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Chat log from R2 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs West Coast, R2 of 2018

m0nty: go my POD Redden! big SC points today lad!
frenzy: Naughton will score 85
koolkatt: as in POD, u mean pick of death
RGriffen: m0nty gonna win the week in SC
SilverLion: Lot of plates out there today.
RGriffen: and a lot of guys who should have plates but don’t because neither side can settle a team
koolkatt: pretty bad for naughton there
Umpirespet: Think I will need about 5 corrective trades this week rookies not great
hinsch: Why was Toby Greene a late withdraw yesterday
th3rio: Hamstring tightness hinsch
PowerBug: Hurn definitely has “the role” for the Eagles. Return to premium scoring on the cards
RGriffen: carn the Bont make up for last week
hinsch: Did not help my SC Crouch and Greene ?? out
RGriffen: where tf was Barrass
th3rio: Not to be rude but hope nic nat does shit. I went stef… 🙁
RGriffen: kerm where are you
Chelskiman: That was a terrible shot for goal, haha.
PowerBug: certainly possible @th3rio, his game time will be managed
Chelskiman: I’m with you Rio. Everyone has jumped on this week so I’m hoping he goes lower than Stef.
Umpirespet: Their are some weird doggies sups there today
th3rio: Hope so mate. Thats why i went stef. 113 last week off 55% tog though:/
RGriffen: Daniel great pass lol
Chelskiman: Good start for Ryan. He’s my EMG, but it’s all about the $
th3rio: He was so tempting chels, the tog didnt even worry me, was the unpredictable rests hell get throughout season
PowerBug: despite not having a good ruckman the bulldogs traditionally have done well to stop ruckmen from scoring
RGriffen: Nic Nat rucking against Roughy and English tougher than Sinclair and Towers
AFL Blues: Can’t believe we’re seeing Venables, Rioli, Waterman, and Ryan playing.
frenzy: Hey Naughton, I know that you know that yo wanna flower….,.
RGriffen: and I know eagles supporters who think they will still be top 8
Schillaci: Naughton on Naught still. Sell!Sell!Sell!Trade!Trade!Trade!
StuL: The eagles have quite a collection of rubbish scoring rookies
JockMcPie: Change his name to Onnaught
AFL Blues: Naught good… :/
RGriffen: can we get a B1 and B2 icon for Shuey and Venables
StuL: Neither of these teams will be around in Sept.
DrSeuss: Let�s go Yeo – my AF team needs a resurrection this weekend
luke394: Do something Dahl
BigChief: Venebles looks the goods early.
RGriffen: looks good? 2 shots on goal for 1 point
hinsch: How can you have 0 in SC you only need to trip over and you get 1 point
AFL Blues: The idiots without Bontempelli. [Shakes head in disappointment]
GOD: if you are relying on Naughton then GOD suggests you delete your SC team! you have no idea!
Umpirespet: Afl Blues he is playing against a no name midfield calm down
BigChief: Zak Jones out.
AFL Blues: Not a good night for popular rookies this game thus far — Naughton, English, Waterman, Venables, Rioli… Ryan’s good.
RGriffen: GOD find a good team to support 😉
Apachecats: Bet bont is cheaper after round 3 AFL Blues.
LuvIt74: English quiet thus far
Rush: got ryan on field, happy with this start but he’ll probably check out at 1/4 time and end up on 30.
AFL Blues: We might be second-bottom, Griffen, but at least we’re not BOTTOM. 😉
Umpirespet: Yet Afl Blues
BigChief: Carlton will be bottom after round 23 AFL Blues.
StuL: Nice Dollhouse. So glad I don’t have you this year
Umpirespet: Carlton sups have such high expectations
luke394: Does Dahl play on ball anymore?
LuvIt74: Dont have Venables or Rioli
RGriffen: what? I’m not a dogs supporter? My mob beat a team that had a 9 day break that didn’t play water polo the week before
Chelskiman: What a mark!
AFL Blues: Starting to doubt if Bontempelli will lose money after round 3…
saintbart1: After what I witnessed on Friday, Saints will finish last
BigChief: I wanted Rioli, Venebles and Ryan but that would give me 3 Eagles rookies.
Apachecats: Needs 137 SC to get to 100 average.Will then need 150 odd in round 3 to hold his price.@AFL blues
SilverLion: I think I’ve picked the right one of these WC rookies so far
TheBoy89: So happy that I didn�t fall into that Tim English trap
TheBoy89: Nic Nat lift
TheBoy89: @m0nty nice pod pick
SilverLion: Want Redden to lift for m0nty
Umpirespet: M0nty Redden on 5 mate
StuL: A ton would be nice Ryan but I expect maybe 60 something.
pcaman2003: Glad I didn’t pick Dollhouse this year.
