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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Adelaide vs Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Sydney, R22 of 2017

Burnsy03: who do i throw in for de goey, i have 50k extra aswell
Burnsy03: who do i throw in for de goey, i have 50k extra aswell
Beast_Mode: hey lads need your opinion, no trades left. i need to start Ryan or Scharenberg. Who should I choose?
circle52: With a greasy track is it worth the risk to vc JPK
circle52: @beastmode – surely Ryan will not have 2 bad games in a row.
circle52: Bursy Ro you have Yeo. If you do then maybe Heeney but need to be quick
feralmong: prelims here we go
Burnsy03: didnt evern see that but i have yeo and threw heeney in aswell
dipstick: LOL prelims and 3 people here. this site has really died in the arse.
feralmong: only the best of the rest of what’s left dipstick.
m0nty: most are too tense to comment!
original: I know I’m going early, but sloane free for and effective kick and only 4 points??
jocka: So apparently push in the back isn’t in the rule book anymore…
dipstick: what did dipstick say to the FF crowd? You four are on your own? Later LOL!!!!
feralmong: surely Keath on Franklin isn’t for long.
J.Worrall: aaaargh c@arn@ge strikes yet again!
original: Lol wasn’t a free against buddy
feralmong: shitting supercoach bricks Monty
circle52: agree used his hips real well
J.Worrall: What rule book? Do you do the round ball game, jocka?
JockMcPie: We’re here dipstick, just lurking in the shadows
jocka: Push. In. The. Back. original It wasn’t holding his ground by any stretch of the imagination…
Gotigres: Looks like more than 3 people here.
feralmong: Keep Calm and Steady the Boat Crow boys.
jocka: I suppose that wasn’t dropping the ball either original?
original: lol jocka no one agrees. Surely a crows fan. It’s ok
feralmong: I apologize. I brought in M Crouch.
StuL: Swans could be flag day despite ladder position.
feralmong: loopholed Greenwood but can see already it wasn’t necessary.
jocka: original LOL no. A footy fan that thinks hip and shouldering someone in the back in a marking contest is a free kick. Si
circle52: caught with TV delay – Wnted to change VC to JPK but was locked so he will go huge tonight.
original: Jocka mate move on. You have your view, the umpires and most people here had a different one. All good brother
circle52: Shouldering in the back is ok I am pretty sure – Hands in the back is not.
stew42: Help me out here, McVeigh did something impressive just then. What was it?
circle52: Got a nice quick hand ball away to hanners in defensive 50
stew42: Cheers. Definitely deserves another year, wherever he wants. He deserves it, and owes the Swans nothing.
circle52: Was vintage McVeigh Stew and agree he should play on.
SilverLion: Please don’t play shower again Lloyd…
banta: lol crows won’t do anything in september this year. swans clear flag faves now, incredibly after that start
original: Jacobs killin me (don’t judge me, didn’t have the $ for kreuz lol)
duckky: Heeney … what are you doing?
LMartos: Tex can fuck off, such an easy mark
boo!: heeney to parsons
SilverLion: Oppo has Franklin. Could spell disaster.
jwill55aus: @duckky – Heeney’s tagging Sloane. A few frees against.
pcaman2003: @dukky. Not much at all. Looks very sluggish
original: Honestly how good is greenwood!
banta: must release heeney. not a tagger. not doing the job
JRedden: sloane you gun
pcaman2003: Heeney V tagging. Massive fail so far.
original: Y buddy yyyyyy bloke loves giving away frees
StuL: Please stop Spuddy.
LMartos: Greenwood robbed, especially with goal assist
pcaman2003: I have Heeney Llyod and Buddy all with 3 clangers. Greeny and Laird carrying the torcjh.
stew42: A large chunk of what I hear on here is people complaining about SC scoring. Why do you people play it?!?!
Crowls: can someone knock out mcveigh. bldy lloyd hardly scored since the bald nut got back
biggerz: Who scored adelaides other point?
original: Now THAT was definitely in the back 😉
StuL: Come on Lloyd!
Gotigres: Why the hell did i get you in Lloyd
oh_lol: @biggerz Pretty sure it was McVeigh with a rushed behind
SilverLion: Ffs Lloyd you have been useless since I traded you in
StuL: We aren’t so shower after all, swans are just killing it.
Beast_Mode: give greenwood the clock! get him on the ground you muppet
circle52: Agree Stew – If you took time to read all the scoring involved in SC you would understand.
JockMcPie: Good day to have JPK Franklin and Hanners. Shame they all let me down earlier and cost me finals :/
circle52: Called it on JPK
pcaman2003: Heeney and LLoyd hurting me bad. C’mon fellas!
LMartos: Lloyd you suck so bad
Gotigres: At least my opponent has Lloyd and Heeney as well. POD Franklin.
GOD: Betts missing in action, big game choke again!
SilverLion: Lloyd going to single handedly cost me 3 finals…
LMartos: Tex take a mark you spud
pcaman2003: Greeny has great impact as soon as back on ground. A star!
Gotigres: Go Greenwood. I can loophole you in.
Crowls: only time lloyd scored was last week and I had bloody newman on the ground
Preston007: Thnx Heeney ya flog…
LMartos: not sure how Tex’s most difficult drop mark is called a clanger
StuL: Witherden on for Lloyd Next Week I think.
MONEY TALK: lol now that im kicked out of finals my players r doing good standard
SilverLion: Come on you spud get a move on. I’d bloody take 50 at this rate.
pcaman2003: Sloane 7 tackles ,Heeney1. Who’s working harder?
Crowls: lloyd or scharenburg started lloyd. (
J.Worrall: Hey circle, you around tonight?
