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Chat log from P1 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn, P1 of 2018

thorgils: Players to watch?
frenzy: chaps
SilverLion: Naughton, Mirra, JOM
TheLegend6: Naughton, Sicily, O’Meara
RGriffen: JOM played pre season last year and it cooked his body imo. Don’t understand playing him in a game that means nothing
the worm: so if he’d skipped pereseason, he’d have been cooked by rd 9 instead of round 6?
RGriffen: yep The Worm
RGriffen: like he had missed 44 consecutive AFL games then goes to Hawks and plays in JLT games = stupid if you ask me
the worm: if he cant even manage half a season he is useless anyway
RGriffen: yep exact reason I won’t have him. He could score 150 today and I wouldn’t pick him
RGriffen: surely playing him for 5 weeks then having like 3 weeks off etc would work better than having him play 9 straight
frenzy: is Dahl playing Fwd or Mids?
the worm: from what i read, apparently everyone will play midfield for the dogs this year
RGriffen: not that he has been seen alot but is in the packs
Chelskiman: It says he’s playing mid. I have him sitting in my team right now, but I’m also a bit iffy over him.
TheLegend6: He’s been forward most of this qtr
RGriffen: Dunkley and Honey getting it done like they do in pre season only to not get picked come round 1
frenzy: reckon mclean killed him last year taken his spot
RGriffen: thats the problem with Dahl, he actually struggles to find it when playing forward. His mid stints are still great
Chelskiman: Yeah, there’s too many players that are similar to Dahl in the Dogs team. Might be best to avoid them.
RGriffen: like he has probably played 50/50 mid forward from what I have seen. Has all 5 touches in the middle. Yuck
SilverLion: Pittonet any chance at getting a game?
RGriffen: Dale the only dog I like atm
RGriffen: not sure Silver. Depends with Ceglar I suppose
SilverLion: Titch doing titch things
the worm: it’ll be a toss up as to whther I put the C on mitchell or pittonet come round 1
SilverLion: Pittonett 33 from 27% TOG wow
StuL: JOM still never kicks it by the look.
the worm: Can anyone explain to me the fantasy buzz around sicily?
RGriffen: JOM too slow. Spends too much time in the gym haha
frenzy: some qtr by Macrae
StuL: No worm. He hadn’t good 4-6 weeks last year but so what’s?
StuL: What
SilverLion: Macrae on track for 280 SC
RGriffen: Trengove the dogs main ruckman now? Where is Campbell?
m0nty: Clarko is a genius, he’s told the Hawks to drop marks because they want to practice crumbing and frontal pressure.
the worm: If J.Roughead keeps rucking for the dogs and kicking goals for hawthorn, he’d have to be a lock
J.Worrall: 2 for the price of one
RGriffen: Whitecross <3
RGriffen: going through the stage in my teams where I don’t have a rookie forward on the field and Christensen at F6
Ash777: fritsch? Venerables?
Fizzy343: @the worm yeh i wonder why people have sicily
frenzy: might give Dahl the kyber for buddy
AFL Blues: Hunter’s having a good game. 🙂
Ash777: macrae looks to be back in top 10 SC scoring form
Ash777: also in 1% of teams
TheLegend6: Would you go Macrae over Bont though?
JockMcPie: Good to see Bontempelli getting free points again
Ash777: I went with both
JockMcPie: Might have to pick him if CD continue this
SilverLion: Sicily 100% efficiency. Seems to be playing the Yeo/Hibberd/Robertson etc. role.
StuL: Pittonet 18% TOG for his 35 points! Come on Clarko, think of the Supercoaches!
StuL: Yea OK, Sicily now that he’s a defender. Might be in.
Ash777: Dunkley Lock
RGriffen: ffs Dunk. So many people gonna have him now. Had a fantasy game in the 18s and had shown in at times in the AFL
Ash777: libba should be back averaging 95-100
AFL Blues: Bontempelli and Mitchell are must-haves.
RGriffen: don’t trust Libba at all imo

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