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Chat log from R2 of 2018: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R2 of 2018

th3rio: evening all! who’s fielding doedee tonight?
boo!: come on big tex
th3rio: evening all! who’s fielding doedee tonight?
boo!: minty!!!!!! pedal
boo!: minty the solenoid needs fixing
Gotigres: i did th3rio ahead of Naughton
boo!: #fluxcapicitor
Chelskiman: Come on, Rance, can’t be letting Jenkins get on top early.
luke394: dont do this FA crap again Nankervis
luke394: Dusty playing deep fwd again
boo!: nankervis clearly tampering with the ball then
Haydo: Go tigers and laird
Chelskiman: LOL, the umpires literally hate us.
th3rio: same Gotigres, Naughton and Murray benched, finlayson on too!
th3rio: ouch for rance owners lol
Chelskiman: Come on, Dusty!
boo!: rance still punches out 100sc
DrSeuss: Greenwood has gone to Dusty at the stoppages it seems
BigChief: Really Chel? The last free to Jenkins was soft but the rest were there.
carlton_99: that was a free against martin but the umpslove him too much to give a FA
RGriffen: that was dangerous af by Dusty
m0nty: not a marking contest, tunnelling doesn’t apply, play on
Haydo: Dodee on for naughton this week
Gotigres: Bolton rucking
SilverLion: Bolton nominated for the ruck. Exploiting the rules or what…
BigChief: Bolton shortest ruck ever.
boo!: gawn – bolton
Chelskiman: How is that exploiting the rules? You don’t have to nominate a ruckman for a ruck contest.
RGriffen: running into someone nearly putting them on their head is much worse than getting within 10m of a bloke taking a kick…
Gotigres: Thanks for updating prices and %owned Monty
Chelskiman: fuck off Jenkins!
SilverLion: They say he was blocked for the ruck, who would honestly think Bolton nominated.
boo!: rance caping 2nd qtr up
BigChief: Actually you do need to nominate a ruckman Chelskiman. How tall that player is doesn’t matter.
Chelskiman: Not our fault Adelaide’s mids weren’t paying attention.
carlton_99: It is an explotation of the rule but the rule is there to be exploited. The fact that you have to nominate is bs
RGriffen: yeah BC is right. Must nominate a ruckman or the ump nominates closest player
Chelskiman: *BigChief, I meant you don’t to nominate a ruckman as in the postion of ruckman. You can nominate who ever you want.
BigChief: Agreed. It was dumb by Crouch.
boo!: jake push up king for ruck
Gotigres: It should just be two players up for the ruck and if a third goes up it’s a free against
BigChief: Now that would be too sensible GoTigres and that’s not the AFL way.
carlton_99: @gotigres agree completely. But why should we even get rid of the third man
th3rio: god dusty is literally unstoppable
RGriffen: capt Olango again
Sixty656: Dustbin in full effect.
carlton_99: At this rate Olango could be the MVP of most peoples team for the season.
BigChief: I went VC on Gibbs
th3rio: lol same. if titch gets 165 again i’ll be peaking
Gotigres: Yes Emergency Murphy. You touched the ball.
boo!: my mink drink arrived…night night
RGriffen: superman Josh Jenkins
Chelskiman: We were pretty even with them in the same game last year but ended up getting flogged. Good start, but still nervous.
Chelskiman: Haven’t seen Rance play this bad since he was tagged.
intergaze: We’re a much better team now Chelski 🙂
Chelskiman: @intergaze, to be fair we were unbeaten until we played them last year.
Jukes82: not surpising you’re usually negative anyway.
casey22: Cape for Josh?
intergaze: true mate but don’t think we we’re playing anything like we did at the end of the year
Chelskiman: Oh yay, we conceded a goal! Rainbows and sunshine! Better, Jukes?
Breezey: Sloane not looking quite right
Apachecats: Go Murphy!
