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Chat log from R1 of 2018: West Coast vs Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Sydney, R1 of 2018

korza: How the hell does Monty now, where some of the players position’s and roles are. Another conspiracy.
RGriffen: hacks!
m0nty: I watch the matches
AngryRyno: gonna be a late end to lockout tonight
RGriffen: suns to be the first home team to win at new perth stadium
frenzy: goodluck nicnat
duckky: Monty, I have a problem wth Watchlist. When I try to add mature age players like Barry, every 2017 draftee gets added
AngryRyno: great start for Lloyd
MattyZ: low/mid 2200’s in dt/sc need a good parker score to break that 2300!
SilverLion: Best of luck Matty
th3rio: this match will probably help ryder owners decide what to do?
AngryRyno: Heeney starting forward or wing?
frenzy: minty reckons mids
LuvIt74: No idea where Heeney started from all i know is that he needs to lift
LuvIt74: Goodluck Matty I’m on 2205 with just Heeney to go
runt: heeney is forward at present
MattyZ: Heeney’s in my AF side, but I got rekt by libba and on field rooks :/
LuvIt74: Matty what are you on in SC?
MattyZ: 2226 luvit
LuvIt74: I was lucky with on field rookies thankfully. Heeney up forward isn’t good unless he kicks 4 lol
LuvIt74: Great score mate
PureSwag: What score you guys posting?
runt: Heeney deep forward
RGriffen: Heeney 1v1 with Sheppard
DrSeuss: Pick it up Yeo
LuvIt74: PureSwag 2205 with Heeney to go.
Pokerface: ryan will be first of the wc rookie pricers to go from the team
Rush: I’ve had some rough luck with rookies. Finlayson and Holman on the bench
RGriffen: why did I pick Heeney over Buddy in SC
runt: franklin imperious
Rush: At least i’ve got Buddy and Lloyd helping me this game
original: What’s up with jpk
PureSwag: I wasn’t sure who to pick, Buddy or Heeney. Still rekon Heeney the better option long term, but still not sure.
LuvIt74: That’s what makes all the diffrence your onfield rookies which in reality is a lottery. I was lucky with my rookies
runt: Heeney was at the back of the square on the West Coast side for that centre bounce
Chelskiman: I should have just gone with my gut. Had Gibbs, Kelly and Lloyd in my team all summer and didn’t start any of them.
Pokerface: he’ll be tom embarrass when this game is over
SilverLion: Franklin walkin around the ground like he owns it
frenzy: theres the 2nd m0nty
runt: Heeney at the centre bounce this time
frenzy: and you can take buddy’s back
runt: Forwards rotating through the midfield is all the rage this year
PureSwag: If Sydney win i will ace my tipping in rd1. Anyone going to ace it as well?
frenzy: sorry lol 3 goals
LuvIt74: Agree PureSwag Buddy will go huge at times but will also score quite a few 50’s to 70’s Heeney should be more consistant
duckky: Gee, Heeney scores quick
LuvIt74: Heeney picked up big time in the last 10 mins of that quarter
Chelskiman: @PureSwag, not quite. Went the Crows but have every other result right. Was a fairly easy round as far as Round 1’s go
Haydo: onya heeney and lloyd
LuvIt74: Yeo was killing it first 5 minutes or so but then stopped in his tracks
Haydo: @pureswag got them all except adelaide essendon
Pokerface: @chelski getting that geelong win was luck at the end more than an easy pick..
Lawls: All except Melbourne
Lawls: Bloody gawn
AngryRyno: Heeney, beautiful
Pokerface: lol
ajconodie: Anyone have LeCras? Lol
Chelskiman: Franklin is almost unplayable when he’s in this mood.
duckky: Early call but Buddy on track for Coleman
luke394: Buddy might kick 10 today
frenzy: too early for witches hats
Crowls: 180 for buddy hope not. no syd fwds in my team
Hawks_13: How does Luke Ryan look anyone?
LuvIt74: All those poor buggers who chose Lycett especially if they had either Ryder or Kruzer
LuvIt74: Kiddy up Heeney
RGriffen: typical small forward
Hawks_13: I mean as in skill wise?
AngryRyno: ryan needs one big score to provide cash for a few weeks, hopefully he lasts long enough to provide it
RGriffen: Ryan!
RGriffen: Fox been ordinary
LuvIt74: I cannot see much diffrence between ALL 3 of WCE rookies to be honest
PureSwag: None of the rookies IMO won’t be dropped and if the eagles are rebuilding they want to get as much time in thier rooks.
AngryRyno: Waterman has the lowest JS of the trio, would likely lose his spot as soon as JJK returns
RGriffen: Ven a much better option imo should be consistent atleast
DrSeuss: Come on Yeo – pick it up
Snarfy: Anyone got Buddy and Heeney?
