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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, P2 of 2018

RGriffen: Gawn going 150 tonight
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ReggieOz: Wow Fritsch looking good already
RGriffen: Hogan starting up. In the middle rather than wing last week
RGriffen: caught the saints off guard big time
Growlers: Looking forward to seeing how Gawn, Petracca, Hibberd, Fritsch, Garlett, Armitage & McCartin go tonight.
ReggieOz: looking at Coffield as well for Saints
m0nty: Brown is going to get exposed in ground battles if they play smalls on him, turning circle of the Queen Mary.
RGriffen: Demons playing the 16 man zone again
RGriffen: not sure what to take of the half forward floating types from dees tonight with ANB out
SilverLion: Armitage, Coffield, Brayshaw, Fritsch are the guys I’m watching
SilverLion: Oh and my main man Billings of course :p
RGriffen: Steven the pig of JLT
RGriffen: Demons backline don’t wanna stand anyone. All wanna play the third man over the top
Umpirespet: Wonder if Hibberd will lose points to Lever this year
RGriffen: Lever SC game is great by the looks. Slight worry with so many ball using defenders at Melbourne
RGriffen: I’ve got the issue in SC where I got 1 premium defender, 1 other high priced one then 4 under 300k
Umpirespet: I have only Laird and Hurley back there myself rest are rooks at this stage
RGriffen: Saints backline way too tall
RGriffen: I wanted JGov so keen to see him this week and not get knocked out
Umpirespet: Gov bit inconsistent tho for premo
Umpirespet: But hey I’ve never won it
nameless: Can’t believe I made Bruce captain…
RGriffen: I think since Yeo is meant to play mainly mid since Pridda and Mitchell is gone Gov is the interceptor nearly every time
RGriffen: plus eagles are gonna be worse than last year so more ball in the backline 😉 just my theory
Umpirespet: Good theory tho as I think they will go backward as well
RGriffen: averaged 92 I think in games where he played back rather than forward. So slightly underpriced if JJK and etc are fit?
RGriffen: come on Arma show something
RGriffen: I am not a fan of starting him but Fritch is playing high enough to be an F6 option
Umpirespet: Heard Jjk will miss r1
RGriffen: I heard that too but has it been confirmed?
RGriffen: Savage wow
Umpirespet: Not yet but is still 2 weeks b4 R1
RGriffen: man Billings… playing lions in round 1 too. Time for a restructure
Umpirespet: Saints still looking below average
RGriffen: I don’t think saints are that great. They lost Roo and Monty
Ash777: he’s had ankle surgery so no preseason. get him after the bye rounds
Umpirespet: Jjk Ash?
SilverLion: Savage surely a lock
Ash777: yes
SilverLion: I saw Armitage get a kick late in that quarter, not sure why it isn’t up on here.
Umpirespet: Thanks
Umpirespet: Silver now rocky is gone any kids to watch in the midfield?
Keeper27: Fritsch looks a lock @ F5/F6 in all teams now
Umpirespet: Yep Keeper27
SilverLion: @Umpire I’d say Berry and McCluggage should both improve. Mathieson and Allison too.
JockMcPie: Savage fallen right down, not that I was interested
Keeper27: @ Umps, yeah i heard Berry most likely to get that spot.
Gotigres: Doesn’t seem like Goddard will be playing r1
Umpirespet: Fritz for rising star
frenzy: isn’t fritz mature age?
Umpirespet: Dunno frenzy
Umpirespet: First time I’ve seen him but looks good
Gotigres: Gawn misjudging the ball a couple of times.
frenzy: yep, just checked too old
Umpirespet: Saints have no class down back
Ash777: they lack good ball users
oc16: anyone interested by acres
Umpirespet: Nope
Rebuild: big quarter from Gawn
SilverLion: Gawn will be in 100% of sides come round 1
JockMcPie: Cmon Armitage…
SilverLion: Kinda want Billings to slow down, don’t want bandwagoners on him heh
frenzy: like Armo, silver?