LMartos: How is Lloyd only on 18
circle52: Yep mate
pcaman2003: LMartos. Has 4 clangers
duckky: Sad – I have MCrouch and Heeney, He has Kennedy, Buddy and Sloane … so sad
Crowls: move mcveigh to sloane free up heeney, lloyd to +1 in backs
SilverLion: Heeney looks out of his comfort zone. Think Horse forgot that Hewett is their tagger…
pcaman2003: FFS Heeny,go home!
MONEY TALK: game on
Beast_Mode: henney having a mare!
kano: Crows getting a fair ride
pcaman2003: My opponent has C on Sloane. Not good for me at all.
Ladbrokes_: Crouchy’s back @duckky get pumpeddd
pcaman2003: Swannies are stuffed. Even Buddy not finding the ball for a while.
LMartos: Heeney playing his worst game ever
duckky: Yay Ladbrokes … but if Heeney gets to 50 I’d be stunned
Burnsy03: sorry about heeney threw him in last minute
Preston007: Heeney… take him off horse, going backwards!
original: To think I emergency loopholed sloane JIC
pcaman2003: Heeney looks slow and lazy.
TheOnyas: onya sloaney
Gotigres: I agree Beast. Mare for Heeney.
Raspel31: Hmm-limped into the finals and no chance of winning with outs-but go Sloaney you good thing.
max41: silly not to tag sloane
stew42: Hewett can’t tag a body like Sloane’s. It’s a worry
cusch1: Charlie Cameron acting like he plays for Brisbane already
Gotigres: Keep going Greenwood and Franklin
GOD: Heeney shit pick!
Beast_Mode: greenwood the TOG icon surely
JockMcPie: Buddy hell!!
GOD: Don’t cream yourself Bruce!
Heizenberg: OMG HUDDY, Essendon repeat goal
pcaman2003: Buddy should get 50 pts for that. God knows I need them
pcaman2003: You’re a disgrace Heeney. Giving points to my opponents C as well.
SilverLion: Is the spud Lloyd even out there this half?
DragonLass: omg you can’t call that advantage
SilverLion: Yup he’s out there, giving away frees, but he’s there….
LMartos: I actually despise McVeigh and his bald head, has ruined my SC d6
cusch1: both cameron and talia were behind sydney players, but won the free kick for holding?
SilverLion: I coulda fielded Shaw instead of this bullshower.
Thedude24: I’m so glad I loopholed Lloyd. Should I play Witherden or Ryan?
The39Steps: Crows 21 frees.Visitors 7.
faisca7: Sloanes jsut about had more free’s than sydney
max41: sloane same free kicks as entire swans side
circle52: Crows definitely getting tyhe rub of the green this quarter
LMartos: Even when Lloyd gets the ball now he gets no points for it
poolboybob: Gee, Lloyd has been garbage lately
Pinkman: thats better Lloyd. now 20 more of them
Pinkman: though most of Lloyds kicks are straight up in the air
SilverLion: Funny McVeigh goes forward and look what starts to happen…
gunna_2002: Are these the ’16 GF umpires???
Pinkman: I know i’m obsessed with Lloyd, but he needs to get some of cheap points from full back. Never does the chip kick and
Pinkman: run
duckky: Go Heeney
max41: heeney superman almost
The39Steps: @pinky: You’re obsessed with Lloyd.
gunna_2002: C’mon buddy, make the most of a second rate defender
original: Heeneys score come on are you kidding me?
SilverLion: Heeney 40 SC that quarter. CD putting in the hard yards, no way he played that well.
Pinkman: bit better from Lloyd. oh crap sorry
circle52: Think most oif Heeneys points came from tackles that quarter – think he had 5 pretty sure he was on 2 at HT
original: @SilverLion 100% agree 😂 3 tackles and about 5 touches = 40 points tho..?
pcaman2003: Some relief. Sloane quieter and Heeney and Lloyd got a few touches
LMartos: @Silverlion had like 5 tackles and 7 touches
circle52: Enjoying this game – in spite of umpiring.
SilverLion: Maybe LMartos, just didn’t feel like he had a huge impact
Raspel31: Indeed circle-nice to be just enjoying the game.
cusch1: fuck this game is soft
Pinkman: agree @cusch whats going on, wasn,t nowhere near the head
max41: if that was sloane umps would’ve shot him
circle52: Unfortunately was late and eyes not on the ball so could be in trouble.
pcaman2003: C’mon Buddy,huge last qtr please
original: Heeney surely didn’t get points for a slipped tackle 🙊
Pinkman: ollie wines got off for something similar. pretty sure it was a bit higher too
pcaman2003: Jacobs scoring is huge this half.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off Sloane.
Raspel31: Hmm, whilst on the verge of elimination Sloane, Greenwood and Lynch give me some hope.
SilverLion: Lloyd you gun, already 15 more than I expected
LMartos: Finally Tex jeez, took your time to do something, get to 70 please
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
pcaman2003: My guys are starting to wind up. Keep on going boys.
SilverLion: Umpire evened up the tally with that one
pcaman2003: Is a kick and a point only worth 2 pts?
jocka: Even Mills thought he was gone!
pcaman2003: Ton up Greenwodd
Raspel31: Sloane, Lynch Greenwood-there are worse things in heaven and earth.
weca: someone tell tex to stop handballing to a player under pressure which leads to a 40 m chip instead of 60m bomb. 4times
duckky: Heeney outscores MCrouch … OMG!
SilverLion: Heeney out scored Greenwood, what a joke
carlton_99: That 50m penalty cost the crows big time.
original: Heeney score cmon CD go joke you’re drunk
LMartos: What a second half from my players, looked so grim early on
pcaman2003: Sloane 13 pts last minute for sweet F all.
banta: laird a real pig. great at uncontested marks. like docherty
banta: that matt crouch fumble cost me most disposal winner.
amigaman: Go Heeney!!!

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