NoneyaB: i do in fantasy though…
mardyb: yep snarf
LuvIt74: The only issue with having buddy is that he will go huge but he will also sub 70 scores, thats the risk you take..
Snarfy: No doubt you’ll be enjoying this start mardyb:)
PowerBug: Yeah I picked both in SC. Need them as on 2000 before them this week
AngryRyno: Nic Nat only 46% TOG, interesting
mardyb: absolutely
JockMcPie: Go Parker and Nic Nat!
LuvIt74: 2291 so far which is my best Round 1 SC score in about a decade.
zadolinnyj: Keep going buddy. Save the disaster
LuvIt74: Yeo done ok in the 2nd
Raspel31: Buddy Buddy-gonna crack 2300 round 1. Wow.
Chelskiman: Sick of hearing about all these fantastic Round 1 scores because I’ve had a mare. 🙁
zadolinnyj: Awesome raspel
LuvIt74: Raspel31 I hear ya joy, its a huge buzz hey. I usually don’t score over 2000 in round 1
Raspel31: Only 19 to go zado- just surprised as I’m no gun. Cheers.
Haydo: on 1970 with lloyd and heeney, maybe a 2200+
LuvIt74: @Chelskiman its a long season mate. Your Mare might turn into a WINX
LuvIt74: @Haydo you should score 2300+ mate
Raspel31: But good signs Luvit-when players like T. Kelly left on the bench. 1st round gives you momentum.
amigaman: Only made 1 good decision, Titch captain, everything else toilet
LuvIt74: wow ya cracked 2300 with T Kelly on your bench that hurts, who did u have ahead of Kelly?
SilverLion: Finding this game hard to watch, got no Franklin or Heeney
LuvIt74: Haydo sorry m8 for whatever reason I thought your 1970 was 2070
Raspel31: Dow Luvit-and had Naughton too so my guns have fired.
LuvIt74: I had Naughton also my only rookie over $124k its not worth spending big on rookies.
LuvIt74: Raspel bloody hell if you had T Kelly you would have scored 2400+
Raspel31: And admittedly very lucky with a huge score from Simpson-and Bonner-a late pick from Port.
Raspel31: I know Luvit-2400 if Doede on instead of Naughton
Haydo: thanks luvit loopholing olango so not sure exactly what im on atm
Haydo: and i had naughton as well
LuvIt74: yeah nice picks and both players are PODS especially Simpson who’s only in 7% of teams
RGriffen: if Fyfe and Bont weren’t spastics I would have made 2300 with 300k in the bank
ajconodie: I’m somehow going to crack 2400 with Zorko on the ground and Kelly on the bench.
SilverLion: Franklin +8 since 1/2 time. Hasn’t done anything though.
RGriffen: that score was without Titch, Laird, Simmo, Billings, Franklin somehow
LuvIt74: @Haydo same here just add your VC score to your total to give you your total right now excluding players in this game
RGriffen: Silver haha
SilverLion: Until then :/
the worm: you were saying silverlion?
TheMessiah: I am not even going to crack 2000. FFS worst opening round I have ever had
Raspel31: You were saying Silver?
Apachecats: still trying to get over Gawn
the worm: @luvit, does he need to add the score of his ruckman on the bench too?
LuvIt74: Griffen no idea why u would start with $300k in the bank, that stratergy has me baffeled.
TheMessiah: Merrett, Zorko, Liba Urghh I quit
SilverLion: But anyone else notice his score slowly ticks up whilst he’s not doing anything?
RGriffen: for Danger Luv
AngryRyno: progressive scaling @SL
SilverLion: Was 109 after last goal, already 112.
Haydo: haha silver
Raspel31: Yep-$300,000 strange-but I kept $150,000 for the Danger factor.
LuvIt74: @worm yes
PureSwag: Does anyone feel that Sunday games are the most boring? I think its set up that way.
SilverLion: Ah didn’t realise they really did that during games. Fair thanks ryno
Haydo: and add emergency ruck score @luvit
LuvIt74: I can understand keeping $150k but $300k is a lot of coin on the bench
RGriffen: mine was 150k till I saved 150k and got Booner then never spent
Raspel31: Agreed Luvit-how you going?
AngryRyno: reckon we’ve got our BOG and coleman favourite
Haydo: 1966 + Heeney and Lloyd
LuvIt74: @The worm for example my score is 1927, I have Olango as my C and Gawn as my (E) Ruck so just add Gawns score & your Cap
Rush: I have 7.2k in the bank and if i could’ve spent it on a player i would have haha
Tiges08: im on 1999 with olango blocking stef martins score. heeney still to play and dusty as VC loophole
Chelskiman: Where’s Heeney? Haven’t seen him for a while.
