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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Fremantle vs Richmond

Chat log for Fremantle vs Richmond, R22 of 2017

valkorum: here we go – final game at Subiaco
pcaman2003: Martin and Fyfe go big please and boost my score more.
mardyb: great to see bennell back
valkorum: when did Hamling have prior opportunity and it looked like rioli slid in with his knees first
mickelo: Reckon Nank ‘s going to go alright today with Soldo out the way.
valkorum: Bennell GOAL
StuL: This may be hard day for the tigs.
pcaman2003: @mickelo. I think you may be right there. Good chance to score well.
poolboybob: Bennell will still be cheap as chips next year, right?
Apachecats: Darcy a lock for next year even if sandi is back.
teachrtony: dropping Fyfe and beams midyear probably my biggest mistakes this year. definitely hurt me this round.
LMartos: Darcy not a lock, will be a very awkward price, Naitinui will be a lock at around 450k
pcaman2003: Nic nac risky with injuries though.
valkorum: fyfe was always a mid year target because of his leg
valkorum: Darcy might not play every game next year with Sandi back
pcaman2003: Sandi may even retire yet.
valkorum: Sandi definitely going around next year. Has stated that in interviews over here in the West
valkorum: plus Sandi has a contract for next year
duckky: Poolboy – unfortunately the price of a player is based on their average – regardless of the number of games played
duckky: Don’t even think the 3 game minimum is respected for next year’s fees
AngryRyno: think you are mistaken there duckky, 30% discount for harley
original: Surely Richmond can put a better tag on fyfe. There’s no Neale to worry about
Apachecats: Benched Ryan for Wither and Nank for Darcy ,so far so good.
AngryRyno: glad i decided to play darcy on field for two weeks instead of trading Grundy to Gawn
Apachecats: If a free is payed downfield how do the SC points work? Anyone?
original: Unfortunately I think fyfe gets those points apache lol
poolboybob: Might as well give Fyfe the atlas now, rest of Freo look terrible
pcaman2003: @Apachecats. Hope you got a trade left when Darcy gets rubbed out.
Apachecats: Thanks @original .Ouch! i think Darcy might get a holiday.
Apachecats: No worries there Pacman ,got Nank sitting on the ruck bench.
StuL: It’s all about the outcome
StuL: No injury, no suspension.
Lewysport: Through to all 5 top 8 gf’s unless Fyfe gets 230 and Martin goes backwards! 1 trade left. Woo Hoo!
man0005: Through to all 5 top 8 gf’s unless Martin gets 230 and Fyfe goes backwards! 1 trade left. Woo Hoo!
Apachecats: Well done to both of you.
Lewysport: I think the man is taking the pi55!
Apachecats: I think he’s drinking it Lewy.
TheOnyas: onya griggy
Lewysport: Guessing you tag is horse related apache, l have a picture with me holding 2008 lightning stakes trophy apachecat won.
Apachecats: Yes thats my tag Lewy ,Apache Cat was a top horse trained by Greg Eurell a few years ago.
J.Worrall: Through to all 5 top 8 gf’s unless Martin gets 230 and (insert player here) goes backwards! 1 trade left. Woo Hoo!
Lewysport: A cricket mate is friends with Greg, and he brought the trophy over 1day, and sum lagers!
TheOnyas: up yours sugar ray
mardyb: will darcy get weeks? didnt see incident
SilverLion: I’m gunna go close to 2500 this week, will still get smashed by SR ;-;
StuL: A fine if not thrown out. Mardy
JButcher: Hey Dusty get a touch thanks
teachrtony: So far have won 2, lost 3, including Sugar Ray, and 5 still too close to call.
SilverLion: SR has Martin, so every chance of 120+.
Ladbrokes_: Watch dusty junk it up and the commentators jerk him off about 3 votes
AngryRyno: keep going, Ryan, nearly there
man0005: onya sugar ray
Apachecats: 774 reckon Darcy might be OK ,he was apologising before the other guy hit the ground.Unintentional.
SilverLion: Fyfe a lock for 3, regardless of the scoreline. Though if Townsend got a couple more maybe.
SilverLion: btw m0nty, you can give Fyfe his Atlas now if you wish haha
frenzy: not sure I ever scored 2500 DT before
circle52: Need another 28 points from Darcy to win League I want too. Will be close.
JButcher: Im only 46 points away Frenzy, what a round
StuL: Nank will ton up AMD I went Darcy, just because it didn’t matter. He plays next week
circle52: Same Frenzy already on 2510 with Dusty still going
poolboybob: Crab for McCarthy
Strskes: Im on 2498 with fyfe and ryan still playing. maybe 2550?
