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Chat log from R21 of 2017: Essendon vs Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Adelaide, R21 of 2017

GOD: M-Tipungwuti struggling tonight!
fonzie: would love to see an upset tonight
DrSeuss: Laird – do something??
Sixty656: no doubt.
MONEY TALK: laird, sloane, and POD being danhier and greenwood
StuL: Greenpig!
original: So far should have kept grundy over Jacobs
Sixty656: G-Wood go big and Myers can get stuffed!@
duckky: Can someone tellRitcho to shut up… he is boring with his dislike of Essendon
Sixty656: Yeah no worries bro i’ll give him a quick call…
duckky: Thanks mate
Umpirespet: Wow M rouch 51 @ qtr time
duckky: Geez CD is generous – I counted McGrath as having 3 clangers, not 1
Umpirespet: Ducky no one knows how CD works
th3rio: crouch is king of contested possesions, no wonder hes on 54
original: Jacobs any danger mate cmon
Umpirespet: 2x lever has been beaten 1 on 1
MONEY TALK: yes my boy daniher
StuL: Come on Greenwood. Don’t die.
Sixty656: G-Wood nothing since kicking the goal you flog
MONEY TALK: keep pushing son
frenzy: jabs cooked
pcaman2003: Greenwood long spells on the pine.
PowerBug: Been on the bench @Sixty656, not his fault
MONEY TALK: 12 contested gee m crouch
MONEY TALK: greenwood always has crap TOG
MONEY TALK: does greenwood have bad fitness or something he kills it when he is on
pcaman2003: Crouch having outstanding year MONEY TALK
original: Jacobs this is ri-goddamn-diculous
Sixty656: Long spells on the pine doesn’t mean do nothing on the ground G-Wood…
zadolinnyj: Go crows
duckky: Muppet for lynch
Umpirespet: Least ESS putting up a better fight than Powerless
Nuffman: Daniher is special
Umpirespet: Not as special as Eddie
Nuffman: Generally speaking.. maybe not, but tonight he is 😛
MONEY TALK: game could be back on now
Yelse: why is laird score so low
pcaman2003: Laird mostly easy possies and no tackles.
MONEY TALK: another one to my list of injruies goodbye sloane
Beast_Mode: could be a sloane tombstone
LMartos: Brodie Smith has been amazing in the last 15 minutes
zadolinnyj: Sloane back out there
MONEY TALK: big qtr plz greenwood
MONEY TALK: brodie smith back into old super coach form
pcaman2003: Greenwood died since 1st half
MONEY TALK: plz daniher do what hooker is doing kick more goals
Nuffman: Great goal there umps.
StuL: Watford 1 Liverpool 0
thommoae: Put a sock in it Stu. Some of us enjoy this footy while the EPL tape’s rolling.s
MONEY TALK: Liverpool lmao
TheOnyas: onya smithy
m0nty: nominations for star please
zadolinnyj: M crouch star
runt: M Crouch by a kilometer
J.Worrall: Young Rory Atkins for star!
MONEY TALK: smith gun ?

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