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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, R21 of 2017

poolboybob: Lots of interest in this one
IMAHAWKA: need a minor miracle… burton and mitchell need about 400 between them… Mitch (c)
Pokerface: you aren’t helping goldy
All Reds: afl site says ziebell omitted?
Pokerface: late out all reds
All Reds: ah k
poolboybob: Tag Higgins please
Beast_Mode: ziebs out because of foot injury
pcaman2003: IMAHAWKA. That’s a major miracle,not minor
ballbag: well not a late out. it was mentioned at 1.00 on SEN
Pokerface: that’s a late out ballbag
Pokerface: gee you are useless langford
pcaman2003: Langford scoring above his average.
All Reds: might have been talking about the soda
Pokerface: you see that shot at goal pca?
IMAHAWKA: true that pcaman2003!
Pokerface: has to be the worst kick in the league
pcaman2003: I saw it,like many shots at goal I’ve seen this weekend that were shockers
Pokerface: langford does it week in week out
Pokerface: thinking i should have played strndica over goldy.
mardyb: where does goldy end up next year? kangas?
pcaman2003: Goldy having poor year by his standards.
stew42: @mardyb, really hope the Swans go for him, especially if we offload Tippett
Pokerface: won’t be kangas.
circle52: Reckon he will be traded mardyb
mardyb: would be a great fit at sydney. would probs need a decent paycut tho
circle52: Goldy Tippett straight swap
Pokerface: he needs to get out of vic. offfield issues have affected him
Costanza: get a tackle Glass – Richie would be proud
pcaman2003: off field issues?
shrtlg: Sicily was a delicious SC pick up. Dem intercept markz
Pokerface: different media have mentioned it. HS alluded to relationship breakdown
Beast_Mode: give goldy the cactus!
LuvIt74: Those who chose to go Titch over taking Dangers 138 might very well hurt
feralmong: goldy to tigers. nank forward/ruck. no need to chase casboult.
Pokerface: those who did it probably didn’t have a choice and needed a hail mary pod luvit…
pharace: Pruess top > Goldy bottom – says a bit
aussie59: and i forgot to change capt off neale from last week….
aussie59: meant to vice dangerrrr
LuvIt74: Nah just greedy poker. I have a free week this week Re all my league games
Pokerface: no, its to create pods, nothing to do with greed. stop saying stupid things
Pokerface: i thought you said you didnt play leagues?
BestCoast: Goldy signed a three year contract in the Loddon Valley side Mitiamo coached by RooBoy
LuvIt74: my priority is rank and has been for past 5 years. however i won all 4 of my league games last wee
feralmong: glad i have 400k and 4 trades left. Much to fix.
LuvIt74: Poker its GREED plenty of people I now have done it coz their greedy bastards
feralmong: wallis, goldy and newman probably need upgrading
Pokerface: donut quarter for goldy?
mardyb: cant you understand what poker is saying luvit?
Pokerface: no he can’t mardy. he’s an idiot
feralmong: luvit by default if your doing well in rank. Leagues are mostly covered.
LuvIt74: @mardyb yeah i can however the vast majority that i know are not just hoping that Titch scores a 200 which is a huge ask
LuvIt74: @feral im not doing good enough to win thats for certain just hoping to remain top 1%
Pokerface: but a huge ask to win a league match is better than having no pods left at all to bridge a gap
Hannibal: bloody hell, just logged on to my SC team and it looks like my team has been hacked!
LuvIt74: @Poker sounds like you have Titch as your C
Hannibal: i cant remember trading in 22 relton reynolds!!??
Pokerface: no i don’t luvit, but i know many who do, and its blatantly obvious why they do.
feralmong: 1% is good luvit. probably what 1 trade and/or 1 player wrong from the top.
feralmong: I’m about 9% so its around 200pts deficient a round.
Pokerface: 22 relton robertses. unfortunate hannibal. probably still beating me this week.
feralmong: I can see the 4-5 players wrong that I should have.
Pokerface: most people focus on league, which is all about the differences you have with your opposition.
feralmong: struggling to crack 2100 this week. lucky its a week off.
Hannibal: @poker – roberts, sorry. Quite the highlights reel.
LuvIt74: feral ive finished in top 1% for past 5 years so I make that priority. 2 trades left with 90k – sure id luv to upgrade a
LuvIt74: couple but thats the casse every bloody year & you’ll never have all the best 22
Pokerface: i’ve finished in the top 1% for the last 6 years
Hannibal: I’ve finished in the top 1% for the last 7 years
feralmong: I start off top 1% but once the dream fades focus on paid leagues.
