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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Collingwood vs Geelong

Chat log for Collingwood vs Geelong, R22 of 2017

circle52: Gee Danger Time to lift over these Turkeys
Umpirespet: Stay low Danger
Gotigres: Nice start Scooter. Keep it up. May loophole you in over Heppell.
circle52: Selwood going bananas after I benched him to get Greenwoods score. Should have benched Mememgola
StuL: Goodbye season. We can never the pies, even though they’re rubbish. O
JockMcPie: Coxxyyy
Apachecats: Has Danger got a tag?
pcaman2003: Danger only 68% TOG after 14 mins? What’s up?
Gotigres: Glad i loopholed Thomas out to take Greenwood’s 90
m0nty: Danger mostly H2H with Treloar so far
pcaman2003: Used last trade to get Duncan from Jelwood
Beast_Mode: boy oh boy, catters wont want to lose this with GWS next week!
circle52: Any winnd favouring either side.
Beast_Mode: piss off scharenberg, i didn’t field you, im regreting it already :/
circle52: Would it be the other way m0nty – treloar running with Danger?
StuL: We will beat the giants, it will be too late by then anyway. Always lose to the pies.
Apachecats: Paddy 4 touches @25% ,really?
original: Danger needs to lift.
Gotigres: Keep going Scooter.
pcaman2003: Danger slowly warming up. Will fire up all cylinders soon.
Raspel31: You think original?
JockMcPie: Go the pies
pcaman2003: Raspel31. Cheeky boy!
duckky: Here goes danger
Apachecats: I take it all back Danger
duckky: Go scooter – gee your tackle count is down!
heppelitis: Danger tonnes up
original: Raspel if I didn’t say that where would he be though!!? Lol
Raspel31: Good call original.
Raspel31: Good call original
man0005: Good call original
man0005: Good call original.
anthsill03: Good call original
pcaman2003: C’mon Duncan. O brought you in this week to score big.
Apachecats: Really bad echo in here.
original: Danger needs to lift
pcaman2003: @Original. They don’t call you Original for nothing,do they?
LMartos: Adams robbed
duckky: Go away Parsons – I threw you out months ago
Raspel31: Not often you see Cox outscoring Danger.
Apachecats: Original Danger could do with another rev up please
duckky: Im being whupped – but it’s nice to see my opponent has Buzza on the bench as a non-emergency. I’ll take what little joy
original: Danger needs to lift.
Apachecats: Thanks @original
Apachecats: Whats everyones cut off for the Danger loop
original: Wow I’m in shock that menzel didn’t pass it off then..normally never shoots
Apachecats: mine is 125
pcaman2003: Danger and Duncan big 2nd half please.
pcaman2003: C’mon Adams,go huge man!
original: Boys I told him to lift and he’s already doing it this half. You’re welcome
Rilian: @m0nty – blue moon for Cox?
pcaman2003: @original. If Danger hits 130+ you’ll be my new BF.
Apachecats: Original, could you have a quiet word with Bont in the other game?
LMartos: was a good day to accidentally field Scharenberg
pcaman2003: Glad I fielded Stewart ahead of Ryan . Playing well!
StuL: Any danger we can hit a target inside 50?
original: Danger 40 points in 8 mins. (Winky face)
pcaman2003: Danger has his Mojo back after quiet 1st half.
Thedude24: Field Ryan or Shaw?
Lewysport: Give him another pump @original, its working big time!
Apachecats: I would field goldilocks in front of Shaw.
original: Lewy it’s now 49 in 9 mins. I don’t wanna over do it
original: Can I plz get a butcher icon for treloar. Thanks
Raspel31: goldilocks out with a hammy
Apachecats: ha ha raspel
colmullet: gotta go with one of shaw or witherden back from the hammy
Apachecats: but I’d still play her with the hammy instead of heater
Raspel31: Prob a safe bet Apache
Apachecats: Raise the bat Danger
circle52: withers ran quite strongly at training so definitely OK there,
StuL: Nice goal Motlop you spud.
original: Tuohy needs to lift.
pcaman2003: My weekend is looking very good now. Scoring well in both games.
Apachecats: Don’t exhaust your powers original.
original: Lol apache I need more from him
colmullet: i just know whicher i pick it will be the wrong one @circle haha
cusch1: Original, my next request is Treloar. Thanks.
original: Cusch mate I’m good but I’m not THAT good. Treloar a lost cause
Apachecats: Just looped Danger ,never in doubt really.
Costanza: thx Port
original: How many people still debating Shaw v ryan?! Halp
Apachecats: I’ll second that @constanza
LMartos: hit the ton Scharenberg
pcaman2003: Ton up Stewart. Keep it up lad.
Raspel31: Scaren gone missing LMartos
Raspel31: Yep-looks the cap back on Danger
LMartos: he’s just gone off now, will drop to like 85 by the time he comes back on
MattyZ: what a drop off in points from duncan to scooter
original: Danger needs to lift
JockMcPie: Gee Danger’s gotta be the favourite for the br…oh wait, he cant win hahahaha flog
original: Hehe called it. Get around me boys. Oh kick a goal m8 cmon
Gotigres: ton up please Scooter
pcaman2003: Young Daicos a tackling machine. Good prospects for next year SC.
TyCarlisle: a little salty there Jock?
JockMcPie: Just a bit @TyCarlisle, i mean ill take the SC points sure
original: Pcaman surely will be too expensive
Wends: Crap – have half stuffed Danger C loophole… only way to get his score is to forego Shaw loophole.
poolboybob: Blue moon for Cox
Raspel31: Oops Wendsy
StuL: Danger! Capt, set, forget.
Wends: It’s a shemozzle!
pcaman2003: Original. Not sure on that yet. We’ll see next year.
pcaman2003: Looks like I’m in next weeks final barring a total disaster.
korza: Menagola was good, cmon Danger was the best player on the ground. Monty thats terrible
Wends: Good effort Treloar making it to 1/2 respectable scores…
MattyZ: 2 games used to equal a 21% discount on price but idk about supercoach

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