BigChief: Witches hat for Houli?
bones351: Murphy goes Bang Bang!!
th3rio: holy crap rance is cooked
Jukes82: lol no, i was just saying. relax.
luke394: Rance getting an absolute bath off one of the worst forwards in the comp
original: rance havin a mare yet?
Chelskiman: We need to move Rance off Jenkins, he’s getting destroyed.
TheBoy89: Murphy already more points than week
Sixty656: Rance planning end of season retirement plans
th3rio: ffs get amongst it doodo
spudaroos: Rance really looks awful out there. Playing injured?
NoneyaB: gotta love ch7 dramatizing sloane getting his ankle restraped lol
th3rio: also murphy looking great, peaking i didnt get him
original: just waiting for that free kick to be attributed to ellis and not caddy
runt: Rance just needs to get a kick
Chelskiman: Wahey, we got a free!
runt: or a handball…
Chelskiman: We needed that!
runt: or a mark…and he will be fine
SilverLion: 2 cheapies for a goal right there
NoneyaB: crouch gone….
Chelskiman: Hammy for Crouch?
SilverLion: Crouch done for the day ffs
RGriffen: Crouch gone!
luke394: Crouch done hammy wow
BigChief: Crouch done m0nty. Ice on hammy
bones351: Crouch Gone!
Breezey: No Crouch. No mate
Snarfy: Crouch Hammy!
TheBoy89: Crouch done for the night
Gotigres: Matt Crouch finished for the night
RGriffen: went Merrett to Crouch in AF hahaha
Kernahan: Hammy!
Kernahan: Lol Griff
th3rio: crouch and merrett gonna be so popular soon
Sixty656: Is crouch out? 😉
Chelskiman: I held Merrett. Would have traded if he wasn’t named.
TyCarlisle: Why would you trade merrett?? lol
runt: Breaking news! Crouch hamstring. You heard it here first
JRedden: no reason to trade merret, silly
RGriffen: in AF I always trade blokes who got hurt worked a treat last year
zoomba23: Crouch done his hammy, there goes my ranking.
RGriffen: didn’t trade Merrett in RDT
frenzy: Cmon dodo lift
Apachecats: Runt I think you came in 5th
TheBoy89: @RGriffen telling me to save my trades
RGriffen: 190 reasons to trade Merrett in AF 😉
Chelskiman: How the hell did that go through for a goal?
BigChief: Adelaide Oval Chelskiman.
JRedden: price doesnt matter for top 8 mids, just hold for the year
RGriffen: I don’t play AF seriously because who can when prices go up from week 1, 2 trades a week and BE’s that aren’t real BE’s
runt: Crows better not slack off like they did last week
RGriffen: or like m0nty says Merrett isn’t a top 8 mid 😉
carlton_99: Lambert come on. Havent seen him for like 20mins
Chelskiman: JRedden, exactly. May have had a low score last week due to injury but can still average 120 from here.
TheBoy89: I’m just gonna loophole dusty now
Chelskiman: Dusty keeping us in it on his own.
Gotigres: 150 please vc Martin
SilverLion: Feeling a bit flat after Crouch’s hammy. Was my VC in SC…
th3rio: good dodo
Rush: Got Laird, Dusty and Nank doing bits. Only Doedee is letting me down right now
th3rio: doedoo will be alright if he can get to 40+ by HT
intergaze: Coward Fogarty
Blaknight: I feel ya SilverLion. Same for me.
tommy10: Even I know that feeling SL even though I didn’t have Merrett as VC last week
runt: fogarty’s rib cracker was pointless
SilverLion: Nice to see I’m not alone at least haha
Lodgy: How do we feel about Fogartys job security? Lynch to come in…
jfitty: Might as well give Rance the mare now
spudaroos: Rance getting towelled up, my word.
Chelskiman: Please take Rance off Jenkins. There’s no reason to continue with this match up.
th3rio: wow doedee came home strong
Fatbar5tad: Better than Scarlo? Turn it up. Jenkins LOL.
gopower: Give Rance the traffic cone
runt: Jenkins has managed to be in front of Rance forcing Rance to go the grapple which has not paid off at the Adelaide oval
TheBoy89: Dusty!!
th3rio: not even waiting till end of game, Captain Lavender
Haydo: Laird gone cold
Fatbar5tad: Some great goals tonight.
