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Chat log from EF of 2017: Geelong vs Richmond

Chat log for Geelong vs Richmond, EF of 2017

frenzy: no menzel, no cats, Lol
jocka: I like how the matchups are written here before they go to positions
pcaman2003: Fierce start!
McRooster: SA boy Jacob Townsend gets the f f f f f first goal
pcaman2003: Geelong to weather the storm,bounce back and win.
cusch1: Is it too early to start shit talking Parsons?
pcaman2003: Never too early!lol!
jocka: Take Motlop off for good
cusch1: Has Motlop already signed with Richmond or what?
jocka: Prior for Mackie not a thing now?
pcaman2003: Flashy but useless.Been a spud all year.
cusch1: Mackie broke a tackle, and that action is deemed as prior opportunity
StuL: We lose this. Sack the coach. We struggle for goals so he drops a goal kicker.
jocka: That doesn’t mean he has prior opportunity.
BigChief: Richmond have dominated and only lead by a goal. Not good signs for them.
cusch1: Jocka…yes it does. same as if you duck your head, your prior opportunity is gone.
jocka: So I can tackle someone, who hasn’t had prior oppurtunity, let them slip the tackle, then IMMEDIATELY tacklthem again,
jocka: And get a free kick?
BigChief: Yes jocka. That’s the rules
jocka: And get a free kick? LOL
cusch1: Jocka, how long have you watched footy for? 3 days? lmaoo
Jukes82: Lol the umpiring has been laughable, richmond are 18th for free kicks so i shouldnt be surprised
jocka: @cusch1 Yeah, you just surrendered your argument. OR Simply show me where a plaer who is trying to get rid of the ball
jocka: Can ANYONE show me the rule that trying to get rid of the ball, without prior, is a free kick??
Umpirespet: Jocks 1st tackle u must get rid of it 2nd tackle is prior op
jocka: Umpirespet So, just because there are 2 different tackles, that means a free kick?
cusch1: I shall be reading your name as Joker now, because you cannot be serious right now…
jocka: @cusch1 Just show me the rue that backs you up. That is all I’m asking for. Otherwise, pull your head in.
Umpirespet: Yep he got past 1 st tackle then got tackled again that’s prior
cusch1: yep, ill go grab the rule book right now. Come on mate. It is common knowledge
jocka: No, he never had an opportunity to offload. No opportunity, no free kick.
duckky: How on earth are the cats still in touch of this game?
jocka: So, that is a NO on the rule book? I thought you were making stuff up, now confirmed.
cusch1: he took on the tackler…….that is prior opportunity
Umpirespet: Jocka not here to argue just trying to help
cusch1: Umpirespet, you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink I guess
jocka: No, he did NOT take on the tackler. Obvious that you didn’t even watch the vision. He was tackled before he could stand
cusch1: He broke one tackle, and got caight by the second tackle. I give up.
BigChief: Not worth arguing cusch, he won’t listen.
pcaman2003: Parsons sill soft as butter.Give the game away mate.
cusch1: Steve Motflop
jocka: cusch1 You obviously didn’t watch it
cusch1: k.
jocka: @BigChief Since when have people been so adverse to admitting an umpire made a mistake? Both teams tonight.
cusch1: that against Menegola was a mistake, and not a free, the free that cancelled the Houli goal, mistake.
cusch1: a mistake is a mistake, but a free kick is a free kick
Sloaneyyyy: Mares for the whole cats team…. hahaha go Tigers!
pcaman2003: Cats playing absolute crap.
BigChief: Martin dragged that ball in and not HTB? Mistake.
LuvIt74: You all finished bitching about the umpires
LuvIt74: Fact is cats are playing very ordinary footy and Tigers are killing them all over the ground
LuvIt74: Cats are very lucky the the margin isn’t 40 odd
Sloaneyyyy: Cats are a shit team, playing to their shit potential, get over it cats fans, you’ve been exposed
BigChief: I think 40 would still flatter Cats LuvIt
Raspel31: Steady on Sloaneyyy-hubris.
jocka: cusch1 Motflop: nice
jocka: is it really a 2 goal game?
Umpirespet: Think tigers have fired their best shot
pcaman2003: Rance really towelling up Dorkins
cusch1: Please kick away Tigs, because if Essendon do somehow win tomorrow, I do not want to come up against this next week
cusch1: Rance is on Taylor pcaman
LuvIt74: That is amazing how its only a 9 point ball game coz cats looked very poor until the last 2 minutes in that 2nd quarter
LuvIt74: Cats will go massive in 3rd now although i hope im wrong
StuL: Second and we’re shower? Doesn’t say much for the rest. Crows have won nothing yet.
pcaman2003: @cusch. I think you’re riight. Grimes on Dorkins. Makes him look even worse then.