SilverLion: heheh played Nank on the ground and benched call. Not too shabby.
J.Worrall: Gogo Ringo, go!
SilverLion: benched Gawn*** auto-correct.
Apachecats: Same @stul
StuL: I thought the dockers would put up a fight. They’re a rabble.
Ladbrokes_: You got this Ryno lets go
Apachecats: Hope they’re a rabble again next week.
NewFreoFan: Mate how good is being a Freo Fan hahaha
NewFreoFan: Grats to the Bombers for securing their spot in the 8 😉
mardyb: dons no certainties to beat freo
Apachecats: Thanks NFF ,very sporting of you.
NewFreoFan: Essendon auskick team would beat us mardyb!
original: Is danger a chance of a 75point last while fyfe also scores another 50?
LMartos: On 2445 with Dusty and Fyfe’s last quarter scores to be added
mardyb: as a bombers fan, we can never pencil anything in…
frenzy: 2530 dusty ryan nank, omg
SilverLion: In SC, 2297, Fyfe and Nank. 2550+, still looks like a low score this week.
teachrtony: 62 points vs Fyfe and Nank’s last qtrs. Close call.
LMartos: 2550 won’t be a low score, most will score around 2300-2450
SC_brAh: Nanky + 93 pts vs Dustin Martin + Lke Ryan fkn shitting bricks
teachrtony: 2506 + Dusty’s last qtr.
merto09: 2545 + dusty and ryans last quarter
AngryRyno: that’s enough of all the good scores 🙁
teachrtony: braH, you win easy.
SC_brAh: omg martin go away…fml nanky outscore martin plz
StuL: Pig it up Dusty!
poolboybob: Gee Dockers aren’t even trying, this is pathetic
SilverLion: Hope so Martin, first time scoring 2500 :). Also told y’all Sugar ray has Martin, 120+ is a lock.
JButcher: Superman quarter Dusty, I want 2600
StuL: Never seem so many “dangerous tackle” frees. Flavor of the month.
SC_brAh: only -1 to ryan? bs should be -10
SilverLion: **Martos. Really gotta disable this autocorrect lol
LMartos: my surname is Martin anyway so I got ya
SilverLion: Since when does Nank get 21 disposals? Boy oh boy wowee
LMartos: Nank sending a strong message to Hardwick that Soldo should never play while he’s there, ruins Nank’s impact completely
StuL: I was thinking I had to upgrade nank for the GF, no Soldo, no worries.
Texwalker: Crap.. finally checked sc. Gonna score 2500 with c on greenwood… oops..
SilverLion: Still waiting for Fyfe’s Atlas hah
merto09: ryan and martin to combine for 196 SC? thoughts?
SilverLion: touch and go merto
preki1: well i guess this game proves that ross lyons off to colingwood
LMartos: yes Merto
merto09: still 500 SC to go round for the rest of the game
SC_brAh: nanky plz catch martin!!!
J.Worrall: I like that idea, preki1, FURL will suit the Pies!
J.Worrall: Fyfe to go there too? Signed already at freo, iirc.
LMartos: Dwayne Russell getting aroused over Dusty
oh_lol: Need Nank & Rance to hit 208pts between them!
Ladbrokes_: Did I call it or what. Junkin Martin can’t help himself
m0nty: Dwanye gets excited if a footy player opens an envelope
SC_brAh: nanky lift man
boo!: cmon dusty, another 300sc and i will hit 3000sc
Texwalker: Darcy to get 100?
poolboybob: McCarthy is a dud
J.Worrall: haha lol mit0!
jonnyhart: Anyone scoring more than 2692? I have Dusty and Nank out there.
StuL: Both these rucks still outscored Martin and Gawn.
SilverLion: Typical Dustin…
SilverLion: Jonny, Sugar Ray to get 2750+
Texwalker: 2700 is a huge score..
SC_brAh: f u dusty you junk fucker
LMartos: 2500 up for me, best score of my year
jonnyhart: Cheers SilverLion. 🙁
SilverLion: But he works at the advertiser, pretty sure ineligible for weekly 🙂
teachrtony: Will be interesting to see the ladder after this. Big percentage change?
J.Worrall: SCC for top 10 SC leagues?
SC_brAh: how long left for the siren???
teachrtony: Sound the siren. Fyfe gets 5 more I lose one lol
feralmong: Knocked out of all finals by a Bont. Even with 2500+.
StuL: Fielding Darcy over nank might just cost me 2700
SC_brAh: omg sound the sireennnnn
teachrtony: Tough Feral, bad luck.
original: Top score this week will push 2800
Texwalker: Not choosing a capt cost me 2700 🙁
shrtlg: Flower me with a fist, I was looking at 2600 on Saturday afternoon and feeling flowering sensational
poolboybob: Fitting way for sad sack Freo to close out their tenure at Subi Oval
LMartos: Fremantle have lost by 100+ 2 times more than any other team
feralmong: Nice to finally bury a team.
feralmong: Graham a nice rookie next year
JButcher: Could be a handy pressure player for finals too @Feral

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