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Chat log from R1 of 2018: Melbourne vs Geelong

Chat log for Melbourne vs Geelong, R1 of 2018

CBeezDeez: Iii’mmm baaaaaccckkkkk
cusch1: I have changed my tip for this game at least 6 times
m0nty: carn Dees
RGriffen: good start Gaz ahaha
CBeezDeez: And the 7th was Cusch?
Umpirespet: Fitz nice mark
Raspel31: Fritsch-what a mark-what a start
Chelskiman: Good start for Bayley!
cusch1: Based off the first 2 and a half minutes, the wrong decision. Changed to Geelong 10 minutes ago
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Apachecats: Fritz the Cat!!
CBeezDeez: Still 117 and a half to go m8
cusch1: Fritsch will be Round 1 Rising Star. Already been the best hahah
RGriffen: except for RATUGOLEA for rising star
Crowls: u know cats in troube when parsons and zac smith on top of board
RGriffen: got both my rucks in RDT playing here
RGriffen: Fritch the only reason I don’t have Hogan. Couldn’t start 3 demons forwards in SC
Haydo: fogarty on instead of fritch naughton on instead of dodee fml
cusch1: The Rat looking good early
RGriffen: spud on Lever please Ratugolea killing him
Haydo: holman off and banfield brayshaw and kelly on
cusch1: Lever was so good last year because he was able to take the third forward and zone off. Will be found out as main def
cusch1: Parsons on track to score more points this quarter than he did all of last season
TyCarlisle: Lever to get a reality check and realise he isn’t as good as he thinks he is
RGriffen: this is a mans game, Murdoch gonna struggle ahah
Chelskiman: Carn, Hibbo.
RGriffen: trade Heeney in SC to Gray so I can get Fritch score??
TheBoy89: Menegola most expensive forward…
AngryRyno: Port Adelaide have already played mate, wakey wakey
m0nty: can’t do that, Port already played
original: Whereas menegola?
TheBoy89: Gaz you little genius
Chelskiman: What a first quarter this has been!
RGriffen: I was gonna say JJK but he’s out for like a month
DrSeuss: Of course Kelly is the one Geelong rookie not killing it (DT)
cusch1: Fritsch is going to be someting special
RGriffen: only Gaz could go at 40% de and still have 29 SC
cusch1: that was pathetic by Lever. Menzel won that too easily
frenzy: parsons still getting a game
CBeezDeez: I’m hearin ya Doc. Me also…
Chelskiman: Except for Laird, my defence has been non-existent this week.
RGriffen: hope everyone got the best player in the comp? (Petracca)
Beast_Mode: why was o’connor a late out? was he injured?
Raspel31: Got Laird and Simpson but was lucky with Bonner from Port Chelks
Chelskiman: I swear every one of my players has been done for holding the ball this weekend.
CBeezDeez: Where’s my loyalty? Swapped Pet for Christ to save some $$$
MattyZ: Holy crap i just checked my af and i have ratugolea!…… But not fritsch…
the worm: forget your loyalty, where’s your sanity?
RGriffen: Gaz having a cry to the umps
CBeezDeez: Lost that years ago worm
RGriffen: Gaz caught htb again. Maybe running around carrying the suns was easier for him
RGriffen: Taylor can hardly move…
cusch1: Taylor done
Breezey: Come on Commentators. Straight out tunnel
RGriffen: anyone pick Gregson?
HappyDEZ: Agreed Breezey. Dangerous.
cusch1: Muppet Lewis
RGriffen: Lewis gives the ump a massive spray ahah
bones351: My god Clarry is a ripper. Didn’t start him but he will be in ASAP
AngryRyno: Jordan Lewis classy as always…
BOMBRBLITZ: Jordan Lewis Advanced Hair yeah yeah!
Chelskiman: Lewis too old, too slow.
cusch1: You can take the boy out of Hawthorn, but you cant take Hawthorn our of the boy
Chelskiman: Hibbo needs to get involved with some +6’s.
RGriffen: horrible call
Chelskiman: This rule just gets worse and worse every time it’s paid.
Breezey: Rubbish umps. Getting carried away with the weekly rule.
the worm: 10 metres is 30 feet BT
Breezey: 9 metres actually is 30 feet
the worm: i thought 9 metres was 30 yards
cusch1: 10 metres is 10 metres…fk the imperial system hahaha
the worm: oops, i mean… nevermind 😀
RGriffen: isn’t 10 yards 11 metres?
RGriffen: other way around I mean
Breezey: A cricket pitch is 22 yards. That’s not less than 9 metres. Anyway Play On
cusch1: what a goal Timothy
Rush: Other way around isn’t it? 11 yards is 10 metres
Chelskiman: What’s the record for most amount of debutants kicking a goal?