LuvIt74: Raspel doing good, not as good as you, but im on 2297 – 3 more from heeney to crack 2300
Haydo: and minus 38 for olango luvit
Lawls: 2087 with Franklin, Heeney and Ryan.
Lawls: Easily the best I’ve done round 1
Apachecats: Nicnat will end up quite respectable out of this.
LuvIt74: @Haydo nope because i dont go by prediction score im going by actual scores
Raspel31: We neck and neck Luvit-could have hit 2450 with better chices but over 2300 now so happy for round 1. And I’m a Pom. Goo
Haydo: oh yeah
LuvIt74: Tiges08 your score is 2249 not including Heeney so your already up to 2350 mate
Haydo: that means im on 2004 + heeney and lloyd
spudaroos: Almost got sucked into picking Redden. Coniglio looking the better option.
JockMcPie: Thank god I didnt start Lycett…
Haydo: cracked the 2200 with that touch from heeney
Tiges08: too bad i have naughton on the field and finlayson on the bench lol. holman also warming the bench nicely
LuvIt74: Its very easy to work out, just go by your currect actual score and disregard any prediction scores thats it
MattyZ: 2226 with parker
Haydo: same tiges with dodee on bench not finlayson
original: why did i pick kennedy? wtf is this
LuvIt74: Tiges08 now i just think your taking the pi$$, how can u be on 2350+ without finlayson & Holman on field…
Raspel31: Luvit-I think my girlfriend is seeing someone else. Any advice?
Brenno_173: had fyfe, bont and naughton on field. while holman, english and finlayson warm the bench should still crack 2300
AngryRyno: @LuvIt i’ve got the same, it’s not impossible. Hibberd too.
Tiges08: i got lucky. had doodoo and kelly on the field and my midfield excluding fyfe went nuts
RGriffen: no way thats htb
Tiges08: considering his first 3 quarters ill take hibberds 74
Haydo: hey brenno
SilverLion: Onya NicNat
MattyZ: hibbo and fyfe and byrne for me with holman on bench, still going to score way higher than 2300
Rush: I’ve cracked 2200 now with a whole pile of crap on field, and Holman & Finlayson on the bench.
Umpirespet: Yes Raspel get a Russian bride mate
Chelskiman: That should have been in the back, plus there was barely prior. Was only paid because it’s NicNat.
LuvIt74: @Roo no its not impossable mate but its unlikely is all im saying…
Rush: Swap Fyfe for Cripps, Hibberd for Simpson and that’d be 2300 no problem. So its easily doable
Brenno_173: hey haydo
CamT: Shuey’s head duck changes the momentum.
spudaroos: Nic Nat on track for a ton with around 50% TOG, very good signs.
Haydo: same brenno except i dont have english and dodee instead of finlayson on bench
Raspel31: Ha Ha-cheers umpire
Umpirespet: 2120 + Parker and Mills for me
LuvIt74: Tiges08 then who was your 8 playing mids jesus?
penguins00: Nic Nat is dominating
MattyZ: fyfe to cripps, hibberd to laird and byrne to marchbank would put me close to 2500
Haydo: who have u got in this game brenno
poolboybob: Chelskiman shoulda gone to specsavers
LuvIt74: Someoe said buddy might kick 10 and he may very well do it.
Brenno_173: yeah its tough. anyway next week
Tiges08: dusty, titch, fyfe, coniglio, kelly x2, brayshaw and cripps
Brenno_173: just heeney
frenzy: swans may need 10 from buddy
LuvIt74: @Matty don’t go doing crazy stuff mate trust me it bites your A$$ all the time long term
cammo92: NicNat must have gotten 40 pts in those last 15 seconds #balltampering
Rush: Check his pockets for the sandpaper
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Brenno_173: wow haha
Haydo: so what r u on at the moment brenno
DirtyDawn: Not able to watch the game atm. How is the new stadium and what are the crowd numbers?
Hawks_13: Any chance of Sydney losing their first 6 games. Good odds I’d reckon
Haydo: hahaha cammo
Haydo: why is heeney going backwards
luke394: that was me @LuvIIt74 might just come true!
Chelskiman: Come on, Heeney, get a touch!
Raspel31: Blithely cruising towards 2400.
runt: Who is Blithely?
PureSwag: @DirtyDawn you guys aren’t going to win, calm down.
LuvIt74: Tiges08 6 of your midfield are same as mine I dont have Coniglion or Brashaw. I had Holman & Armitage on field.
LuvIt74: Killing it Raspel
th3rio: Naughton screwed my chances of 2400
PureSwag: I had a stinka of a week, was going at pace at 2450 but fall apart today and only oging to get 2200.
