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Chat log from P1 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, P1 of 2018

J.Worrall: No Selwood, no Danger …
SilverLion: Duncan a lock for 130+ in this game
Waspy79: Good luck Youngy
frenzy: Fiorini could go huge
frenzy: its OK Lynch, last season at the coast
JockMcPie: No Ablett either, shocking…
Waspy79: No Swallow, no Barlow
frenzy: also good to see Riscyatelli out there
StuL: Holding the ball/throw. Great cheating for the Suns there.
RGriffen: Hanley wtf was that
RGriffen: How good is Kelly
RGriffen: God Lynch that was awful
AngryRyno: it’s JLT mate, a missed throw won’t make a lot of difference
RGriffen: No joke Ryno, umps letting plenty go in this one too
SilverLion: “Kade’s the better brother”…
frenzy: alright Zac Guthrie, ya won’t suck me in 2 years in a row
the worm: there’s a kade ablett?
StuL: Liking Miers and Kelly.
SilverLion: Funny worm 😛
JockMcPie: Looks like when Nicholls is back that Witts falls down the queue, not a fantasy option
Waspy79: Nicholls always looked a good prospect whenever I have seen him play
penguins00: Only a ruckman could do that
JockMcPie: Parsons still shit xD
StuL: Parsons you spud! Could see that coming.
frenzy: well Brodie screams pick me
1pistol7: Holman any chance to be upgraded off rookie list?
frenzy: dont need to be Pistol
SilverLion: If Kelly doesn’t play rd. 1 I’d be stunned. Bloke looks ready to go.
user_five: #18 not listed here for the cats?
dabombers: Does Stuart Dew even know how to blink.
StuL: Kelly will play R1. Scott loves the kids, a little more than he should probably.
AngryRyno: Charlie Constable @user_five
m0nty: Constable added thx
user_five: yep, thx
RGriffen: Well done by the umps to give the cats a shot on goal
RGriffen: Footy gods
RGriffen: Another Geelong shot from a 50m and a free. Umps trying to keep them in the game
StuL: “a little bit lucky to get the free” said Gerard. Story of the day.
m0nty: think this one might be shot Griff
SilverLion: Kelly limping, oh no
penguins00: no bias in that statement at all Griff this game’s long over
AngryRyno: Holman looking good for R1
RGriffen: Suns injury curse started already?
RGriffen: Another one down
StuL: Constable and Kelly both a good chance for round 1 I think.
SilverLion: Looks like I was wrong about Duncan haha
penguins00: you reckon constable plays with the selwoods back?
StuL: Scooter just had surgery again. Not sure he will be fit.
StuL: Supercoach is hoping he plays. Cats fan is hoping we’re full strength.

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