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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs, R23 of 2017

frenzy: thanks Hodgey ,Murph and Boydy amazing careers
TheOnyas: Onya bobby
TheOnyas: yes onya hodgey and boydy
Maches: How many seasons has Bob actually been an elite player?
pcaman2003: @Frenzy. Too right! Don’t forget Gibson as well. They all had great careers.
dipstick: titch on the tip tonight
boo!: cmon Glass need you to smash it
dipstick: glass’ game is cracked, fractured so to speak. crystal clear his opp sees straight thru him. quite transparent really
boo!: cmon glass…
original: not sure about umpire kit choice
Apachecats: Evening all ,playing sugar Ray and Dopey Rogues ,anyone else got them?
original: also big boy mcevoy getting killed early on
pcaman2003: Mitchell tagged,so wonder if same will happen to Bont soon.
Pokerface: they need better celebrity fillers next year that we can actually beat.
dipstick: thank fuck i traded out dahlhaus couple weeks ago.
frenzy: was filthy when gibbo left the roos, forgot about him pcaman
benzammit: Great qtr of footy
TheOnyas: onya bonty
boo!: onya glassy
Thedude24: Yea footy’s great to watch when it isn’t over umpired. Good quarter
DrSeuss: Keep Hodge for his last game they said….he will play a great final game they said…
boo!: burnt by ruffhead
cusch1: Dahlhaus kick? #TheEndIsNie
dipstick: whos Sugar Ray?
boo!: onya murphyeeeeeeeee
Apachecats: Hes one of the journo’s who have flooded most of the leagues @dipstick
dipstick: 2750 he got last week the CD connected flog
Apachecats: His forecast this week is 2554 including a loop he’s got on Higgins
Apachecats: My forecast is 2429 so facing a battle.
Jukes82: great start bont and rough, go big please!
Pokerface: theyll lose entries next year if journos take out so many Home leagues
Raspel31: Wow 2750-no wonder I dipped out last week. But still winning The Draft.
original: sugar ray has excess trades too. had 4 remaining coming into the week
Apachecats: I actually don’t mind them PF ,they are real good competition.But just a couple in each league might be better than 6 or
Apachecats: 7 of them.
Pokerface: i like it too. but it was better when it was guys like crawf, blighty etc.
Pokerface: guys in myleague who arent big into sc get turned off when the journos win
dipstick: what other celebs are there?
Pokerface: they are all HS journos dipstick as well as jock reynolds
Apachecats: Here’s to you Mrs,
frenzy: robbo, jonny ralph
Haydo: ive got dopey roges apachecats
Pokerface: journos are fine for people on fanfooty who follow sc. but for the casual player they stand no chance
Heater: Mitchell FFS get into it!!
Apachecats: Champagne Footy ,J R Brumby ,Don’t Argue ,The Phantom are a few more of them
frenzy: the bont burnt a few last week
Sloaneyyyy: exactly what eddie betts did last weekend, but Hodge gets no 50 against him
Jukes82: o
Apachecats: He’ll burn those who don’t have him this week
Jukes82: o’meara blue moon
JockMcPie: o’meara looking good for next year??? oh dear
Apachecats: Lost our colours Darius or is it just my computer.
boo!: lift beltamplsti
dipstick: fuck you roughy. i had you at start of year you dud. you too omeara. and lift titch its finals ffs
Apachecats: Think my computer playing funny buggers ,colours are back now.
Pokerface: need a bomb icon for jaeger
Raspel31: Dogs haven’t touched it for 5-aargh.
pcaman2003: Morrison showing class for 1st gamer
Haydo: if dahl can have a good second half and hit the ton i will be happy bcuz hes been down so much lately
Kernahan: Greetings from Tokyo. Thx for another great season Monty!
oc16: where have all the o’meara haters from last week gone? lol
DrSeuss: Why TF didn’t I go with my gut and trade Hodge to Sicily
AngryRyno: maybe because sicily scored 20 last week?
Raspel31: Ha beat me to it Angry
feralmong: Dolly in the rooms
feralmong: Corky
feralmong: And comin back on soon but limping
AngryRyno: Tom Mitchell you’ve been great all year please bring it home and top off a pig year, cheers
DrSeuss: Yeah but Sicily was tagged last week. Wasn’t likely to be tagged again this week
AngryRyno: i would have seen he was very likely to get tagged again given how effective it was last week
DrSeuss: And Hodge was horrible last week without a tag
zadolinnyj: hawks looking good
pcaman2003: Umps don’t want to pay frees against Doggies.
m0nty: I hope Roughy has upside next year.
TheOnyas: onya smithy
pcaman2003: Rough great 2nd half of year.Hopefully continues next year
Juddtastic: A full pre season would be good for Roughy
cusch1: Give Hodgey, Murph and Boyd a heart, or a gun, or a cherry. Something for the stars
pcaman2003: Breust still useless
Ash777: can we have a mute BT button next season
pcaman2003: Opponent has Bont. Stay down please Bont and don’t score last qtr.
Saltycox: need a new icon for retiring players m0nty, teardrop?
pcaman2003: Better still Bont. Give away some frees.
Batto09: full time?
Raspel31: With no vested interest at all-please whip butt Doggies.
cusch1: Bombers need Hawks to win Raspel. pls hahaha
Raspel31: Hmm-cusch1-good point. Just hard to want a Hawks victory.
cusch1: Bontempelli is overrated
pcaman2003: Go Raspel31. lol!
AngryRyno: Roughead for the star
pcaman2003: Gee Hawks playing like a final.
frenzy: bont for the down arrow
zadolinnyj: good to see boyd getting the pill like old days
cusch1: Bontempelli, Dahlhaus. Welcome to the never again list
Sloaneyyyy: doggies really need a good ruckman
TheOnyas: onya boydy
cusch1: What is it with the Western Booooldogs supports booing everything that goes against them
Raspel31: Yep-Boydy played a heroic game
pcaman2003: Hawks need to tighten defence. Too loose at times.
Pokerface: yin yang omeara
Sloaneyyyy: farewell Boyd, Bob & Hodgy
AngryRyno: cape for tom mitchell to finish the year, 50pt quarter
frenzy: bont should finish under 500k, yeah
J.Worrall: doggies style f plat needs no ruck
pcaman2003: Boys being chaired off. What a sight

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