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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, P2 of 2018

mickelo: lol Carlton look very cute in their little summer onesies
pcaman2003: @mickelo.Haha! How true. Makes our colours look good even.
Umpirespet: Omeara is going ok early
pcaman2003: Omeara moving better this pre season
pcaman2003: Omeara showing potential.Hope he rewards the Hawks in the main season
pcaman2003: Have Jones and Sicily locked in. Anyone else?
Pokerface: paddy dow? more like paddy cow
Pokerface: an effective possession. i take it back
Pokerface: slow down jaeger. don’t want the maybes getting on
Hadouken: if only gunston was consistent……
pcaman2003: Hawks lost the art of kicking.Terrible kicking tonight.
StuL: This was the ‘new’ Carlton last week. Looks very much like the old Carlton so far tonight.
the worm: half of carltons best 18 wouldnt get a game at any other club
the worm: thats maybe a bit harsh
StuL: Simo and Pendles are finished as SC relevant. Thanks for the years of service boys but we’re a fickle lot.
PureSwag: @the worm if you put Carlton list with a team like GWS like only 5 players will make thier best 22.
the worm: i think 5 is a bit optimistic
pcaman2003: Hawks losing the plot this qtr. Dropped marks and turnovers are plenty.
the worm: hawks will be fine when they get hodge mitchell and lewis back
the worm: and Franklin
RGriffen: if Isaac Smith didn’t miss. Hawks would be playing for a 6th flag in a row
StuL: Smith always gets the ones that don’t matter.
pcaman2003: @the worm. Nah! Too old too slow remember?
GOD: D. Thomas
StuL: Was God always a Carlton supporter?
pcaman2003: Someone widen the goal posts please.
Haydo: Is paddy dow still a good pick?
Haydo: Had cripps as a lock since end of last year hes a gun and ao cheap
pcaman2003: I’m outta here. Skills are crapola.Back in 2 weeks.
StuL: JOM no ton from 50 QT. Still a handball kimg
tabs: carlton cant even throw this game
StuL: Entry price rookies just as good. Better.
StuL: So many tackle free kicks. “new interpretation “, yet again!?
Pokerface: 18 contested possies for Silk. The guy is a legend of the game
GOD: GOD is very pleased tonight!

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