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Chat log from EF of 2017: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, EF of 2017

m0nty: Think this might be a turgid affair. Both sides highly likely to play seven defenders, usually Lever and Davis.
duckky: Quiet in here. Unlike the Crows crowd.
armalitemk: @duckky yeah mate everyone gone once their finals are over 🙂 should be doing research
fonzie: sup peeps
Chelskiman: I see Shaw is still a spud.
cusch1: The usuals normally pop up every now and then though
duckky: Seedsman challenging Shaw for spuddiness
cusch1: flower off umpire
Haydo: hey, what are people thinking of for sc next year
pcaman2003: Damn! I miss SC already.Still on a high after GF win.How’d you guys go this year?
SilverLion: Just watching Mcrouch lock himself further and further into my mids for next year.
Sloaneyyyy: Love it when the crouch boys are firing
SilverLion: GWS shot themselves in the foot, playing all their talks and dropping SJ despite knowing it’d be wet.
pcaman2003: Yeah!Crouch is looking solid. Let’s see what next year holds.
SilverLion: talls*
MrGmax: Crows are playing like the Harlem Globetrotters tonight.
pcaman2003: Wish someone would shut Bruce “The Goose” McAvaney up.
Eaglesuk: Umps were B.O.G in that first half. AFL obvi dont want another prelim at Skoda
SilverLion: @Eagle You seriously put the scores at 1/2 time down to te umps? You’re kidding right?
StuL: Pcaman. My games was all over after Zerrett, so I thought. Then he had Roberton. Rank 1800 odd.
SilverLion: I know there’s obvious reasons for it, but Shaw 18 disp for 50 SC, Mummy 2 for 51 is just funny haha
StuL: Midfield premo will be very different next year.
pcaman2003: @Stul. Good one! You won your GF then?
StuL: Yes. Back to back. Only play the one league that matters now instead of a whole lot that don’t.
pcaman2003: Same as me.back to back. Had my best year this year. Final ranking 752. Others on FF were ranked higher
StuL: Awesome. Haven’t managed ranking with 3 figures yet. Thats the one let down.
pcaman2003: Give it time. Taken me 5 years
StuL: It seems everyone has given up on this shower game.
TheOnyas: onya crouchys
pcaman2003: Back tomorrow night. This game is shot now.

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