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Chat log from EF of 2017: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, EF of 2017

Umpirespet: Gunna go the early crow Cmon Wet Toast
pcaman2003: Hope WC win this one.
pcaman2003: Not much interest in this one.
pcaman2003: Mitchell 25 finals games. Amazing! He could keep playing he’s so good.
valkorum: Dixon has come out strong in this quarter
pcaman2003: If Pittard stopped holding the man,he could punch the ball away. Cost a goal instead
Ladbrokes_: Priddis, 8 kicks?! That’s unheard of
poolboybob: Ken Hinkley looks like Vladimir Putin
poolboybob: Has there been a free against that Port players haven’t lost their shit about?
pcaman2003: Ominous signs
Eaglesuk: That last free kick is what makes the AFL officiating embarrassing
SilverLion: Gotta love the crowd. Booing literally everything because they’re behind. Haha love it. Go Eagles
JockMcPie: Lets give the Port supporters something to really sook about, more feral than all other clubs combined
Umpirespet: Na sorry Jock Collingwood and Geelong sups as bad
SilverLion: FFs Priddis talk to him
SilverLion: Dixon needs to lay off the angry pills.
poolboybob: Bogan Port supporters won’t boo that one
SilverLion: Jesus that was confirmed touched wth
SilverLion: How can it be holding the ball when it’s out of bounds?
poolboybob: Star for Chuck Dixon
poolboybob: Cripps potato
pcaman2003: Too many wayward kicks in the game under perfect conditions.
runt: Ryder rucking well but only 1 handball and no kicks!!
valkorum: Need a new symbol for Dixon – Carrying the whole team on his back
Torz: Atlas valk
poolboybob: Let’s be honest, neither of these teams are that good and will just lose next round
valkorum: Torz, thats only if they lose he gets that. What if they win
TheOnyas: Onya byrney-jonesy
SilverLion: One more quarter Eagles. Cmon take this team out of finals.
SilverLion: Zombies for Petrie and Priddis. Top games.
Torz: Star!
SilverLion: This better be a goal to make up for Wingard’s.
SilverLion: Calling rigged if it’s a point.
pcaman2003: Wet Toast are Gonsky!
SilverLion: Game over.
poolboybob: Lots of Centrelink cash to be spent at the pubs of Adelaide tonight
SilverLion: Maybe not!!!
SilverLion: Next goal wins
runt: Ryder to Gray and Power win like against Saints
SilverLion: How on earth was that deliberate…
pcaman2003: Deliberate my butt!
SilverLion: Cmon Eagles. Faaaaa Edge of the seat stuff.
poolboybob: Umpires tried to get Port over the line. Who can blame them, don’t want to be flayed by a feral mob
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: Wow extra time!!!
Heizenberg: How are we all?
runt: In the event of a draw a toss of a coin would be sufficient. No use dragging it out any further
poolboybob: Pittard is a tosser
poolboybob: Port in the drivers seat to lose to GWS next week 👍
pcaman2003: Bye Bye Wet Toast. You’re toast!
LuvIt74: That looked touched
LuvIt74: WCE look stuffed
kano: Poolboybob for the burger
Ash777: GWS looked stuffed
Ash777: go for another draw
pcaman2003: Shuey did a Selwood!LOL!!
SilverLion: Well done Eagles. Flowering amazing game of football
Eaglesuk: Luke Shuey – must give umpires Gobbies that guy
happylab: lmao
LuvIt74: Suck ggs Cotchy
LuvIt74: Amazing finish
pcaman2003: Kochies face- priceless.
poolboybob: lol dat scaling for Shuey
LuvIt74: awesome gave
LMartos: some phat SC scores there hahaha
LuvIt74: I had McGovern as C and also had Shey, Priddis, Petrie, sheed, Hurn, Dixon, Gray, Wines, Boak, Joans, westhoff, hartlett
LuvIt74: lol can u imagine
BigChief: Great finish.

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