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Chat log from R22 of 2017: St Kilda vs North Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs North Melbourne, R22 of 2017

pies4spoon: Need a big one from you Roberton!
dipstick: fat fucken chance
Jukes82: piss off missy you flog
Jukes: Hello 82
Jukes82: i like your name buddy
TheOnyas: onya brucey
pcaman2003: Steele drops the ball in a tackle and gets 4 pts. Joke?
dipstick: stay down pruess ya goose and lift roberTON flog
Rilian: Carlise reported twice in Q1 apparently.
original: Slow down Steele plz
pcaman2003: @original. Steele annoying! Gets a lot of score from tackles.
pcaman2003: @pies4spoon. Better start praying.
teachrtony: Had Steele early, but spends too much time on the bench. When he builds up his tank he will be a great player.
frenzy: you got a kick Membrey
poolboybob: Billings will be a gun if he can learn to kick straight
Preston007: Wheres Stevens been for the past 2 quarters? Was 35 after Q1
Auldy: I need Billings to score 29 points for me to beat The Traders in my league.
Auldy: sorry, the warnedawgs in fact 😛
Hadouken: look foward to the day newnes gets 100 again
Hadouken: consistently anyway…. this game will be 1 out of the last 10 🙁
poolboybob: They should make a supercoach where you try to score as poorly as possible with players who are playing AFL level
poolboybob: Everyone would have Nathan Brown
original: Go to sleep steele
Apachecats: Bit like going misere in 500 @poolboy
faisca7: Simon Prestigiacomo would have been the trump card
Apachecats: Interesting idea though ,I like it.
original: @poolboy rate that idea. Have to field 22 players each week or you get penalized 100 per player that is a “0”
original: Unlimited budget, maybe unlimited trades
original: Actually not unlimited trades. I take it back
poolboybob: Nah you need to limit trades, otherwise you could just grab a new rookie who is going to be plugged into fwd pocket
poolboybob: Zac Dawson would have been a hall of famer in that format in his prime
JButcher: Cmon Newnes junk it up pal
original: You’d be picking the most injury prone bloke too
Apachecats: Rookies would be a bit risky ,you would be better with the more experienced camals.
original: Really unsure how captain works tho? Still doubled? Makes it interesting
Apachecats: Nah ,captain gets halved.
AngryRyno: captain gets score halved
original: .5 scales up
TheOnyas: onya rossy
Thedude24: 38 disposals at 86%, unlike Jack. Awesome game from him
TheOnyas: should have had a crack browny

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