Beast_Mode: lol @ the muppets who wanted to bring nicnat in
boo!: Barrass looks ok and scores tempting at his price..
RGriffen: lol everyone that started English today
Migz: How come there’s such a big delay in the chat here anyway
NewFreoFan: First year in ages I haven’t taken Dahl, looks like I nailed his breakdown year
Umpirespet: Who picked Dahl anyway?
luke394: Is he even on field @newfreofan? I�m hating that I picked him atm
NewFreoFan: I was gonna say at least he’s beating Naughton, luke, but not any more lol
JRedden: they missed a naughton kick in the first quarter
BigChief: I have him in a draft league.
pcaman2003: Ryan long stint on bench.
PowerBug: The open one on the outer side JRed?
NewFreoFan: Venables, isn’t that the name of the dude who killed that kid in england?
Haydo: Cant watch the game is bont playing well or just fluking the points?
amigaman: @JRedden. They miss things all the time
the worm: yes, it is actually the same guy
TheLegend6: @Haydo not much of an influence really
daniel87: whatsup with nic nats gametime
TheLegend6: Geez why did I start with Rayner and have Ryan on the bench ffs
RGriffen: Bont been dogs best player by far though
th3rio: Wow English was too traded in this week too 😂
LuvIt74: Bont was at 42 at quarter time, he hasn’t dont anything this quarter
runt: I remeber when I was 13 I had a pair of footy boots 2 sizes too big
Pokerface: whats the ruck split between lycett and nic nat like?
runt: I kicked a goal and started celebrating and stood on the end of my boot and fell flat on my face!
Haydo: Yeh ok damn still ill take the points keep going bont
Raspel31: Ditto TheLegend
RGriffen: lol English
Rush: I fluked my way out of the English trap and put Ryan on ground. Loving it.
pcaman2003: Lol! Dollhouse
Chelskiman: My tipping has gone to shit this week.
Rush: Was meant to trade english in, but i was out at the nrl last night and forgot all about it
Pokerface: ‘mclean taken high’. I’m in shock
pcaman2003: Ryan going to be like another Cycril. Spec marking
Umpirespet: Bevo next sacked coach?
TyCarlisle: Does anyone else hate the way McLean plays for high free kicks?
Pokerface: bulldogs really were the worst premier we’ve had
BigChief: McLean raises arm to make sure tackle looks high. It wasn’t.
Bulky: English is the new Josh Bootsma.
clint briz: What is the go with redden
the worm: until richmond that is poker
Umpirespet: That�s why McLean is in my side plenty of bs frees and scores from them
TheLegend6: Not sure if the Eagles look good or the Dogs look poor… or both.
StuL: Dogs have no mongrel.
luke394: I don�t think I�ve seen a bigger sticker from Dahl he�s lost the plot might have to trade him
RGriffen: witches hats for the who dogs team?
BigChief: Almost start time for a game worth watching.
Pokerface: @Ty not at all. he’s in my team 😀
MrGmax: Sad.
penguins00: TheLegend it’s both. I’m just amazed how easy it is for the Eagles
runt: No bad premiers ever. In my book what the Dogs did was probably the best effort ever. Considering injuries etc
amigaman: Ryan sitting on my bench. Doh!
MrGmax: When Bevvo told them to play like the ladies, this is not what he meant.
th3rio: Naughton is seriously pissing me off. How was there so much hype on him
Pokerface: woewodin is to brownlow what bulldogs is to premiership
StuL: KK, Bont and Dahl haven’t moved this qtr.
Chelskiman: Ryan could have been on 70 had he kicked straight.
Chelskiman: @Pokerface, lmao
runt: If Premierships are so easy why didnt University win one?
TheLegend6: @th3rio the hype is warranted but he’s a key defender. Will have a couple of big games but mostly won’t touch it.
PowerBug: 70? Would be 85+ if it said 5.0 :O One I need to trade in next week it seems
daniel87: ryan on the field happy days
Bulky: The hype on Naughton is that he is so good that he doesn’t even need to touch the ball.
TheLegend6: If you’ve got Rayner and don’t have Ryan I’d strongly consider doing that
th3rio: Yeah he had two decent jlts legend, wish he could keep it up. Didnt field him this week haha
clint briz: Redden??
BigChief: Anyone else having issues logging into SC?
Pokerface: might have to invest in waterman now too.
TheLegend6: @th3rio likewise, on my bench this week thankfully with Doedee on the field haha
Umpirespet: Clint Brit�s is that M0ntys alias?
pcaman2003: Dogs following up last weeks pathetic effort
RGriffen: Naughton is a gun
runt: Once Bob retired the spirit of the Dogs went with him.The spiritual presence of Bob was far greater than people realize
daniel87: regretting trading in nic nat right now but hopefully gets good game time in the second half capable of scoring quickly
th3rio: Haha same, doedee and finlayson. Score:)
PowerBug: Naughton starting to get involved 🙂
Chelskiman: When Cordy is leading your DT at half time you know you’re going shit.
