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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, P2 of 2018

SilverLion: 3 votes P. Dangerfield
JockMcPie: Who is Bellchambers up against in the ruck?
penguins00: Blicavs and Ratugolea
m0nty: Blicavs now
PureSwag: Stanley done.
PureSwag: Not bad being down 2 against the wind
JockMcPie: Dangerfield down the race?
Death: Danger looks like having another decent year
penguins00: yeah he walked off himself with a slight limp
PureSwag: How long this QT going for.
Death: Constable putting his hand up
jfitty: Thoughts on Smith so far? Is he lining up for any CBs?
Death: 9 possies is reasonable
penguins00: Geelong should be 4.3 or did Ratugolea kick it oof?
Death: is danger coming back on?
J.Worrall: Cats have been a bit scratchy
the worm: agreed jworall, and the bombers appear to be flying
SilverLion: I reckon Danger has been mothballed
SilverLion: Myers is doing what I thought Smith would do
frenzy: whats the coppers chance of rnd 1 game
StuL: Kelly looks like a 5 year player. Lock lock lock.
JockMcPie: I’d like Devon to get a touch…
SilverLion: Agreed Jock, hasn’t touched it this qtr.
PureSwag: Come on Smith, I don’t want to get the maybes on you.
frenzy: smith and hurls both out atm
PureSwag: Smith just touched the ball?
Death: A poor game from Smith will help his uniqueness. I’m confident he’ll have a good season.
RGriffen: Smith has 11 touches. Just done sweet fa with anything else. No marks and 2 tackles is lazy af
The39Steps: Speculation on the Hun website that Danger’s issue is a hammy.
SilverLion: And as if on cue, he kicks a goal.
SilverLion: 12 possies and a goal is pretty good. As Griff said, no marks and also the FA arent helping
StuL: Hammy is better than most other options for danger. Mild hammy, maybe only misses rd1 or hopefully is OK.
RGriffen: all these key defenders that are good for SC been awful this week
RGriffen: like if Smith gets 20 touches a game I expect him to score 80. Until the goal and the 2 tackles in 5 mins he was no hope
pcaman2003: Smith will play more good games than bad IMO
SilverLion: Gee that stringer bloke sure is a great player
pcaman2003: Selwood 7 frees already. Amazing!
PureSwag: Somehow their has been 47 Frees in this game.
SilverLion: @Pca, predictable. But nah, he plays perfectly within the rules and should be commended for it.
Death: I’m not picking dangerfield now even if named for round 1
PureSwag: @Death Why, His Patrick Dangerfield.
Death: They will name him for round 1 and he might be a late withdrawal which will leave us scrambling to restructure our teams
SilverLion: @Death No it won’t just swap him for Duncan 😛
RGriffen: whats the most frees in a game for a single team?
Death: OR he could re-injure it early in the season. Don’t need the headache
PureSwag: Well in that case I will just go from Dangerfield to Martin and upgrage one of my prem to a top 5 Mid.
Death: PLUS Martin and Fyfe represent viable captaincy alternatives
frenzy: and cats play sunday, which will shower me @ death
SilverLion: 8 frees for Duckwood
Death: Don’t want to take a dodgy hammy into the season on the most expensive player in the game
m0nty: looked more like calf to me
penguins00: Yeah it look like a calf or maybe achilles
Death: soft tissue. its a concern
Death: will make supercoach a heck of a lot more interesting
frenzy: cats have a half decent replacement for danger
RGriffen: everyone must pick Dusty if Danger doesn’t play though otherwise good luck picking a capt
Torpedo10: Don’t like Titch? @RG
SilverLion: @Griff Fyfe into Titch
TheLegend6: Anyone going with McGrath from Round 1?
RGriffen: yeah I got Fyfe. But playing forward also round 1 vs Power isn’t it?
SilverLion: Got 160 playin forward last week, I’m not too worried ;D
RGriffen: just my rule. No value in Titch and I don’t think he can be the top scorer
frenzy: goldy into gawn
PureSwag: Now 27 FK is a lot. Who’s fault is it? Essendon or the Umps?
Death: anyone got cold feet with devon smith?
RGriffen: nope he has 17 touches in 3 quarters of footy. Just being lazy cos its pre season
amigaman: Nice timing Death 🙂
SilverLion: And as if on cue again, he kicks a goal.
SilverLion: Smith vs. McLean at F2 guys, thoughts?
TheLegend6: Smith
SilverLion: Yeah leaning that way atm Legend, not sure though, like both of them
PureSwag: Smith is a better value of money.
the worm: 2 bad options
SilverLion: I just realised Hurley is playing
StuL: Kelly done fa since I said he was the greatest thing ever.
carlton_99: What is the most amount of frees in a game?
penguins00: put the curse on him @StuL
the worm: ytpe what you just typed into google…maybe you could find out that way?
carlton_99: hahaha…
SilverLion: Lovely staging Green.
SilverLion: Green deserves an oscar for that
AFL Blues: Zach Merrett looks to be a lock.
PureSwag: This is the 2nd most of all time Free Kicks.

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