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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, R22 of 2017

Jukes82: Hey lads should I take Schrenbergs 88 or play Withers?
frenzy: i’d take
Costanza: please Lions
heppelitis: lloyds 81 or witherdon?
frenzy: lloyd also, probs
PowerBug: Withers is a 70-100 guy, I’d risk playing him because I don’t think you’ll lose much
frenzy: Lol, watch withers come out and smash me now
AngryRyno: i’d definitely take the 88 and probably the 81 too, withers coming back from a week off might start a little slow
boo!: cmon zorko, don’t be porko
heppelitis: im going to punt on withers…got a big score going so will win anyway
circle52: Jones and Dane Beams togther, Beastmode looks like following Oliver.
AngryRyno: SC scores going a little silly early
teachrtony: Went big Kruezer instaed of Gawn, have a quiet one please big Max.
original: When do we start tracking how many dives/ducks from matho?
AngryRyno: started 18 months ago @original
original: Rockliff needs to lift.
Hadouken: stay down witherden, need you to balance the beast aka zorko.
DanBlack: Hoping Vince goes and stands right next to Zorko all day
frenzy: should played withers instead of rocky, lol. Oh wait wtf
Hadouken: send a raven to gawn. tell him winterfell needs a lift
LMartos: any danger of manning up Zorko?
heppelitis: give zorko superman…hes gonna get it anyway
TheOnyas: have a crack oliver
TheOnyas: pull your finger out gawny
frenzy: mad max gawn missing in action
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
Hadouken: both rucks horrid, get a move on lol
frenzy: Hibbo was never this good at the dons
boo!: onya zorky and hibberdy
circle52: Shocking Beams
original: For me to lose both fyfe and dusty need to score 160 ea and Steele needs to beat rocky by 55. Am I safe?
original: Rocky tagging Hibberd. How’s that going for you Brisbane smh get rocky in the guts hehe
AngryRyno: icicles for clarry and max
Jukes82: sorry boys, I brought in oliver this week. my fault
aces-high: Stef getting jibbed loving pig hib and Zorko lift Oliver/Gawn
DanBlack: At this rate I’ll only need Dusty to get 300 in the last game
StuL: Raise the half bat Hibpig.
JButcher: Rocky, i have stuck with you since the beginning, please lift
Hadouken: its ok jukes, ive broken many players this year and havent told anyone haha
circle52: Looks to me that Rocky is playing forawrd to apply forard pressure on Hibberd. Anyone else notice this.
StuL: If I had one more trade I probably would have used it on gas
circle52: Not working if his
StuL: Gawn. Lucky I didn’t.
original: Circle Defs what they wanted to happen but didn’t work AT ALL lol surely can’t stick with it
heppelitis: rocky..dont go off after 1.5 mins ffs after goaling
original: Shocking 50m call. Lol
TheOnyas: onya piggy
Apachecats: Vince serial offender
original: Didn’t look good apache
frenzy: the lul’z if the lions get up
penguins00: Bernie will be nervous
teachrtony: Keep going Clarrie, you beautiful red nutted bastard.
Apachecats: I’m only on radio @original ,they are debating whether it was intentional.
StuL: Jinxed Hibberd. OK Hib, you’re not a pig.
heppelitis: comon gawn. get 100 hit outs so you ton up
PowerBug: I think his intention was to spoil. But a bad record will not help his case
original: Surely have to send Vince to zorko. Has proven he can’t handle a tag
PowerBug: Melksham is following Zorko as of the start of the quarter.
penguins00: Vince must really hate the Beams brothers
Hadouken: ffs gawn. killing me here
StuL: He probably likes their other non football brother Jim.
luke394: did everyone expect Gawn to dominate after being out for 2/3’s of the season?
penguins00: he loves Jim
circle52: no incorrect dis[psal on garlett but HTb Brisbane.
Apachecats: Is T.Mc forward or back today -not doing much is he?
PowerBug: Playing in defence on Hipwood today
J.Worrall: if Jakey is tracking Zork, he’s learning well!
Hadouken: goodbye gf.
Apachecats: He had a great run as a forward a few weeks back @PB ,he certainly doesn’t rack up pts in defence as against forward
pcaman2003: Feeling relaxed today. Into GF next week.Proj score 2662
Apachecats: Great score Pacman I winning all my 6 leagues with proj 2501
teachrtony: Proj 2614 and look like losing at least 5/10. One guy Proj 2742
faisca7: Anyone else versing sugar ray this week? He is fisting me
PowerBug: Disappointing for owners that’s for sure.
All Reds: bloody hell
pcaman2003: It’s a high scoring week. Good luck everyone who can qualify for GF.
teachrtony: Yep, Sugar ray lol
All Reds: re the football game
ronl: Oliver and Stef need to lift
Apachecats: All Sugar Rays birthdays are coming at once ,probably have a shocker next week.I’ll have him in one league.
Apachecats: mind you there will be 18/30 commons.
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
TheOnyas: eat a bag sugar ray
aces-high: Take witherden or go with Ryan? Can loophole hibberd on the ground if I want withers score
teachrtony: If Adams misses next week will be intresting as most have no trades. Hurley out hurt me this round.
pcaman2003: Hurley is a big out @teachrtonty
TheOnyas: pull your finger out gawny
teachrtony: Could’ve covered him but weny Kruez for Nank in my ultimate wisdon
teachrtony: *went & wisdom. Really am a teacher lol
pcaman2003: Gawn struggled badly last week too. Very risky!
pcaman2003: @teachrtony. Lol! The human element of making mistakes.
