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Chat log from P1 of 2018: Brisbane vs Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Sydney, P1 of 2018

RGriffen: we gotta get a typical Swans preseason performance or they gonna come out and try
RGriffen: stay quiet Aliir Aliir people have forgotten about him
Ash777: the quality of umpiring compared to the last game is horrible
m0nty: yeah the umps should give the Bulldogs another free
Fizzy343: haha
RGriffen: the same people who picked Mills last year are gonna get him again aren’t they?
original: m0nty lol, how bad was it. Can’t touch em
original: aliir done for the ay
Ash777: witherden doing the kicking in for lions.
RGriffen: damn I wanted Rayner to do okay so people kept him. He doesn’t have the tank to play AFL yet
luke394: does Rampe come into SC calculations only 427k?
JockMcPie: Bell > Christensen?
penguins00: Witherden has had a mare with his kicking today
the worm: anyone who has a good game in the preseason is an instant lock
luke394: Like Nankervis last year @the worm?

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