Chelskiman: Can’t turn this into a shoot out because that’s what Adelaide want.
the worm: it appears my hatred of martin will ruin my season again
God_: Full credit to Jenkins so far. Rance can’t stop him.
Fatbar5tad: Rance and Jack down, mrouch cooked. Tigers a big chance here.
BigChief: That was high from Butler. Umpire must have been blind sided
Rush: The way Dusty is going Captain Olongo is getting his 2nd run out of the season
breezly: Dusty as vice and short 😀
runt: Rance has a new nickname. Rances stats very economical Is it some sort of code? won won won won won Tigers to win?
Zeratul: BigChief – no. the umpire was Nichols.
zadolinnyj: Gents
Kernahan: “Stand byyy your mannnnn!”
tommy10: Gonna really regret going Merrett over Dusty the way these two games are going so far…
zadolinnyj: Massive crouch being injured and Sloane not 100% ran out of legs last week
intergaze: Graham to lay 10 effective tackles this half
frenzy: Rancid rance
Chelskiman: @Kernahan LOL
mardyb: nank needs the tv symbol
mardyb: or maybe a cross (michael christian)
the worm: i personally didnt think the steve smith was a big deal
zadolinnyj: Agree. Change the tv to a coffin this year.
th3rio: awkward time from a pep talk from rance :
rickybrad: Steve smith should be drawn and quartered
Apachecats: Sth African captain has been done twice for ball tampering.
wadaramus: 1 year ban is way over the top.
Chelskiman: I think the difference is that Smith, Warner and Bancroft lied to the umpires and tried to hide the evidence.
the worm: i think staging in footy is a worse crime than ball tampering in cricket
Chelskiman: Agree the ban was extreme though.
Rush: Warne got the same length ban when he tested positive. A year ban for ball tampering is a joke.
koolkatt: yeh the boys
Rush: Who doesn’t try and hide the evidence when they cheat though?
weca: everyone lies about it. Faf spat out his mint when he was caught afridi was even worse
th3rio: I think that it was pre-meditated by leadership group and the shame of being caught for Aus also made it seem worse ..
RGriffen: the footy is on
God_: Talia hyperextended knee
FordyHawks: If using sandpaper to ‘tamper’ the ball is worth 1 year, then using a zipper is worth 2 months? A fingernail is worth 1?
the worm: media beat it up so much they had to get crucified
runt: took long enough to kick that point did Gibbs
luke394: Doedee another gun from the Geelong Falcons footy factory
koolkatt: bombers for flag i think boys
frenzy: The Fog has settled
koolkatt: media aren’t happy until they psuh someone to breaking point, same as james hird
zadolinnyj: Crows injury list is long this year. Not great
runt: This game reeks of the Tigers just rolling over the Crows in the last qtr
RGriffen: tbh about time crows had some injuries though
Chelskiman: How was that not a free against Fogarty? Literally threw him to the ground.
SilverLion: Mare for Rance
the worm: rance shouldve cleaned up dogarty on that one
luke394: Bank had 2 big contested marks for 10 points :/
zadolinnyj: We have had a good run last two years
runt: The fog has lifted again
zadolinnyj: It’s the fog
koolkatt: fog will be out for 2 weeks
Breezey: I’m loving watching Fogarty. Getting right amongst it.
zadolinnyj: Crows need to play slow to conserve energy
runt: The Crows are fighting because they are trying to convince everyone they are tough.Though we know they are not.
J.Worrall: Don’t care if I Doedee Doedee Doedee
Chelskiman: #freekickadelaide
weca: it all premeditated
RGriffen: Fog is the biggest flog
th3rio: sweet, was bout to ask if laird went to the pub
zadolinnyj: Love the fogs niggle
carlton_99: yeh ok @chelsk
arbel: Geez umps have it hard for adelaide tonight
koolkatt: hate the crows, come on richmond
the worm: there;’s niggle, and there’s being a dirty dog
bomberbear: Haven’t seen any of the game; what is the likelihood that Nank will get weeks?
