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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide, R22 of 2017

Beast_Mode: hey lads need your opinion, no trades left. i need to start Ryan or Scharenberg. Who should I choose?
Hadouken: id go ryan at home
Burnsy03: ryan
Beast_Mode: cheers fellas.
SilverLion: Was so close to benching Dahl for Greenwood’s 90, couldn’t bring myself to do it. Watch him spud it up.
Costanza: cmon Power!
amigaman: Anyone else listening on AFL site. Can you get sound?
pcaman2003: Dahl,Macrae and Ryder. Go boys go.
Wends: @amiga – yep, ABC radio coming thru no problem on AFL site.
Beast_Mode: lol silverlion, not a risk worth taking imo
amigaman: Hmmm must just be me
Wends: Need Ryder and Bont to kill it thanks to oppt’s Sloane last night 😐
Wends: Stringer off with possible hammy probs.
snake_p: suckling boom!
Beast_Mode: stll cant believe heeney got 90 last nite lol
snake_p: he went into beast mode in second half!
Burnsy03: threw him in last night aswell
circle52: not complaining though Beast Mode
PowerBug: Robbie Gray muppet just before
TehRooaarr: Field witherden or luke ryan?
Wends: Stringer red cross
circle52: Witherden
Beast_Mode: witherden
Apachecats: How did Ryder go from 38 to 30 SC
Tonche: FEel like they’ve missed 2-3 Macrae tackles?
Thedude24: Field Ryan, Withers or Shaw? Or I could field 2 of those and not take Lloyd’s score
Umpirespet: No way was that 50
Apachecats: Lloyd plus Wither @dude
circle52: @tonche they have to be one on one tackles resulting in ball up to score.
Beast_Mode: take lloyd score, field withers, easy choice
Thedude24: Cheers guys. Shaw vs Withers was the difficult one
Preston007: Ryder doing his bit, pull ya finger out Bont
Tonche: @circle52 Can be turnover tackles as well I’m sure
LMartos: Ryder is a god, my best trade in this year, touch wood
Thedude24: Ahh fuck lol. Just realised to play Withers means I cant use Perryman to take Lloyd’s score
Thedude24: Last question, Shaw or Ryan?
original: Cmon ebert
original: The Dude I wanna go Shaw but will go ryan lol
PowerBug: Surely McLean gets sighted for that tackle on Houston
Nuffman: If Ryder had of stayed at Essendon.. golly gosh
circle52: spoiler – Danger Spudding early in Pies game.
Gotigres: Should i start Ryan or Shaw?
Burnsy03: heater going to go huge today
Apachecats: I’ve just given Macrae a contract for next year.
Gotigres: He might not be a forward Apachecats.
duckky: Doubt Macrae will have DPP next year though
Apachecats: I’m completely over Heater give Ryan a run @gotiges
Burnsy03: bont any chance dpp next year
pcaman2003: Any hope of kicking the ball Dolly?
Kirbzy: Houston is back
Umpirespet: wont be picking dahl next year
Gotigres: Thanks Apachecats and Burnsy03 for your input.
LMartos: That’s a soda Robbie ffs
duckky: Why does Dalhause waste money on footy boots?
StuL: Dollhouse might need to be a luxury upgrade.
original: Ebert tagging bont? Foad
StuL: Dolly is a bust though, not a luxury.
Apachecats: Anyone still got SPP?
Raspel31: Sadly got him on as Jelwood and Neale out Apache.Doing okay though.
pcaman2003: Got SPP on bench but have thew E on Witherden
Umpirespet: No Apache
pcaman2003: That’s it Bont,stay down.
Apachecats: Yeah very handy pinch hitter today @raspel
duckky: Still got SPP – not worth loopholing Heppel with him yet
original: Hate that being paid as a high tackle. Bs for the game
Umpirespet: The way this year has been SPP will likely get 150
original: Spp for rising star surely surely surely
Apachecats: Been a great year for rising star @original,McGrath for mine.
Burnsy03: burton? maybe
Umpirespet: Umps reaming Port today
heppelitis: What a half from Macrae
Apachecats: Macrae a lazy 100 at 1/2 time?
Umpirespet: Yeah and last week had vc on mcrae but took it off
Ben_Gogos: Stating the obvious, but Dale is a very exciting player.
faisca7: Bonner looks a bit stiff
pcaman2003: Seeing Bont on 30 makes me smile
LMartos: Chamberlin down hahahahaha
Lewysport: Me too pcaman, 2 of my opps have him as C!
SilverLion: Gotta love umpires
original: imo was a free against wines
pcaman2003: @Lewysport. Let’s hope he stays low.
Lewysport: Nice if macrae would have a smoke break too!
poolboybob: Wtf Bont
pcaman2003: Inearly got Bont this week but got Duncan as a POD.Glad i did now.
Burnsy03: another one
Lewysport: Few more goals be good, need 165 plus total.
LMartos: All my players are stopping
Raspel31: Same LMartos.
Raspel31: Mcrae aside-pull out the finger Bont.
Thedude24: Bontempelli is going to cost me a spot in the gf. Fuck you
SilverLion: Bont you are killing me
original: Bont needs to lift.
original: Ebert needs to lift.
Raspel31: Atta spirit original
Lewysport: Don’t say it @original,lol
LMartos: what score should I take for Gray over Witherden, thinking 85 currently
Ben_Gogos: @LMartos I agree mate, I’d take an 80+
original: lol Lewy I don’t really care for bont but oppo doesn’t have him either so y not? Lol ebert cmon tho!!!
pcaman2003: Thank You Bont. Love your form today. Keep it up.
Lewysport: Dropped Ebert after his pair of 58s, I’m ok with it so far.
pcaman2003: Someone take Dollies boots from him. Doesn’t use them!
LMartos: lift Wines and Gray
OnTheRocks: Dahlhaus scared of kicking since the Greene incident……
original: Love how’s caught up in the moment umpires get smh
duckky: Wines gone to sleep
original: Frees like that kill our game. McLean pfft
BOMBRBLITZ: Come on Port (Help out Essendon!)
Apachecats: Thats going to make it hard for the doggies.
original: Wines scoring like Heeney this qtr 🙊
Apachecats: Fats ladys out
Wends: Ryder making up somewhat for Bont’s shizenhousenness.
Raspel31: Yep Apache. Thanks heaps Bonts.
Wends: Good afternoon Raspel 🙂
pcaman2003: My players killing it nicely. Sorry for those who have Bont though.
Raspel31: Afternoon Wends
Raspel31: Mcrae somewhat lessens the pain pcaman

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