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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Essendon, R22 of 2017

duckky: All alone in here … la da ded daa daa
Gotigres: So far Happy that i took Scooters 93 over Heppell. Allowed me to take Dangers captain score as well
gloryboy: Zerrett being tagged by who?
Wends: Miller, and he’s my SC C after Danger VC epic fail.
HappyDEZ: Touk Miller according to the padlock.
Raspel31: Had Pickett getting fat on the bench all year-now he palys a game?
BOMBRBLITZ: Begley the Fridge looks the goods!
Raspel31: Whoops-wrong game.
stew42: Come on, get Miller off Zerrett and onto Begley!!!
Wends: Exactly Stew, geez!!
Nuffman: Fridge looking the goods
JDolling69: Merrett obviously wants my club to have mad Monday early… flog
Fatbar5tad: Captain of the EFC has 20 points at quarter time. Against Gold Coast. Fearless fucking leader. Never again list.
Nuffman: *hug*
cusch1: They call him hodor at the club HAHAHA
preki1: on ya zac, you fuckhead!
DrSeuss: Traded in Zerrett this week finally. Great decision
Wends: Mine too @JDoling…
Raspel31: Neale injured-Grundy out-Bont a waste of space and now Zerrett?
Wends: Ordering Trump masks, ill fitting suits and superlong ties online as we speak.
Nuffman: 5 straight behinds… bleh
heppelitis: Myers is so heavily dependant on his left side he walks around in circles
amigaman: Bombers trying to lose with bad kicking, how unusual.
poolboybob: Zombie for the Cannon
Wends: lol heppel. Zerrett recovery??
amigaman: Drug test required for McKenzie. Usually takes 3 games to score this.
cusch1: isnt that just our luck. the one time we can score the junk goal and the siren goes
original: Vc Myers not paying off
heppelitis: he is very good at circle work though Wends….haha
boo!: getting tired touk miller?
The Cannon: Trent McKenzie goes BANG with eight marks to half time!
StuL: The Wallabies are all witches hats.
Raspel31: Yep-bloody shambles StuL
StuL: Defence is embarrassing. Not even professional Rasp.
StuL: Back to footy.
cusch1: Wallabies are a joke of a team in a joke of a sport lool
m0nty: yes back on the footy please
Wends: Circle work indeed @hepp… Gaargh! Where’s heiz when Zerrett needs a LIFT!
Raspel31: Yep-need the Heiz talk up.
heppelitis: great tackle
cusch1: This is why you were delisted from Brisbane Green. poor effort tonight
cusch1: softest. 50. ever.
cusch1: and that is saying something after mills last night
heppelitis: think it might of been a lazy 13 touches for McGraths first extended run through the guts…oh lordy
cusch1: Burton has had 14 for the game
cusch1: May has been Gold Coasts best
heppelitis: mays is a star defender
Wends: Zerrett 5 minutes to LIFT!!!!
boo!: essendon 1…touk miller 0
cusch1: Zaha 3. Heppell. 2 May. 1 are the votes from the umps tonight surely
amigaman: Harsh on TBell

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