Apachecats: C E-Y goes on the watchlist.
Haydo: Laird gone cold
th3rio: highly doubt he’ll get anything bomber, went over crouch after a mark
zadolinnyj: No mate. Just careless the nank
RGriffen: Nank should be fine he was just uncoordinated and fell on top of him
BigChief: Laird being tagged.
Haydo: far out frees 18-10 against
Chelskiman: They’re all over us at the moment.
bomberbear: That eases my mind. Cheers fellas.
RGriffen: spud for Jroo
BigChief: Nank was clumsy and will get a fine at worst.
Haydo: and half our frees have been given 10 sec after we take the advantage
runt: Crouch still outscoring 12 tigers in DT
carlton_99: in the second qtr last week u guys won the free kicks 11-2, yet tiger supporters were still complaining.
carlton_99: the free kick differntial means nothing
th3rio: why do they kick the hell out of it when going for snaps? that went heaps high and was always gonna miss…
DrSeuss: Dusty must have worn himself out in the 2nd
Chelskiman: We need a plan b. Plan a has totally failed this quarter.
FordyHawks: Someone was complaining about free kicks only 5 minutes into the game
koolkatt: bats out for smith boys
Haydo: rance coming alive
BigChief: How does B. Ellis continue to get games? Zero impact on games for 2 years.
luke394: Rance lifting
zadolinnyj: Need to get Jenkins out of ruck and back on rance
RGriffen: Townsend tagging Sloane?
FordyHawks: DooDay…? Does anyone else read it as DowDee?
original: how good is greenwood
Chelskiman: I swear teams play better when they’re a man down.
original: B.Ellis would be on okay kanga too yeh? anyone know?$
God_: Personally read it as Doodie
runt: Nice goal by Hubert
Hawks_13: Rance is starting to get into the game now
the worm: i read it as dough dee
TheMessiah: @Chelskiman – You guys look really good. The crows in Adelaide is a big ask for any team
Breezey: Rance making a difference.
the worm: cape for rance this quarter?
TheBoy89: rance bein good this half
zadolinnyj: It’s doo day
Chelskiman: We just can’t kick a goal at the moment and they look like they’re going to score every time they go forward.
zadolinnyj: Fog got to stop ducking into tackles
th3rio: crows are gonna have no bench in a sec
zadolinnyj: Bye bye caddy
RGriffen: cya Caddy
the worm: caddy might be playing golf next week
BigChief: I think Edwards might be in trouble too.
original: when he ducks tho he isnt trying for a ree ,just hoping to burrow through i think
th3rio: caddy to replace steve smith
TheMessiah: Caddy will be fine
RGriffen: lucky the Masters are on next weekend
Kernahan: Nah – caddy was going for the ball – hell be right
Chelskiman: 1.5 for the quarter. Do we not practice goal shooting?
Zeratul: If Douglas got a week, Caddy should get 2
zadolinnyj: Great McKay will be out with concussion. Will be big last 1/4 comeback
runt: This game getting a bit snipy. tigers cant afford to go down that road
th3rio: am i the only one wondering where the fuck dusty is?
BigChief: I don’t think it matters nowadays if the player is going for the ball.
RGriffen: 17 point quarter for Dusty
Chelskiman: @zad, I wouldn’t worry. We are running around like headless chickens at the moment.
BigChief: Dusty has his SC ton. That’s enough for him.
the worm: he’s saving himself for garbage time
TheMessiah: @th3rio I am happy cause I did’t put the VC on himhaha
RGriffen: no garbage time today
th3rio: im not! taking the C off lavender in a sec lol
TheBoy89: sloane omg
FordyHawks: Need 2 more goals to Townsend and 10 disposals for Gibbs
oc16: how much does laird need to get in order to take the vc?
