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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, P2 of 2018

J.Worrall: Lots of rookies to watch here …
Ash777: wtf is going on lol
frenzy: and premos J Worrall, like heeney
Ash777: whos this robbie fox and why dont ppl talk about him
m0nty: tough to break into the Swans midfield
ReggieOz: Looking very closely at Sydneys Ruck options
Umpirespet: Don’t think Sydney will be 0-6 this year
JockMcPie: This makes Collingwood look even worse…didnt think it was possible
frenzy: heater down back or on a wing
J.Worrall: Yup – heeney’s a watch – worried about his pre-season …
Umpirespet: Conig is a lock for me
luke394: I wish Coniglio didn’t do this 🙁 ownership will skyrocket now
J.Worrall: Coniglio was in from the start
RGriffen: still not picking Cogs. I know he can score just doesn’t play enough for me
J.Worrall: Anyone in that price bracket you prefer, JGriff?
RGriffen: Blakely in AF. RDT and SC I go guns and rookies
StuL: Everyone still in love with Keefe!?
J.Worrall: Not afraid that Ross will playhim in defense?
RGriffen: thats the point Worrall when he plays in the backline he averages over 100
Umpirespet: Will there be many mid rookies this year? Most midfields look settled
J.Worrall: Give him time, Stut
RGriffen: people are picking a key Def? Keeffe no way for me
J.Worrall: Hmmm
J.Worrall: OK, but he is neither gun nor rookie
RGriffen: Dow, Brayshaw, Kelly, Holman all can be starting options imo. I do have slight worries about Dow’s DT game though
J.Worrall: … and the FURL factor counts …
Ash777: anyone in the bottom 8 + dons for rookie mids
RGriffen: really want Clark or Mutch to get a game for the dons. Except I think Mutch got hurt the other week
J.Worrall: I kinda thunk Ur a wayne kerr, RgRiff
RGriffen: JWorrall piss off
StuL: Blacktown sure loves it’s football. What the? Were you thinking AFL?
RGriffen: ban this crab
J.Worrall: gosh, that would prove apoint
RGriffen: Parker 5fk for thats how to get a good score
J.Worrall: Crab – Hoho
RGriffen: I trust m0nty will do the right thing
J.Worrall: Finlayson looking the best of the GWS rookies so afr
J.Worrall: Yup, mint0 will ban me quick ..
J.Worrall: What do ppl hunk of Langdon?
m0nty: pull yer head in JW
J.Worrall: Done buddy!
J.Worrall: Still interested on thoughts on Langdon
J.Worrall: Tiziani gone?
Umpirespet: Have to see more of him JW
Umpirespet: Yep done a shoulder
J.Worrall: Deledio shows promise
frenzy: isn’t Howe back fighting for the same spot as langdon
J.Worrall: lock in Finlayson?
J.Worrall: … or maybe not – silly errors
J.Worrall: Not conident on Heeney …
RGriffen: lol
J.Worrall: lol
J.Worrall: A bitter luip!
Ash777: wow is simpson bad
RGriffen: people thought Cameron was gonna do a Darcy… The bloke can’t even beat Simpson thats an issue
J.Worrall: lots of issues …
J.Worrall: Compare the DT/SC, Cameron could goworse
Ash777: I think cameron is doing ok as a rookie ruck.
J.Worrall: who is this Wyne bloke?
J.Worrall: Wayne
J.Worrall: yup, Tizzi gone
J.Worrall: Gotta luv yer member, mint0
TheLegend6: Wow, so Deledio has basically done nothing?
J.Worrall: Reckon Keefe coulda been worse!
J.Worrall: Less of a Coniglio fan Than I was
Ash777: there are cheaper players than Coniglio that’ll score just as well
StuL: I’ve changed my team so many times I don’t know any more.

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