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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Collingwood

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Collingwood, R21 of 2017

JockMcPie: Scared…
hinsch: need J Howe to get -70SC point to lose looking good at the moment
JockMcPie: God this is a crappy game
stew42: Heaps of DT Scoring from Collingwood, and Adams isn’t amongst it! Far out.
pharace: Are these two teams serious?
happytimes: Understatement jock
original: Ebert score should be higher
TheOnyas: onya crispy
JMC23: Ryder gave away a free kick and went from 33 to 34 on SC
Burnsy03: all 100+ de goey, whe, treloar, boak, hartlett
JockMcPie: Trash skills, trash game plan, poorly coached. please just get rid of Bucks
SC_brAh: Wingard, Trel 100+ each plz
pcaman2003: @ Jock. No wonder you were scared. That’s scarey bad stuff!
pcaman2003: When will the Pies dump Blair Jock?
JockMcPie: Not soon enough pcaman
Hinchy: I don’t understand why the Pies do not have Josh Smith in this squad
JockMcPie: Loving the junk time goals though, gives us more false hope
JockMcPie: Aaaand its gone
original: treloar free for and effective kick only +6 is that legit whats that worth these days?
standog: Need R.Gray to out score Treloar in the 2nd half fml
original: have ryder but need him to slow down as oppo has him capt
DrSeuss: Need Sidebutt to beat Ryder by 36 in the second half – 150 please Steele
SC_brAh: Treloar and Wingard lift man ffs
original: @drseuss good luck, 90% of ryders hitouts must be effective lol
LMartos: Robbie Gray’s hands are too good
DrSeuss: Only in AF @original – no need to worry about the SC bias in that one
original: lucky you lol
Donz: Ryder robbed of a tackle…
BestCoast: Ryder +1 Ryder +1 Ryder +1 Ryder +1 Ryder +1 Get some real possessions ya flower flog
Donz: BestCoast you are a flog
original: effective hitouts are +5 i think (smh)
BestCoast: @Donz playing the skin flute again Bozo
original: @bestcoast ryder FA dw already made up the minus
BestCoast: @original it’s come down to Ryder +14 v Treloar
original: damn
pcaman2003: Blair 4 touches,3 clangers and still gets a game. lol!
Donz: BestCoast you are a flog pal
BestCoast: Sons keyboard warrior looking at his computer flicking his jellybean
BestCoast: Donz BestCoast you are a flog got that on repeat have you muppet
DrSeuss: Lets go Sidebum big finish
Donz: such a flog..
Donz: shower for brain flog
J.Worrall: Disappear, trolls
original: did rgray just get a big +?
J.Worrall: flog, skin flute, muppet, jellybean – destroying any enjoyment of the game
LMartos: Gray taking the piss
J.Worrall: its like trump anf kim jong il calling each other names over the back fence – cease, children
original: dammit gray flower off
Donz: back onto the game Worrall
JMC23: FCK spend some more time on the bench wines! WTF
Donz: This is a page for footy fans not political analysts
J.Worrall: u know the rulz, donz. respect other posters, many of whom are school-age
Donz: sure do.. i was never disrespectful
J.Worrall: youve been disrespectful all day
Donz: Now. Back to the game thank you Worrall
happytimes: Not just today worrall
J_Herer: Will Wines get a week for his head hit?
happytimes: Donz still thinks Steven dank is a good bloke
original: ebert ffs
Donz: back to the game please. bunch of bullies
original: gee its a stretch CD calling that kick from RGray effective
J.Worrall: Perhaps a mod will intervene?
Donz: Ryder has played a very good game.
m0nty: nominations for star please
LMartos: Wines 5 points for a CM and effective kick down the line in clutch time, give me a spell
happytimes: Best game I have seen boat play for a while
happytimes: Boak
wadaramus: T.Adams. No real star for Port?
Donz: Ryder has had a huge impact… if not star perhaps the Xfactor
shrtlg: Pittard has run everything, should have the quarterback helmet if not the star
happytimes: How does ryder get 100+ from 9 touches
J.Worrall: Easy to check what you’ve posted – wwwdotfanfootydotcomdotau/game/chatlog.php?id=6180
boo!: star adams, muppet for Donz
LMartos: Ryder would’ve had at least 15 hitouts to advantage, maybe more
J.Worrall: Yep, Adams a standout, week after week!
wadaramus: Must have had plenty of HOTA’s happytimes.
wadaramus: In y best “darts” voice; Taylor Adams, one hundred and forty!
J.Worrall: Hey wada, hows thangsz?
J.Worrall: Defs worth a darts voice!
wadaramus: Sweet man, love calling things in darts voice!!
J.Worrall: ABC gives the lollies to Wingard …

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