RGriffen: nah I have the C on Olango or whatever his name is since about 10 minutes in
BigChief: Star for Sloane already.
Chelskiman: I can’t see us out scoring them by 4 goals in the last, even with their injuries.
DrSeuss: Dusty took off the 3rd after his Cape in the 2nd
runt: Tigers lacking cohesion tonight. Even look a bit flat
TheMessiah: Crows will win by around 12 IMO
TheMessiah: Caddy will get a fine only, same with Nank
Hadouken: dusty for 140. need that vice!!
th3rio: anything over 130 for any VC id say OC
Chelskiman: Anything over 130 is hard to pass up. 120 is a good score but awkward for a loophole.
runt: Crouch outscoring 13 Tigers in SC.
TheMessiah: Merrett is good to go this week yeah?
TheBoy89: flogarty is one of the worst rookie picks i’ve made
carlton_99: Why is lairds score so low for 31 touches 80% DE and 7 marks
redwallis: I think Tigers can win this if Jenkins goes back to being Jenkins
zadolinnyj: Don’t know Carlton but I’ve learnt not to question sc
luke394: had a lot of uncontested @carlton_99 & 6 clangers
zadolinnyj: Why is Matt crouch still the same? Normally creeps up if injured but influential
frenzy: Not in CD’s team Carlton 99
weca: you can win this after you stio bombing it long
TheBoy89: what do u guys think of jaegar o meara
TheBoy89: flogarty is the biggest flog
RGriffen: sure is theBoy
luke394: geez Dusty is good
zadolinnyj: You guys bagging a teenager who plays hard should go watch netball
runt: Betts has lost the plot in recent games
zadolinnyj: Surely we want a bit on grunt back in footy
RGriffen: hulk like from Dusty
runt: I wont be surprised at all if the Tigers win this
zadolinnyj: Tigers will come back. Crows got only two on bench
the worm: the hard play is fine, the late hits two weeks in a row are a bit much
Breezey: I like Fogarty. Playing a role. Not intimidated. Two goals. Tough nut
redwallis: Fogarty looks a guy who keeps a rifle under the dirty mattress in the back of his panel van
th3rio: dooday gonna ton up lol
th3rio: okay lavender def capt now good night
TheMessiah: Dusty is a beast
TheBoy89: lock in the vc loophole boys
Breezey: Looking like a Dust Up
frenzy: Rancid will ton, make me ill
runt: Its as if the Tigers are just waiting for Martin to win it for them and so they dont have to worry too much!
TheMessiah: Wish dusty would stop here…..
TheBoy89: astbury muppet
TheMessiah: Captains goal if I have ever seen one
redwallis: Garry Lyon at halftime looked like he has PTSD
zadolinnyj: Crows need to hold ball or they will lose. Looking tired
the worm: @runt ,thats been the tigers gameplan for 5 years
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Astbury’s shank kick leads to an easy Walker major!
BigChief: Potato for Astbury?
runt: Shaven head, silly mo vaporized and the Tex Walker of old re-appears
TheMessiah: Caddy on the bench??
Chelskiman: Sloane always plays well against us.
the worm: brandon ellis, composed as always
BigChief: Apart from the 2nd half of the GF Chelskiman
zadolinnyj: What a goal
Chelskiman: Brandon Ellis needs to be dropped. We have quality like Miles not getting a game and somehow this spud gets a game.
BigChief: 3 votes R. Sloane.
redwallis: 80k tigers fans getting the dvd player ready
luke394: geez Nank could score big if he didn’t have 5 frees against a game
arbel: 3 votes umps. Richmond playing bad but every slight call list gets given to them
RGriffen: man I hope Coffield doesn’t play tomorrow
Chelskiman: We’re cooked.