RGriffen: yeah Rush
Breezey: A yard is how far you put your fence from your house.
Apachecats: How is Kelly 25DT and 50 SC. Anyone still playing DT here? Seems irrellivant.
the worm: anyway, 10 metres s roughly the height of a 3 storey house. thats the new afl protection zone
the worm: sc sucks
MattyZ: Basement pricer still @apache, will likely make a fair chunk of cash so long as he survives every week
RGriffen: idk why we can’t use the 3 feet rule? Works in netball
luke394: as a cats supporter super impressed with Kelly looks so comfortable at the level
Apachecats: looks like being highest SC rookie @MattyZ.Only got to reel Doo dah Day
Breezey: Yeah I agree RGriffen. 3 feet which is 900mm
RGriffen: nice kick Gaz
Apachecats: *reel in
RGriffen: Gawn SC yuck
TheMessiah: Kelly looks the goods! @luke394 whats his JS like?
poolboybob: WTF Hibberd
Pokerface: james parsons best sc on ground. is this real
AngryRyno: game going too quickly for Hibberd to chip it around in the backline
DrSeuss: Fritsch has slowed this quarter
TheBoy89: best play of the week easy!
RGriffen: Fritch kicked a goal in the first quarter helped his score
luke394: never liked Hibberd at 550k in SC feel like teams will put work into him this year
Apachecats: T.Kelly highest cat SC
Apachecats: and only Oliver in front of him on the ground.
TheBoy89: Kelly, Petracca. hibberd and frisch need to lift
RGriffen: I didn’t like Hibberd in any comp
Costanza: 50m penalty too harsh for protected. 15 and/or 25m and match the punishment to the crime
JockMcPie: Parsons blue moon
Apachecats: T kelly a walk in for rising star.
Breezey: Hibberd needs to take the kick ins. Chip it to himself. Gain some confidence getting possies that way.
Pokerface: isn’t he mature age?
AngryRyno: Kelly is too old for the rising star
Breezey: Kelly’s 20 something. Can’t be eligible I would’ve thought
Apachecats: Thanks guys ,any way Kelly is a gun.
TheBoy89: most annoying free kick is when u duck to get the footy and the umpire calls it ducking the head
DrSeuss: Nice quarter from Kelly
poolboybob: The Dees’ team defence has been atrocious
JockMcPie: Oh Hibberd
Pokerface: 38 minute quarter.
MattyZ: whats parsons doing to get all these points?
Pokerface: marking, racking possies, goaling.. what isn’t he doing!
StuL: Points galore on hoops. Even from some of our spuds. Parsons!?
BigChief: Parsons saved all his points he missed last year for today’s game. Will be back to normal next week.
JockMcPie: The clock is broken guys…
Chelskiman: Hibbo is having a mare.
TheBoy89: parsons used to live with me for a year
TheBoy89: if hibberd doesn’t at least get to 60 im trading him for yeo if he does good
Pokerface: sounds like a plan Boy. Then if Yeo does no good next week and Hibberd does good, you should trade him back in
JackRipper: As a cat supporter our missing link has been a good second tall forward. Ratugolea up forward could be the difference.
Pokerface: surely Rat goes out for Stanley next week?
JackRipper: lol. No chance poker.
PureSwag: Poker, you can’t drop a rookie after 1 week, you normally give him 2-3 chances.
Pokerface: its not dropping him.. there are some rookies who are just placeholders while seniors are injured
Pokerface: well, i suppose that’s dropping him. but they know they are there because of injury
Pokerface: fogarty at crows is the same if tex is right
JackRipper: Do we have a big key forward that is injured that Rat is taking the place of Poker ?
frenzy: fritsch started like a house on fire, heading for the bench next week
JackRipper: Dont make me laugh and say Stanley Poker
Pokerface: doesn’t Stanley usually have the forward/relief ruck role
Pokerface: stanley was originally in the 18
the worm: i dont care if lasts 6 games, i want ablett in my team…i means its gary ablett ffs
TheBoy89: Danger in or no
RGriffen: Buzza?
RGriffen: or use Henderson forward 😉
th3rio: just got home, wtf is hibbo doing?
