly spotted the flaw in my argument
frenzy: Need time oh and a wooden spoon or three
banta: lol st kilda are pathetic
banta: these teams suck. shouldn’t be playing on good friday
pcaman2003: Hunter Clark playing well as the statue
Umpirespet: This is the viewing experience that causes p@rn addiction
BigChief: I think Clark and EVW are seeing who can play the better statue.
pcaman2003: Wake me when it’s over
NewFreoFan: This is like watching 2 slugs rooting
BigChief: It’s not that entertaining Freo.
Roksta: Is this an aflw match?
cobrakai00: McCartin needs a treadmill
NewFreoFan: Jesus died for this
the worm: great shot on goal under severe pressure there
PureSwag: @NewFreoFan yep.
BigChief: 1.9 is a flowering joke.
NewFreoFan: Although, good to see the AFL getting into the spirit of the Melbourne Comedy Festival
circle52: Painful to watch this kicking by North – That was easy Hrovat
RGriffen: do teams have to go into the rooms have half time? Both should just have kicking practice
BigChief: Overwrap hey BT?
Roksta: Ben brown not a team player…
pcaman2003: Skills in Cairns last week were better.
NewFreoFan: 3.16 combined for the game hahahahahaha
Roksta: Maybe they dont like working on a public holiday
SilverLion: Geary touched that, never understood why umps pay marks like that.
TheMessiah: Saints need Billings on ball
stuballs: B Long and B Longer, lol. There’s always gotta be a one-up man ruining everyone’s fun
AngryRyno: can we have two different teams on Good Friday next year please/
Apachecats: This game is a big set back for Good Friday footy.
pcaman2003: How did Billings jag 133 pts last week? Fluke?
th3rio: armo does so well with minimal TOG
NewFreoFan: Will we see B Longest in next years draft you reckon stuballs?
Chelskiman: lmao @stuballs
Apachecats: Should have been Geelong v Hawthorn
PureSwag: I think they want to have two small vic clubs.
Beast_Mode: @pcaman2003 he’s inconsistant and overrated, laughable that so many puppets picked him tbh
Ash777: the good friday appeal. Support the struggling clubs
pcaman2003: @Beast. He seems out of his depth in an ordinary game.
PureSwag: @Beast_Mode he got averaged 93 and his one of the best fwds in SC this year.
Apachecats: Billings on 3 SC for the 1/4
Beast_Mode: nah, many better options than him thats for sure
Ash777: hope for a big junk time on billings
TheMessiah: Billings will still hit 80+ today
NewFreoFan: Billings heat map has him all over the ground. Will lift eventually
Raspel31: Thanks Messiah-needed to hear that.
PureSwag: @Beast Who? All I can think of is Heeney and MAYBE Greene.
TheMessiah: Goldy VC may be in play
NewFreoFan: Greene gets suspended too much to pick
th3rio: and buddy is way too inconsistent
PureSwag: Yeah so his pretty much the 2nd best FWD IMO.
SilverLion: Worst half of footy I’ve seen for some time
the worm: I expect they will be alot sharper in the finals
JockMcPie: That wasn’t great…skill level to match Colingwood which is a worry
stuballs: B longest will undoubtedly change the footy landscape for years to come
frenzy: Make this a meat pie 4and 20
Pusti: The sad thing is one of these teams will probably win.
NewFreoFan: Not necessarily Pusti, I reckon a 23 all draw could be an outcome
NewFreoFan: “Use the mental brain” – Waite
rebird: Draw? Maybe the winner should donate their points to the appeal.
Beast_Mode: 2nd best forward?? lmaooo. I wish I was in your league buddy. Greene, Buddy, Heeney..even wimngard is better
TheMessiah: I have Billings as top 2 forward this season also
morgs640: me too
BigChief: @Beast_Mode Heeney and Whingard? HAHAHAHA
Ash777: until kennedy is back?
BigChief: You forgetting Menegola and Kennedy?
Pokerface: Sicily > Billings
scrappers: he must be good he got 10sc points for a hanball that didnt result in a score?
scrappers: having said that he is a top 4 mid i just dont have him so a little bit bitter
luke394: Billings is lucky to be on 37, 54% and 4 clangers from 11 touches
scrappers: fwd sorry
TheMessiah: God I hope Billings capes this quarter haha
Roksta: This is a high scoring aflw game
NewFreoFan: How the hell do you manage to look like losing to North?
