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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Richmond vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs North Melbourne, P2 of 2018

RGriffen: kicking is woeful
m0nty: It’s going to be difficult to kick against Richmond this year.
RGriffen: LDU shocking brain fade
duckky: Norf were pretty woeful kicking last year anyway
StuL: Gawnstein,?
duckky: Who is Ben Jacobs and is he relevant?
RGriffen: who is Jacobs nice troll
StuL: No, Jacob’s is not relevant. Usually a tagger.
RGriffen: Jacobs rookie price I have him atm. Waiting on rookies cos he has better JS than them all
SilverLion: Easy for Goldy to look good when Preuss is on the bench
duckky: Didn’t play a game last year. Possible change of role?
StuL: Goldy’s back!
RGriffen: Corey Ellis eye injury Chad. He was the one they had the blood rule for
RGriffen: he has basically been hurt for most of 2 years Duckky
RGriffen: well I think it was an eye injury. They had the cloth wrapped around his head
RGriffen: ouch Turner
duckky: Now Nank is trying to look relevant…
frenzy: Rance,lol
RGriffen: I like Nank in SC actually. He made my list of last 8 ruckman
SilverLion: Like what I’m seeing of C Ellis since he’s been back on
RGriffen: only issue is when is Prestia back?
m0nty: Prestia struggling for R1, will start season v. slowly
SilverLion: So there is time on in JLT?
RGriffen: if Prestia is named round 1. I couldn’t touch Ellis even though I have him. His role is completely gone
RGriffen: this week I think so Lion. Last week and week before it was only last 5 minutes or something like that
RGriffen: there you go Lion DRuss just said they are back to normal
RGriffen: this Lambert role is yuck but people gonna look at the score and get him in. Massive trap atm
valkorum: so who are we going to over-hype during this game ?
RGriffen: JMac!!! He’s on fire
m0nty: Preuss hasn’t done anything wrong so far
RGriffen: Preuss to play the second half and score more than Goldy +10
SilverLion: Yeah heard Griff cheers. Thought it seemed odd
valkorum: LDU has been underwhelming so far hasnt he. I had him as a lock, now he is gone
SilverLion: Someone got C Ellis’ TOG? On my phone so can’t see it
valkorum: LDU down to 170k rookie and upgraded NN to Sauce Jacobs – Happy with that
frenzy: You missing Tom Murphy monty
wadaramus: C.Ellis with the band aid @ 24% TOG.
Gotigres: Only Richmond player i have atm is Dusty.
frenzy: Nah, get Dusty cheaper around rnd7 or 8
Gotigres: I hope to get Danger cheaper
Gotigres: Anyone interested in a Fan Footy league in SC. Is that allowed?
Chelskiman: Stupid Caddy looking good. Started with him last year and he burned the hell out of me.
m0nty: Caddy would be a fantasy gun if he could play North every week
StuL: Caddy went big against the bombers too. History says players don’t ‘break out’ at 26 though.
SilverLion: Sore for the late response, cheers for that wada
SilverLion: Sorry* this is why I hate phones haha
StuL: If Pruess is named R1, no Goldy I guess.
duckky: Given the roos have said their preference is for Goldy and Pruess to both play this year – why didn’t they try it out?
RGriffen: so much junk for Lambert haha
Haydo: Onya tigers!!!
Haydo: I have caddy just cus he fitted well into my team is he looking good?
Chelskiman: Caddy looked good last pre-season as well. Be wary.
Chelskiman: If Vlastuin plays the +1 every week though could be a very cheeky unique.
Chelskiman: I don’t have the balls for that though, haha.
RGriffen: mr draft is Vlas for me always has been
the worm: will be a great unique considering you’ll be the only person to have him in the country
StuL: A few tigers scores are over inflated in this glorified training run
duckky: Pity there are only two training runs this year.

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