PowerBug: @TheLegend6 yep it’s Rayne -> Ryan for one trade. Locked in barring injury in the 2nd half
th3rio: Gooooo naughty
JRedden: naughton is a really good player, our defence is just awful this year
Bulky: Western Bulldogs. English, 3 votes. Words you will never hear on Brownlow Medal night.
Umpirespet: Waterman doin ok for me
Chelskiman: My problem is I traded out Raynor but the guy I traded to got like 33 and I have Ryan on the bench. FMDT
luke394: Just when your heading for a big score this crap happens premo�s popping out a 50
StuL: Ryan and waterman on the bench.
Burnsy03: last week i had dow, jacobs and naughton on 35 29 and 25 and with kelly holman and doedee on the bench 117 92 86
SilverLion: Ryan would’ve tonned up by now if he kicked straight
runt: I dont think English with his height likes playing with roof closed. probably suffers from clautrophobia
the worm: what would he be on if he missed all of his shots on goal?
runt: a fear of clauts
hinsch: What is the go with the ruckman Roughy English and Nic Nat doing nothing, somebody must be hitting the ball out
JRedden: you know the dogs are in for a shocking year when cordy tops the list
the worm: is a claut a german with a lisp?
SilverLion: @worm probably still 50 odd
Hadouken: english 0 to get a price rise….
th3rio: HAHA hinsch
LuvIt74: Everyone was on English last week. Who’s still on him?
Beast_Mode: lol dogs with 4 hitouts in a half
runt: Call me crazy and a little wild but i think English will have a better 2nd half
hinsch: When do the SC prices change after Rd2 or Rd3
hinsch: a little wild runt a little wild
JockMcPie: Round 3
runt: Jesus managed to come back after a few things went against him. Do the Dogs have the same belief?
arbel: Maclean is the biggest hack. Just always looking for the high
Burnsy03: oath
RGriffen: Roughy no good
RGriffen: went down to the rooms after the collision with LeCras
Apachecats: Roughy’s got a few mates Rgriffen.
pcaman2003: @Runt. Jesus could do miracles,doubt the Doggies can
Apachecats: Sorry thought you meant he was no good.
DrSeuss: Pick it up Yeo!!
circle52: @hinsch after Rd 3 which is why you do correction trades for next week prior to price changes
RGriffen: not even sure what was wrong. Struggled to get up and hasn’t been seen since
Chelskiman: Ok, NicNat, you’ve had your fun, it’s time for a rest now.
RGriffen: CD saying JR done for the day
original: agree with Chelskiman, ok nic nat time for a rest hit the showers
TyCarlisle: you guys realise that the eagles are up by 50, so they don’t really need to play nicnat anymore
TheBoy89: Rayner is one of the worst rookie picks I made this year
TheBoy89: Rayner gonna lose money
TheBoy89: Guys should I bring Ryan in for Rayner
Nuffman: Who else put Fritsch as Emergency for captain loophole and not Ryan?
buddy4pm: Ryan is a small forward. Could get 30 next week
Apachecats: Good quarter from English
JockMcPie: Wish NicNat played a full game 🙁
buddy4pm: And Jesus is a fairytale character
Rush: If you have the cash why not go up from Rayner to someone like Fisher
TheBoy89: Naughton to bonnet..
BigChief: Not sure how people think they can trade so many every week.
Raspel31: Agree BigChief-sticking with Naughton-he’ll come good.
StuL: Raise the bat Ryan.
Raspel31: Ryan, you’ve warmed my bench uncomfortably well.
Apachecats: Bont anchored on 82
original: dont have ryan 😐
PureSwag: I don’t know how the dogs are going to cope with the bombers big forwards, next week. Freo did it, the dogs have no one
wadaramus: The Bont has stopped completely.
LuvIt74: Who was going on about IF you don’t have the BONT in your team you shouldn’t be playing
Umpirespet: Bont is overrated by the Vic media
wadaramus: Don’t know LuvIt, but I don’t think it rings true!!!
wadaramus: Should have gone with Macrae.
PureSwag: Whats wrong with Roughead? Will he play next week? I hope not.
th3rio: I dont appreciate fielding fritcsch over ryan 🙁
wadaramus: Rookie lottery is hard to win 🙂
TyCarlisle: Bont has had 4 touches since half time
Stuart88: Gotta love Nic Nat 90 points in half a game
luke394: Dahl rage trade see ya
original: dahl fffssssssssss
frenzy: Naughton beats home Dahl, Lol
TheLegend6: Bont ton
the worm: bont does nothing and they get flogged…gets 100
Pantsman: Ryan X factor, Darling target & Hunter junk time.

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