Chelskiman: Maybe I’ve overrated the Saints a bit.
th3rio: why the hell is armo on the same TOG as hunter clark…his groin cant be that bad?
luke394: what is the saints defence doing?
wadaramus: Conditions not duiting frer flowing high scoring footy?
NewFreoFan: The only condition affecting the game is the fact it’s the saints and kangas playing
luke394: Arma had a handball then a genre clearance for 1 point lol
SilverLion: Waite kicking in haha
Pokerface: might look at billings when he gets to 400k
the worm: mcartin reported for what fogerty did about 3 times last night
Ash777: 3mins of umps brain fade
NewFreoFan: Umpires trying to upstage the players at being bad
intergaze: pathetic McCartin
wadaramus: The score reflects torrential rain conditions in FNQ!
DrSeuss: Forgot about this game, got here just in time to see Billings suck this week.
BigChief: Are you serious intergaze? He was in the air before the ball was near the contest. Nothing wrong with what he did.
NewFreoFan: Roberton being unusually quiet
AngryRyno: not a reportable offence, 50m at best
SilverLion: Lift Arma and Savage
th3rio: so much hate for billings and he’s probably still gonna ton up…
NewFreoFan: Brown is a truly ugly man
Manowar: Some idiot has the C on McCartin
Pokerface: thinking he is far from a top 2 forward isn’t hate rio. its just he started off overpriced as inconsistent
luke394: @Silverlion Arma spending bugger all time on ground
banta: so many passengers at the saints. over rated
Raspel31: Sainters will be back last term-and hopefully Billings with them.
banta: how is hunter clark getting a game?
oc16: im glad i got acres, will be very happy with 90 if he can get there
banta: zero run from newnes and savage today
banta: umps been as terrible as the players
oc16: savage will still get 85+
Manowar: yeah right, and I have acres to
MrGmax: This is the most difficult to watch Good Friday spectacle since… well, you know.
luke394: why doesn’t Arma get any points for his possessions this quarter has been a joke he’s had some good touches
banta: Geary, Steven and Webster the only saints to hold their head up
TheMessiah: Goldy 130+ Please
Chelskiman: I remember a game a few years back where Zorko was on 50 at 3/4 and tonned up. Need that from Billings right now.
NewFreoFan: How do they pay holding the ball after Roberton kicked it?
the worm: according to the news, today is good friday. first class journalism.
SilverLion: Agreed luke, feel Arma is being ripped off a bit here.
TheMessiah: CD hate Arma
Pokerface: lol Gmax
MarchingIn: Carlisle should play FF
Lewysport: Gee those Clark/e boys must have spent a lot of time in the basement growing up!
trevor1257: wb lord monty
Manowar: ripped off! Amitage should be getting negative points for all of his clangers!
SilverLion: @Mano, he’s only had 1 clanger?
luke394: @Silverlion its a strange one felt like he’s been pretty good
Apachecats: Saints will still win this ,no one can play that bad for a whole four quarters.
Pokerface: look at his efficiency SL, he aint that great
scrappers: we all know CD are corrupt ! the key is to pick the CD friendly players
SilverLion: Maybe Poker. just feels like he’s had more influence than his SC score shows.
MarchingIn: longer doing well against goldy lol
luke394: I reckon your right @scrappers Dusty gets a hell of a lot more points for his cheap possies
Pokerface: new year, same old tin hat from luke
scrappers: i know im right Luke @! ive played this game for too many year to think any different
Chelskiman: Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t think the Saints can beat North from here.
luke394: not according to Pokerface @Scrappers he obviously knows something we don’t
DrSeuss: Is Billing’s just forward this week?
banta: disgraceful st kilda. kicking skills are a joke. don’t deserve the cash they are paid
Pokerface: saints are getting worse, not better
NewFreoFan: My tips are already rooted this year. 6 last week and 0/2 this round
TheMessiah: Come on Goldy… Dont stop again
BigChief: Yes DrSeuss.
MarchingIn: woeful kicking
Pokerface: lol, yeah i’m the one who knows something by saying CD just follow their algorithm.
banta: armitage couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat
pcaman2003: In the conditions,worse game possible.
luke394: very disappointing from the saints thought they would improve a fair bit this year
CaptainWho: So happy I have no players and interest in this game
Pokerface: and luke wonders why arma doesn’t score well
pcaman2003: @banta. Maybe boat in driveway still
MrGmax: Billings is running out of quarters.
