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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Western Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs West Coast, R22 of 2017

poolboybob: This is Partington’s 4th game
Wends: Eagle eye poolbob!
SilverLion: Oppo has Kelly, Touhy, Ryder. I had Bontempelli. Sometimes you’re just not meant to win…
cusch1: Just took the captaincy off Kelly fmsc
DrSeuss: Wake up Sheed
SilverLion: -7 Darling. Wowee.
Wends: Pearce off Yeo.
Preston007: Yeo.. fark, slow down!!
Wends: Bummer @silver. I had Bont & Ryder, so angsty.
SilverLion: Kelly just finishing off my prelim whoopings that Ryder started. Loving it.
SilverLion: @Wends Ya broke even or thereabouts then mate hah
Raspel31: Sadly Wends the loop still worked for me as Neale out injured-bummer
poolboybob: Yeo will be a must-have defender next year.
pcaman2003: Have only Kelly in this one. My team is kciking butt this week.
SilverLion: Gunna need Simpson to get about 200 tonight at this rate haha
Wends: V frustrating @ Raspel, wonder if he’s back in next week? He was a trade to Merrett for me (& lynch to billings)..
Wends: Still having Rainman moment trying to work out if I can get Glass onto midfield for loophole, to avoid Shaw’s score.
original: I’d be pretty comfortable if Greene didn’t score well
Raspel31: My team a mess with Jelwood, Neale, Grundy out and Bont shite but Sloane, Danger, Laird, Macrae keeping me going.
Apachecats: Yeo well overdue for this.
poolboybob: Glad I put spud Shaw on the bench
HappyDEZ: Last week Neale & Ryan. This week Bont & Shaw. FFS lol.
Gotigres: Happy so far with starting Ryan over Shaw.
Apachecats: Who were those people who were wondering about Shaw.Still reckon Goldilocks will outscore him.
Wends: Will wait til Q4, but it may well be worth going Merrett/Dusty C over Danger VC, to avoid Shaw’s score?
SilverLion: Cape up Yeo and Kelly
Pinkman: anyone think i should take Marc.murph off to loophole danger. Get greenwoods score
Raspel31: Defo wait till qtr 4 on that one Wends
LMartos: best 2 players on the ground so far, keep it up boysss
Raspel31: I’ve got Zerret, Dusty and Mitchell left but sticking with Danger.
SilverLion: @Pink would definitely consider.
Gotigres: Someone stop Kelly and someone punch out Greene.
SilverLion: Kelly outscored Bont in one quarter. SOmetimes you just have to laugh hah
pcaman2003: @SilverLion. I’m laughing alright! lol!
KingPetrie: Got 6 players different to my opp and 2 of them are Kelly & Yeo. Oh boy. Wowee.
Wends: Agreed raspel. You know you have a SC prob when you turn down a social thing to closely watch yr loophole situation…
Strskes: I still can’t believe how sh!t Shaw has gone this year. On track for a 20!
KingPetrie: He has shaw too and im loop holing him with Witherden. It cant be.
Raspel31: We are not amused.
SC_brAh: Shaw fkn lift you prick
Wends: Don’t say it out loud KingPetrie!!
Strskes: Now on track for an 8.
Wends: Like a tiger of old…
LMartos: I’ll be pissed if Doch or Hibberd are a late out and I have to cop Shaw’s score
StuL: Who picked Shaw over a lump of wood?
Gotigres: Might upgrade shaw to goldilocks next week.
Gotigres: That’s funny Wends about turning down a social thing in order to check your loophole
KingPetrie: Petrie the only reason why eagles are still a finals chance
pcaman2003: Shaw hasn’t been SC relevant for ages. Bad time to have him now.
Wends: It means official SC tragicdom/OCD @Gotigres, is what it is… FF shld start a support group.
DrSeuss: Yeo, Kelly and Ward don’t stop – need to make up for Sheed
Gotigres: The support group could have its own league @Wends
Wends: League name: The Co-dependent Enablers
Apachecats: Shaw now realises hes got Goldilocks breathing down his neck
Fatbar5tad: Keep going Greene. I’ve been very patient!
Raspel31: I’m breaking the addiction-popping out for a drink-but I’ll be back!
SilverLion: Surely Hutchings goes to Kelly sometime soonzzz
Wends: Go with God, @Raspel.
duckky: Who is Williams on?
Raspel31: And the wind in my tail Wends.
SilverLion: Funny how when you actually want a tagger to do their job, they’re nowhere to be seen.