Umpirespet: Plus cats had 2 posters could be in front
StuL: Plus we’re carrying Chris Scott.
cusch1: Tigs had 2 posters also
Umpirespet: u can have him
Umpirespet: Stul least u have Catman u are a strange lot down there
Raspel31: Hmm-that busload of Dons fans heading north-no future Miss Worlds there.
cusch1: If it is Ess V Richmond next week at the G, 100k would attend.
LuvIt74: @StuL we or at least I am talking about the first half of Geelongs performance it was shocking to say the least
LuvIt74: It doesn’t mean squat where you finished on the ladder if you cannot go on with it during the finals
cusch1: Example: Bulldogs last year
BigChief: C. Guthrie red cross
Raspel31: You have to say Geelong back in this. I’m picking em.
LuvIt74: Yeah I think they will go huge in this quarter
cusch1: Touhy has been massive for Geelong getting back into this
MattyZ: Tom Stewart will be lucky to be on a list in 2019
cusch1: Matty you are joking right? he has been very good for a first year player
BigChief: Menegola had a shocker.
MattyZ: He’s a mature aged recruit who’s done nothing but go downhill all year, his kicking has plummeted and so has his marking
Raspel31: Agreed cusch-Stewart had a cracker of a year.
MattyZ: Remember Tom Ruggles?
cusch1: You cant be comparing Stewart to good old Struggles….
Umpirespet: Cmon tigers wanna see Geelong play Sydney
pcaman2003: @Matty Z. Still has a 100sc average. Not too shabby really.
cusch1: Might as well compare Henderson to Dawson too haha
MattyZ: …100sc average?
jocka: Tom Stewart has done pretty well in his FIRST year of AFL footy
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Tom Hawkins to draw a free and kick a big goal.
Umpirespet: Shocking free to Dawkins
cusch1: Don’t use sc as an indication…Stewart has been a very good find for the Cats.
StuL: Our coach thought he would make it interesting by not picking our second best fwd. Fail.
Raspel31: But he’s got waek eye sockets cusch-otherwise good.
StuL: Oh well. Sydney are premiers.
Arch: stewart has been woeful. finals exposes the weak
Umpirespet: Lol ok Stul
Ash777: tiger fans cheering like they’ve won already
BigChief: @StuL very strange non selection indeed.
jocka: With so few goals scored tonight, and half the crowd walking out losers, there will be fights in the carpark.
StuL: Of we lose Scott should go.
jocka: I can’t hep thinking that m0nty is a Tigers fan
StuL: Stewart far from our worst pies fan
cusch1: the fat lady is warming up her vocal cords
valkorum: @jocka M0nty is a one eyed Hawks fan
cusch1: and the fat lady lets loose
cusch1: rex hunt would be yodelling right now
MattyZ: @valk that’s benny gogos, montyboy is a bombers tragic
Umpirespet: Poor Danger joined a team of spuds
LuvIt74: Well done Tigers
StuL: Buy your tickets for Bali us. The drivers dog could beat us next week. Scott’s finals record surely gets looked at now.
StuL: Crows won’t even make the granny. Calm down you lot.
BigChief: m0nty is a Hawks fan.
spudaroos: Dusty worth every million they pay him. What a PLAYER.
valkorum: @mattz nope, he is 100% absolutely hawks fan
Umpirespet: Lol Stul whatever… least we will get further than u
LuvIt74: Dustly making Dangerwood both look like shit
Umpirespet: Hawkins crying now Geelong are a rabble
BigChief: Dusty won’t be 1/2 the player next year. His $$$ bags will weigh him down
LuvIt74: StuL I think the Crows have a much better chance at winning the flag let alone just making it. Cats are cooked
Umpirespet: Geelong have no draft picks either time for a long holiday Stul
BigChief: Cats will struggle against Swans or Ess.
LuvIt74: I think cats will beat Essendon
StuL: Worst game we played since Essendon.
LuvIt74: They wont beat the swans though, they wont beat the Lions if they play like this
StuL: Nobody other than hawks has beaten the swans since round 6. They will push the crows all the way.
cusch1: Not one person gives us a chance, and that is why I think we could be dangerous. We have literally nothing to lsoe
Umpirespet: Serious question Stul is Selwood still injured?
valkorum: fair goal from Cotchin
LuvIt74: @Cusch hope so I would luv to see the underdogs win
StuL: I doubt he should have played but understand picking him.
StuL: Thats because you have none unfortunately Cusch.
blashtroko: Vlastuin BOG along with dustin
LuvIt74: Wonder if Caddy had a impact on this game because the tigers have totally beat the cats at their own game
LuvIt74: Vlastuin no bloody way
BigChief: Vlastuin played loose man. Of course he looked good.

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