NewFreoFan: There are more stats than what’s shown her on fan footy that affect the SC scores you conspiracy nuts lol
MarchingIn: all over red rover
Pokerface: coffield surely has to get games after this
Chelskiman: The umps need a permanent mare icon. The amount of soft frees they’ve paid already this season is stupid.
Umpirespet: Saintts not a top 12 side
BigChief: If St Kilda can’t beat Norf after they played in Cairns last week they won’t make finals in a very long time.
th3rio: Poker, arma’s TOG is shit, how is he going to score well? He did get 129 in JLT in like 65 TOG
CaptainWho: Brown start, every other player spud
RGriffen: suns the best team in the AFL. Only side to beat a team that has won a game
NewFreoFan: Saints aren’t a top 17 side if they keep playing like this
Chelskiman: Imagine North without Ben Brown.
banta: game over saints. bottom 4 for st kilda this year
BigChief: Ummmm Adelaide Griff?
amigaman: Uh hmmm … Bombers
JockMcPie: Should have given every single player a spud icon…
Apachecats: Mothballs for 2018 Sainters.
Pokerface: that wasn’t the discussion, keep up rio. quality of possessions
MarchingIn: ffs. saints skills have been shite for ages. why don’t richo acknowledge that
th3rio: last 3 i’ve seen have been under pressure so not that bad 🙂
luke394: Arma lifting Poker!
vartic: didn’t expect this to be my first missed tip this year, still not sure if i underestimated North or overestimated STK
TheMessiah: Is billings on the bench?
Pokerface: lol luke
MrGmax: What is this.
Pokerface: think he is quickly cleaning his cape Messiah
luke394: think ill punt him this week @poker doesn’t look much chop at all
Umpirespet: If u backed norf 39+ today ur rich
NewFreoFan: Saints just didn’t care then. Nobody got back. Disgraceful.
frenzy: Floodgates lol
pcaman2003: Check the ball for tampering someone.
NewFreoFan: Top notch call Pokerface hahahaha
TheMessiah: Hahaha fair call @pokerface
Pokerface: @luke – arma? unless theres one of the must have rooks you missed you kind need to hold
banta: EAD saints
TheMessiah: 20 more please VC Goldy
Chelskiman: At least get to 70 Billings. Jesus.
luke394: maybe just on the bench until he stops making $$ @Poker I would rather field T Kelly & Bradshaw atm
Pokerface: well there goes my last man standing tip. kudos north
BigChief: Saints are a joke.
Raspel31: Yep, brought Billings in this week Chelsk-hmm
DrSeuss: Let’s get a lil junk Mr Billings
Pokerface: luke you’d think he’d still average more than those two over time. they all have high and low games
Chelskiman: So it’s your fault, Rasp? 😛
Ash777: not a good round for ppl with the last name clark/clarke etc
original: This game is a joke. As are savage and billings’ scores
rickybrad: Is afl taking the piss with this game or what
JockMcPie: Junk it up Billings…get a goal or something
Chelskiman: A bit of junk from Billings at least.
AngryRyno: bring out the bin for Billings
NewFreoFan: Bloody Roberton. How do you not get possessions as the loose player in this horrendous defence
Haydo: get to 85 please billings
luke394: if Arma can’t break 80 from 26 touches @Poker he’s no good
Pokerface: true, but dont jump from 1 game. he did well for u last week
Beast_Mode: Billings, 2nd best forward lol
NewFreoFan: North should not be beating anyone by 50+
frenzy: You destroyed him Goldy
luke394: a couple of mid 70’s aren’t super inspiring @Poker maybe hell improve as the year goes on, his TOG is worrying atm
Haydo: got the friday game wrong both weeks damn
TheMessiah: @beast just wait till the seasons out mate. Saints were off today
the worm: I struggle to see how billings has outscored armitage today
Apachecats: Messiah ,good call on Billings getting 80.
Beast_Mode: he’ll probs avg 90’s but, will have games like this every few weeks.
Chelskiman: When you let a 35 year old Waite score 146 DT points you know you’ve had a mare.
frenzy: Blue moon , should be heart
SilverLion: Agreed Worm
luke394: @theworm agreed he played better Billings influence was minimal
BigChief: @worm. Billings ended up with a better DE. That is about it.
Haydo: who are the two best defenders if billings isn’t one of them he is still averaging 110 heeney and who?
NoneyaB: and all 12 roos fans rejoice
th3rio: what did all ryder owners do? nic nat or big stef?
AngryRyno: how bout some traffic cones?
StuL: Saints are playing finals!?
luke394: 2 more clangers though @Bigchief

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