Pokerface: ok goldy, nap time is over
Pokerface: @feral yep don’t we all. the sooner you make that realisation its over each year, the better!
feralmong: hehe yeah. just a game though. Playing since it was paper entry.
LuvIt74: gave up on paid leagues years ago, they were fun at the time however they restrict your overall decisions
feralmong: yeah common goldy. finish with a 70 or so.
feralmong: hang on for the goldy ride. he’s off the bottom.
LuvIt74: Goldy is cooked, wtf would you have Goldy this season?
Pokerface: yee ha!
Pokerface: probably the same reason you didnt start with adams luvit?
mardyb: i used my 1st pick (4th overall) on goldy in a draft league
mardyb: thank God i picked up Kreuzer too
feralmong: this was the year to survive with rookie rucks and spend elsewhere.
LuvIt74: I’ve had Goldy as my R1 in the past few years but bloody hell not this year
feralmong: with a dash of kreuzer or witts.
feralmong: hmmm thought mountford would cover zerret better than myers. lol.
Pokerface: i picked him up when sandi was down. he looked like he was back
LuvIt74: Yep Witts was a steal while it lasted.
AngryRyno: Witts/Kreuzer and Ryder F
Pokerface: and if you ignore the last 2 weeks he’s actually been very good since the byes
LuvIt74: Poker hope you learnt your lesson
LuvIt74: This wasn’t the year for the Gold member
Pokerface: what lesson? he’s been great since i picked him up
Pokerface: for the price
Pokerface: hope you learnt your lesson about adams luvit.
blashtroko: Has dumont been with Mitchell since the go?
LuvIt74: he done fair up till round 16 after that he has been crap not to mention been off for 2 wees
Pokerface: @blash yeah but its not the heaviest tag you’ll see
Pokerface: figjam
JockMcPie: Go Roos
LuvIt74: Poker I got Adams in ages ago, post bye. What is your point about Adams?
Pokerface: perhaps it was docherty then.
LuvIt74: Poer u carry on like you have ALL the best players in each tier, what did u start with $20 Million
Pokerface: luvit every week you come on, criticise people selections and carry on how you are top 1%
Pokerface: stop carrying on like a figjam and perhaps you won’t get the responses you do
LuvIt74: @Poker i haven’t been on here for 4 wees mate so you must be dreaming about me, I’ve was O/S until last wee
All Reds: ladies
Pokerface: trust me, i don’t dream about you
Beast_Mode: LOL BT hates this female umpire haha
LuvIt74: Poker you just said im on here every week, its called B/S
Pokerface: term of phrase luvit
Gott2Win: Big Preuss the lowest game time of all players this game!
pcaman2003: @Luvit7 You have posts in round 19. 2 weeks ago.From overseas?
LuvIt74: Carn Titch do it for the Poerface he needs you to reach 200 as his (C)
LuvIt74: pcaman left for Lusaka on 20th of July, came home last week.
Pokerface: perhaps someone hacked your account luvit?
LuvIt74: why would they ya think u cannot log on from o/s?
LuvIt74: ya now what “www” stands for coorrect?
Pokerface: are you just trolling or are you really this much of an idiot. you just said you havent been on for 4 weeks.
mardyb: Got him!
Haydo: yeah lol poker, surprised monty hasn’t told you to get back on the game, you need to
BestCoast: The new mini series LuvPoker
Pokerface: you spouted lies and you were called out on it
LuvIt74: Poker “figure of speech” over the past few weeks I have rarely been online
Hannibal: game over luvit, game over!
Hannibal: @bestcoast – excellent!!!
mardyb: game set match poker
LuvIt74: Poker must dream about me
Pokerface: i do not dream about luvit74.
Pokerface: although, i don’t remember my dreams, so i can’t say that hand on heart
BestCoast: Cheers @Hannibal they are still at it school yard stuff
LuvIt74: well at least you’re admitting the truth slowly
pcaman2003: Meanwhile,back at the ranch!
TheBoy89: England is my city
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks and bury this mob
happytimes: A big WOW for goldy, the big man has fallen off a very big cliff
LuvIt74: The Gold member fell off the cliff a long time ago.
BestCoast: @happy if he didn’t fall there are 12,000 people that would of pushed him off
SC_brAh: fk off with junk time mitchell
shrtlg: Sicily better beat Mitchell with his junk time crap
TheOnyas: onya hodgey
pcaman2003: Good last game in Tassie Hodgey.

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