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Chat log from EF of 2017: Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Sydney vs Essendon, EF of 2017

pcaman2003: Gee Monty! I hear crickets in here.No one about.
m0nty: Bomber fans usually here but they must be cacking their dacks
circle52: Was just about to say ame thing pacman
cusch1: A lot of Bomber fans made the trip
frenzy: here just nothing to say
circle52: Bombers pressure early can they keep it up.
pcaman2003: Glad I’m not alone. Was getting lonely.
cusch1: Rampe is a big problem for Sydney…Daniher too tall
SilverLion: Essendon very nervous, not lowering the eyes much when they have possession.
circle52: Buddy with the cirk strapped – interesting to see how he goes for this quarter.
Torz: Pretty well I reckon circle. 😛
cusch1: Ambrose, take a note out of Mitchell’s book and start kneeing this bloke in the quad
circle52: Famopus last words Toez by me.
BigChief: Game over already?
pcaman2003: Buddy on fire again. Bombers in big trouble now.
cusch1: not htb on franklin costs us a shot at goal?? fml
circle52: Either htb or incorrect disposal cusch take your pick.
BigChief: Can’t pay frees against Franklin, the AFL might cry @cusch.
tbrowne: Sydney just far too good, no excuses
SilverLion: Be nice if essendon could get their hands on it…
vartic: I hate this team so fucking much, what an embarrassment
cusch1: we still did better than what 99% of the AFL community expected of us
pcaman2003: @Silverlion. That’s half the problem. They’ve got their hand on it.
m0nty: Dons kicked nine in a row last time these two met, Swans now on a run of ten in a row.
BigChief: The bad Ess decided to show up unfortunately.
Wends: Arvo all. Anyone catch what Newman did just before JPK goal from the stoppage? Luke Ball says he needs to be dragged.
Wends: PS: everyone going off at Bombers, it’s not unusual for us to have a nasty fade out at some stage post rampage.
SilverLion: Fair pca. Now they’ve had a little bit of it and kicked it OOTF 3 times hah
SilverLion: Top shelf goal Myers
cusch1: a lot of 50/50s going against us doesnt help, but this is shocking
circle52: To be fair Swans should have been top 4 if they did not go 0-6.
circle52: So we probably have a top3 side playing a bottom of the eight side.
cusch1: Essendon would have been top 4 if we won 6 of the games we lost too Circle lol
TheOnyas: Onya millsy
cusch1: Franklin caught HTB again
Ladbrokes_: Hurley playing good sc wise but he’s having a mare tonight. Getting manhandled by Sinclair
circle52: Just saying cusch that imo Sydney at the moment are better than Geelong, GWS
Wends: Worried our last few games have been floggings tho. No offence Dons but will b holding my breath til final siren next wk
Sloaneyyyy: enjoy watching Jobe’s last game
SilverLion: Can’t stand watching Franklin or Martin anymore. Cameras won’t leave them, both the Media and the Umps never pay…
SilverLion: Or say anything against them. Makes me sick.
thommoae: Never warmed to Dusty either … but last night he was simply awesome.
cusch1: Swans are the premiership favourites, and we are finding out first hand
cusch1: what was the 50 for….
AngryRyno: swans aren’t the flag favourites, excuses
cusch1: how is that deliberate….Gleeson was literally next to the ball
SilverLion: Boring first week of finals, 3 floggings.
LuvIt74: It was going to be a huge ask for Essendon to beat the swans in Sydney but the great thing is they will learn from this
LuvIt74: The bommers look bloody shocking today bit like Geelong last night
Umpirespet: Ess are crap on the road we beat them by 84 here earlier in the year
BigChief: Ess should have beaten Swans in Syd earlier this year.
Umpirespet: So what’s their problem today then?
cusch1: its a long season and we are getting found out. Need a big pre season to improve fitness levels of all players
LuvIt74: Cats vs Saints will be a top game, should be close. Dangerwood tear it up the Cats will win but if they don’t Swans win
Umpirespet: Just hope they both bash each other up Luvit
LuvIt74: Swans have finals experience and Bombers still a young side.
LuvIt74: Best story to come from ASADA was Tipungwuti coz if that didn’t happen he most likely would not be playing AFL
Umpirespet: And the worst was they got McGrath for being drug cheats
LuvIt74: Heppell really needs to stand up next year, he wasn’t much this season
LuvIt74: Wonder if Cramri will be back with them next season
Umpirespet: U think he’d want to go back?
SilverLion: That was fair use of the body by Fantasia on Jones. Dunno how you can call that a push.
cusch1: Walla, Fantasia, Hartley, McKenna are all outcomes of the ASADA story.
SilverLion: Know it doesn’t mean much. But Daniher has given Rampe an absolute bath.
SilverLion: And Zerrett, McGrath @cusch?
LuvIt74: @Ump don’t know but they want him back by all reports
Umpirespet: Zerret was good b4 the crap
Umpirespet: Surprised Luvit thought he left on not so good terms
cusch1: how was that advatnage…when every Essendon player stopped and play had stopped
BigChief: Doesn’t really matter at this stage cusch.
SilverLion: Always about Franklin. How about talking to someone who got moreover than 8 possies? Any chance at all?
SilverLion: Ayyy talking to JPK, that’ll do

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