LuvIt74: Tiges your midfield scored 932 to my 920 in the guts
LuvIt74: Wtf pushed pause on Heeney…
Rush: Overall i’m pretty happy to be over 2200 considering i have Danger chilling on the bench for a week.
SilverLion: Franklin obvious throw
luke394: cmon Heeney 120
JockMcPie: Absolutely @Rush, same here
Chelskiman: Heeney hasn’t had a single touch this quater. NotLikeThis
MattyZ: come on parker! More! MORE!
PowerBug: Same @rush
Tiges08: i had the c on dusty aswell but either way cant complain with it at all
GOD: Weagles not good, season is over!
LuvIt74: Tiges same here
Umpirespet: That’s if Danger does come back next week
Raspel31: Hmm, there’s life in this game yet.
Chelskiman: And now Heeney’s flame is gone.
AngryRyno: Heeney has stopped completely, at least get the DT ton lad
RGriffen: wtf Towers had a kick, tackle and handballl and got none of them
LuvIt74: Heeney has done jack this quarter
Raspel31: And would you pick Danger if he does come back? got to wait a couple of weeks. Why I’ve kept $150,000 Danger fund.
Haydo: Heeney and lloyd completely stopped thi qtr
RGriffen: Danger can do f all and get free SC points
JockMcPie: Danger will get 150 against Hawthorn next week
LuvIt74: How accurate is TOG NicNat only 58 minutes???
Haydo: heeney on 85 at half time fml
Umpirespet: Hard one Raspel as I don’t have him but waiting to see if he comes back well as we get 3 weeks to find out
Umpirespet: Before price goes up or down
Raspel31: Buddy you’ve taken me to 2400 round one-know not alone-but thank you.
frenzy: why is jack on the pine again
LuvIt74: Yup i’ll be waiting b4 I get him now, he can only go down in price and if he goes up it wont be much
RGriffen: Parker!
Chelskiman: Mental goal from Parker.
zadolinnyj: What a goal
poolboybob: goal of the week!
circle52: @raspel I have kept some funds for danger – downgraded him to Ablett and will upgrade Ablett to him when Gazz gets a res
SilverLion: Akermanis eat your heart out
original: wow
Raspel31: Indeed Luvit.
JockMcPie: Parkerrrr
AngryRyno: gee whiz, any other day and Parker would be BOG by a long way
Roksta: Who we getting to replace libba
runt: Rooney against Man City a few years back
Chelskiman: Heeney lives!
Raspel31: Agree circle-way to go.
LuvIt74: I almost started with danger but glad i didn’t I’ll wait until at least R3 before getting him.
LuvIt74: With Dusty & Titch we have enough reliability as VC loophole & captancy choices
LuvIt74: Raspel was it u that had Buddy & Parker or was it Heeney not parker?
runt: smallest crowd ever at Optus stadium
Raspel31: Luvit-yep.
cammo92: @Runt-Rooney’s was a lot flatter. Parker’s would have been in row z of the Etihad lol
TheBoy89: I went billings over franklin
RGriffen: eagles fans blaming the umps because its the first time they haven’t won it in Perth
Raspel31: No- just Buddy Luvit-wish I’d had Parker. Next week’s dilemna.
TheBoy89: But still billings got 133
runt: cammo92 yeh I forgot he had to kick it into a net!
Snarfy: The eagles supporters just booed the crowd attendance
Umpirespet: West Coast have played better than I thought they would
circle52: Anyone game enough to have captained Buddy?
LuvIt74: Roksta if u got $20k get Coniglio
zadolinnyj: Strange week. My players either went big or didn’t show up
JockMcPie: Eagles lost it in the last 10 minutes
TheBoy89: I was expecting Heeny 120+
TheBoy89: Where is GOD at?
Raspel31: Really Luvit-Coniglio not at all consistent?
LuvIt74: lol circle52 whoever did must have huge plums or just hit the AUTO team which selected Buddy as C i reckon…
duckky: Heeney ran out of juice
runt: crazy margin at the end
luke394: Feel like a par score in SC this week is like 2300
HawkAussie: Franklin going bid for my team today with a 181 point game
LuvIt74: Same here Boy but unfortunetely Heeny done nothing in the last, he gained 1 point
TheBoy89: Buddy is probably gonna be the first premium I’m getting in
Roksta: Got coniglio lol
TheOnyas: onya hurny
PureSwag: @TheBoy69 making choices off one round. Rookie mistake.
LuvIt74: Luke if there werent so many popular injuries ergo Kruzer, Ryder, Zerrit & a couple more then maybe but i reckon 2200 pa
LuvIt74: TheBoy dont expect Buddy to score 100+ each game he will score sub 70’s quite a few times mark my word
arbel: nic nat 113 from 54 percent game time … not bad
Brad_J: Heeney went missing in the 4th

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