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Chat log from SF of 2017: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, SF of 2017

dipstick: yo
dipstick: tom gone-again lonergan
circle52: het=ya dipstick – Buddy to now have a field day
circle52: Harry will go to him but will he keep up with him
m0nty: Live by the Selwood, die by the Selwood.
original: LOL selwood clutches his head and gets a free, no actual head high contact
JockMcPie: Danger here for Sydney (ba dum ts)
LuvIt74: Has anyone here had money of first goalscorer each way on Wiiliam hill? I had $100 each way on Reid at $12 & $4 place
LuvIt74: Also $50 each way on Danger @ $17 & $5 for the 2nd or 3rd do you know if id get that twice?
Heizenberg: Fuckin blind idiot ump!!
LuvIt74: seeing Danger he kicked the 2nd & 3rd goals in the game?
Chelskiman: LOL, that was never a free. It got what it deserved.
original: Shocking calling that a free
pcaman2003: I scratch my wondering how Parsons keeps getting a game.
StuL: In any team, in any comp, if you’re rubbish you get dropped. Scott clearly believes in gifts to kids.
TheOnyas: onya smithy
LuvIt74: Unfortunately only get paid out on the 2nd goal by Danger.
LuvIt74: I agree no idea how the heck Parsons makes cats best 22
LuvIt74: Is Lack injured?
LuvIt74: Black]
LuvIt74: If cats can continue playing like this along with adding pressure to swans they will win.
StuL: FFS! You could pick anyone in Parsons place!
pcaman2003: Parsons! lol!
JockMcPie: Big game player is Parsons
LuvIt74: @StuL You’re kidding right? My cousin plays better then Parsons under 16’s in Keilor
pcaman2003: Franklin playing a blinder..hehehe
LuvIt74: The kid is one of the worst first year players I have seen. Yet the luckiest kid in AFL.
StuL: Thats what I meant. Pick your cousin.
LuvIt74: Swans pressure is killing them
StuL: We’re playing with 21.
LuvIt74: unreal danger
LuvIt74: @Stul yup effectively you may as well have 17 on ground
LuvIt74: Swans are screwed
LuvIt74: @StuL I know im going the early crow but the trouble now lies playing the Crows in Adelaide.
LuvIt74: Menzel worth keeping in against the Crows, he plays well on Smith
ReggieOz: Danger Mid/Fwd next year?
pcaman2003: Paddy!!!
circle52: @reggieoz maybe but remember GAJ will be there more tan likely as well.
LuvIt74: There is talk that Stringer will end up at geelong also, although I cannot see it seeing Cats dont have a #1 draft pick
LuvIt74: If GAJ & Stringer end up with the cats there is no way Danger will be FWD/MID
LuvIt74: Personally I think Stringer will go to Essendon for their #12 pick
LuvIt74: Will Rohan pull his finger out and kick 2 or 3 including the winning goal
pcaman2003: So much useless handballing.
poolboybob: Spuddy coming up small
LuvIt74: One thing Tom Boyd has over Buddy while at Sydney and thats a flag. Boyd a much better investment even if he never plays
Raspel31: Well, of course picked Sydney. But not at all upset-go Cats. Hello and goodbe for last time this year lads.
LuvIt74: Swans caught what ever Cats had last week
StuL: Give Buddy the horse head.
LuvIt74: Buddy is 30 and is still contracted with the swans until he is 35 so that was very bloody costly
StuL: Mare for Buddy.
LuvIt74: buddy deplorable Sydney what crap
LuvIt74: Can you imagine Horse press confrence
duckky: Sadly at this stage it looks like Essendon (vs the Swans last week) will have outscored the swans v the cats this week.
StuL: If Parsons hold his spot then Scott is still a Muppet.
pcaman2003: @Stuhl. Parsons has been crap since day one. They must have someone better.
pcaman2003: B McAvaney the biggest goose alive.
LuvIt74: Parsons must polish Scotts shoes very very well.
StuL: Murdoch is a bit of a Spud but he clearly out shines Parsons.

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