SilverLion: Armitage is doing perfect frenzy 😉
RGriffen: everyone had Billings just wanted to see him play
TyCarlisle: Lol people thinking they are the only people to have Billings in their team
frenzy: pretty shore I’m the only one with Max, lol
RGriffen: lol Armo getting his score up by kicking goals…
Chelskiman: Billings will be one of, if not the, most popular starting forwards this year.
TyCarlisle: Kinda want Gawn to slow down, don’t want bandwagoners on him heh
Chelskiman: At Gawn’s price and knowing what he can do you would be mad not to start him.
TyCarlisle: (sarcasm)
Umpirespet: Lol Gawn already at a discounted price all will have him
RGriffen: I tried to find a reason not to pick Gawn and still have him at this point
luke394: this is golf from Arma everyone will jump off
wadaramus: Good comeback by the Saints, wanna see Armitage get more am
wadaramus: * amongst it.
RGriffen: Steven noooo
JockMcPie: Savage back on the radar :S
Umpirespet: Hibberd a worry tho
RGriffen: Savage only coming alive when the saints get going. Bad sign
wadaramus: Hibberd is proven, he’ll be right.
frenzy: Marshall is having a crack
wadaramus: Coffield, probably not?
SilverLion: fwiw never thought I was the only one with Billings. I just want his ownership as low as possible :p
luke394: is Billings playing lots in midfield?
SilverLion: Gotta love the sly attitude tho Carlisle. Bit like the player you named yourself after.
SilverLion: (not sarcasm)
RGriffen: I won’t have Billings in AF or SC. Probs just RDT bloke can’t kick for shower sometimes so I don’t like him haha
wadaramus: He appears to be working up the ground luke.
luke394: Thanks Wanda unfortunately no Foxtel for me 🙁
RGriffen: Brayshaw doing an Armo. Kicking goals making his score good
frenzy: hope he tons up
RGriffen: yes Billings. Everyone get him!
Umpirespet: Luke I took up the $29 telstra offer all the sports included
wadaramus: Why wouldn’t ya Griff?
luke394: I didn’t even know about it! $29 is great I will have to look into it
SilverLion: Haha okay guys I get I get it
RGriffen: only issue with telstra offer is going through them any time you wanna change something with fox
RGriffen: Brayshaw playing the ANB role don’t get sucked in
frenzy: Grand Angus
Umpirespet: Probably Griff but I only want sport
SilverLion: Had Brayshaw early at D4. Doesn’t look like he’ll get midfield minutes tho b/c of concussion history
wadaramus: Zacly Griff, annoying when you have to talk to Telstra when you have a Foxtel issue.
RGriffen: m0nty have you stopped running fan league?
Umpirespet: Basic channels are worse than free to air
m0nty: might get to it at some stage Griff
Chelskiman: Was the Jack Steven injury bad? He always hovers around my radar.
RGriffen: Savage <3
SilverLion: Savage and Melksham locks of the year
RGriffen: what!?! neither are a lock both looking decent though
Umpirespet: Should be right for r1 Chelski
SilverLion: @Chelski rolled ankle. Couple of weeks id say. Touch and go for round 1. Course I’m only guessing based off what I saw
RGriffen: feel for anyone with a pod from the last game of this JLT series
SilverLion: Ah sorry griff, still new at the whole shower talking thing
RGriffen: I spent so long on spud DTL never know if people are serious or not
runt: Petracca will be a top 6 fwd
runt: Paddy McTeaser needs to play at CHB
RGriffen: gotta be consistent to do that. Petracca not just yet
frenzy: Armo trash can
RGriffen: how about the junk from Arma
SilverLion: Gawn minor injury concern, not sure what it is
JockMcPie: nooo
Ash777: petracca’s injury problems make it hard to pick him. Also that he goes quiet alot of times.
frenzy: thats it I’m picking 3 rucks
RGriffen: injury problems what you on about?
RGriffen: he played 22 games last year
SilverLion: Spent the last 5 on the bench. Pretty sure it was just the commentators getting in on the shower talking
RGriffen: so did Dusty, Rance and Cotch last night. Players just get rested. Gawn the major issue but think he is fine
Ash777: was probably thinking of 2015/2016

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