Breezey: Very little th3rio
Haydo: thought id made the wrong decision with holman on the bench and kelly playing last night but thank goodness not
Haydo: damn hibberd i didint c him otherwise i was having a good game with petraca kelly and gawn
RGriffen: should have played both 😉
th3rio: think it was always going to be a bit of trial and error with fielding / benching rookies, fielding naughton for me fml
original: Mengola ffs cmon
Raspel31: Yes th3-Naughton was not my finest choice with what was on the bench
TheBoy89: petracca gone to sleep
JockMcPie: Fritsch no L plates?
circle52: 2 blue moons for Parsons please. Think it took him 3 games to get to 75 last year
th3rio: I feel that Rasp, had 85 and 86 on the bench with doodoo and finlayson 🙁
colin wood: Hibbert going to cost me 2300 this week 🙁
amigaman: A lot of underperforming players 1st round
Raspel31: Same th3-sigh
JRedden: menegola having a shocker..
colin wood: Hibberd’
th3rio: menegola and zerrett trade in rates going to go thru the roof over next few weeks
PureSwag: I’m so close to aceing my tipping? Anyone in the same boat as me.
TheBoy89: lol hannan is trash
AngryRyno: Hibberd looks so tired… but he’s done nothing
Apachecats: I need Melb for aclean sweep (counting Syd as certain) with out by 1 point in 1st round margin.
Apachecats: Reckon melbourne can pinch this.
bones351: Essendon the only one i havent tipped Swag. Still happy with that.
Rilian: No bandaid for Tom Stewart?!
Apachecats: That must have hurt @bones351
cusch1: I am still surprised so many people tipped Essendon tbh
Raspel31: Sitting on 7-need a Melb and Swans win.
RGriffen: bombers were favs…
RGriffen: I tipped North as a suns supporter. Thought we’d get killed in the wet
BigChief: Dees getting screwed by umpires
cusch1: A suns supporter? They exist?
bones351: Notat all, I am a realest not a blind supporter. Often tip against them. I either do well in tipping or happy they win.
TheBoy89: fritsch only 12 since qtr time
Sloan4Pres: @ BigChief more like Geelong, have you even been watching this qtr?
Pokerface: so you’re the one i heard about
Lewysport: Need cats and swans for 9, 6 was my margin.
Apachecats: Was just about to say Petracca has gone quiet and he slams one home while I’m typing.
BigChief: Take your hoop glasses off Sloan.
th3rio: nearly 2 Apache lol
RGriffen: nah dees have had the umps since quarter time imo. That Gawn push before was a joke not being paid
Growlers: Come on Melbourne!!!!
teachrtony: Melb 21 frees for & Cats 15
cusch1: Theres always one who has to blame the umpires smh
Apachecats: Esava started like a sky rocket and ended up like a fizzer.
Raspel31: Go Gawny-exploded that quarter.
Sloaneyyyy: Want the Dees to pinch this one
pcaman2003: Hibberd and Fritsch gone on holidays
Pokerface: how does the free kick count tell you if they were warranted or missing?
Haydo: what a quarter form Gawn!
Pokerface: free kick count means nothing in terms of rub of the green
JockMcPie: Hibberd cmon have a go, push to 80
AngryRyno: Hibberd not getting 80 aha, I’ll take 60 from here
TheOnyas: Onya gawny
RGriffen: Selwood finishing the game with a bandaid next to his name. Nothing new
Crowls: fritsch 6 pos 1 effective.
RGriffen: that was the goal I assume
cusch1: Remember when they were trying to trade Menzel?
Apachecats: fritch 5 kicks ,4 handballs = 9 possessions
cusch1: 4 goals today, 5 against Bombers in JLT, how was there no interest
RGriffen: Menzel rated elite as a small forward last year. Crazy how teams didn’t want him
cusch1: That is a pathetic free kick. Should have been play on
Raspel31: Kelly-you gun and benched, sigh.
MattyZ: While champion data “elite” rankings mean nothing rgriffen, he’s still too good to not have though
PureSwag: @cusch1 it’s fair, even though sometimes I don’t like it, it’s a rule cause you can break peoples leg.
Pokerface: if for no other reason, replace the Rat so we don’t have to hear BT linger on his name
th3rio: god that should boost hibbo a bit… fml
BFAsh: we need an icon or something on here that states if the player is on the bench or not 🙂
cusch1: Does that mean tackling should be illegal because you “can” injure the opposition?
colin wood: Hibberd had 2 tackles not awarded then?
Apachecats: here come the Dee’s
cusch1: The whole below the knees rule is a massive overreaction to a one off freak incident, and makes our game worse off
PureSwag: @BFASH true but the icons haven’t changed in years.
th3rio: 34 – 52 think they got em colin
wadaramus: T.Kelly SC ton, magnificent!
MattyZ: good intentions, way too hard to officiate properly cusch
Lewysport: Think the umps are doin a job on both sides!
