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Chat log from P1 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Collingwood, P1 of 2018

RGriffen: Cox still a spud
RGriffen: man I love the fannfooty match centre look. Only thing that could be added is like a tracker
m0nty: Tracker, what do you mean exactly?
RGriffen: that site I won’t name fully. DTL have the tracker so like you can click on the player and see what time they scored
SilverLion: my boy congilio tearing them to shreds already
SilverLion: ***coniglio
gopower: DTL also lets you highlight certain players, which would be a very useful feature for this site
RGriffen: you can do that here too can’t you?
RGriffen: eg from a couple years ago I got Pendles highlighted still just don’t know how to get rid of it
RGriffen: Cogs injury prone af recently. I will pick him up after a couple weeks but don’t wanna start with him
bones351: some great SC scores for 1 quarter
m0nty: you can set your watchlist in the menu under your username
RGriffen: SC scores much higher in pre season in comparison to DT due to the scoring rule
LeFtBehinD: Pendlebury finished?
StuL: Good point from Roos. I can’t remember a year without some stupid new rule. The league growing up a bit?
StuL: No new rules this year.
RGriffen: except we are playing like kids atm. Hands up who wants to ruck…
PureSwag: Looks like a few of the rooks in my team won’t play RD1. Looking at Cummings and Murray but Stephenson looking solid.
RGriffen: saying that I like no third man up
RGriffen: Finlayson instead of Cumming is what I did. Finlayson been a better scorer in NEAFL too not that it means too much
PureSwag: Might put him on my list of players to watch. 34 not so bad so far.
RGriffen: also remember not getting sucked in by players on the outside. Langdon, WHE, Whitfield all tonight. Ln Savage etc
RGriffen: pre season way more uncontested ball. Bit better than normal footy this preseason though
StuL: Does anyone still trust Heatter
PureSwag: Lot of mistakes rookie SC players make. Just need to go with the players that are known to do good.
SilverLion: Kinda want Cogs to slow down so people don’t jump on hah
JockMcPie: Mayne doing Mayne things 🙂
Gotigres: Shaw in 6% of teams. He’s tempting me although i put him on my ‘Never Again’ list.
colin wood: Langdon outside player? Trolol
JockMcPie: They said Shaw would “rotate through the midfield”…tempting
colin wood: Langdon when fit is up there for league intercept marks. Silly comment.
Gotigres: Very tempting @JockMcPie
duckky: Hmmm … Looking for a decent mid-priced ruck to replace Nic-Nat … Simpson aint it
PureSwag: Ruck I never go for midpriced, also try and get top 5 rucks. Mine are Goldy and Jacobs
wadaramus: What’s Pendles doing? Not much by the look of it, 83% TOG is he just wandering around?
JockMcPie: Lycett looks to be R2 atm, Pendles no good…
duckky: Yeah Pure-Swag, got suckked in by Nic-Nat hype – have to frap around to get $ to get good ruck
StuL: How many years was Bucks extended? 5? 10?
snake_p: hours?
m0nty: Collingwood in midseason rebound turnover form.
Gotigres: is nicnat injured?
snake_p: what round will be Bucks get sacked?
wadaramus: Bucks has the famed gold pass while Ed is in charge:)
JockMcPie: Gonna be a longgggg season
SilverLion: Like what I’ve seen of Finlayson, would put him in the frame for Rd. 1 currently
luke394: Coniglio looking good?
SilverLion: Unfortunately, yes luke. I await the herald sun articles telling everyone to pick him
StuL: Does anyone know how injured Lobb is? Why couldn’t Dawson be no.1? (Geelong bias I know).
m0nty: Simpson getting smashed by Grundy, Giants would hope they don’t have to play him in ruck
StuL: Oh yea, wasn
StuL: Oh yea. The hit outs bit. I guess I should not just look at SC scores.
Yelse: this aint an excuse but the outs for the pies are huge
SilverLion: With Whitfield playing HB, don’t see Shaw having more of an influence again in the real stuff.
luke394: was thinking the same thing Silverlion
StuL: Not getting sucked in by heater
StuL: Pies bottom 4. Bucks to keep his job.
JockMcPie: DE% is crap again, Varcoe Maynard Adams Crisp Sidebottom…need to be more like WHE pls

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