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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, P2 of 2018

SilverLion: Sauce will give Ryder a bath
frenzy: typical rookie rollercoaster
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Umpirespet: Hope no one is watching Fogarty
m0nty: nah there’s a big fog on him
SilverLion: Would like to see more from Barry
Brenno_173: thoughts on howard??
Umpirespet: It is 36 here atm do not be to hard on Barry silver
m0nty: Port are going to stuff around with it in the back line a lot this year
SilverLion: @Umps Yeah thats probably fair hah. Get the feeling he needs to show something to get a spot Rd. 1.
SilverLion: But given the heat, maybe not 😛
amigaman: Howard very impressive
painkilla: Im watching and he looks good, was surprised he got thru to us
Umpirespet: Painkillers hope he plays instead of Jerkins
painkilla: Yep Jenkins should be playing sanfl ,showing absolutely no heart after a few poor efforts last year
SilverLion: Can’t see Murphy getting a go Rd. 1. BCrouch, Tex and probs others I’m forgetting to still come in.
Umpirespet: Yeah Silver done nothin so far
Umpirespet: Howard would be an awkward price in SC tp put him in
Umpirespet: Lol Port crowd acting like it is a grand final
SilverLion: Better quarter from Barry
SilverLion: Keath down good for Doedee
Umpirespet: He did.. Seems Port playing free in the heat last game has helped their fitness more
Umpirespet: Freo*
frenzy: murphy doing good, considering game time
kano22: How’s sauce going silver ?
J.Worrall: Ryder as given im a caning, kano!
kano22: Correct jworrall!

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