RGriffen: agree they don’t mean much but ppl need to realise that its per pos not the comp. Otherwise majority of mids are elite
BFAsh: @Pure – time for a change then, he he he.
Pokerface: winning goal thanks gaz
AngryRyno: couldn’t it be computerised based on TOG% @MattyZ
BFAsh: cmon Protractor. ton up!
RGriffen: some cheap ball on gaz
AngryRyno: another website with fantasy scores, which i won’t name, does have an indicator of who is on field and who is benched
cusch1: Too hard to officiate? It was officiated for 100 years with players diving for the ball
RGriffen: not to pump up dtl but they pull the data that comes from the app which has the live benches
cusch1: Maybe thats why Menzel wasnt picked up and was trade bait
circle52: Bad miss by Menzell
MattyZ: what are yhou referring to rhyno?
Costanza: that’s 360 icon changes per game – pass
LuvIt74: Got Petracca, Gawn, T Kelly, Menegola, Fritsch & Hibberd. Hibberd done very little.
AngryRyno: was talking about the bench icon someone mentioned, which i thought you were referring to, my apologies
frenzy: trash can hibberd
colin wood: Menzel is a star
PureSwag: aggred @frenzy
RGriffen: it would be an auto change not a manual one as it would be like pulling stats from the feed
casey22: kelly sc, wow!
Gotigres: Pathetic Hibberd. Excellent Kelly.
Haydo: tim kelly is a jet
FordyHawks: That slide tackle rule was pretty brought in because of Goodesy’s dirty tackles
MattyV: Mattyz smells
FordyHawks: *pretty much
cusch1: I just realised that Kelly is on my bench, and I had Dow, LDU, and Brayshaw on the field
FordyHawks: Same as the ducking rule because of jelwood
Costanza: by the time the icon updated they’d be back on – anyways, carry on.
TheBoy89: umpires are fucking shit
teachrtony: Fritz and Hibbo late charge is good
th3rio: ouch cusch lol
Costanza: Fritsch with sauce
casey22: All got Maxy?
th3rio: hibbo coming up milhouse
PowerBug: EVERYONE has Gawn, his scores are basically irrelevant
TheBoy89: im sorry but umpires are ruining this good game of footy
Beast_Mode: all GAJ is complain to the umpires, weak
casey22: Gax will fix all!
th3rio: what are ryder owners plans? Down to nait or goldy?
RGriffen: wtf Oliver
Lewysport: Put the whistle away umpires the players are making enough mistakes.
cusch1: Oliver you spas
RGriffen: lol umps have been fine
th3rio: BT asking why oliver played on when you could clearly hear the umpire call touch play on
PureSwag: Give Clayton the muppert.
th3rio: was called play on guys
cusch1: What an opening round of football wow
penguins00: Umpires are really pissing mme off now
RGriffen: nah ump paid the mark
penguins00: even selwood can’t get a free for high fml
th3rio: ah ok, swear i heard play on
LuvIt74: Done ok with my on field rookies – Holman 96, Doedee 86, Finlayson 87, T Kelly 100+, Fritsch ok my worst was Naughton 25
th3rio: lol hibbo finished okay….considering
PowerBug: eyyyy Hibb SC is looking better!
th3rio: wow gawn
TheOnyas: Onya gawny
casey22: What a finish
AngryRyno: murdoch spud, muppett, hit em with the lot
Costanza: wow wee
Chelskiman: Wow, Maxy!
Gotigres: Oh No Gawn
casey22: The great escape!
cusch1: GAWN is gawnnnnnnnn
RGriffen: hahahaha
the worm: big max! like the hamburger!
FordyHawks: Lmao… gawnnn
Haydo: Wow what a game
frenzy: kermie maxy
Rilian: I need a drink..
BeastMode: Gawn you are an absolute joke
hinsch: I have Holman SC96 and T Kelly sitting on the bench while I have two on field rookies with a grandtotal of SC50 points
Apachecats: Gawn gun?
CBeezDeez: Well done Cats with ur injuries a good effort. Melb Well!!!
Lewysport: How many sc points would he have got had he kicked it l wonder.
RGriffen: Gawn cost himself 160 sc
TheBoy89: suck a fat one
LuvIt74: Done good with my onfield rookies Holman 96, Doedee 86, Finlayson 87, T Kelly 117, Fritsch 60 my worst was Naughton 25
God_: Great game!
CaptainWho: Menzel star
CBeezDeez: Do I have to dust off the ski’s already?
LuvIt74: hibberd done a lot better then it looked like.
billnats: Kelly and Doedee on bench whilst Banfield and Naughton disappoint

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