SilverLion: Vince an absolute thug, trying to take out the Beams Bros. Deserves 3+ for the one on Dayne
pcaman2003: Is anyone else guaranteed for next weeks GF?
SilverLion: I have Sugar Ray as an oppo in one league. Hard to compete with his bs scores this round.
KingPetrie: My opponent needs Nank to outscore Higgins by 41 to win. Will probs happen
teachrtony: @Silverlion he’s ranked 1202 so is a pretty handy coach. But yeah, has has a great round this week.
snake_p: agreed silverlion Iwonder what sportsbet were paying on him knocking out both Beams $1.10
pcaman2003: @King Petrie. Sounds like you’re safe to me,barring disaster.
pcaman2003: @teachrtony. That puts hi m about 400 places up on me then.
teachrtony: @Pcaman nice. Puts him about 950 behind me, but not this week!
pcaman2003: You in the top 1000?
J.Worrall: Heart for Beams as he tons up SC
Fletch91: Im rank 140ish atm, looking at 2550 this week
teachrtony: Prior to this round 257
teachrtony: My team is RobDogs
pcaman2003: @Fletch91. Great scoring! I’m amongst champions!
PowerBug: damn nice scores lads, I hope those near you aren’t going as well so I can overtake them 😛
BzBman8: bloke im playing is proj 2742 with beams in his side
teachrtony: Hibberd has harly scored since 1/4 time, crack in son.
BzBman8: im 83rd overall and getting spanked this week
teachrtony: lol, think we are all playing Sugar Ray Bz
faisca7: Sugar ray better win the weekly this week so i dont feel so bad
pcaman2003: Well done teachrtony. That’s fantastic!
BzBman8: yeah thats the one teachrtony haha
teachrtony: Cheers Pcaman
Fletch91: Thanks pcaman!
AngryRyno: get involved hibbo
circle52: throw missed there
Eagling: I’ve got 5+1 players in this match. 2 of them are scoring more than the other 4 put together.
faisca7: What was your strategy this year Tony? Just guns and rookies?
pcaman2003: Hibberd went to sleep and hasn’t woken up yet.
JButcher: Chuck Rocky in the middle Fagan you potato!
teachrtony: Started with a few mids, Oliver etc. But the Jock Reynolds ‘Good Bye Srategy’ regarding trades is the winner imo
pcaman2003: At least Ollie scoring well for me.
teachrtony: btw, am blaming my keyboard for the spelling!
pcaman2003: Hell! Hibberd touched the ball.
faisca7: Oliver has to be the best pick of the year
LMartos: how is that a clanger for Hibberd, that was a genuine screamer contested mark from McStay
Apachecats: The manure will hit the fan if T Adams is out next week.
All Reds: mark of the year or
AngryRyno: witherden has stopped too, needs a lift
korza: Lion win or lose, just give hime the star now. You know who, him
teachrtony: Started with Titch, Oliver and M Crouch, all have been great.
circle52: When are the umps going to start paying throws
SC_brAh: hibberd 50 @ quarter time now..71 wtf lift
Haydo: Who are your players eagling
korza: Cape, nooo. The star Ranga
All Reds: yeah keeps happening
Apachecats: William Tell award for Hogan monty.
circle52: Has cost us 3 goals so far.
SilverLion: Hogan loves playing against us
AngryRyno: target is appropriate for hogan – he loves darts!
SilverLion: Tell ya what though, that ex Collingwood fella is a half decent player.
poolboybob: Melksham blue moon
teachrtony: Lions definitely looking like they will compete over the next few years. Good to see.
korza: David once again slays the Goliath.Rockliffe is no longer Biblically relevant. Sad
poolboybob: Still pretty dirty at Lions’ medical staff for saying Beams would miss a month when he only missed a week. Wasted trade.
faisca7: Yeah i traded him to Rockliff poolboybob..
teachrtony: Agree PoolBob, especially as I traded him for the Bont.
pcaman2003: I traded him for Ollie.
Umpirespet: Rocky wants out I reckon
PowerBug: If Rocky plays enough fwd time… you neve know for 2018 😉
original: Powerbug that’s a positive tru but can he please get to 75+ today ffs
JRedden: hibberd ying yang, done nothing 2nd half
SC_brAh: Lift martin!!!
J.Worrall: Beams needs a second heart!
teachrtony: lions 10 goal kickers. Good signs for next year.
aces-high: How is Martin going backwards? Was 74 3/4 time
teachrtony: Hibbo, never in doubt!
pcaman2003: @JRedden. Hibberd on 120 not good enough?
pcaman2003: Ollie gone from 103 to 96.
teachrtony: Pcaman, when he learns to kick as much as he handballs, he will be a beast.
JRedden: i meant for dt
Apachecats: I think the female caller on 774 just had her voice break.
pcaman2003: @teachertony. Much like Dahl.
teachrtony: Yep, and Priddis.
J.Worrall: That’s Darling Kelly – she’s a ripper!
teachrtony: Well, Priddis never did kick, but same as.
SC_brAh: Martin 🙁
Apachecats: Case of affirmative action gone wrong @worrall
Haydo: Kelly Underwood I think
original: How long till the AFL make a rule stating if you say you’re going to shoot and take 30seconds then you HAVE to shoot?
PowerBug: when a non-Victorian side takes advantage of the loophole

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