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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R21 of 2017

boo!: big maxy for the C or Titch?
LMartos: Need some good scores, only looking at around 2200, will probably fall a few thousands spots
Yelse: need gawn to go over 140 to give me a chance!
Brenno_173: need hibberd to get 120+ and Roberton to ton up
Brenno_173: good start boys!
JockMcPie: Pressure is causing really bad skills early
LMartos: SC scores definitely wrong right now, hopefully they correct soon
Yelse: please gawn go big!
original: Shocking 50m penalty
MONEY TALK: nice first goal ump
original: Lmartos which scores are wrong
LMartos: they’re probably right now, but pretty much every player had more DT than SC for about 5 minutes which is unusual
Brenno_173: terrible petracca
poolboybob: Saints kicking is atrocious
Yelse: gawn got a mark and handball and went back negative 1
original: Gawn getting crucified today smh
original: Does petracca ever consider looking for a mate and passing or na…?
Brenno_173: i know right original
pcaman2003: Oliver flying with 13 mins in and 10 touches already.
Yelse: scores look too low if u ask me!
original: Need 100+ from gawn..cmon
original: Petracca can pass how bout that 😂
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
Yelse: if harmes was buddy he be on 0ver 50 by now
LMartos: Longer dominating Gawn in the ruck contest, Gawn may have to try and beat him around the ground
original: @yelse agree!! Would be 50 if he was buddy or jjk
MONEY TALK: we r getting destroyed
original: Gawn fffffsssssssssss
poolboybob: Have the Saints played footy? They look like Brisbane on their worst day
LMartos: not really sure how Gawn’s score is so low, no one would blink if he was on 10 right now
Crowls: last throw of the dice, C on Gawn….. Whoops that didnt work
SilverLion: lol Gawn very nice work
LMartos: Kelly was on 10ish at QT and scored 132 so it’s not over for Gawn yet
MONEY TALK: only good result for me is gawn is low and hibb, oilver and steven r doing good
Pokerface: if harmes was buddy he would have had to get possessions through contested ball.
Pokerface: @martos gawn hasn’t done anything yet. dominated in the ruck, hardly touched it and given 2 frees away
Pokerface: harmes completely alone. horrible saints defence
original: Max looking better
poolboybob: Steele hit a target you dud
teachrtony: Hibbo & Oliver, don’t stop now.
LMartos: what a kick from Maxy
TheTragic: Koby cooked for the day?
original: Lmartos surely should be more than 22,
original: Lol is there a worse kicking team than saints right now?
Pokerface: surely he shouldnt, otherwise he would be.
LMartos: I’d agree, but I’d be biased, only got 9 points for mark and snag from outside 50
M0rgs: Yes original, Freo
LMartos: how can Billings see out of that thing
original: Gawn clearance keep going gawny
All Reds: koby done
penguins00: Billings getting heaps of it since that eye injury too
Yelse: what is going on with gawns score def getting the raw end
original: Yelse he’s given away 3 frees
circle52: 3fa gawn not helping.
original: But having said that he didn’t get much for a goal and then two centre clearances
LMartos: Ray dogging Gawn with fa’s
original: ray’s opponent hasn’t gawn this week
Pokerface: he’s only got one clearance for the game, original. not that it matters given they don’t score sc points.
original: Lmartos how bout that latest free against…
SilverLion: Gawn 80+, Oliver 100+ I’d be satisfied from here.
pcaman2003: Garlett. LOL! great game!
ballbag: 215 points in 5 weeks. onya stevens ya useless facken drip
Haydo: How is s Bruce on 20 with a goal and 7 disposals
AngryRyno: pretty obvious @Haydo, Bruce has 5 clangers and just 25% DE
Pokerface: look what he’s done with them haydo
Pokerface: why do people still think SC scores should equal DT?
LMartos: Gawny needs a CM or a snag before the end of the quarter and he should be right
JMC23: I need Hibberd to get 120 odd and wines to outscore ryder or my SC league season is over
JMC23: dominated all season now getting pumped in 1st 2 weeks of finals. Feck
original: What are these frees against gawn?! What a joke
LMartos: ruck free kicks are the biggest jokes, let them go out the ball
original: Before when he put his leg up he got pinged so he braces with arm and same thing
Pokerface: what happened to jack steven the last couple of years. used to be one of the elite mids of the comp
StuL: So Fawn is supposed to just stand there and let his opponent have it?
pcaman2003: Longer,the premium ruck slayer.
JMC23: Supposedly putting you leg up is just part of our game. worked for greene
LMartos: I’m gonna need Gawn to get some phat impact points in the last quarter
poolboybob: Heart for Billings
Yelse: gawn has cost me a place in the preliminary. sad days!!!
original: Lmartos tell me bout it.
AngryRyno: Longer for All Australian
Yelse: maybe need to go from danger to tich C and hope for a miracle
Pokerface: @ryno haha 🙂
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
pcaman2003: @Yelse. Titch could go huge against Norf.
LMartos: Longer jumps into Gawn every time and if Gawn tries to protect himself it’s a block against him, shit rule
All Reds: wow
Yelse: done so tich better do me proud! @pcaman. had no other choice. him and treoloar gotta get 300 together lol
JMC23: if its 100% over yelse… you might as well try
Yelse: and every point gawn gets now makes it more realistic
Ladbrokes_: You can start moving now Hibberd..
JMC23: Hibberd has just stopped! Cmon son LIFT
Pokerface: heart billings
pcaman2003: Hibberd got no points for forward chip into the 50 arc.
original: Cannot believe of all my players max gawn is costing me the win. Let’s pray for an after siren goal to win the game
Raspel31: Golly=Soldo my fill in for Grundy doing better than Gawn.
JMC23: @yelse…. 300 between those 2 with the C on titch is highly possible
Pokerface: hannan x factor
luke394: Mitch Hannan what a second half cape?
poolboybob: Billings would be a great player if he could kick
pcaman2003: And Longer tons!
original: Will take a 60 plz gawn
shrtlg: Gawn finally doing SOMETING
LMartos: hey hey Gawn you legend, decided to not completely embarrass himself
Yelse: at JMC23 he has opponent has titch as well so i only get him x1
JMC23: Yelse Damn… Good luck anyway mate
original: Free for gawn imo
JMC23: hahaha Bruce is such a turkey
StuL: Gawn off with blood Now.
thommoae: Pedersen’s already had a Blue Moon this year. Climate change?
StuL: I don’t remember Chappy going to Melbourne
AFL Blues: If you’re reading this comment, you die.

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