SilverLion: Watch merrett be tagged tonight, I’d almost lock it in.
Wends: Really @Silver?
SilverLion: 12 possies for Shaw this quarter
Wends: Billings over Greene trade looking dodgier & dodgier.
duckky: Conundrum. Witherden or Harbrow. One injured, the other stinking
Thedude24: The username on this is caps-sensitive?
Thedude24: I did the same thing Wends. Billings has been much better recently
colmullet: i knew benching Shaw would bite me, need withers to step up!
Wends: There goes Danger loophole: Glass a late in!!
Wends: Hope you’re right @Thedude
feralmong: Heater and Greene go u good things
SC_brAh: need heater to outscore zac as much as possible. Zac injure yourself plz
Wends: Only way to get Danger VC is skip Lynch to Billings trade, put C on Lynch. O-wise it’s Merrett, Dusty or Fyfe C!
Wends: Leaves Deluca on field + 1 hail mary.
pcaman2003: On 1556 with 12 players including Kelly
feralmong: Upgraded wallis to m crouch instead of j Kelly. Fml.
original: Everyone rethinking ryan over shaw now 🤔
pcaman2003: @feralmong. Ouch. He has been playing well too.
mardyb: get in there toby
poolboybob: Gee if Priddis played like this all year the Eagles wouldn’t have made him retire.
feralmong: Took a punt on a rance rebound on Newman upgrade too.
feralmong: Still way I see it crouch outscores wallis.
pcaman2003: @feralmong. Good luck. Hope it works out for ya.
pcaman2003: Kelly you star!
poolboybob: What is the point of Hutchings?
man0005: What is the point of West Coast playing away?
Ben_Gogos: No touches from Greene that term.
Rockafella: tagging Kelly???? no we wont worry about that
Thedude24: Saints should give Kelly 2m a year. Throw everything at him, just get him there!
Thedude24: That’s an incredible free kick count considering it’s a gws Home game
Strskes: Do teams actually try to tag Kelly though?
TheOnyas: onya wardy
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Yeo sits on Greene and still scores points. My opponent has Yeo.
Thedude24: what’s a flower sake?
poolboybob: Zombie for Priddis
Fatbar5tad: Stupid footy term d’jour. “their one wood” derm you flog.
Fatbar5tad: Swear filter dude
man0005: flower is a swear word?
faisca7: wasnt greene on 74 at half time?
Fatbar5tad: Fucking Greene. Spud!
Nuffman: As a bombers supporter… need GWS to win and JJK to stop kicking goals (even though he in my SC)
Thedude24: Nuffman no one cares about the Coleman anymore dude
Fatbar5tad: Or Essendon
faisca7: My opp’s projected score is 2600, fml
mardyb: i think they do dude
cusch1: the dude may feature on Nuffies on AFL pages with a comment like that
Nuffman: So much salt… wow.. someone needs a hug!!
Fatbar5tad: Not getting rewarded for sticking with Greene FMSC
Thedude24: It’s become irrelevant lol
Nuffman: For someone that supports a success starved team.. i would think any “win” is relevant for you?
Fatbar5tad: Kelly squashed!
Regis124: Nooo, I needed another 20 from Kelly
Thedude24: Haha and you’re calling me salty?
Wends: Nice sportsmanship from Shuey there.
Regis124: Oh and hope he is OK
Fatbar5tad: No tracksuit yet Regis.
Strskes: Careful what you wish for. Cash league Draft GF and opponent had Kelly as captain. I thought please no more Kelly BOOM
Fatbar5tad: Greene!
Fatbar5tad: Kel ok
Regis124: My oponenet took Dangers 146, Kelly is my only hope
Fatbar5tad: Top tackle Heater
Nuffman: @Thedude: that wasn’t salty, that was reality. Just like it is for Essendon. I’ll take any win tyvm
Wends: Heart for Kelly
Fatbar5tad: Eats gone
Fatbar5tad: Eags lol
pcaman2003: Kelly 41 touches,1 clanger @80% and only 132. Wow!
Regis124: Geez that helps. Kelly is a legend
pcaman2003: And on cue gets a great goal.Champion!
Wends: Well done Toby, no miss piggy hiyyya’s!
Regis124: I just realised I can’t loop Kelly, all 3 reserves are playing. Carp
Fatbar5tad: Any chance Tobe gets scaled up to 120? 🙂
pcaman2003: @Fatbar5tad. Of course! Fat chance!

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