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Chat log from R21 of 2017: West Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for West Coast vs Carlton, R21 of 2017

jocka: It’s so lonely…
MONEY TALK: stay low yeo, doc and murphy lets go
Beast_Mode: Kruze surely All-Australian ruckman
MONEY TALK: he should be AA ruck but we all know ryder will
PowerBug: Ryder has AA 1R sorry boys 😛
PowerBug: Krezuer can have a bench spot 🙂
MONEY TALK: tom hicky is the AA ruck settle down fellas
JButcher: After last week I’m not so sure @PowerBug
PowerBug: He split the Hitouts with Jacobs
SilverLion: Kreuzer has to be the All-Aussie ruckman. Far and ways best ruck this year.
JButcher: Jacobs dominated him around the ground and won the showdown medal
Sixty656: Last trade burned on JJK Thanks for nothing you WA CARNT.
StuL: Doch, WTF since of course I paid top dollar for you!?
StuL: JJK, double penguin!?
9inch: A glimmer of light is my opp just traded in JJK. Hope is still alive.
All Reds: reckon kreuzer should get the AA nod
DrSeuss: Come on Sheed and Doc
BestCoast: Suck on it Sixty ya east coast Flog
Sixty656: Suck on it… yeah good work he’s on 9… you fuck tard.
BestCoast: Couldn’t give a Rats what he is on you should get of the skin flute
oh_lol: Sixty is the scrub who was complaining Zorko’s 78 ruined his weekend lol. Maybe pick some better players.
Sixty656: God forbid you have zorko who avg 113
DrSeuss: Pick it up Sheed – get involved
DrSeuss: What is Docherty doing tonight?? Ffs
LMartos: Would like Yeo to play a second half, hasn’t had a good one in a while
DrSeuss: Just noticed hard tag on Doc. Not good news
SilverLion: Went Kreuz as a PoD captain. Not too shabby so far
zadolinnyj: James Kelly sportsmanship fantastic
zadolinnyj: Sorry wrong game. Honest mistake
LMartos: Doch would have to carry Carlton to victory to ton up, would be 2 sub 100’s in 2 weeks
CamT: Carlton paying $15.00 to win from here. Not completely out of the question.
DrSeuss: Sheed taking this quarter off??
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Silvagni misses from 15 out without little angle or pressure to speak of.
MONEY TALK: thats it murphy keep going stop now yeo
poolboybob: Eagles are a joke in 4th quarters so they definitely could lose this.
LMartos: did someone get on at the $15?
poolboybob: Wow usually eagles wait til later in the game to collapse. Getting it done early tonight.
All Reds: kreuz monstrous
CamT: Who exactly is in charge of the Eagles fitness program?
poolboybob: Petrie cactus
poolboybob: Would be great if Carlton blow the top pick by winning this!
Beast_Mode: all the WCE players are cactus
MONEY TALK: yea nah west coast won’t be making finals at this rate
preki1: the umpies reaaly need to lift for the weagles.
MattyZ: Pickett could be something when he actually gets some fitness
MattyZ: for now hes just constantly blowing
poolboybob: Sharrod “Delist” Wellingham
Ben_Gogos: Agreed @MattyZ showing signs
MattyZ: he would go and kick it out of bounds after i say that
SilverLion: Captain Kreuzer you gun
DrSeuss: Sheed if you could get near the ball, that would be great
poolboybob: Rucks probably average 150 against crap Vardy and Petrie this year
MONEY TALK: cmon get that win blues
Beast_Mode: Kruze 140+ please
Beast_Mode: JJK should get star, he’ll get the 3 votes
mardyb: partington SC? whats going on there?
Donz: stuff the x factor… star for kennedy
Preston007: How many goals does a FF need to get the star.. tough gig

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