TheBoy89: doedee ton
RGriffen: awful from Edwards that
zadolinnyj: I’m the first to bag Jenkins but impressive 1st two games
th3rio: yesss doedeee making me feel better about fielding naughton last week
frenzy: Doodle on the bench hay Griff
runt: A general lack of urgency fro too many Tigers has them in this position
the worm: do i loophole lachie murphy’s score, or start naughton?
bones351: Wow Conca is useless haha
zadolinnyj: Eddy wearing crows jocks lol
RGriffen: yep Frenzy didn’t trust it vs a small forward line who put pressure on. But ran with Coffield so I can loop
RGriffen: will mean I don’t play Murray though because I only got 1 rookie for backline in SC
TheMessiah: Not a trrip… wow
RGriffen: crap from Graham tonight
intergaze: lol, awesome umpiring
th3rio: after last week, take lachies score worm
TheMessiah: Come on Caddy get another 26 please
zadolinnyj: Loophole murphy
runt: no trip grabbed his shorts on the side causing the stumble
TheBoy89: umpires are shocking
frenzy: Yep Graham’s first blemish
pcaman2003: Caddy the magician……disappears in the blink of an eye.
zadolinnyj: Why is eddy not trying to kick goals?
intergaze: yeah loophole murphy for sure
original: rance sc…pfffftttttttttttt
frenzy: The fog has settled again
RGriffen: yeah was about to say Original. Crazy turn around
Chelskiman: It’s a tough place to travel but I feel we’ve missed a big chance here.
BigChief: Spoils give sc points @original.
TheBoy89: dusty only 6 touches sice half time
Chelskiman: Their forward line is so dangerous even when they’re only half on.
Umpirespet: Doedee better than Lever can defend 1 v1
runt: flaccid is how I would summarize the tigers tonight, apart from Nank and Martin
BigChief: Laird 8 disp in 1st 2 weeks.
original: waiting for bruce to say “spunk”
LuvIt74: Dusty VC with Laird & Doedee on field. Like 90% of others on here no doubt
original: im not doubting rance should have some points. just not that many lol
runt: A few more tha 8
the worm: delicious spunk
original: LuvIt74 yeh mate same here. murphy on bench (damn)
BigChief: @ runt I did typr 81 but the 1 didn’t work LOL
RGriffen: no Laird for me till next week. His differential between DT and SC not great but 42 touches a good score regardless
LuvIt74: Was Nank’s knee drop serious does anyone think he will get a week forit?
TheMessiah: Fkn wish I had the VC on Dusty 🙁
LuvIt74: Same here Original, wish i had nougton on bench now
casey22: Laird, the magnet & gun!!!!!
BigChief: A fine at worst LuvIt
RGriffen: any Shaun Grigg owners? Awful start to the year
LuvIt74: How couldn’t u VC Dusty , he is the closest player you’ll get to a Danger or Mitchell…
th3rio: how could you not MEssiah? did you go crouch or something?
Umpirespet: Where did all the tigers fans go? Sore losers
FordyHawks: I think there’s more chance of Warner getting a ton this year than Nank getting a week
LuvIt74: lol Fordy
RGriffen: like a round 2 win means a lot… Would rather turn up in a GF
TheMessiah: Goldy into Titch/Danger :/
runt: I think Nanks fall into the back was ridiculous but not worthy of a suspension
koolkatt: pretty sure fog will get 2 weeks
Fatbar5tad: Pop!
original: rance. sc cd a joke. trash time stats
Umpirespet: Would rather pick a better name than RGrifeen to
zadolinnyj: Every win means something in any year. Need to make the grand final to win or lose it
pcaman2003: Caddy useless last qtr.
RGriffen: 1 week for Fog imo
casey22: A week for sure
LuvIt74: Dont trade out goldy
RGriffen: Graham killed a wicked SC start but 70 average to start the season no the worst
runt: Good game Crows but the Tigers were weirdly flat
RGriffen: you couldn’t even spell the username right lol
th3rio: i think danger will save you..although unsure with Gaz now lol
zadolinnyj: Lol tex. have to go to council to get those trunks cut down on the fog
koolkatt: caddy wil get done also
bones351: Ha I’m not the only one who saw how big a spud Conca is
painkilla: if fog gets 1 week , caddy gets 3
Tez: Good game of footy

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